Is Verizon Customer Service The Worst Thing Ever?

And does it make you feel better to vent on Twitter?

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Is Verizon Customer Service The Worst Thing Ever?
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To get this out of the way, I am not a disgruntled Verizon customer. I’ve never been a Verizon customer. This is not a personal vendetta being aired because I had to spend 4 hours on the phone with Verizon customer service or something like that. This is actually just the product of a down-the-rabbit-hole internet search.

Let me explain.

I saw this tweet from GigaOM founder Om Malik a few hours ago:

dear verizon when offering online payment please ensure that your system is not idiotic and actually works. thanks 5 hours ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

It made me laugh, and I thought about one of my friend’s horror stories about dealing with Verizon. His story didn’t involve online bill pay, but actually his dealings with a customer service rep who was, well, less than helpful. Okay, there are going to be bad apples in every company, you can’t single out Verizon, right?

So after seeing Malik’s tweet, I searched Twitter for Verizon customer service. Every tweet I saw (and there were plenty of them) was discussing how much they hated Verizon customer service. I took a screencap because it was just so damn funny:

So that got me Googling. Do you know how many sites there are devoted to the fact that Verizon customer service sucks? The answer is quite a few. The most popular seems to be verizarape.com, who is averaging multiple horror stories posted a day. Some of the latest: “I am crying after talking to Verizon rep,” “CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE,” and “Verizon Robbery without a gun.”

Dave, who runs VerizaRape says on the home page, “I have never met a Verizon customer who has not had a negative experience when dealing with this company.” He has bought up the domains verizonsucks.us, verizonsux.com and ihateverizon.com.

Then there is another Verizon horror story site, verizonpathetic.com. It asks you to “post your pain” and says that it serves as a “forum for dissatisfied customers to voice their frustrations.”

And of course there’s a plethora of posts like “lied to” and “absolutely the worst service ever” on sites like my3cents.com and eopinions.com. See what I mean about the rabbit hole aspect of this?

But okay, it can’t just be Verizon, I said to myself. Customer Service from any company is frustrating. And it’s unlikely that anyone would take to Twitter to voice their story of just how helpful a company’s customer reps are, right?

Well, take for instance Sprint. A chuck of the recent tweets rolling in about their customer service is almost mixed when it comes to feedback. Sure, some people say it sucks and they had a horrible experience, but there are way more positive tweets about Sprint, compared to the lack of anything positive about Verizon that I saw:

And AT&T resided somewhere between Verizon and Sprint. Some positives, but not as many as with Sprint. And there are plenty of posts on message boards and forums about AT&T customers reporting bad service. But attsucks.com isn’t registered. Neither is atandtsucks, or attsux. Most every combination I can think of for Verizon is registered, even f*ckverizon.com.

But in reality, won’t most people always be dissapointed by customer service? If you’re having to enlist their help, there’s most likely already something wrong – so you’re already in a bad mood. Like this guy, for instance – we are all just in a vicious cycle I fear:

AT&T has terrible customer service, why do I waste my time and money with them. Gotta look into Verizon… 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Here’s the question though: Does venting on Twitter help? Can making your anger public have a positive effect? It would seem so, because the Twitter traffic on the subject is pretty high.

What are your customer service experiences? Who has the best, in your opinion..and who has the worst? Let us know in the comments.

Is Verizon Customer Service The Worst Thing Ever?
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  • http://www.allabout-energy.com Amy

    What a story! Sprint BUSINESS customer is a DREAM! I switched to business just a few months ago, their regular person customer service was 50-50% (50- ok, 50 awful) and usually you got a rep around the world that sounded like they were underwater.

    Sprint Business customer service is all in North America, they are kind, patient, INTELLIGENT!, and very helpful. They will spend time on the phone with you, they will even make helpful and intelligent suggestions. Every time I speak with them I compliment them and thank them for being so wonderful in contrast to the (usually) miserable experience I had with Sprint regular customer service.

    Wonder what Verizon Business customer is like? ;-)

    • ellen

      I just dropped verizon internet due to charges which did not exist. I had service for 2 years and never went over my 5G limit and then 2 months in a roll I was charged with 28 and 25G. Dropped internet service because I refuse to pay for service I did not use. Month 2 my compter was in shop. Not turned on x 2 wks. Anyway, I paid my bill minus the bogus charges. I will drop phone service come Monday.

  • http://www.naturalyeasttreatment.com natural yeast treatment

    For me,,it depends on the persons preference..
    nice post anyways…

  • Julie Wiborg

    My experience with Verizon has been awful. Would you pay for service when you didn’t even have a phone? Go to a service area and then be ignored for at least ten minutes when there aren’t even customers. Tell them what is wrong and they ignore you. Thanks for your great customer service (not!).

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