Is Singer Brandon Howard Michael Jackson’s Son?

    March 6, 2014
    Val Powell
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Brandon Howard is the son of Miki Howard and, some say, Michael Jackson. Miki was a musical artist managed by Michael’s father Joe Jackson in the 80s. Brandon is now 31. He is also said to be the “kid” referenced in Michael’s 1982 hit “Billie Jean.”

A DNA test was done to examine the genetic relationship. The organizers of the test allegedly obtained Michael Jackson’s DNA from an orthodontic device of his that had been purchased at an auction. The results show that there is a 99.9 percent chance of a positive parental match.

The match was announced at a press conference in Beverly Hills by Alki David, digital entrepreneur and heir to the Coca-Cola Hellenic shipping company. Dental surgeon Joseph Goodman revealed the results of the DNA test. He was the one who extracted a sample of the King of Pop’s DNA from the dental device he purchased at the auction.

The alleged test documents were shown to some of the press conference’s attendees, but did not identify the laboratory that performed the analysis. The paperwork also did not contain the names of the test subjects. David said this was because DNA tests are usually done anonymously and other information was excluded for security purposes. “I’m sure that there will be doubters…but it is what it is,” David stated. Michael Jackson’s estate lawyer Howard Weitzman was skeptical. He said, “It sounds like a fraud,” and that they had never heard of Howard. “He’s never made any claims with the estate,” he said, adding that any deadline for claiming to be an offspring of Michael Jackson has long since passed.

Howard confirmed in a Facebook post that he gave the organizers a sample of his DNA for the test. Corey Feldman, a former child actor and close friend of Howard, said that his friend agreed to give a sample for his own peace of mind. “His intention was to keep it for himself,” added Feldman. Feldman believes Howard is Michael Jackson’s son.

In a Facebook video, Howard said he had nothing to do with the press conference and he had never proclaimed himself to be the King of Pop’s son. “I’m definitely not suing the estate,” he said, reasoning that he has been well taken care of, and that he has no need for others’ money because he makes his own.

Brandon Howard’s music video

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  • Jamarion Shaw

    Possibly but seriously Michael Jackson is dead I think if he had an child he would embrace him and nurture him instead of being a deadbeat parent so my opinion is its possible but (NO) maybe you differ.

  • Tiffany

    Another thing is that B Howard was nearly born in 83 he wasn’t birth until the song gain success so how is Michael referring to him in (Billie Jean it’s common sense.

  • Joshua

    Truly there’s a striking resemblance but honestly “THE KID IS NOT HIS SON” so HE HE HEEEE

  • Keisha Reynolds

    Michael Jackson never dated a black women neither married one I’m not a racist (I’m African as Michael Jackson was) but it seems to me as why now why 2024 why after mj died cute kid but he needs serious documents stating that he is the rightful biological son of POP KING/GOD just like Jamarion stated its my opinion.

    • reecelib

      Well it is obvious that you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Keisha Reynolds

        I don’t know what your talking about my logics where simple straight to the point I may have misinterpreted my opinion but f**k off it’s my OPINION SO PLEASE GTFO.

  • Keisha Reynolds

    Michael Jackson never dated a Black girl neither did he married one (not to say I’m racist I’m African American as Michael was) but why now,why 2014,why after he died I mean this kid has more proof than (Prince,Paris,& Blanket) who are naturally Caucasian just look at them the should’ve inherited some of Michael looks,flaws,perfections besides blanket who look like mj but he isn’t mixed or tan at least they have a heart like there father though.

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    First of all Keisha he is not a kid he (31) a grown as man he does have more DNA proof than Paris Prince blanket like you said there naturally Caucasian don’t get me wrong kay I agree with you people.

  • Barry Champ

    My guess is that it is more JOE JACKSON son than Michael. Joe manage Mikki back in the day…………………..and we all know what a PLAYA…Joe was.

  • Guest

    Not even Mike was that danmn gay ! The might be Tevin Cambell’s son though!

  • reecelib

    Not even Mike was that danmn gay ! That dude could be Tevin Cambell’s son though!

  • Danny Garcia

    To the guy who said “even Michael wasn’t that gay” I don’t know how you some the bull-shit that comes out your mouth (If Michael Jackson is gay than he had more balls than you could hang on a Christmas tree buddy he wasn’t gay just because you don’t know about a person sex life don’t mean you can state untruthful lies grow up.

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