Is 3D Gaming Already Dead In America?

    January 31, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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I remember when the Nintendo 3DS was about to arrive around this time last year and several of my gamer friends were talking about its arrival like it was going to be an all-you-can-eat buffet of awesome, all day and all night. Eventually the 3DS came out, I guess, and everybody got stuffed on that awesome buffet of 3D eye candy.

Er. Or not?

Apparently, most of the gamers in the United States didn’t take too favorably to the taste of 3D games because a new independent survey of gamers suggests that 3D gaming might be on life support in America. The survey, which was conducted by coupon website CouponCodes4U.com, surveyed over 2,000 gamers to find out whether they were against 3D gaming. The impetus for the study came after Nintendo announced a staggering financial loss for the first nine months of the fiscal year ending March 2012. This time last year was a different story for Nintendo when it was posting up high with profits of $637 million. This year, however, the console manufacturer has posted a loss of $626 million.

In a statement detailing the results of the study, CouponCodes4U.com said they found that 71% of gamers replied “no” when asked, “Are you in favor of future next generation consoles having 3D technology?” Among those who participated in the survey, 84% stated that they believe 3D gaming was “a fad” and more than a third said that they were “unimpressed” with the Nintendo 3DS after they played it.

More than dismissing 3D gaming as a fad, some gamers simply did not enjoy the experience of playing a 3DS. 46% of the gamers who’d taken the 3DS for a test-drive said they didn’t think it added to their gaming experience. Incredibly, 18% of those who had played the 3DS said that playing the console made them feel dizzy.

No wonder Nintendo’s revenues are currently living in bizarro world of gaming: I don’t think people enjoy getting their brains scrambled when they’re trying to get their gaming on.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of CouponCodes4U, commented on how his company has “seen searches and sales of 3DS games and consoles nosedive in the last year” and how the plunge of Nintendo seems to be a significant reflection of this trend. He added, “As a gamer myself, I just don’t see why manufacturers feel the need to jump on this particular bandwagon.”

I guess that means he thinks 3D gaming is a fad, too.

Any readers out there agree with the findings of this survey? Did the 3DS give you that dizzy morning after feeling or did you simply not enjoy it all that much?

  • Cassie

    I have to comment on 3D TV and movies as well. Is it just me or is 3D just not there yet and just not that impressive yet to really catch on? I’d like to see a study on how 3D TV and movies do…the last time I was impressed with 3D was Avatar, and it wasn’t THAT impressive.

  • Daniel

    I love my 3DS, the 3D is great. I founded that the people who complained, are people who have the 3D maxed out and/or people using it for the first time.

  • robert adams

    3d is dead and will die in everything including for the home and the movies it is dying why 3d was ever brought back from the dead was what the question i asked myself it should of stayed dead and berried!!!!!

  • steve

    well written piece

  • http://Idonthaveinternet.com JackOMackO

    3D as it currently stands is nothing more than a cheap 2D illusion. I strongly prefer standard gaming and will NOT invest any more in anything with 3D in it. Movies, Games, TV, Mobile phones. No thanks.