IRS Star Trek Parody Video Is Hilariously Awful

    June 6, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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An IRS Star Trek parody video has prompted a formal apology from everybody’s favorite government agency. Faris Fink, an IRS executive who appears in the video as Mr. Spock, apologized for the video and for some of the IRS’s other excessive spending habits in a hearing on Capitol Hill today.

The video was produced for an IRS training conference in 2010. Another video – a Gilligan’s Island parody – was also produced. The two videos together cost approximately $60,000 to produce. That is, of course, sixty thousand taxpayer dollars. While that may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, the conference for which the videos were produced cost several million. According to Fink, the IRS doesn’t actually know how much the conference cost, but said it could well have been upwards of $5 million.

This is not, of course, the only IRS scandal going on at the moment, nor even the most prominent one. The agency is currently facing intense scrutiny following reports that IRS workers in the agency’s Cincinnati, Ohio office were unfairly giving more intense scrutiny to conservative groups – particularly Tea Party groups – that were seeking tax exempt status.

In his statements on the Hill today, Fink called the production of the video “embarrassing” and said that he regretted it as soon as he saw the finished product. Of course, the fact that the IRS spent $60,000 in taxpayer money on a parody video for a conference is certainly embarrassing enough, but it is not entirely clear whether Fink was talking about the expenditure, or the video itself.

Because to be honest, the video is amazingly, shockingly, spectacularly awful. At just shy of five and a half minutes long, it is one of the most cringe-inducing things you will see on the internet this week (depending, of course, on which parts of the internet you frequent…). While the costuming is bad enough (Next Generation uniforms on the Original Series bridge? Really?) the writing is abysmal and the acting is, well, about what you’d expect from IRS employees. Check it out for yourself below. If you dare…

  • Name

    If you saw where Rep. Alan Grayson questioned the FED inspector General Elizabeth Coleman where $9 Trillion dollars disappeared to …..well we now have a partial answer.

    I mean really … are those in charge … just mocking us? Hey … the economy is struggling…. we have massive unemployment …. and we are making Star Trek parodies.

  • Name

    In 2012, Representative Alan Grayson questioned FED Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman regarding the loss of $9 trillion dollars (yes the number is right) and she was clueless.

    I guess we solved part of the mystery. The money went to all this stuff.

    I think the powers to be are thumbing their noses at the public.

  • http://cpbay.com/ jameyhsu

    good ! I think the powers to be are thumbing their noses at the public. the economy is struggling…. we have massive unemployment …cpbay.com

    • Jonathan Siebott

      Unless you believe that the electoral process has been compromised and that you are a victim of a hoax when exiting the polls, then we are the powers that be. Apparently we thumb our noses at ourselves for as long as we refrain from cleaning our own house and view this sort of waste as unexpected. The greater question of whether the IRS ought to exist is overlooked while we marvel at the silly, and not so silly, harm it does.

  • Jonathan Siebott

    If it is not evident to the American public that the government no longer offers any reasonable representation of the people in policy, that a widening gap between the public welfare and government activity prevails, and that trust is more misplaced with regard to elected officials than American history supposes, then said public is unworthy of the ideals of this nation’s founding documents.

    It is submitted, by the tone of our constitution, that our founding father’s understood that this government, or any government, fosters an inherent tendency to be an adversary to public interest and can be an enemy to freedom, and thus is an ever present malady capable of neutering our rights. I fear government’s natural tendency has gained ascendancy in America and what was once a body indistinguishable from the state, is now obviously an entity unto itself. The proposition that this government is for the people falters by any standard. That it is of and by the people remains arguably true in spite of recent news reports of election tampering and other shenanigans. The window remains open for corrective action, but I fear it will inevitably close as it must to make permanent the subjugation of the people.

    Through suffrage the people of freedom’s yearning, if they do still yearn, may escape a gradual fate which clearly trends toward tyranny. I submit that the path to a secure future where liberty and freedom can prevail is through the death of the two major parties which threaten to complete the work of usurping power from the American people. Do not, my fellow citizens, suffer another democrat or republican incumbent to any seat of elected office; let us cast each and every sitting official from our service. Do not give your precious vote to any new candidate aligned with either of the two major parties, in principle or membership, lest we the people of this nation inevitably lose the right to vote, or have the venturing of our vote made a mockery.

  • H B Hall

    OK, I watched the video like you suggested. Thought it was kind of cute, actually. Talked about serious issues that all Americans should be concerned about such as off-shore tax havens, identity theft of social security numbers (think of the trouble this could cause if YOUR social security number is used by someone who then doesn’t pay taxes on the money they earned with your number), and the “tax gap.” By the way, the tax gap is around half a trillion (yes, trillion) per year in tax that people evade. Who pays extra to make up the deficit? YOU, if you’re a working class American whose gets a W-2 and has taxes taken out before you ever get your check or are one of those upper bracket types who is facing higher tax rates. But, hey! let’s all hate on the IRS. Maybe that will solve the very serious financial crisis the country is in?