iPhone Pic Documents Apocalypse

    March 2, 2012
    Mike Fossum
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Below is a picture taken by Hector Siliezar with his iPhone at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza:


Very Alien vs. Predator.

Still, Arizona State University’s Mars Space Flight Facility researcher Jonathon Hill had this to say about the odd lens flare, “the ‘light beam’ only occurs in the image with a lightning bolt in the background. The intensity of the lightning flash likely caused the camera’s CCD sensor to behave in an unusual way, either causing an entire column of pixels to offset their values or causing an internal reflection (off the) camera lens that was recorded by the sensor.”

Siliezar’s camera EXIF data shows that the photo in question was taken on July 24, 2009 at 2:00:31 PM. The image was captured at 3.85mm focal length, F/2.8 and with a exposure time of 1/436 seconds. Hector claims that no one saw the beam shooting into the sky as he was taking the photo, which falls in line with Hill’s Technical assessment of the shot.

An apparent iPhone 5 camera shot was recently revealed, showing a more advanced imager than that of the iPhone 4.

  • Dino_PunK

    This such bullcrap. PREDICTING THE END OF THE WORLD IS NOT ONE OF MANKIND’S STRONGEST SUBJECTS. Example: Y2k and all the other “predictions” since 2000 till now. Quit trying to take over the heavenly Fathers job, i asure you He knows what he’s doing.

    • silly_bear

      So someone saying the world will end is insane. But someone saying a magical floating dead jew in space that wants you to telepathicly talk to you to save your eternal soul because a woman had a conversation with a snake. Lol yeah your side sounds like a way more sound theory. People who belive in a “god” are the dumbest most gullible jackasses I have ever met

      • name

        People who don’t believe in God are some of the most ignorant and blind people I’ve ever met. I’m well aware Christianity has been twisted and used to manipulate people, but to think there is no God at all is just stupid. How do you think the universe came to be? How did all of this get here? You want to claim its the “big bang”? Well, how did that happen? Where did the condensed matter come from? You can keep tracing it down all you want but at some point there has to be a divine power that started this whole thing. You can’t argue against that, no matter how much you want to twist the words of the Bible ( which I already have said people have done ). It might sound crazy to you, but to suggest there is no God at all is your ignorant denial taking over.

        • Joey

          People that believe in god have nothing else to live for or have been brainwashed into believing. You just can’t handle not knowing so you believe some divine power created everything, well where did he/she/it come from?

  • lewdog

    Dino_punk is right, “the heavenly father” is too busy not existing.

  • Scottyg

    …give peace a chance.