iPhone 6 – A New iPhone Coming Already?

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - December 23, 2013

Are you excited about opening up that new iPhone 5s for Christmas? Did you rush out to get it as soon as it was available in stores, drop big bucks and stand in huge lines just to have the latest iPhone? Well, get ready to do it all again because the iPhone 6 could be released as early as May 2014.

While Apple has been known to release new iPhones often, they have never released two so close together. The iPhone 5s was released earlier this summer and has been a hot item ever since. By releasing a new iPhone already, Apple could be cutting into the sales of the iPhone 5s and losing money in the process.

Many experienced sources believe that Apple is in a hurry to get the new iPhone 6 out on shelves because they are competing with Samsung in terms of screen size and new features. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a display in the 5-inch range. While this is still smaller than the displays of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphones, it will put Apple in the same category and giving them a more level playing field in terms of features and sales.

To the surprise of many, neither Samsung or Apple will be releasing their new smartphones with flexible screens. Samsung is working on making curved screens and says that they may be released by the end of 2014, but not on the Galaxy Note S5 which is the phone that the iPhone 6 will compete with.

Apple is also rumored to be releasing a new iPad in the fall of 2014. Will you be buying the new iPhone 6 this spring or the new iPad this fall or are you going to hang on to your current phone and tablet for a while longer?

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  • Tim

    “Could be”
    “Could be”
    “Experienced sources”

    Mmmm…love that good ‘ole fashioned “journalism”

    Go back to school and try again.

  • timmey

    news are meant to be facts, not speculation and deceiving titles

  • Faye Wong

    “The iPhone 5s was released earlier this summer and has been a hot item ever since. ”

    Wait, it came out in the summer? It came out at the end of September which is fall/autumn. Summer was already over. Get your facts straight, this whole article is based on nothing, but speculation.

  • http://none yeabuddy

    Im getting the iphone6 since I still have the iphone 4

  • Dick

    Why will you not die already, you lot of phone buying fucktards?

  • Glenn

    Thanks for wasting my fucking time.

  • nick

    Whats an Iphone gonna do?

  • Nd2011

    I love a bigger Iphone. Can’t wait for Iphone 6.

  • puhleeze

    For the record I didn’t even bother reading the article. I just wanted to point out that with each iphone release the “A new iphone already?!” articles soon follow. And every time….they’re wrong.

  • expertmagician

    I sure hope the iPhone6 will be a 5.9 or 6 inch display….otherwise I will be saying hello to the Samsung Note3 or HTX MAX.

    Middle age people don’t want to always zoom or take out reading glasses…a 6 inch Phablet is best ! (5.9 inch is OK too).

    here is hoping that iPhone6 will compete in the 6 inch range !