iPhone 5 Rumor: These Are The Insides Of Apple’s New Wonder Phone

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iPhone 5 Rumor: These Are The Insides Of Apple’s New Wonder Phone
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The iPhone 5 is surely to go down in history as the most leaked electronic device ever made. Every part from the front panel to the SIM card has been leaked by one party or another. Of course, all of those leaks were in the form of photographs. We now have video of these parts for a real comparison.

Phone repair shop SmartPhone Medic got their hands on some iPhone 5 parts. They did what any responsible site would do by sharing live comparison videos with the world via YouTube. The video reveals the iPhone 5 screen, the flex cables and the dock connector port.

As expected, the iPhone 5 changes up the hardware from previous iterations. Ports have been moved around on the flex cables. The guys at SmartPhone Medic point out that the headphone jack has been moved towards the bottom on the iPhone 5. They also show that parts like the proximity sensor have also been moved around on the flex cables.

Interestingly enough, they do a comparison between the iPhone 5′s display and the Samsung Galaxy S III’s display. It shows that the iPhone 5′s display is definitely bigger compared to the iPhone 4S, but the Galaxy S III still has the larger display. The iPhone 5 does get points for having a much slimmer screen that will surely look glorious once it’s powered on.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that we know exactly what the iPhone 5 is going to look like. Apple won’t be able to surprise us with the hardware come September 5, but they could still wow us with some impressive new software. The iPhone got where it is today on the strength of its apps and the iPhone 5 is going to be judged on the same metrics.

[h/t: Mac Rumors]

iPhone 5 Rumor: These Are The Insides Of Apple’s New Wonder Phone
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  • Luke

    How exactly is a website leaking another company’s proprietary technology and information globally acting “responsibly” exactly?

    • Kabeer

      It’s called sarcasm

  • Sonni

    It’s nice but how does the iPhone 5 have a thinner display compared to the Galaxy S3? In-cell technology isn’t new Super Amoled is in-cell. That’s what made the difference between it and normal Amoled. Apple just integrated into a LCD where Samsung dehyrdrates the sensors onto the display. The only glass the s3 has is the display and the corning gorilla glass.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      Thinner was perhaps the wrong word to use there. Perhaps I should have horizontally slimmer. In other words, I meant the size of the display alongside its x-axis.

      • Sonni

        Oh thanks for clarifying. It does make sense maybe I’m probably the only one to get confused anyways.

  • Hobo

    This is fake and gay!!!!

    • Criminal

      Your mom is gay.

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