iPhone 5 Lightning Cable Knockoffs Won’t Work

    September 25, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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iPhone 5 users who were hoping to get cheap third-party replacement or supplementary Lightning cables might be disappointed to learn that those cables aren’t likely to work.

An employee from Double Helix Cables has told Apple Insider that the new Lightning cables have what appear to be authentication chips inside of them. During a teardown, the chip was found inside the connector, between the V+ contact and the power pin.

What this means is that cables without an authentication chip are not going to work with the iPhone 5. Apple Insider points out that this “feature” might also be a factor in the higher cost of the Lightning connectors compared to the old iPhone connectors. A new Lightning cable from Apple costs $19 and takes 2 to 3 weeks to ship.

The discovery isn’t surprising, as Apple has been known to include things such as tiny, non-standard screws in its products to prevent customers from taking them apart. The company wants to control every aspect of a user’s iPhone experience, including the cables that are inserted into it. No doubt third-party accessory manufacturers will eventually figure out how to create a Lightning knock-off, but it might be a while before customers will see less expensive iPhone 5 connectors on the market.

In related iPhone 5 connector news, it was revealed last week that the Lightning to 30-pin adapter that Apple is selling for $29 will not support the iPod Out format, meaning some stereos and car systems will not be able to work properly with the iPhone 5.


  • Contended

    Only fools would buy an Apple iPhone. Such a waste of money.
    I only use my Nokia 3310 for ages and never buy new mobile.
    I use it for text and messages, what else do I need?

    • Gary Chiu

      You need to know 100 years ago there is no phone.

    • Drei

      Only fools would use email, or even the USPS for that matter. Who needs that when you have envelopes with wax seals, and someone to take it wherever you need by horse – you know, the way they used to do it back in the day. What more could I need? Photo attachments, you say? Just throw a picture into the envelope too!

      • Brad


    • Brad

      It’s what you don’t know that your missing

  • joegilmore

    Much ado about nothing. Why would third party cable people not use the readily available technology that third part accessory dock makers will have to use? Duh! Unless you believe that there will not be any third party docks, chargers, heart monitors, etc. …but that would be stupid.

  • http://androidtravels.com Brian

    This is CRAP. Another spin by apple to control everything about their users… And those buying this crap are too dumb to realize it.

  • Mike

    Try learning about the technology before you comment about something you people don’t even know about. ” I can text and call with it what else do you need” you may as well just use a pay phone and an old school beeper”
    Fucktarded idiots

    • Brad


  • Louie DePalma

    Somebody’s going to look like an idiot when the knock-off cables do work. Don’t you realize half the knock-offs being sold online are coming from the same source Apple uses to manufacture their products? If it needs a chip it’ll be in here.

  • Jack

    who cares if it works or NOT!!! did you fools buy the Iphone 5 or bought the cord!!!!

  • g r

    the only valid answer to Apple’s abject greed and control-freak-nature is don’t buy their products.