iPhone 4S Audio Problem Angers Users


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On October 14, 2011 Apple released the iPhone 4S to, if not fanfare, at least to generally positive reviews. Critics and users alike praised the phone’s speed, its much improved camera, and several other features, including the remarkable Siri. All, however, was not quite well. Almost immediately topics began appearing on Apple’s support discussion forum about a problem with the iPhone 4S’s audio. Users complained that sometimes when they tried to place a call they heard nothing. There was no ringing sound, and though the phone showed the call as connected, there was no audio from the other end.

One of the discussion threads is still active, and currently has 109 pages of users complaining about the problem, suggesting it is not a minor problem. According to the support discussion thread, the problem spans all models of iPhone on Verizon and AT&T. As yet there has been no acknowledgement from Apple that the problem even exists, much less any word on plans to fix it. That fact has users particularly frustrated, as it seems that Apple is ignoring a pretty serious problem.

A request for comment to Apple has not yet been answered. There are signs that the next iOS update, iOS 5.1, will be arriving relatively soon. Apple’s continued silence about this issue, though, means that there are no guarantees that it will be fixed in the new software.

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