iPad Mini Rumor: High Quality Pictures Of The Device Have Surfaced

    October 2, 2012
    Zach Walton
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A survey from last month found that Apple fans were hoping the iPad Mini would launch alongside the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 launched with the usual aplomb, but we still haven’t heard a thing about the iPad Mini. There are some rumors that invites for an event will go out next week. That’s all well and good, but only actual pictures of the device can satiate the Apple fan’s curiosity. Well, those pictures are now here.

Fan site UkrainianiPhone got their hands on the rumored iPad Mini and photographed the back panel for all the world to see. Here’s what you’ll be getting if you decide to pick up the black iPad Mini once it launhces:

iPad Mini Rumors

A picture of the backplate is nice, but is there anything else? Thankfully tt.mop (via nowhereelse.fr) has pictures of the actual device in stunning clarity. Here are some of the more interesting shots of the device.

iPad Mini Rumors

iPad Mini Rumors

iPad Mini Rumors

As you can see, the iPad Mini is turning out to be quite the charmer. The slightly larger display size of 7.85-inches definitely helps it stand out among the other 7-inch tablets on the market. Of course, a slightly larger screen doesn’t mean anything until we get to see what the display is actually capable of. Invites for the iPad Mini should be going out on October 10, and we’ll find out soon after if all the hype was worth it.

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  • I. M. Wright

    I’m fairly certain that the iHating media will somehow manage to turn the iPad Mini into a negative like they did with the iPhone 5. The media will find a flaw with the iPad Mini and have a field day with it. It’s good the average consumer doesn’t pay attention to the negative press that Apple product introductions bring. Things like how the Kindle Fire HD is a much better product because it’s $100 cheaper than the Apple offering. Apple will be required to sell four times as many of these iPad Minis than the Fire HD in order to be considered having a successful product launching.

  • jack

    i like it. i want one especially if its cheaper than the standard ipad and does the necessary things. the ipad2 screen is great, the ipad3 way better- but for the price and if it comes in 64-128gb im there. An LTE version will be icing on the cake. However this will cannabilize iphone5 and ipad3 sales; most will get a 4 or 4s iphone and get a ipad mini and save alot of $$$. my S is staying – no need to replace it with a 5 with slightly larger screen, no more memory, and POS maps (i’ll never do IOS6 until the map thing gets fixed)

  • Dr. J. Curcio

    iPad mini Wi Fi/3G 7″+ screen is a great fit for the old guys that don’t want to drag out reading specs to read the screen. I think this is a perfect fit to the Apple line up in light of the baby boomers and failing eyesight.
    The naysayers should rethink what is very obvious to millions of guys and gals.

  • J

    The screen looks fake. The other devise are brighter but the ipad mini isn’t