iPad 3 Gets Its First Close Up

    March 5, 2012
    Zach Walton
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The iPad 3 may be the most talked about and leaked product in Apple’s history. With the device launching on March 7, the amount of leaks are only going to increase. The latest leak gives us a look at its external components to get an idea of its dimensions.

M.I.C. Gadget secured through its various sources some of the external components that will be making up the iPad 3, or iPad HD. The biggest surprise is that the case of the iPad 3 is about the same size of the iPad 2, with the iPad 3 being a bit thicker.

The components that M.I.C. Gadget were able to obtain confirm some more of the device’s capabilities and features. The first is that the iPad 3 will retain the home button that all mobile Apple products are known for. You didn’t think Apple would make a buttonless iPad, did you?

The second is that they have confirmed the memory configurations the iPad 3 will come in. There will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models available just like the iPad 2.

Sources say that there have been thousands of iPad 3 cases shipped to the US over the last few weeks. Fret not though, iPad 2 cases barely fit the iPad 3’s increased thickness, but still fit nonetheless. For those who use the smart cover accessory, you’ll find that it still fits just fine over the iPad 3’s display.

Check out the video below that looks at the external components of the iPad 3. It should hold you off until the official unveil on March 7.

  • kathryn mason

    where can I buy ipad 3

    • Drew


      There is no such thing as an iPad 3 as of this post.

      • larry

        sorry thers no ipad3 yet but it will be unveiled march 7th and possibly hit stores march 16th 2012

      • Caos

        Its not out yet

    • DESI Tech

      I will be getting a shipment of IPAD 3’s next week, the same day or the day before stores.

      If you are interested in purchasing one, please email me at desitech96@gmail.com

    • desi tech

      Hello Kathryn,

      I will be getting a shipment of IPAD 3′s next week, the same day or the day before stores.

      If you are interested in purchasing one, please email me at desitech96@gmail.com

      Please email me your phone number, and I will discuss the details.

  • John

    “Memory Configurations”??? wow

  • BrokenDog

    Yeah, Apple told me the same ol’ “company-(baloney)-line”, when I bought my wife an IPad 2 last week! “We have no idea IF and WHEN an IPad 3 will come out … when you see it in stores, then you will know if there is one or not”! Biggest bunch of baloney I’ve ever heard!
    Why is it such a big deal? They are gonna sell “gazillions” of ’em, anyway! So, why not go ahead and let us know if they are coming out soon, or not? I was getting my wife her 50th birthday present (she’s ALWAYS wanted an IPad), and there was a 2 week difference in her b-day and the release of the IPad 3 (or, as Apple said … “there is NO IPad3 as of yet”)! So, I got her an IPad 2 (she is absolutely THRILLED with it, anyway)!
    So, Apple … go ahead and release your IPad 3 (or IPad 4, or IPad2bs … whatever)! My wife is happy with what she got (without any “covert operations or cloak-and-dagger debuts”)!

    • WaynesWorld

      Um, it’s no secret that they are releasing the new ipad3 this week. And, you should cringe at the fact that you paid so much for an ipad2 when prices are already dropping in anticipation of the new model.

      If you had waited, you would have saved $100-150. :S

    • Cloaked in blue shirt

      Im an employee going on my 7th year. Do now how many times a day we get asked when the next one is coming out.
      Once and for all people.
      We honestly DON’T KNOW until corporate send an announcement!!!! Give it up with the big conspiracy stuff. Do I have an educated guess? Sure. If I’m wrong though you are gonna come back and yell at me.

  • danny

    You bought an iPad last week and you had no idea a new one was being released the following week? How’s things in the cave?

    • larry

      actually apple has conffirmed an unveiling march 7th in san fracisco

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  • Hanser

    I heard that the iPad3 has a new butt wiping feature.

    • Jsnd

      Yea its the shit son!!

  • Couponman77

    I had to pick something up at the Sprint store by us and they were making room to display a new tablet line that they will start carrying soon. Of course they said that they just know its coming and haven’t been told what it is!

    I love how people can be turned into robots and be programmed to say whatever the company wants them to.