iOS 7.1.1 Update Officially Released

    April 23, 2014
    Sean Patterson
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On the eve of its second-quarter financial results, Apple has released a new update for its latest iOS operating system.

The iOS 7.1.1 update brings minor changes and fixes to the more significant iOS 7.1 update that was released back in March. The new iOS 7.1.1 update can be downloaded through Apple devices compatible with iOS 7.1, including the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and the latest iPod touch devices.

According to the update’s description, iOS 7.1.1 brings yet another fix for the iPhone 5S’ Touch ID fingerprint recognition system. The update also includes several unlisted changes such as security patches and user interface tweaks. Fixes for the Touch ID system were one of the major features of the iOS 7.1 update, which also included a fix for a home screen crash bug and better iOS 7 optimization for the iPhone 4.

Other improvements included in the iOS 7.1.1 update include a fix for a bug “that could impact keyboard responsiveness” and a fix to make Bluetooth keyboards more compatible with VoiceOver.

The 7.1.1 update comes just as Apple is preparing to release its second-quarter earnings results. The company will hold its quarterly earnings conference call at 5 pm EDT today. The call will be broadcast live through the Apple website.

In January Apple released its first quarter results, showing yet another record quarter of holiday spending on iOS devices. The company took in $57.6 billion in revenue during the holiday quarter, up 5.6% over 2012’s holiday season.

As no new Apple product revisions have been released yet in 2014, analysts are not expecting the company’s second-quarter earnings to break records. However, with the company’s new rumored iPhone 6 on the way and a the possible release of the long-rumored “iWatch” smart watch this fall, Apple is poised to see tremendous revenue growth in the coming quarters.

Image via Apple

  • Jasmine

    Totally crashed my phone. Don’t download it.

    • Ethan

      Yes totally can it even let you sign in ??

  • John

    After updating no one can here me when i’m calling now i need to use headset in order for them to hear me

    • John

      that hear not here :)

      • Jesus

        It’s “That’s hear, not here.” Not “that hear not here”! You douchebag! :-p

  • kmhart

    Totally just crashed my phone! ALL I GET IS A ITUNES ICON WITH A PLUG ON MY SCREEN. My phone is DEAD!! DONT DO IT!!

  • Michael Kalonikos

    Just upgraded. My phone is fine. For all the people having problems, user error?

  • ruchi tiwari

    I downloaded it too…My phone works fine…atleast till now 😀

  • Kevin

    I updated and cannot hear thru the earpiece, now I have to use my headphones

  • meri

    who can say me whats the difference? i have updated it
    cant understand what changes in my phone

  • Bhasha

    My phone works fine after updating…

  • rajneesh

    my phone stopped ringing…..plz fix it

  • Dknapp77

    Updated and now my camera doesn’t work at all no matter what I try.

  • omega5384

    To all you people with fake problems, get a life already. I am so sick of Android fanboys running to every Apple article to post fake problems because they have no meaning to their life. GTFO already

  • RB

    “As no new Apple product revisions have been released yet in 2013″ ???

    Is this article a year old?

  • PD

    i was on 100% battery charge – i left the house and only used my phone a few times to check facebook messages, Line app, and my emails – a total of about 10mins using my phone in a 4 hour period… when i got home, my phone was down to 53%… before i could go the whole day at work for 8 hours and still have above 60%

    this is draining my battery…why???

  • Gero Henriquez

    I know about some ipod touches that the music isn’t working it doesn’t read the music in the device and that should have been fix with this update some devices stopped working with the new ios7 back last year it’s really need to be fix
    the music shows on the ipod touch but it wont play and yes it is mp3 or mp4 too it just won’t play the musoc so apple should work on that too

  • Glint_Westwood

    In the immortal words of Socrates, “I drank what?”

  • makayla

    This update crashed my phone. they shouldn’t be allowed to relaease and update unless they are 100% sure it works properly

  • HotelQuebec

    Does it fix the frequent low memory crashes?