Internet Explorer 11 Now Hits Window 7 Officially

    November 7, 2013
    Val Powell
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Internet Explorer 11 has now been launched for Window 7 users too. Earlier, Microsoft had promised that the new Explorer will arrive on Windows 7, so this isn’t a big surprise. IE11 is the default browser of Windows 8.1. Starting Thursday, users of Window 7 who decided to remain behind in the launch of Windows 8 (later 8.1) will now enjoy the features of IE11 as well.

Although there isn’t much difference between IE11 from its previous versions, IE11 is a worthy upgrade for anyone using Windows 7. However, Microsoft says that the javascript engine of IE11 is almost 10% faster than IE10 and 30% faster than browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

The new Explorer also supports most of the newest apps and plugins like HTML5 video without plugins as well as the latest version of WebGL. There are other subtle upgrades to IE11 that will create the feeling of faster browsing. Improvements include its prefetching capabilities as well as updates to F12 developer tools for Microsoft. One drawback, however, is that IE11 doesn’t support Google’s SPDY protocol.

Another interesting feature of IE11 is its enhanced security features that are capable of blocking socially engineered malware. According to the NSS Labs study, Internet Explorer can block about 99 % of malware while Firefox blocks only 4% and Chrome blocks only 70% of the socially engineered malware. Similar percentages apply in terms of blocking phishing attacks. In short, IE11 offers advanced JavaScript performance, better security and ensures greater compatibility and interoperability.

According to Internet Explorer group program managers Rob Mauceri and Sandeep Singhal, Microsoft will begin automatically  updating Windows 7 customers to IE11 in the weeks ahead, starting today (Thursday) with customers running the IE11 Developer and Release Previews,” Users can download the new Internet Explorer 11 from Microsoft’s website.

(image from Microsoft.com)

  • james

    People Still Use Internet Explorer??

  • Mark

    For quite some time I have recommended to anyone who would hear to steer clear of IE! Choppy video and quirky behavior put it at the bottom of the list for me. I have watched some videos, played some games and did a few downloads with Internet Explorer 11 and I must say WOW!! I hate to say this folks, but I think Microsoft actually got it RIGHT this time for a change.. I have been throwing tasks at it waiting for the flaws to show up and I am really shocked they haven’t, it’s just FAST and smooth. This doesn’t happen often…. KUDOS to Microsoft on this release!

    • http://www.brumicon.com BRUMICON

      I have trash-talked IE ever since IE 6. But you are right! Downloaded and installed it on my home PC (Win7 23-bit). It blows Chrome and FF out of the water. C|NET and PCWorld have also (surprisingly) given it the green-light saying that it was ‘faster, more stable, and more secure that both Chrome and FF’. My favorite part was actually the new functions. I haven’t made it my default browser yet, but I sure am using it more. Chrome and FF better step it up, or they might just find themselves loosing users to IE.

      (*sidenote* – IE’s “Popcorn” test really embarrasses Chrome! – http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Performance/popcorn/ )

  • John C.

    I am a long time IT guy. Several systems in my home. IE 10 was killing me until i removed it from all servers and installed ie9. Now no more issues. May wait a year before installing ie11.
    Oh, the pop-corn test, interesting, ie9=under 15 sec, chrome=23 seconds.
    I really do not enjoy spending hours removing, cleaning, rebooting, reinstalling software, and then configuring. When It should have been working all along.

  • Norm Croswell

    I have a problem with windows 11. I use primus for my provider DSL and the high speed web mail at magma.ca will not open. I receive security error messages telling me that access is locked and no longer used. Go to low speed.
    With all the expertise at Microsoft, surely the problem should be addressed and repaired.

  • JamesCE

    Do not install on Dell, windows 7 as it crashed my hard drive due to file issues, constant IE has stopped working errors. When the errors happen on the MSN website that has to tell you someone really hosed this version.

  • Jace

    Do not install IE 11 on Dell windows 7 systems if you know what is good for you. The darn thing caused file read issues on my hard drive and gave constant IE has stopped working errors even on the MSN website. Funny no problems since going back to IE 10. Someone really hosed this version.