Interactive Old Spice Ad Lets You Rock Out With Terry Crews’ Muscles

By: Josh Wolford - August 29, 2012


Although this new ad from Old Spice may look and feel like many of the ads featuring the perpetually intense Terry Crews, it’s much different in one important way. Sure, it’s fun to see Crews make beautiful music using the power of his muscles, but the real fun begins after the video is over.

When you’re done watching the ad, the ad becomes interactive. Using your keyboard, you’re given the chance to make your own song, utilizing the various items in the room. Of course, everything it powered, in some way, by Terry Crews’ muscles and/or voice. Each letter key triggers a different sound. Do yourself a favor and cycle through until you find the one that has to do with sausages.

Plus, you can record your own track when ready.

Check it out below:

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    this junk is funny i love terry crews good job

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    great info thanks so much! highly appreciated