Instaglasses Are the Hipster Project Glass

    June 20, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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These are Intagram glasses created by German visual communications designer Markus Gerke, who also gives us a description of how they can be used:

Many people use Instagram. They all love the effects, and every one of them loves to take pictures and to share them with their friends. Wouldn’t it be great to capture your everyday life, your entire life, through beautiful filters? The design concept can give the appearance of glasses.

You activate the glasses by pushing “Insta” and option to choose between different filters. Are you enjoying a moment? Just take a picture with your glasses and upload the image straight to Instagram.

The style and niche functionality of these glasses definitley make them the hipster counterpart to Google’s Project Glass. Which one would you rather see in stores?

At any point you can select a new filter to imitate one on Instagram. It even gives you the ability to take a picture of what you are seeing in the filter of your choice.

The only question now, is when can we buy them?

  • mike

    The button placement is HORRIBLE!!!! I was told th button was dead center between the lenses on the bridge… visually you would look like Earkle (to those who remember Earkle) squeezing the center of the bridge of your glasses to to snap a shot. Move the button to just above the lense upper right. That’s a normal place to grab your glasses… I grab my glasses there twenty times a day to adjust them.

    • doyle

      Very true, they should get some help from specsavers with the design… Those guys know how to do glasses!

  • http://hipsterdust.com Jane Jackson

    I love the article, the glasses are crazy. I’m in heaven.