In a Month, Americans Collectively Spend a Century on Facebook

Only 392 days' worth of time on Twitter

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In a Month, Americans Collectively Spend a Century on Facebook
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Nielsen has just released their Q3 2011 Social Media Report, and there are some incredibly interesting statistics included in the findings.

On the whole social media (blogs included) is a part of 80% of internet users’ lives. And people aren’t just members of social networking sites, but they are interacting with them…constantly. Apparently, 23% of an American’s time spent on the internet is spent on social media. That’s almost a quarter of the time – more than double the next category of time-occupiers, which is online gaming (9.8%).

The social media study also looked at the most active social networker and found that to be a woman. This average social media user is between the ages of 18 and 34. She lives in New England, and is likely of Asian or Pacific Island descent. She has most likely obtained a bachelor’s degree and probably makes under $50,000 a year.

The most mind-blowing stat from the study concerns the amount of time people actually spend on these social sites.  Nielsen looked at minutes spent, collectively, by Americans in one month.  According to the statistics, we spend 53,457,258 minutes, as a population, on Facebook.    That’s almost 102 years.  We don’t even spend a fraction of the amount of time on other sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here are some other finds from the study –

  • 37% of social media users access the platforms via mobile device
  • As far the most valued services on their mobile devices, people picked social media access as number two, behind GPS
  • Social networking apps are the third most popular apps, behind games and weather
  • Over twice as many people 55 and older used the mobile device to access social media as did last year
  • When you post a video to Facebook, women are more likely to watch but men are more likely to watch longer
  • Social networkers are 47% more likely than other internet users to spend a lot of money on online shopping
  • Australians spend the most time on social networks and blogs
In a Month, Americans Collectively Spend a Century on Facebook
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  • http://karenn.hubpages.com/ Karen

    This isn’t a huge surprise, and I for one can definitely say that I’m guilty of spending too much time on facebook.

    • Get a life

      Just goes to show that the majority of people are highly interested in spending time gasbagging, sharing gossip and posting daft messages. This is where the young generation is headed, an electronic social realm which affects everyday life…….in a negative way

  • http://www.getpaidsite.info tony morrison

    i find it very surprising that Australians spend the most time on social networking sites.i am not sure why I find that a surprise but i do.I would have thought it was americans by far.

  • http://blog.marketingxd.com/ Pete Austin @marketingxd

    “37% of social media users [SOMETIMES] access the platforms via mobile device”. Most of these people also use PCs.

    This is clear from the figures for access type on page 7 of http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/social/

  • Dave Mich

    I wonder a bit about those stats. If you have ever had to monitor facebook traffic you’ll know that the site refreshes itself every minute. That can really skew any “how much time you spent on facebook” calculation unless you are paying very close attention to the underlying nature of the network traffic.

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  • http://www.vaporizerreviewsource.com matt

    scary. and Facebook’s numbers will only go up. all the other networks arent even close numbers wise

  • http://udine.bbakeca.com/ BBakeca Udine

    Great study…also it isn’t a surprise. All people became social network addicted.

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