"I'm Different" - Official Portal Turret Replicas Up For Sale


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It has been well over a year since Portal 2 was released, and in that time enthusiasm for the game doesn't seem to have died down. Just this year Portal fans have been laser-etching stainless steel and creating fan videos about the series. Now that Valve has released the "Perpetual Testing Initiative" DLC, a burgeoning community will keep churning out new Portal 2 content until the release of Portal 3 forever.

Gaming Heads, a company that sells replica models of well-known Valve game characters, such as the Heavy and the Headcrab Zombie, is beginning to build a Portal 2 statue line. The first model they have created is a version of the lovable taking turrets, and the company has just begun accepting pre-orders.

The turret comes in two different limited editions. 750 of the standard turret replicas will be made. They will cost $300 and have a motion sensor that controls the turret's eye. For $25 more, though, customers can buy one of 350 exclusive models that will include activation, search mode, disabled, and other sound clips from Portal 2. Both models have been generated using the in-game 3D files from Portal 2 and measure 16 inches tall. They are cast in poly-stone, hand painted, and come with a numbered validation card. Unfortunately, the exclusive turrets are sold out, though Gaming Heads does provide a waiting list in case someone cancels their order. The standard version is still available, though, so act quickly if you can spare $300 for one.

The turret models will start shipping sometime near the end of 2012. Gaming Heads doesn't state what is next for its Portal 2 statue line-up, but I think its safe to assume the defective turret might be seen at some point, along with the Frankenturret.