IKEA Pillow Google Translates to ‘Cuddle Rape’

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IKEA Pillow Google Translates to ‘Cuddle Rape’
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What happens when you type the name of a certain style of pillow from IKEA into Google Translate?

Well, something interesting, that’s what.

Redditor 3rxx noticed that the Google translation for the IKEA pillow collection “Gosa Raps” is “Cuddle Rape.” Yes, cuddle rape.

You can try it for yourself, it checks out.

Before you start to think that IKEA is attempting to imply something with their pillow names, this can all be explained quite easily. Really, it’s just a problem with Google Translate. “Gosa Raps” actually translates to “Cuddle Rapeseed.” Rapeseed, as you know, is a yellow flower of the mustard or cabbage family that is cultivated for its oils, what you and I know as Canola oil.

Turns out, IKEA’s Gosa line utilizes various flower names like the Gosa Hassel (Hazel) and Gosa Tulpan (Tulip).

So, we’ve learned that yes, IKEA product names are a bit odd. But they’re not promoting cuddle rape.

IKEA Pillow Google Translates to ‘Cuddle Rape’
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  • http://TeamCassell.com Phil

    Assuming that the translation is swedish, I did the translation and it says snuggle rape not cuddle rape.

    Either way…… Hilarious for a pillow name that is

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