Ice-T: Gun Control Won’t Stop The Deaths

    July 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Since last Friday, the entire nation has been in a conversation that hasn’t gone away since the Columbine tragedy: whether or not we should have stricter gun control laws. Now, more and more celebrities seem to be taking sides on the debate, regardless of personal attacks made on their character because of it.

Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) sparked a hellacious Twitter war over the weekend when he tweeted about whether or not private citizens should have access to certain types of weapons.

Now, it seems, rapper Ice-T is getting into the mix, giving his opinion on the matter by stating that a lack of guns doesn’t necessarily mean fewer deaths.

“The right to bear arms is because it’s the last form of defense against tyranny,” he said in an interview. “If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it.”

It’s clear that the nation is divided on whether or not a crackdown on gun control laws will make a difference or if they are a violation of our constitutional rights; what is unclear, however, is whether this latest tragedy will affect the decision.

  • Dan

    Ice-T is correct. Once we have no guns, we have literally no way to fight back or protect ourselves from those with guns.

    • jackson

      that’s true, but it’s not the criminals on the street i’m worried about, it’s our govn’t. the way for a govn’t to take over a country is too disarm it’s citizens…registration leading to confiscation…i foresee alot of dead govn’t agents (and American citizens) if confiscation comes into play…it will get ugly before it get’s better :o(

  • Dan Murphy

    Maybe if there were fewer gun control laws, it’s possible that someone in that theater could have been carrying a weapon and stopped that moron from doing what he did.

    • Tom

      I cannot agree with you more. How great it could have been if they had shot hom dead before he had the opportunity?

    • A. Palacios

      You are right, look what is going on in Mexico, in 1976 former presiden Luis Echeverria (a real moron ) closed all gun shops making ilegall for any citizen to own a weapon. Now you have
      100 % criminals because everybody has one.

  • http://yahoo Buddy

    If there had been 6 or so trained citizens in the crowd w/ carry permits I doubt that little chicken #&@? would have done much damage.

  • Diane

    I honestly feel that gun control will not stop any more future killings. There are many reasons why these people crack. Pressure to succeed, relationships that sour, be unemployed, etc. Many of these people are angry and have no outlet. I am not making excuses for them, I just feel that stricker gun laws will not stop the problem. Maybe if the world was kinder and more thougthful it will be a step in the right direction. In the Colorado incident there are no winners. I feel sorry for everyone. The only good that came out of it is the few men that took the bullet for their wife or girlfriend. They will always remembered as heros.

    • Diane

      Remember an armed society is a polite society. If that guy had any clue that at least one person was armed and was capable of shooting back, he would have never chosen that spot. He is a complete coward. I just wish that if he was that unhappy with his life, he would have just gone somewhere and left a note and just kill himself. But he was very selfish and had to ruin countless lives forever, and then didn’t have the guts to kill himself. Selfish coward.

  • Greg

    Hey Jason Alexander an AR 15 is not a military weapon…..and neither is a remington 870 express or a glock handgun. its clowns like you that spew inaccurate informatoin. An AR 15 is a semi automatic CIVILIAN version of its military counterpart. IT is not FULLY AUTOMATIC or BURST. It is no more capable of firing at high rates of speed than your average semi automatic .22 that most people plink cans with. Guns don’t gill people……people kill people…and if the gun control laws weren’t so strict maybe someone in that theater would have been packing and blew his worthless butt away before anyone else got hurt. You make me sick.

    • firewife

      couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • austin

      then explain Fort Hood moron. It doesn’t matter if everyone in the theater was packing it has to do with the unexpected. The first person to shoot usually wins. Bullets don’t stop bullets. Armor does. Guns are not a last line of defense. They are an offensive weapon that is only useful in a situation where you know of a threat. Tighter gun control for non military/police would at the minimum make it far more difficult to obtain weapons. And the other argument that if someone wants to kill they can do it without guns, it would take a hell of a lot more talent and ability to kill with bare hands or a knife. Let alone a movie full of people.

    • Tony

      Ditto. Did you see the video recently of the 71 year old guy who shot two robbers in a internet cafe because he had a permit to carry?

  • Deangelo Vickers

    Well – how about some “full body-armor” control??? If buying that is not a RED flag I don’t know what is!

  • Gary

    that’s why i like snoop dog the man speaks his mind.. guns don’t kill people kill people, people can get thier hands on guns in the black market if they can’t pass a background check

  • Mark King

    I’m certain that more gun control laws would be just as effective at keeping guns off the streets as drug control laws have been effective at keeping drugs off the streets.

    • Joe

      Great point

  • Greg

    gun control just keeps the honest man and the non crazy gun owner from defending himself in the event a crazy person or a street thug opens fire….. people that wanna kill will find guns or other means to kill if they can’t get guns. get a clue ….quit drinking the liberal cool aid

  • johnr. cassaro


    • Left Coast Chuck

      From 1968 to sometime in the 90’s federal law required the purchaser of ammunition to show picture id and to sign a register that the purchaser had made the purchase. It was abandoned when law enforcement organization could not show that a single crime in the long period the law was in effect was solved as a result of the register.

      Actually, the 6,000 rounds did the shooter little good. It is my feeling that in all likelihood he expended less than 100 rounds. His use of a 100 round drum mag is probably what led to his gun jamming. Most shooters know that while they look cool, like a lot of cool looking devices, they are actually not very reliable. Drum magazines have not proved reliable in their long history going back to the 1908 Luger. They do look cool, however. Like a chromed rifle and bayonet look cool — until you are actually using them for their intended purpose, then the chrome is a big P.I.T.A. and totally useless.

  • http://yahoo calvin johnson

    Hitler disarmed his country and look what happened

  • Rick

    its not the guns….its the psycho’s behind the guns that kill people…this guy had a clean record, no history of any mental problems, no history of any kind to prevent him from owning a gun….a situation like his is impossible to prevent…if there were no guns/ better gun control, what would of prevented him from killing anyone some other way? if he had to patients to plan this heinous act for months..he had the patients to do almost anything else to kill people if there were no guns.

    • http://webpronews Nathan

      Rick, I agree with you that the nutjobs need to be controlled. Unfortunately, the only current way I know of is to impose thorough psychiatric oral and written questionnaires on those who wish to procure high-capacity, military small arms (like an AR-14, or M-1 Garand) and have the results of those exams evaluated by qualified authorities to determine if this individual has raised any flags that he has anger issues, or other signs that this person should by no means procure their chosen weapon. This would probably put civil liberties groups in an uproar–until someone close to *them*…you know what I mean.
      Additionally, I noticed a large majority of comments were directed toward gun control without broaching the fact that this violent individual was a shade-tree ‘explosives ordnance expert’ with enough in his apartment alone to kill more people than he’d tragically shot to death.

  • DJ

    If getting rid of guns wouldnt decrease deaths, then someone explain why the United States has the highest gun ownership in the world and also has the highest gun murder rate in any industrialized nation? There’s a reason why Japan has less than 30 gun deaths a year, they dont allow guns.

    • BILL


      • DJ

        not per capita, but in total private guns. Sheer Volume the US is by far the most, and also by far the most gun murders in the industrialized world, is that a coincidence?

    • Shutup

      And that reason for japan having a lower murder rate is because the culture is based on honor and respect of others and their property. That is something that lacks in the US. Hence why we need guns.

      • DJ

        Good theory, why then does every industrialized nation on earth have less gun murders than the US?

    • Roland Heights

      In fact, 90% of the time that a gun is used in a crime it’s used in connection with illegal drug trafficking and gangs. If drug and gang activity are removed from the calculus, the United States is one of the safest countries in the world. In fact, England has a complete ban on rifles and pistols and London is a far more dangerous place to be than New York City.

      Stop the drug and gang punks and illeal gun violence goes away almost entirely.

    • Grady

      America’s own “homegrown terrorist”,are turning law abiding citizens into lawbreakers. We need to protect our right to bear arms, but this country is so corrupt criminals, or mentally unstable people have no problem aquiring weapons. A war on guns would be just a ridiculus as the war on drugs was.Guns make money , and the demand will keep growing because we Americans are not willing to give up anything.It is what it is….

    • Tony

      It’s also the reason Japan decided against invading the U.S. mainland in WWII, they knew too many Americans owned guns.

    • Campbell

      Entirely different mindsets (U.S. and Japan). I lived in Japan for 5 years. Japanese handle everything discreetly, even crime. The crime is there and so are the guns, its just that situations do not have to come to such conversations in extreme violence.

    • http://americanchivalry.blogspot.com/ Beat Dandy

      if we got rid of the guns the murder rate would not change just the wepons used

  • BILL


  • Ricky Culpepper

    If you make it illegal for regular citizens to get guns then the only ones that will get them are the ones that want to kill anyway.Also if they don’t get guns they can make explosives easily.

  • Grady

    I agree that civilians don’t need to have access to semi-auto weapons. I always have. Too easy to convert. The argument always seems to come back to the Constitution. Citizens do have the right to bare arms, but to protect life & limb you don’t need a machine gun,grenades,or body armor. I am keeping my legal weapons because I AM A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. Too many people, ( even some people I know) have automatic weapons. Every one wants to be ready for the inevitable.People kill people,guns just help.

    • Diane

      I agree with Calvin. The first thing that Hitler did to the Jews during WWII was to take away their guns so they couldn’t defend themselves. Look what happened to them. They were taken to concentration camps like cattle. Then worked to death, starved to death, and burned or gassed alive.

      Be VERY afraid of the future of our country if any president pushes for any gun control. DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM!

      America needs to stay a free country.

    • Ronyn

      Except, Grady when private citizens HAVE to defend themselves against a government run amok, trampling on individual freedoms. then those citizen-militia need automatic weapons to fight government troops with automatic weapons. Ask any Syrian about it!!

    • Joe

      The law abiding citizen wont be changing the semi auto to a full auto either, so why punish them for the law breakers ?

    • Bill

      Grady, my friend, I have a number of semi-automatic weapons and if you think converting them to full-auto is easy, I invite you to attempt it. For a lark, I looked into the procedure and a proper conversion takes more equipment and skill than I have. You might get one burst off before the thing blows up and, if you get caught with it you are looking at some SERIOUS penalties courtesy of the FEDERAL laws already in place. The semi-automatic weapon is the absolute BEST choice for those of us serious about our self-defense.

  • Jerry

    Gun control works if you do it like Sinapore and not like the corrupt USA. You need it in every fifty states and not half ass like Americans do things. America is a violent and mentally ill culture so they don’t know the difference.

    • Steve

      Jerry, You seriously need help. I want to know where i can send you a one way ticket to Singapore. You can stay there and see what true corruption looks like.

  • Shaolin116

    I belive in gun control. It’s all in how you hold your gun and make sure not to jerk the trigger. Gently squeeze it so you will have a tighter grouping on your target. This way you are less likely to hit any innocent bystanders and you only kill the dumb son of a bitch that was stupid enough to mess around with you in the 1st place.

  • Andrew Gall

    I believe in gun control too, keep them out of Liberals hands!

    • Darryl Lentini

      Good comment Andrew, I agree with you 100%

  • Jake

    Anyone remember the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski ??

    He engaged in a mail bombing campaign that spanned nearly 20 years, killing three people and injuring 23 others.

    He did not use firearms.

    • DJ

      Exactly Jake, no guns, he was able to kill 3 people over a 20 year span, not kill 12 maybe more in a few minutes. THank you for proving the point.

  • RR

    “Gun Control works!”
    -Government of the People’s Republic of China
    Tiananmen Square, June 4, 1989

    “I should have worked on those Gun Control laws BEFORE the tax ones.”
    -King George III

  • carl mosconi

    Countries with gun controls are inherently safer, Google it.

    • Jan P.

      Exactly right. Whether people want to believe it or not, the unadorned facts show countries with strict gun ownership laws have only a fraction of the gun deaths we see in the United States. And if anyone believes Canadians would then be unable to defend against tyranny then they don’t know our neighbors to the north.

      • http://americanchivalry.blogspot.com/ Beat Dandy

        the amount of murders will not change, just the wepons used

    • Matt

      WRONG!!! There is a fully automatic assault rifle in the house of every able bodied man in Switzerland. They are given the guns at 18 and taught everything they need to know about the weapon. They have one of the lowest crime rates in the civilized world. Care to explain that, Carl?

      • DJ

        Matt, not only are those automatic weapons required to be locked up but they also limit the amount of ammunition given to each man. Ammo must remain sealed, unless there is a national emergency. they do this because they have a very small standing army and will fall back on citizens should a country invade. The US has WAAAAAYYYYY more guns than the Swiss ever dreamed of, and as such we have a WAAAAYYYY bigger gun murder rate, care to explain that?

      • tmobb

        People don’t want to know the truth, because it doesn’t help the cause of taking guns out of hands of innocent people.

    • Paul

      That isnt the point. The United States was founded on the premise that all men were to be free and the Constitution guarantees it. How many times have countries in europe been conquered? How many times has the US been conquered? The reason it was written into our Constitution was because our forefathers had the wisdom to not repeat the tyranny they fled from.

      Their are always pros and cons but we live in the land of freedom and liberty.

      “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
      – George Washington

    • toby

      no youre wrong. switzerlans is one of the safest and nearly every home has a fully automatic militay assault rifle. they are a gift from the government. google that!

    • Mike

      If the gov came knocking on your door to take what you have earned how would you defend yourself? Talk em down???? Those countries run the peoples lives because they cannot defend themselves.Wake up

  • Mike

    There would be fewer incidents like the movie theater massacre if everybody carried a gun. The idiot that did this wouldn’t have even thought about doing such a thing if he knew everybody else would have started shooting back. Gun control restricts what law abiding people are allowed to do with a legally obtained firearm and makes it easier for deranged sick nuts to do terrible things against defenseless people.Anybody can get a gun illegally. Deranged people can always find a way to buy a gun.

  • Jerry

    I want to see the corrupt politicians like Boehner that thinks the “Wild West” is so great not have bodyguards and allow gunowners where they work and frequent. I’ll bet you the corrput politicians won’t go for that. They are bought out by the gun lobby and could care less about peoples safety and that is why America has 100,000 shootings annually and a terrorist attack is more likely domestically then from overseas.

    • Jelaine67@yahoo.com

      Jerry, you have a valid point! However, I am one of the uneducated one when it comes to guns because they seem so deadly! As a result, I don’t go near them.

      • Mike

        Who are you going to depend on to protect you if someone threatens your family? The Police?? The Gov?? You’ll be dead and your killer will then be glorified by the same media that is blowing this out of the water. People you better wake up!!!

    • Roland Heights

      @Jerry – In fact the “wild west” was relativly peaceful, precisely because almost everybody had a gun. People like you only think it wasn’t because of Western movies.

      As for the “gun lobby” a recent Gallup Poll indicated that 75% of the American people have a “positive” or “favorable” view of the NRA. Moreover, all polls show that the American people DO NONT WANT MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS, they want enforcement of existing laws first. So the gun lobby, unlike president Obama, is simply supporting the will of the people.

      As for “terrorist” attack more likely here than oversea WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM. There has not been one terrorist attack, or anything like it, since the 9/11 attack.

    • tmobb

      Stating that countries that have stricter controls have less gun deaths is missleading, and in some cases not true. When you look at supposed countries with stronger laws, they have other ways the citzens kill each other. Maybe some havent noticed other countries that people strapping bombs to children sending them off to kill others, where evil is to be done it will also find away to suceed and only way to prevent it is allow people to defend themselves.

      It is also funny how quickly we forgot about the kid that killed an intruder in his parents home saving himself and his siblings, and this would not been possbile if the gun control people have their way.

  • Texas

    Gun laws will only control law abiding citizens. Criminals obey no laws and can acquire any type of weapon on the black market. The Colorado murderer killed 12 and wounded 58 in 2 minutes. the response time for police to arrive on scene is 3+ minutes. The only people who will save your life is yourself and other licensed carriers. So for all you gun bashers, don’t put my life in jeopardy because you are uneducated about firearms or your scared of them. Someday somebody like me will save your life because we happen to be a licensed, law abiding gun owner protecting our right to live.

    • Mike

      Amen brother!

  • Paul M

    As a former Marine that holds a concealed weapons permit I gaurantee that scumbag would not be in jail and his mommy would be weeping over his corpse.
    Government doesn’t give a crap about “innocent” people being killed, they see these incidents as fuel for their goal to disarm the citizen.
    Liberals beware: You come for my weapon and you don’t go home on your feet.

    • Mike

      Amen!!!! They can have mine the day they pry my cold dead fingers from around it!!!!

  • Derril

    Don’t forget, this moran loaded explosives all over his apartment prior to his “visit” to the theater. He threw in tear gas canisters prior to coming in the “emergency” door. He had all this planned and would have followed through if he had NO guns. He would have done it with explosive devices. I agree…it’s not the honest armed citizen who carries legally, it’s nut cases like this. They’ve been around and will continue. They need to be looked at just like we look at terrorist because that’s exactly what they are. And they don’t need a permit to load up on foreign imported black market weapons. More gun control will not keep these off the streets.

  • Alex

    The American people more than ever need their 2nd Amendment rights as the various authoritarian regimes work in tandem with the corporations to loot and pillage the American people and murder and occupy abroad while wrapping it up as patriotism.

  • rosa

    Can you buy a heat-seeking missile? No. Can you buy a military drone? No. Can you buy anthrax? No.

    Psychos and nuts can’t buy them either.

    Why should automatic military-style weapons be exempt?


    • http://webpronews james

      Its not a automatic weapon retard.

    • RR


      Automatic weapons are illegal.
      However, so are drugs and they are constantly smuggled into this country. Do you honestly think that if more guns are made illegal, that they will not become part of a larger black market? Although tragic, the amount of deaths caused at the hand of non-criminals by guns is miniscule compared to those caused by established criminals with illegal guns.

    • Roland Heights

      @Rosa — Regardless of whether the Supreme Court might ever decide that the 2nd amendment protects the right to own missiles or drones or anthrax, there can be no question that rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers ARE constitutionally protected.

      As for psychos nuts buying them: OH YES THEY CAN!! Anybody with connections to international arms dealers can get anything he/she wants,…for a price.

      No “military-style” weapons were used in the Aurora shooting. The AR-15 is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC look-alike to the military M16.

      Please educate yourself.

    • Dan Ray Wolfe

      Well Rosa, first of all you can’t buy automatic weapons without a class three federal firearms licencse, secondly, they had to be manufactured prior to 1968 (if you can find on for sale be prepaired to spend upwards of $15000.00) and third, the nut job in Colorado had a semi automatic AR-15. You should do a little research on firearms before you run your mouth.

  • Taylor

    liberal smibberal. A common person does not need to have a military machine gun. His jammed according to some forensic expert, so he should have killed even more. Regular guns for defense I am for not military stuff even if you are ex-military but now a citizen.

    • Texas

      It wasn’t a military machine gun Genius! Your just another wack job trying to make a statement about something you know nothing about!

  • Porter

    It is true about weapons of mass distruction a fully automatic weapon in the hands of a nut job is a bad thing-we do not need more laws-we need the courts to punish quickly the offenders not wait a year too hang them high-get on with it already. We need a division to assit local law in handling the laws we have, it is called profileing like it or not! they need too do it. A group performing for the safety of ordinary people a division of the FBI to monitor gun sales and ownership and nothing elsethis is what is needed. I Bow hunt and enjoy venison greatly but if game is scarce the 30/30 works fine too. For Bears 308 bolt action. For walks in the woods where sometimes too close for comfort 44 revolver Have a nice day. Pray for peace-Prepair for war.

    • Joel

      I was in the Army for 24 years. I know how to use weapons non military and military. If all you lefty liberal gun control butt wipes fear the guns, who are you going to turn to for protection after the Blue Hat jerk offs take control and abolish our Constitution. You thin Obammy is going to? just don’t come to my camp. We better prepare now it is inevitable. Stock up now and “KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY”.

  • Alabama Colt .45

    If all legal citizens are disarmed, what does that do? How is the govt. going to get all of the illegal arms confiscated? As said before, your only helping the dishonest criminal types when you strip the working mans rights from him. Blame the video games!!!

  • Edgar

    Gun control? What happened to fast and furious? Gun control my ass.

  • eva a. smith

    If you can,t hunt with less then 100 shells you need some practice or don,t need to hunt.. Adding insuklt to injury this guy in colorado pays for guns and ammo , now the victims taxxes will pay for his defense.

  • Mike

    Have you noticed that almost all of these mass murders seem to occur in GUN FREE ZONES? You see the signs up and law abiding people don’t have their guns. The killers do. They want defenseless victims. Gun free zones invite attack and advertise that there will be no opposition.

    • Rod

      I agree 100% Mike.

    • Leslie

      Agreed and fact!

  • John Dovetail

    Ice is write I got 2 pistols and a carbine you don’t need a gun to kill some one. If I where going to kill someone I wouldn’t use one of my guns they cost to much I’d use a bat cheap and easy to get rid of.

  • B

    I hate saying this but, it could be true. There is a possibility that if that guy didn’t have that rifle, what he might have used instead to hurt and kill people could have been even more devastating. Stricter gun control solves nothing AND it gives criminals the upper hand. However, I think more gun control is exactly what we’re going to get. Fewer Americans understand or embrace the Constitution with each passing generation. It’s fading away. That’s just the way it is.

  • CRIS

    the minute they take our right to own guns,,our country,will be invaded,,at this point no other country will dare invade,,they know we,, as citizens are armed,,,this colorado coward,would have never left alive,if only one armed citizen,would have been in the theater…my heart,goes out to all that suffer,because of one coward

    • Bradford

      I sooooooo agree with you, I always have a gun on me, and I have a license to have one. people who break the law do not go to the gun shop or Walmart to buy a weapon that they are going to later use to kill somebody or rob somebody. I wish I had been in that theatre, I would limited the deaths that night, but that guy would of been in a body bag. So now we are going to give him a fair trail. Tell that to that 6 year old and his family.

  • http://yahoo.com Bob P

    anyone know why this country has never been invaded?, Because our enemies know that private citizens are armed, It’s a right to bare arms, so far one thing the government has not taken away

  • Matt

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending to much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it.

    Thomas Jefferson

  • Major Fuller

    There is no such thing as “gun control laws.” That is a term politicians use for votes and actors use for publicity. Criminals have always been able to get guns, and always will. That is why they are criminals. Gun control laws prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves. I wonder how many law abiding citizens were in that theater thinking, “Crap, if only I had my weapon on me. I could stop this psycho!”

  • Dave P

    Some of the toughest gun laws in the nation are right there in the heart of Obamaland and since the first of the year there has been 250 deaths in Chicago. That is number 1 in the country. Ice-T is right and it drives the left bananas when one of them strays off the path with the truth. Without the 2nd Amendment, Progressives would take total control of the country.

    • Roland Heights

      @Dave P – Absolutely correct. The good news is that in every poll the American people DO NOT want more gun control laws. Even better, in a recent Gallup Poll 75% of Americans have a “favorable” view of the NRA. It breaks down to about 86% of convervatives and about 67% of liberals. So with so many liberals coming to the side of gun rights, we are in better shape than we think.

    • Ron Howard

      Well, I’m a Democrat and I’m not going bananas. I completely agree with Mr T (LOL). One thing people fail to realize is that regardless of political party people from either side don’t think in such black and white terms. I wish those on the extreme left and extreme right would stop putting everyone under one respective umbrella. If that were truly the case there would be nothing short of another civil war.

  • sudie

    The person holding the gun did the killing….not the gun.

  • John

    Have we forgotten the largest mass killing in this country was done with an airplane not a gun and do we try to regulate the size and type of planes we can fly in no because it was the nuts behind the controls not the plane the same goes with a gun it’s not the gun it’s the nut behind the gun

  • Ty

    If that guy had really wanted to commit a massacre and couldn’t find a gun, (which he would have eventually, legally or not) he could have just built a bomb and detonated it in the theater. Gun control isn’t the issue here.

  • Cigar Mann

    I dont have an answer like most of the intelligent people responding on this post. But it is sad that it takes something like this to spark some dialog.

  • Art Bischoff

    I own 3 handguns and a rifle. As far as I know, none of them have killed,or even injured anybody.I have a state issued Concealed Carry permit that involved class time and range time as well as an extenssive background check to get.But,according to the Laws of my State, there are places I am not allowed to carry a concealed weapon and being a law abiding citizen,I have a choice of either not carrying or not going into posted locations.
    I can live with the current restrictions but feel that if I really wanted to kill someone there is not a single article in all the gun control legislation that would prevent it. The only ones that abide by these laws are the law abiding citizens and not the criminal element or crazies.

  • Heime

    Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people. With fertilizer.
    The 9-11 hijackers only needed box cutters.
    One of Hitler’s first acts as Chancellor was ban private ownership of firearms. Ask the Jews how well that worked.

    As the great Archie Bunker replied to his daughter when she complained about people killed with guns,
    “Would you be happier if they was pushed out windows?!”

    • B

      No. He said, “Would it make you feel any betta Little Goyel if they was pushed outta windas?!”. Classic moment. And damn true!

  • Roland Heights

    Ice-T’s comments are emblematic of the way more and more liberals are thinking. In a recent Gallup Poll 75% of Americans have a “favorable” view of the “gun lobby” or the NRA. The poll indicated about 87% of supporters were conservatives of course, but roughly 67% of liberals like the NRA too.

    Jason Alexander is a dope. A military weapon was NOT used in this shooting. Moreover, if he were to look at ALL the facts as opposed to only a few, he’d see that guns are used for self-defense far more frequently than they are used for crime.

  • scooter

    why take the guns? why not take the movies away? just about every movie you see today has some kind of gun violence ans you have some idiots that believe you can really do the crap they do and get away with it. so lets take the movies out of the theaters.

  • gordon tyree


  • Duane

    make it legal for known good people to carry and you wont have these nut jobs doing what they do.

  • mary ann

    The average person doesn’t realize there are more murders in africa than anywhere in the world and the weapon of choice is a machetti. And it seems like Mexico is following suit.

  • http://yahoo Herb

    Guns did not kill anyone. Homes did. Gun control in the United States will never happen. If Congress wants to try to protect them self so is it. Like Egypt, Iran, Lebanon and Syria. The end will be the same here

  • tmobb

    Just a thought, how many women did Gary Ridgeway shoot, how many women did Ted Bundy shoot, how about Mr. Dahmer, you can look it up I believe very few of their victims had guns used on them.

  • Josh

    Ice T is right. If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. This generation has a “point the finger attitude.” No one takes responsibility for their actions anymore. The argument is if this nut job didn’t have access to assualy weapons, he would have never committed the attack. They blame the guns for the incident! Please understand that a gun is a TOOL, just like a machete, a hammer, or even a knife. A gun does not have a mind of its own, a gun cannot randomly choose people to shoot at. The fact of the matter is people kill people. Guns are merely the tool being used. A knife, a hammer, a screwdriver, a machete, these all work just as well. Don’t blame guns. I have grown up around guns, and I have always owned them, and I have never killed anyone. The government will do anything they can to disarm you, because it makes it easier to control you. The American citizen is the most powerful soldier in the world, Hitler and Yamashita General Hideki Tojo both knew an invasion on American homeland would be impossible, because there would be “a gun behind every blade of grass.”

  • ronnie richardson

    Ok so take guns away how many people would get raped or killed at there houses so let take the body guards away from the rich the police after work have to leave there guns at work when they go home and so does the millitary there would be so many people getting killed it would be un real yea the rich have there body guards so sure there safe what about the average person some words may be mispelled but You get the idea

  • mary ann

    The average American does not realize there are more murders in Africa and the weapon of choice is a machetti and mexico is following suit.

  • skunde

    I own several so-called “assault rifles” (which politicians and the media calling them that is BS since mine are only semi-auto and selective fire)and they haven’t killed anyone and unless someone tries to hurt me they never will. I grew up with a mom and stepdad in law enforcement and I was taught to respect firearms. I guarantee every one of these mass murderers never grew up around guns. Even if there was a law banning these guns, they were going to find a way to get one through illegal means. The guy was a nutcase, not the gun

    • skunde

      *not selective fire. forgot to put that in

  • http://yahoo Gil

    Gun control only means one thing,”who has control of the guns!” Pass gun control,& the only ones who will have guns (besides criminals who don’t give a —- about the laws), & the politicians & rich people who will be either surrounded by gun toting bodyguards,or pay big money to have a gun license. Us common folk will have to go back to hiding behind locked doors, & feeping a Louisville slugger handy!

  • jay

    I have a great idea lets take all the guns from everyone! The only problem with that is the criminals would not turn theirs in! Just like the no conceal carry signs on most stores makes a lot of sense someone going into rob that store is going to see that sign and turn around because it would be illegal for him to enter with a gun!!

    • phil

      Hey stupid, no one said everyone turn theirs in. How about having some intelligent laws though, like not getting 4 guns that can blow away 100 ppl per clip, and limiting the sale of 1 gun per person ? And not being able to get 6000 rounds of ammo, but 10 for a gun clip ?

  • Reginald Valentine

    Prohibtions only serve to increase the profits of those willing to supply a banned product or substance. It did not work for alcohol, it is not working for marijuana. Why should anyone think prohition can work for firearms?

  • Michael

    I saw this in an email once. I believe what it says:

    “The Gun Is Civilization”

    By Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret)

    Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want
    me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force.
    Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.

    In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion.
    Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction, and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as paradoxical as it may sound to some.

    When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to
    persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force.

    The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a
    220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gang banger, and a single guy on equal footing with a carload of drunk guys with baseball bats. The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between a potential attacker and a defender.

    There are plenty of people who consider the gun as the source of bad force equations.
    These are the people who think that we’d be more civilized if all guns were removed from society, because a firearm makes it easier for a [armed] mugger to do his job. That, of course, is only true if the
    mugger’s potential victims are mostly disarmed either by choice or by legislative fiat – it has no validity when most of a mugger’s potential marks are armed.

    People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the young, the strong,
    and the many, and that’s the exact opposite of a civilized society. A mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful living in a society where the state has granted him a force monopoly.

    Then there’s the argument that the gun makes confrontations lethal that otherwise
    would only result in injury. This argument is fallacious in several ways. Without guns involved, confrontations are won by the physically superior party inflicting overwhelming injury on the loser.

    People who think that fists, bats, sticks, or stones don’t constitute lethal force watch
    too much TV, where people take beatings and come out of it with a bloody lip at worst.

    The fact that the gun makes lethal force easier works solely in favor of the weaker defender, not the stronger attacker. If both are armed, the field is level.

    The gun is the only weapon that’s as lethal in the hands of an octogenarian as it is in
    the hands of a weight lifter. It simply wouldn’t work as well as a force equalizer if it wasn’t both lethal and easily employable.

    When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I’m looking
    to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I cannot be forced, only persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who
    would do so by force. It removes force from the equation… And that’s why carrying a gun is a civilized act.

    By Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret.)

    • The Mexican

      I told myself I wasnt gonna CRY when I read this! RIGHTEOUS!!! And in God we Trust…for everything else is my Gun.

  • fr

    Is this not the guy who wrote COP KILLA?

    How does he propose said cops get killed? With a sling shot?

    Double standards much?

  • http://yahoo Gil

    Gun Control only means one thing: “who has control of the guns!” That is why our forefathers drafted the 2nd admendment. If Gun Control were to be passed, the only who would have guns (besides the criminal who doesn’t give a —- about our laws anyway),would be the politicians & the rich who can suround themselves with guntoting body guards. Us common who can’t depend on the law to protect us when we’re being assaulted, will just have to hide behind locked doors, & kepp a “Louisville Slugger” handy!

    • JESS

      You got that exactly right.

      • K M

        ….Those who trade their swords for plow shares will work for those who do not…

    • phil

      ya moron, the forefathers knew that we’d have these kinds of weapons when they created the constitution hundreds of yrs ago. Americans have a love affair with guns and killing.

  • Kenny Sands

    Black people with guns? Great idea, obviously . . . .

    • 123

      you’re so ignorant. most of these mass killings are done by white people

    • The Mexican

      How many serial killers do you know and/or mass killers do you know that are NOT white?

      • Justathough

        Yes, if all you count are “mass murderers”. However, there are 80 people a month being killed in Chicago right now, there are gangbangers shooting people everyday wherever gangbangers live — I suspect if you were to total up the folks killed, you would realize that misuse of guns is not just a “white” problem.

  • george

    Ice-T is now part of the establishment. When he was a Gangsta Rapper he was anti-establishment. Now that he is old and fat and accepted by White America, he is part of the moral majority. He doesn’t want to upset his rich white/jewish backers of his TV Series. What a sell out.

    • Trevor Gowe

      You’re an idiot George. I’m pretty sure young black gangsters are more in favor of what Ice-T said than rich white/Jewish television executives.

  • http://n/a Larry D. Tucker

    Guns kill ,People don’t. They have to think First. With a gun, there isn’t no thought.

    • http://Yahoo Brian Crider

      still the person pulling the trigger.the gun didnt go down the road looking for someone.

      • debbie carter

        Hi, I’m a Glock! I’m just sitting here on this table all by myself. Oh look, here comes a lady with a fat purse. I think I’ll shoot her and take it! Arrgh! I just can’t do it on my own! Oh wait here comes someone. Maybe they’ll pick me up and point me in the right direction. Oh no their leaving! Hey wait here comes someone that looks like a nut! Maybe he’ll help. Yes! He sees the lady with the fat purse too. Here he comes. He’s picking me up. I’d never be able to do this on my own! Thanks for the Hand dude!

    • Rod

      Your double negative is correct.

    • The Mexican

      Ur an idiot, no wonder your black.

    • pittjam

      sorry, no offense but that is the stupidest comment in the history of comments “guns kill, people don’t” WOW, really?????? so thorought ALL of human history even before the gun came along people never killed people. so the story of Cain and Abel, what was that(just an example)??? people have always killed eachother genius. the gun doesn’t decide if the law abiding citizen who wants protection, the hunter, or the stupid ass idiot who wants to do something stupid picks it up to use it. thing before you post.

  • http://Yahoo Brian Crider

    A gun is a tool, no different than any other tool it only becomes deadly in the hands of the opperator. how many people will tht gun kill sitting on the table? I can kill you as fast with a claw hammer. shall we outlaw them? We have the right to keep and bear arms. it dos’nt say only including this brand or style.If we we’re all armed an attacker may think twice before trying to kill someone. there are more responsible people out there than criminals.Lets blame it on the justice system instead of the tool. harsher penalties and stand by it. This killing spree was senseless. he was caught with a smoking gun, why is there a trial that will go one for years. same deal with Arizona, the Major on the the military base, I can go on. This Nation was founded with the gun and survived by the gun, without it few of us would be here today.

    • Trevor Gowe

      “I can kill you as fast with a claw hammer.”

      No champ… you can’t.

      You also can’t walk into a movie theater and kill 12 people and injure 70 in 2 minutes with a claw hammer. You can however do that with an AR-15.

      An atom bomb is a tool too… should we legalize the sale of atom bomb’s to the public?

      • http://Yahoo Brian Crider

        it is still a tool. it is amore efficient and faster than a hammer. I can not take out 12 people in a matter of seconds but it is is still deadly. dont pick the comparrison apart you will miss the ending. do you prefer a battery opperatted nail gun? that is faster. Champ

        • phil

          great point Brian, why can’t i own a grenade or a rocket in my home ? All of a sudden the NRA trash hicks want to put limits to my right to bear arms ? Then why not do it for firearms as well ?

          • The Mexican

            WOw Dr. Phil, you really are ignorant arent you?? The National Rifle Association aka The NRA exists to FIGHT so new gun laws DO NOT exist. Try doing some research dumb shit before you trash a group “Protecting” our Constitution.

  • http://Google Lloyd Olson

    Something as simple as a loud bell ringing when a door opens, that shouldn’t be open. That’s really tough isn’t it ? Trained security people cost money, but, one man with a 12 gage shotgun would have ended this in 5 seconds. Do you have bells ringing that call police ? or hire security ? we have had cooks for ever and always will. In all of history, power is who has the guns and money. In the US, the public try’s to hold on to what power they have whlie some want to take it away. Do we become smarter than cooks, or give up who we are ??

    • phil

      right, and 1 good citizen who was able to stock pile guns and ammo went crazy and killed 12 ppl and injured 71. he is exactly like you, moron

      • ECHO

        @ PHIL Your An idiot!!! Drunk Driving Kills More people than any gun evrer will I dont see you Bashing on Budweiser door saying your Product destroys lifes/Familys. or how about ABORTIONS no telling how many babys loose there lifes are you down their throats. So be greatfull that your Forefathers fought and died so you can call AMERICA your home once the 2nd Amen dies its all down hill from there.
        some crook can kill you with a Paper clip if he/she really wanted to.

  • 9john doe


  • Roger

    Preach on, Ice-T. Common sense comes from all types of people. Ice-t and Charlton Heston….awesome. Don’t let the tyrants con you into thinking they would(even if they could) protect you. Gun control people want us all to be defenseless slaves for them to do to us as they will. Spit the bit and be free men.

  • Carol

    We need to uphold “the right to bear arms.”

    Anyone can buy any gun(s) they want anywhere in this country at any time. . It’s horrendous what happened and I’m so sorry and praying for these victims and their families. But don’t confuse the right to bear arms with the lawlessness of illegal guns for sale all over the country.

    All I need to buy any type of weapon is MONEY.

    • phil

      yup uphold it, so that a good citizen like this guy in denver can get a stockpile of ammo and guns, and blow away so many innocent lives right ? Idiot

  • gl

    yea, here is the thing though…our country hasn’t been invaded because we have oceans to our east and west, a deadly desert through most of the south and then you know…canada. so if you have ever taken a advanced history class you would know that is basically why we have not been invaded. also…do you think we would be invade like it was 1876? no, there would be bombs a plenty and your gun aint gonna do much good. if everyone in the dark, loud, theatre had guns, even if they were trained to use them, there would have been more casualties in that theatre..that dark loud theatre. so until you have been a victim of a mass killing, you know with the element of surprise… shut up about what would have happened if only..in that theatre. just shut up. he used weapons designed for mass killing. understand that..the gun he used, that you all think should be legal…was designed to kill the most number of people in the shortest amount of time. all the guns, all the ammo…legally bought. so please just shut up.

    • http://Yahoo Brian Crider

      If we havent been invaded, what was Honalulu?shut up. no one said what happened wasnt wrong.you will not stop guns being in the wrong hands.

      • spradley

        Gl…………His assault rifle jammed and was not used in most of the shootings. You’re truly ignorant. Had anyone been carrying, they could have taken this A-hole out.

        • phil

          sure, and had this a-hole not been able to legally carry, no one would’ve needed to take him out either…stupid

          • Dustin

            This guy couldn’t legally walk into a theater and start killing people but, he did it anyway. I hardly think he would have said, “wait, I’m not supposed to have guns. I better not do this.”

          • Rob

            Not true. You assume this only happened b/c he had the guns legally. In Chicago there are just as many deaths weekly and the gangs get the guns illegally! If someone wants to kill people they will do it no matter what. Criminals don’t obey the law!! That is why they are called criminals! Making laws against guns will not stop them, it just stops the law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. If YOU knew anything about guns you would know that someone who has been trained could have stopped him no matter if it was dark or loud. Yes, he may still have shot a few, but some could have been saved. ALSO if he didn’t have guns he could have just bombed the place, he obviously knew how.

          • chuckie d

            thats just the thing how do we know that he was legal to have that weapon you can get those guns on the streets all day long he may have purchased it legally but he may not have either

    • Adam

      You, shut up.

      Arguments that involve telling people they have no idea and telling them to shut up, dont usually involve a lot of logic. When intellegent people, with points and ideas, are talking I suggest you bite your lip.

      The points you did try to bring up, are so ignorant, that I am not even going to try to argue against them. You know what they say about arguing with an idiot.

    • http://yahoo.com spyker555

      Its as much to keep our government in check as it is to defend against foreign threats

      • The Mexican

        Nuff Said. Right on!

    • Baxter

      how about protection from our own gov’t??

    • frankie

      The Japanese did not invade the mainland because “every blade of grass would have a gun behind it”.
      The second ammendment has nothing to do with hunting or sportsmanship, it’s purpose is to give the people power to overthrow the government if needed; and yes, we will need guns built for killing.

      • Rob

        That is exactly right!

    • Richard Berger

      This is not about being invaded. Most everyone with a rudimentary education knows that. It would be our FREEDOM from a Government take over and protection of our famalies because police cannot be everywhere at all times The framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, allowed people the 2nd Amendment to protect their home and property, and allowed people to be safe from a government. If a person with a carry permit had been in the theater, what makes you think their would have been more deaths? Do you honestly believe they would have been shooting indiscriminately like the psycho did? You sound like a true city person. If only we could ban guns all murders etc would go away. YOU ARE An IDIOT SO YOU SHUT UP AND LEAVE MY 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS ALONE. Call a cop the next time someone enters your home and time them for response. I hope you are able too. People who drive cars recklessly or drunk are not even looked at the same way if they kill someone, I don’t hear you calling for getting rid of cars. SO YOU JUST SHUT UP. I have served my country and have handled guns for many years with no incidents. Everyone who owns guns is not a phsyco, some love the quality of manufacturing, the engraving, hunting, etc. Everything that man makes at some time or other causes death. Keep the right to bear arms and get rid of the psycho. If he is convicted, put him to sleep so he can never do it again. Make laws that make death part of the punishment for using a gun. Not sendng a person to prison on our dime forever.

      • Karen Malin

        Richard Berger made all the points, and poor you if you are offended by “Shut Up”. Maybe he knows things you don’t and you make ignorant statements and blame him.

    • Derek

      Your Ass is sucking wind. A fetid wind. Guns are tools with many
      different uses and many different levels of dangerousness, just
      like any other tool or device.

      I give you as examples : Hammer, screwdriver, knife, car, truck,
      boat, bicycle, scooter, rope, cable, electricity, water, air,
      wrench, axe, hatchet, crowbar, rock, airplane, garden hose, wire,
      fire, cold, darkness, brightness, needles, pins, nails, glass,
      razor, computer, shoe, boot, fist, foot, chair, baseball bat,
      and on, and on, and on.

    • craig

      Number one issue with you is the “shutup” thing. Did your mother not teach you any manners. If you spoke to me like that in public, I would beat the crap out of you (no guns needed). Number two issue, you start your sentence with “yea” which tells me that you have no formal education whatsoever, and no one should give a shit about you opinion. Go to school and then let us know what you thimk little boy!

    • Karen Malin

      Very well said.

    • craig


      You a such an idiot that I must continue. Do we really have desert through most of the South? Are you completely unaware of the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas? Why do you post when you are so ignorant?

  • chuck

    If one person with a legal permit to carry was in that theater many lives could have been saved! Not every person into firearms is a killer…
    The right to keep and bear arms

    • phil

      and if 1 gun owning moron wasn’t in that same theater, 12 lives would’ve been saved

      • chuck

        one gun owning moron is no different then one keyboard tapping moron! they should be stopped

    • Karen Malin

      That is bull, the guy was covered in Body Armor. It would have just meant more confusion for the first responders. Who was killing people, oh, lets figure this out while people are dying. Guns do not belong in a movie theater, a bar, a restaurant, your nite stand, or glove box would suffice.

      • Texas

        Karen, your just another uneducated left wing fool! just because he body armor on doesn’t mean he’s unstoppable. A shot to his helmet would have knock him down or knocked him out. A shock to the neck or face would have killed him. A shot to the groin or legs would have put him down. 12 people died because they did not have the chance to defend themselves! Let me ask you this, would you rather die or have a person that is concealing give you a chance to live? I think we all know what your answer would be!

      • ConradCA

        Body armor doesn’t make the wearer bullet proof. A round that is stopped by the armor applies a lot of force to the wearer. Futhermore, there are plenty of places that are not covered by body armor.

  • Wombat!

    If PROHIBITION worked America would not have a drug problem.

    • pittjam

      really??? that was a usless comment. alcholics are because of alchol. drug addict are tweakers cause of drugs. how do you even begin to cross those two together????

      • http://yahoo.com spyker555

        america has an obesity problem, should we make food illegal also. Oh wait Dems are already on that.

      • tred

        Uh Pittjam Alcohol is a drug how do you being to not cross the two. Drug: A substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body, in particular.

  • Sargonarhes

    I’ve never been a fan of Ice-T, his music just isn’t my type. But he is absolutely correct, more gun control is not going to stop a lunatic looking to kill people. Disarming innocent people does not help protect innocent people, as no criminal is going to turn in their weapons just because the law says to.

    • Karen Malin

      No one is saying take our guns away, at least I’m not, and equating the making, selling or using an assault weapon a crime, is the issue. If you can’t take a threat to you out in 6 shots, you shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.

  • Jerry

    Get real the shooter had 17,000 rounds he ordered off the Internet and Americans are telling us gun control doesn’t work. If you do it half ass it won’t work.

    • http://yahoo john

      people kill people
      not guns kill people;
      when guns are outlawd only outlaws will have guns

  • MJ Trees

    ICE T IS THE MAN!! Speaking Truth!!!! Amen, at least one star in Hollywood understands….Keep guns and the wolfs never come.

    • Karen Malin

      You’ve got your guns, and the damned wolves are still here. We the people, do not need to make, sell, or use assault weapons.
      I have my own handgun, and If I can’t take care of myself with 6 rounds, I should’nt have it either.

  • Charles

    reducing gun control may not reduce deaths but it certainly will reduce how fast one dies. You say if people wanted to kill people they don’t need guns. but guns just do it easier and faster. Its a double edge sword. its a tool made to kill.

    • http://yahoo.com spyker555

      Not true, if no guns he obviously could have built a suicide vest.

      • East

        Firearms are not tools just for killing. Does anyone know that we have an Olympic Shooting Team. They shoot firearms that are designed for extreme accuracy for target shooting. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If you can prove that a firearm can kill a person with no human interaction at all, I will support gun control, but till that day comes, which it never will, I will defend my right to keep and bear arms. I shoot competitively and some of my firearms for competition are built from military weapons.

    • Paul

      Charles, you’re a tool and not a very sharp one. Timothy McVeigh killed over 150 people and what pray tell kind of gun did he use? I’ll tell you. He didn’t use a gun. He used a bomb. Easy and faster indeed. But the components of that bomb killed no one. It was McVeigh’s actions that killed people.

      Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. The manner and device(s) used is as irrelevant as your perception of how the criminal mind works. That individual could have accomplished as much with a chainsaw. By your logic those should be inacessable as well? What about cars? Are you saying they kill people too? Should cameras be illegal because some sick individuals use them to take perverted pictures of children?

      You make no sense whatsoever, bro.

  • Derek

    Even if you were able to prevent criminals (notice the “IF”) from
    getting and using guns in a terrorist fashion; The criminal bent on
    destruction would find some other tool to achieve their goal.

    All you will have done is make it much more difficult for law abiding
    citizens to defend themselves against cruel adversity, be it a person,
    or a government.

  • Jerry

    If this was Singapore gun control would work but not in violent and mentally ill America. 100,000 shootings must be a real success annually for the gun toters. I always said that terrorism was more likely domestically then someone coming over from the Middle East. Forget concealed weapons as well because it is not freedom to go to a movie theatre with a gun and not the people responsiiblity and if you can’t go to a movie theatre and there is a shooting something is wrong with your gun freedom. Nobody would have stopped that guy it was too dark and he had a shotgun. So the American gun system is a failulre.

  • sensible

    the 2nd amendment was not designed or written so every dumbass can own a dozen assault rifles. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”
    so was that asshole a trained member of a militia dedicated to keeping our country safe? are any of you? I pay taxes to supply protection by the armed services, police, fire dept, etc… I have a couple guns of my own, both bolt actions rifles. I could NOT have gone into that theater and accomplished what he did… never

    • Karen Malin

      You said it well.
      Thank you.

    • Dallas

      I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials. – George Mason

      sensible…go away

    • Marathan man

      Gun control only keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Look at the cities with the strictest gun control laws such as New York, Detroit, and Washinton D.C…..now tell me if gun control works. If people are so in favor of gun control, tell them to just put “gun free zone” signs around their house…see how that works out for them.

    • Texas

      @ sensible, Since when did you become a 2nd amendment scholar? why don’t you tell us in your own words why the 2nd amendment was designed and written! you say “I pay taxes to supply protection by the armed services, police, fire dept, etc… ” and so did the victims of the Colorado massacre and they still fell victim to a pysco. You should be ashamed for your comment! That psyco took advantage of a theater that knew not one single person would be armed and he also knew the response time for the police would be 3+ minutes to arrive, he only needed 2 minutes! If the theater would of permitted concealed carry, they would have had that nut pinned down until the police arrived. And you call yourself Sensible? please!

    • ConradCA

      The right of the people to keep and bear arms is not dependent on the need or existance of a militia. Anyway, if someone owns and shoots a weapon regularly they are ready to fight in the militia if needed.

      • sensible

        The 2nd amendment was added to the bill of rights so America would not face the same tyranny (Britain) that it had just overthrown. The colonial militia was an important part of the victory in the revolutionary war. Now having said that, the 2nd amendment was written at a time when it was customary for a man to own a single gun, not a dozen semi-automatic weapons with 100 round magazines. and you ass clowns that think a theater full of gun wielding hilljacks would have stopped that slaughter ought to go ask your parents if they were related BEFORE they were married.

        • Texas

          @ Sensible,
          I’ll ask you the same question that I asked another idiot like you, would you rather die or have a person that is concealing give you a chance to live? How about you entertain us all and tell us what your train of thought is all the time, why do you people feel that we don’t have the right to legally protect ourselves?

          • Texas

            @ Sensible,
            I forgot to ask you this question so here you go…
            Why do you think that the Police Swat teams carry semi-automatic “assault” rifles? could it be that they would use them against mobs of thugs, gangsters or anybody else that would harm the general public? The citizens of the United States have the same right to protect their lives against these same groups of people. Anybody who is against protecting life by means of force is truly a non American communist fool!

  • T

    Jason Alexander is obviously even less intelligent than the only known character he played on television, “kostanza”, or as his coach said “cantstandya”.

  • Baxter

    It’s George Bush’s Fault….Obama will save us all! All hail King Obama!!

  • Justin

    These little thugs in america’s streets arent even allowed to legally carry guns but are killing each other daily. Imagine if they WERE legally allowed to carry guns! AND any terrified enough person who just so happens to be walking through a bad neighborhood who panics when some kid asks him a question about how to get somewhere. That child is dead. Another Trayvon Martin. Give everyone the right to own guns and everybody turns into a tough guy and then pride and machismo get in the way and you have a lot of dead bodies in the future. Not to mention the occasional death by a stray bullet! How is this so hard to freaking comprehend??? What is WRONG with people???

    • Bak0n

      “Imagine if they WERE legally allowed to carry guns!”

      Then they’d be screwed because the mass populous would also be carrying. And those who know how to shoot wouldn’t be shooting sideways.

      • debbie carter

        You don’t give everyone the right to own a gun. They are supposed to check you out before they sell you a gun and give you a license, in most states. Maybe they need to check a little better. If you go about getting a gun the proper way, it can be traced back to you if it is involved in a crime. That’s part of the point of guns being registered. It’s the illegal guns you need to worry about. So how do you keep criminals from having guns? I know! If all of the honest, sane people hand their guns over I’m sure the nut jobs and thugs would do the same!

    • max yasgur

      Justin ….you are a mouthbreathing moron,prohibition does not work regardless of whether its guns,drugs,whiskey,prostitution,nuclear weapons or anything else your simple mind can dream up.People with brains a lot larger than yours have tried to legislate morality & conduct with little success in the past & that will not change in the future.The only thing that could have changed the outcome of the dustup in Colorado would have been a legal CCW citizen with a weapon to fight back against this wacko ! Felons & crazies are already prohibited from obtaining weapons through legal channels but it doesnt stop them from buying them & using them illegally.You are an overly simplistic idiot who couldn’t find his own butt with a GPS & a flashlight ! Get an effing clue! WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED ONLY THE OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS ! IS that really what you want ?

      • traildust

        max, it’s great to see that someone in this country doesn’t have there head in their butt about guns or gun control. we need more people like you in this country that has the brains that god gave them and can use it without someone having to tell you what to say. now you are what i call a real american.

    • bozobuster

      Justin & Alexander are both idiots.
      Thats like instigating a Ban on ALL theaters, and not just the ones that show scary movies either, because you can now watch them in the comfort and safety of your own residences.
      This will eliminate this of ever happening again………..OH wait, it might but somewhere else under some other circumstances by someone who [the constant]unstable and not dealing or living in reality.
      Jeez……..what a couple of dopes.
      DUI makes it illegal to drive and be under the influence……YET IT CONTINUES TO OCCUR.

    • Texas

      Those little thugs you mentioned will never be allowed to legally carry because of their criminal records. Your trying to tie in the Trayvon Martin case before theres even a verdict which goes to show just how extreme you people on the left are. Before you start judging people learn the facts, know your history and remember how this country became free. I’ve been a licensed card carrying member for years, I don’t feel macho, a tough guy much less shot anyone because I carry. So if you can’t prove why legal citizens shouldn’t carry then you and the rest like you shouldn’t say a word!

  • Otto

    A firearm homicide occurs every 48 hours on average and a drug abuse death every 20 hours. Suicide deaths every 18 hours and vehicle accidents take a life every 12 hours. Alcohol every 5 deaths are hours and Doctor’s mistakes kill someone every 2 and ¾ hours. Tobacco related deaths are 1 every hour. The availability of a firearm SAVES a life every 53 minutes.
    wouldn’t the confiscation of cars save more lives?

  • g money

    IceT hits the nail on the head. Gun control isn’t the answer. A gun didn’t load itself. A gun didn’t pull the trigger. Just like a car in dui that killed people. Are you going to blame GM, VW or MB? It is the person who has a few screws loose in head. Give firearms to honest civilians and gun crime, or crimes where people use guns goes down.

    When someone has bullets firing back at you, trust me, you’ll think twice about standing up and shooting. These guys will cry like little babies when people stand up against them.

    • Kris

      Ah but the gun allowed one man to murder 12 and injure 50. Its common sense a gun cant kill without a person but this man proved that even going through the system doesn’t help who get the gun. What causes more damage, an automatic 5.56 mm AR-15 assault rifle with a 30 round magazine or a semi automatic 9mm Springfield X-D with a 15 round magazine. Its about toning down the amount of death one person can deal easily.

  • kennard Crawford

    Hey guns don’t kill people bullets kill people.Why don’t we make it harder to get bullets?If you had to pay 1000 dollars per bullet that would help.That way the people can own all the guns they want.But good luck firing them with no bullets:)

    • http://none Abdul

      It’s actually not that hard to make bullets. But your suggestion was inteligent.

      • David

        Intelligent suggestion??? who will have all that over-priced ammo then…Just the criminals that stole it…PULL YOUR HEADS OUT!!!

    • David

      That has to be one the the dumbest statements I have ever heard…That’s like blaming a pencil for mispelled words.

  • Scott

    Guns do NOT kill people. Guns are inanimate objects, and they can’t act on their own. All of this talk about banning guns is ridiculous, and childish. Just because a small group of people doesn’t like something, they want to take it away from others who do. Banning guns will not stop people from killing others. The guy could have walked in with a baseball bat and started beating people to death. Would that have caused people to want bats banned? I think not.

  • Kris

    Ok yes I support the ownership of small arms but not including an AR-15 or any other military rifle. Really does anyone buy that thinking “This is for tyranny, not just for fun.” Of course not! Now realistically had a civil war broke out what do we do when the military uses heavy armor such as MRAPS and Tanks or Helicopters or planes that can literally fire and see thermal signatures from miles away, gonna shoot at it with a rifle? Concerning people killing other people, yes they will always find a way but at least thats not walking down the street to a store that legally sells weapons that allow one man to kill and injure 80 people. Had he gone in only with a pistol he wouldn’t have the amount of damage that a 7.62 or 5.56 weapon. Toning it down is what Im saying, not total removal.

    PS if this makes you angry look at this site and tell me there’s no problem


  • GE

    Everybody talks about needing a gun to defend themselves and I understand that. HOWEVER, realistically when’s the last time someone used a gun to do that compared to the hundreds of killings everyday from misused guns?

    • Texas

      It happens more then you think, the problem is news channels do not report the good things that happen with firearms. If it’s not a tradegy then they will not report it. But if a house was broken into and a lady who was not prepared to defend herself was raped and her daughter was raped then both of their throats were slit, then that would make the news. Now do you see how far left the majority of these news stations are?

      • debbie carter

        It’s the one important time that you need a gun that can mean life or death for you or a loved one. It’s not about all the time in between. It could be that one time someone breaks in to your home and does terrible things to you or your family when you wish you had a gun but you don’t, so you have to live with that for the rest of your life. I’d rather have one and never need it than to need one and not have it.

    • ConradCA

      happened a week ago in Florida.

  • Nobodies Fool

    What we need to do is give free movie tickets to gang members.

    They would have shot him quick with there illegal guns and people would have called them hero’s!

    Problem solved! No gun debate needed!

    See illegal guns have a purpose too!!

  • Judi

    Frankly the second amendment is a right that I do not want to give up. I like a lot of responsible gun owners do not have assault rifles. These are for a war where you want to grave number of killing on a battle field. If you live in America and you live in any major city you will find illegal guns in the hands of a gang and those who plan committing a crime. Frankly before a gun is sold you need to run a in dept background check. If there is any history of violence or psychiatric problems in the back ground then they to think twice before selling them a gun. Still those people may get one. It is about that owning guns are my right and so the Militia can’t force me to give up any my rights as a American. I have taken gun lessons, have respect for all life and if I ever need to use it it will be only for kill so I won’t be killed.
    Unfortunately guns if take away from our second amendment right will leave guns of the hands of those who have no regard for life and the law. Because if I want a gun I do know where to get one with some money and the right contacts. Guns are the issues it really the people who own them. ..

    • Bryce

      The US military in the hands of a tyrranical commander in chief is far more dangerous than a watered down version of an M -16 (AR-15) in the hands of the citizenry.The intent of the individuals who argued about the Republic in the Federalist Papers and later at the Constitutional Convention was clear:the citizenry should be armed in a manner identical to the infantryman of the standing army of the time.

  • Paula Burnett

    I believe that the right to bear arms is a founding tenant of our nation. its because of this right in part that we are the country that we are. if we outlaw guns not only will we be in direct conflict to the constitution, but those that want guns will still get then and cause all the mayhem they please. In states with more guns in the hands of private citizens, home invasions are down. Criminals dont want to invade a home if they are afraid the occupant will have weapons…there has to be another answer to this dellima.

  • Anon

    Guns should stay in the military and not brought home afterwards to themselves and friends. Gun control actually would help. Ice-T is an idiot.

    • Don


      While were at it why not do away with the 1st amendment so idiots like yourself can’t post thier opinions.

    • Stephen King

      Do you live in a big city with lots of police around to protect you. Some of us in the this country don’t have that circle of police to protect them. Ice-T is correct. The reason for not removing weapons for the hands of the public is so we are not defenseless against either the criminals or the government. Think about Syria where citizens don’t have weapons and watch as the government murders them. Now if you want to talk about restricting access to military type weaponry that would be another case.

    • Michael

      ANON, you are the idiot.

      I have been in the military for 8 yrs and never once have brought home a weapon. I for one do not support gun control. All gun control laws will do is keep the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN from lawfully owning a firearm. Criminals do not follow the law to begin with. Gun control has been used by the British. They consequently have a higher crime rate then we do here in America. Another, case in point… The Nazi’s had gun control laws and we see how well the Jews were able to protect themselves from the forthcoming genocide.

      ANON, think about. There are speed limits on the roads and police to stop the speeders. That prevents the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN from speeding, but does nothing to prevent those who are not afraid of getting caught.

  • Nancy

    Okay, let’s look at this LOGICALLY !!! The people in the movie theater were UNARMED !!! The LOONEY was ARMED !!!

    If one of those patrons were packing, they could have taken this moron out ! Maybe even saved a few of those lives that were lost…who knows !

    The problem is, we have no way of making sure guns don’t fall into the hands of criminals and nut jobs. Innocent people without access to guns, makes us bigger targets.

    • Wayne

      I disagree with this, even being a gun owner, rarely do victims who come under attack like this have a solid chance to respond. I recently talked with a friend of mine who has spent the better of the last 6 years in the military in Iraq and Stan, and he admitted, the way this guy attacked people, it wouldnt matter if someone was packing a gun. He attacked them in a closed in area, he set off smoke bombs in a dark room, packed with people, limited exits and was heavily armed. ALSO, did no one read, he was wearing full body armor, including throat and groin protection, just like SWAT wears. There were Navy men in that theater too, one died, he did what most would have done, he dove on top his girlfriend and covered her. SHe is alive today, because of what he did. Its easy to sit back and armchair a situation just like the NRA moron after VTECH. Most of those kids died hiding in corners shot in the back. I shoot. I grew up with guns, hunting, and still go out to the range. I have fired on people, who tried to break into my home when I was a teen. I will say this, its not easy to get a shot off when someone has the drop on you, let alone being fully protected, we saw that in the California bank robbery years back. 2 guys killed and injured numbers, that took almost every cop in the area to finally bring down TWO men. So I agree, gun control needs to be better when dealing with military style weapons, but this idea that “maybe if someone had a gun this type of thing doesnt happen” thats BS and people need to stop watching so many westerns and hollywood action movies.

      • http://yahoo Patrick

        Wayne your an idiot. If anyone in the theatre had a gun this wouldnt have been so bad. I feel everyone needs to pack.

        • Wayne

          Really? SO you could have put this guy down, with a pistol, when he was fully clothed in body armour , firing off round after round in the dark after he threw in what smoke and tear gas bombs? Man, your a freakin Chuck Norris , Rambo style tough guy,I cant hold a candle to that. Sorry, but I will go with my gut and say if I was in there, I would have been in the same place as those 4 guys that died covering their girlfriends. WHether I was packing or not. And I will LEAN heavier towards my buddies take on this as well, he has the military and warzone experience not me, and wouldnt mattered if someone emptied their clip in the chest of this guy, its not easy to hit a target big or small in the panic and disorientation. But hey, maybe I’m wrong, maybe my buddy is wrong, maybe all those armed, trained, dead law enforcement officers who have died from this type of thing are wrong. You guys are right, if everyone was carrying a gun, they could have all stood up in the dark, pulled it out, popped off safety, looked around, in the smokey dark, with rounds flying by them, dropping people next to each other and just zeroed in and dropped this guy with a perfect shot in the eye, just like in the movies. Sorry for the confusion, my mistake. I’m going to get my gun now, and strap it to my hip, just in case some crack pot decides to break into my kitchen as I make dinner and ambush me with tear gas and assult weapons.

          • debbie carter

            He could have been shot in his head. A gas mask is not bullet proof. He could have been shot in his legs and arms too. From what I heard on the news he was earing a bullet proof vest.

        • Raymond

          Oh yes Patrick, because someone owning a gun will automatically stop another person from killing others. By your logic none of our men and women fighting overseas should die because, you know, there all armed……….Plus you know for sure that someone will be able to pinpoint the shooter (in a dark theater) and put him down, WITHOUT accidentally shooting someone else? Cops and military men TRAINED in the usage of firearms can’t even be sure of that, but an ordinary citizen with a gun can………

          • debbie carter

            carrying a gun sure evens things up a bit though. It may take you from NO chance to at least SOME chance of survival.

    • Lewduva

      Almost a valid point – however, do movie theaters or any other establishment allow firearms in their facilites? If not, then the only ones bringing guns into that environment are breaking the law and you’re back to the only ones who have guns are criminals.

    • Mom of 9

      Perhaps you missed the part where he was covered head to toe with body armor? I have a sister who is a Swat Team Sharp Shooter and she wears less body armor than he had on. You would have had to have been able to shoot him in the face, in the dark, while trying to keep your eyes from watering from the tear gas! Do you know the meaning of logic?

      • Psyko

        so…with body armor on, you can take a shot in the chest or leg or shoulder from a .45 from 10 away and remain standing and firing, totally unaffected from the transfer of energy? damn….i gotta get me some of that body armor!

        • Psyko

          **10 feet away

      • dave

        I still prefer one chance in a thousand over ZERO chance any day of the week!!

  • Wayne

    Its not gun control that we need, it’s requiring proper license to own weapons. We require insurance and license for operating all types of equipment and vehicles, permits to add on a part of our home or put up a shed in the back yard. We require citizens to prove they are responsible enough to own all these things, and pay for insurance to use them. But with guns, something that has changed the face of warfare for over a century, we can’t seem to make people responsible for this? I agree, guns dont kill people, people kill people. They always have and always will, but the fact that this moron in COlorado was able to get so much ammo and guns without raising a red flag somewhere, thats a bit scary. I own several guns for hunting, I dont even hunt anymore, but had them when I was young. I can use these for my own protection, but I am not stupid enough to think that my little gun will protect me from tyranny. If the government wanted to take my guns, I cant stop them. They can take a whole army, no single household can stand a chance. The fear of losing guns in this country is backwards, the real fear if not taking proper measures to reduce gun violence. And the bulk of gun violence against people, most often the victims never had a chance to defend themselves, with or without a gun. Damn cops get killed for christ sake. They have guns.

    • ConradCA

      He didn’t have that many guns or ammo.

      Also, there is no right to drive a car on public streets and there is a right to keep and bear arms.

  • Sydney

    While I am open to numerous ideas on this subject, I only have one question. If you take away all the registered, law abiding citizens guns, don’t all the criminals who don’t follow the law still have theirs?

  • Kenneth

    To all you people who keep repeating that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” that is exactly why we want to limit how many guns and ammo PEOPLE have. Squirrels, dogs, pigeons, etc. can have as many guns as they want, but humans have proven to be retarded nutjobs when it comes to arms and responsibilities (including the majority of gun deaths which are self-inflicted). Even our most precious 1st amendement rights have restrictions if they threaten public safety…

    • http://yahoo Patrick

      If thats the case then why don’t we ban cars, trucks, or even the beer that makes drunk drivers that also accomplish killing.

      • Wayne

        WE dont ban these things, but we do regulate and require licesnse for them. THese are also not objects that people generally use for the sole purpose of killing other things. There is a difference between someone causing a accident because of the poor choice of driving while intoxicated, and someone plotting and planning an attack on innocent civilians with weapons NOT designed for hunting, not a tool for providing food, but a tool specifically designed for killing other people. And by the way, I dont believe in banning guns, I do believe citizens should have the right to own guns, but better gun control and regulations, permits can help prevent morons like this crazy idiot from obtaining so much in so little time. Often people dont understand the difference between gun regulation and taking away guns from people. We regulate almost everything in this country, you cant even buy certain decongestants with out a prescription these days, yet one can obtain a weapon designed for war? My take is simple, guns are a tool, nothing more. They should be treated as such, and left at that. They arent toys (this was taught to me early on in life and I started shooting when I was 7). Should I be able to go get a new 12 gauge or 22 Marlin, maybe even a nice Ruger Mini 14. Sure, go right to walmart and grab one, but not a military weapon. Those belong in the military. GUns are just that, guns. Nothing more nothing less. Making them into some kind of god like object, one for obsession and fantasy is no more crazy then the people that blame guns for all gun violence. Neither sides address the real issue from a sound stand point. WHich is simple, how do you lessen or prevent morons from owning guns.

        • Steven

          read the statistics. look specifically at figure 42 which compares weapons used in the crimes. Handguns vs. other guns, then tell me ‘military’ weapons r a problem. they r not


        • Raymond

          Thank you Wayne, exactly what I keep saying. I personally don’t think guns are as much a protection from crime as people think they are, but I do understand some protection is better than nothing. However, the guns that people have access to are ridiculous and not necessary for either protection or hunting. Everything needs regulation, even guns. It does not matter that it won’t stop crimes, nothing will stop crimes, but we still regulate things to lower the prevelance of crime. Guns should be no different.

          • dave

            Do you guys understand the difference between a Ruger Mini-14 and an AR-15?? There is ZERO funtional difference! They both shoot the exact same bullets, they both use high capacity magazines, they both are SEMI-automatic! the ONLY difference is that they LOOK different!!! With a wood stock on it, the mini-14 looks a bit like something used 70 years ago. Simply remove the wood stock, install a polymor unit (takes about 30 minutes, completely legal i might add), and the average idiot (you guys included) couldn’t tell one from the other!!

            Please before spouting your opinions and embarassing yourselves, educate yourselves PLEASE!!

    • Erin

      While we are at it why dont we take away spoons as well, because people are “retarded nutjobs” who can not be responisbile when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

      Guns kill people like spoons make people fat!

  • wow

    Phil… Your an idiot!
    Gl… you sound like a liberal.. I will bet anything that you are for legalizing marijuana? Idiot!
    Phil… Your an idiot!
    For once, I agree with Ice-T.
    Oh, Phil… Your an Idiot!!!

    • Wayne

      question , what does being a liberal and being for legal marijuana have to do with anything? Your an idiot. And by the way, I used to smoke marijuana , and most of the people I knew who also smoked were not all liberal. In fact some of the biggest pot smokers I knew and still know are very strong, conservative Republicans. Im talkin the FOX NEWS, 24 hrs a day, type conservative.

  • jtrier1

    Gun control will not stop deaths completely, However the number of gun deaths will be greatly reduced if stricter gun laws are introduced. No civilian needs an Assault rifle. No civilian needs tactical body armor. No civilian needs tear gas unless they are about use these items to do something heinous and illegal.

    I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but I also believe that there should be some restrictions regarding weapons because weapons are only designed for one thing, and one thing only.

    • colder avenue

      first off, either give everyone a gun over the age of 21 no matter, felony or not, or take all the guns away, a felon didnt kill these people it was a so called great white american…So the solution should be either arm everyone or arm noone….If you commit a gum crime then you shouldnt be allowed forever….

      • Jon

        I agree that it should be everyone or no one. The thing is the government is so corrupt that they cant be the only ones to own the guns. They will have an immesurable amount of power over the people and that is what the point of owning guns is. To over throw a heavily armed government. So, because we may be ruled by tyrants EVERYONE should own a gun.

      • debbie carter

        I don’t agree that we should give felons guns. They’ve already exhibited and executed poor judgement and broke the law. Why add a gun into the picture?

    • Jon

      People hunt, people shoot for sport, people shoot skeet, people practice long distance rifle marksman ship. People use body armor for private security companies, they are goverened but some people just like owning war memoribilia. People use pepper spray which is a less potent type of CS gas. Its not like these things are only used for killing people.

      Its just so happens that you only hear the stories of people misusing them, but imagine if there were news stories about how many people used these products in a safe and legitimate way. We would see how small of a percentage of these products are used in a harmful way that it would seem ridiculous to make a comment such as regulating or abolishing these things.

    • Edward Harned

      My AR15’s are not assault rifles,they are hunting rifles.I keep one beside my bed and I dare someone to try to come in uninvited.

    • Steven

      The problem is u r wrong. look at the statistics in chicago. they introduced stricter gun laws and it is now per capita the worst city in the US. Look at Canada who just got rid of their gun control and registration policy. They said in the many years theyve had it it hasnt solved a single crime and gun related crimes only account for a 3rd of all violent deaths. Restricting guns will not cut down on crime. Looser laws on guns and open carry laws will reduce crimes. who r ppl more likely to go after, someone helpless or someone with a gun on their hip. its just like when a cop is behind u in traffic, u worry and try not to screw up

      • Raymond

        The problem with you argument is that there is no statistical proof that states with looser gun control laws are less crime ridden also. Chicago is the worst city per capita because of its socio-economic demographic. Poverty means more crime, regardless of whether their are guns involved or not. However, states with looser gun control laws and armed citizens are still as susceptible to high crime rates. So clearly arming citizens is not as much of a detterent as you think. Criminals do not care if somone is armed because usually they will be more armed.

        • dave

          There are several studies that show states with Concealed carry laws have fewer crimes. one only needs to look to England and Australia. Those countries confisctated hundreds of thousands of guns and made it nearly impossible to own a firearm; in the ensuing years, the violent crime stats have gone thru the roof. So now in england, they are outlawing even steak knives and baseball bats, yet violent crime continues to rise drastically. It’s the same here in the US. States and cities that don’t allow LAW ABIDING citizens to own firearms have a much higher instance of violent crime. The reason is simple, criminals prefer unarmed victoms!

    • ConradCA

      Assault weapons are not a serious crime problem and neither are body armor, gas masks or tear gas. Banning these will not save a significant number of people.

  • V. E. Brown

    For once, I have to agree with Ice-T; his statement actually makes sense.

  • paula

    We are willing to give crazies guns but, not medical/mental health care?

    • Jon

      we are willing to give them healthcare…. the ting is we cant always just know someone has flipped the switch and gone crazy. Some times we only catch it when they do thins like this.

      Its unfortunate but its also something NO ONE can control, and no one should try to assume that it is possible to find every crazy person and prevent every tragic incident from happening. It is sad, very very sad, but its not something the human race can control or prevent with any amount of money.

    • Jon

      So many spelling errors, i’m sorry. I think you understand what I was trying to say.

  • Jon

    Ice- T is right, the right to bare arms doesnt create murder, people murder because thats what they chose to do. It could be a knife, a bomb, a poison, a nail gun, a hammer, a sword, a baseball bat, a pillow, saran wrap, water if you chose to drown someone. Point being…. gune are not the problem. We have guns as a last defense of tyranny. We are allowed to own them in the hopes that we dont have to use them but if need be then theyre available.

    I would support my mom, sister, wife, and any female cousin or relative to own an carry one for protection. If you can agree with that than you should understand that they are necessary and through sometimes tragic they should not be banned because of instances such as this. This incident doesn’t show how the majority of gun owners use their guns.

  • joef

    uh huh..convince the hundreds of people (many of them sr. citizens) who’ve saved ‘their own’ lives because they had guns in their homes for protection..then tell me how that survey went! Ice-T is exactly correct..and you are terribly nieve.

    • Raymond

      Yeah……hundreds of people who actually protected themselves with a firearm compared to the hundreds of thousands who still died regardless of having a firearm, many whom had it used against them. The notion that guns are an effective method of protection is as much of a myth as the notion that getting rid of guns will stop crime.

      • dave

        Actually Prof. Gary Kleck, FSU, did an exhaustive study that shows guns in the hands of responsible citizens PREVENT an estimated 2 million crimes each year in the USA.

        Also, if you were in that theater that night, would you have wanted one (or more) trained, armed, responsible individuals trying to stop this lunitic? Or would you prefer to simply lie on the floor and helplessly hope for the best?

        There are three kinds of individuals in this world: Sheep, Wolves, and a very few Sheepdogs. My bride and our children are the most precious things in my small, little world. As for me, I refuse to let ANY predator bring harm to my lambs. If someone chooses to be a Sheeple, so be it. But do not try to remove my God-given (NOT government given) right to defend those I love. The sheep are always afraid of the sheepdogs–until the wolves show up.

  • Nicole

    I live in a state where we have concealed carry and I am angry that ordinary citizens can carry a gun in public without having to pass a psych evaluation. The gun safety class is 20 hours training. No follow up, or nothing. A background check on this shooter wouldn’t have done anything. A lot of these mass shooters have no prior criminal record. I’m fine with guns kept at home to protect your family, but we have cops on the streets. We don’t need wanna be cops running around too. No ordinary citizen should have access to assault rifles with drums of ammo. That is what allows these mass killers to kill so many.

    • Amelia

      I agree with you Nicole! Getting a conceal and carry permit should be a more thorough process. However I don’t think gun control would make a difference because criminals simply don’t follow laws. The consequence of life in prison/death penalty didn’t stop that guy, do you think a gun law would stop him from obtaining a gun? No. Criminals would be the ones getting the guns and law abiding citizens would be defenseless. Also crazy people who want to kill like that would still kill even if they didn’t have a gun, they would find other means. This world is so messed up :(

    • Jon

      Thats crazy, if just 1 person had a gun in there those people would have had a fighting chance. We lie in an age where people are going to posess instruments that hurt people no matter if you like it or not. The best solution is to have many people own guns to instantly stop a situation like this. There was a story of a 71 year old man who stopped an armed robbery in progress with his side arm. The people in that internet cafe that they were in were thankful, no matter what their stance on guns were. At that moment they understood the importance of a citizen with a gun who is willing to defend them.

      This incident is tragic and there will be many more like it, but it is important that you really understand guns instead of just condemming them. They have been created and there is no going back from it. The only thing we can do is embrace them and use them responsibly. If you dont like that and you really cant live with people owning guns you can move to a different country that doesnt allow you to own firearms. That is also an option.

      Your counter argument might be for me to understand that we can reform policy and put in place a system of gun safety laws. However this country in its foundation understood the importance of being able to defend yourself and home. Its the premise for this country and something you should embrace rather than condem. I just think its naive to think we should make things illegal because of tragidies such as this. This man could have killed people in large number with many different items. We just cant stop people from commiting acts such as this. We need to realize that before we start blaming guns for murder.

    • Kent Russell

      You seriously do not understand the issue. Yes, it was a horrible, horrible tragedy. I wish we could have stopped it too. However, let’s talk facts. 1) We have a constitutional right to bear arms. 2) Passing another gun law would certainly make criminals or killers say, “I was going to kill Bob but I learned there is a new law out about 9mm pistols. So I decided against it.” That is absurd. A new gun law will take guns out of law abiding citizens, not criminals. 3) That maniac could just as easily (if guns weren’t available) created 6 pipe bombs, opened up the door, threw out the smoke bomb, lit the pipe bombs, and thrown them into the crowd. Four times as many people would have been killed. A child can make a pipe bomb. Do you want to pass a law against people buying pipe at Home Depot? Are you for licensing people or getting background checks for people who want to buy a piece of pipe? 4) Any maniac can drive a car 60 to 80 miles an hour and pop up on the curb and run down dozens. Do you want to ban cars? 5) We live in a free society. People will be able to cause harm if they want to. 6) Have you seen the pictures of guns manufactured or smuggled into prisons? If they can’t be controlled there, it is impossible to control them in a free society. 7) Keep banning things and people can still cause harm to other people. In some countries the criminals use razor knives and cut people badly to rob them.

      What happened is sad. Let’s use logic and reason and not jump to the conclusion that the gun did it. There are 100 different things he could have done if he didn’t use a gun. The problem was with the person, not the gun.

      Most of my neighbors have more guns and ammo than his maniac. I trust them all and am glad they have their guns. Our neighborhood is SAFER because of these people and these guns.

      • Raymond

        The fallacy of your argument is that while yes people can and probably will choose other methods to kill someone, they often go to guns (which are easier to acquire than all of the ingredients for those pipe bombs you mentioned). So by your argument we should not put people in jail because people will still commit crimes in spite of the threat of incarceration. The argument that we should not do anything about guns because people will still find a way to harm someone is an ignorant argument, because by that logic we should just do nothing about anything that can harm us.

        • ConradCA

          The easiest way to kill large numbers of people is much easier to aquire than any firearm. All the have to do is visit the gas station and purchase 5 gallons of gas or a tank of propane. Cheaper than any gun also.

  • Katfish Bloo’s

    Stricter Gun Laws? Really? Since when did criminals obey gun laws.

  • Freya

    I personally have no preference on whether or not we should have laws limiting the owner ship of guns. Both sides have pros and cons that I think we should figure out.

    Yes owning a gun gives someone the capability to murder someone else. But it also could be the thing that saves a life. Imagine people breaking into your house with the intent of murdering you and your family. You, being a law abiding citizen do not have a gun because of the laws. So you cannot protect your family.

    Obviously someone with the intent to murder will not care about laws and will go about illegally acquiring a gun. Why would they care about obeying the law if they are going to kill or rob someone.

    I do think there should be stricter laws on how guns are kept, but I’m not really sure on whether I promote gun control or not. I think we should carefully weigh the dangers of each side, while also keeping in mind that such laws will not necessarily work in keeping guns out of people’s hands.

  • Lets get it straight

    Here is the long and short of gun control. Much like the war on drugs and prohibition, it does nothing to make citizens safer. The second largest terrorist attack ever on Americans was perpetrated by Timothy Mcveigh and did NOT include firearms. He killed 168. The WORST terrorist attack ever against Americans was 9/11 and there were NO firearms involved. They killed almost 3,000. Now I ask all intelligent Americans reading, how can stricter Gun Control laws make you feel safer as an American Citizen? If there was a law in effect anything like the Citizen Carry law in Arizona, there would be no story to report. Because the punk would have never fired on a crowd that was potentially more armed than him. Done and done.

    • Michael

      Exactly… Done Son Done!!!

    • http://theprosecutorgetawininhiscolum eric patterson

      now that’s what i am talking about. Here is a man who knows what he is talking about. The examples of weaponless carnage perpetrated on innocent citizens that were given were right on point. More people were killed and more damage caused by these senseless acts than any armed lunatic ever caused and no type of firearm was used. Gun control is a farce used by politicians and others to stir the masses and further thier own agendas. politicians always use a little gun control retoric in thier speeches like a chef uses seasoning. That idiot in new york the dishonorable mayor bloomberg took this opportunity to spout a bunch of bull—- about gun control but his city has some of the strictist gun laws around and they have killings everyday with guns. They have enough damn laws on the books now that are very restrictive as it is . Laws on the books is not the problem. The problem is phoney ass prosecutors who allow arrested culprits to plea bargain from the crime that they originally commited down to a lessor crime in order to assure an easy victory in court they dont have the b alls to duke it out in court with a defense attorney where they might lose the case so they go for the easy win. The citizens lose here because the culprit gets off easy and the prosecutor gets the win to look good for his political career. Meanwhile the teeth have been removed from the law, the criminal is not scared because he can plea bargain so he does it again. Put those jerks in jail and throw away the key and you would see a difference. enforce the laws already on the books, you dont need more laws, get prosecutors who will seek the highest levels of punishment they can seek and protect the people not the criminal. People are easily led like sheep and they believe everything the authorities and powers that be tell them. Those running on platforms of law and order easily manipulate the masses with their holier than thou attitude meanwhile doing nothing to stop the criminal. But isnt all this obvious? Wake up people!!!!!

    • Raymond

      If you take all of those deaths from the Oklahoma bombing and 9/11 they would still be outnumbered by the number of deaths from gun violance in the past 10 years. An intelligent American would not look at two large scale (and rare) attacks in a vacuum. Successful acts of terrorism happen once every ten years, and rarely do they ever reach the numbers of 9/11. On the other hand thousands of people die from gun violance every year. And fyi if you really think a madman is going to think twice about murdering a bunch of people on the chance they might be armed, especially when he is packing auto-matic rifles, than I have a bridge to sell you.

      • ConradCA

        Most of those killed by firearms are from criminals killing each other. Instead of punishing honest citizens we should no allow criminals to commit more than 1 crime.

      • Lets get it straight

        Well Raymond, go sell your bridge elsewhere. If you want to drill down my comment, let’s take the number of innocents killed in the past 1o years by just those two events and by armed assailants. Different story all together. And FYI, if YOU think that a citizen carry law doesn’t deter just the type of assaults that we are discussing, look at the states (Texas and Arizona) that carry such a law and track their commission of crimes with weapons period. I have. And so have the lawmakers in those states, and the numbers speak for themselves. And we have seen two attacks on Americans in just my lifetime. Our Government has uncovered and STOPPED at least 7 attempts (that are public) in just my lifetime. They (terrorist attacks) are NOT rare. If YOU believe that, I have some swamp land to sell………

  • denealian

    The law says I can only buy 2 24 pks of beer at a time but no law that I can infinite guns and infinite ammo. Hmmmm. I am going to stop contributing to my 401k and start using that income to stock pile weapons before they wise up. Never know when u might need 10000 rds of tracer ammo.

  • Rob

    The bigger question is: What’s wrong with America where we seem to view life as something so unimportant. This shooting was awful, but all the drive-by shootings over the last decade are awful as well. Wives beaten to death by husbands, or simply shot – that is pretty awful. We murder people everyday and seem to be OK with it and outraged when someone does it in great number. Now going back 40 years we have had the Texas Bell tower shootings, the Columbine shootings, the VA Tech shootings, the Ft. Hood shootings.Why do we do these things happen here? Why do these things not happen in England, Ireland, France, Italy or Germany – or at least gun deaths and murder are much more rare in those countries. In Switzerland men of age are required to own a mil-grade weapon and they are not out shooting each other. So what is with Americans?

  • Edward Simms

    Ice-T made a statement that is very true. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It does not matter if there is a gun ban or not. If someone wants to kill someone they will find a way. Guns are a way of defending yourself from people that mean to do you, your family, or your property harm. I know that if someone was to come into my home and threaten my family, I would shot them. Same as would anyone that tries to take something from my property. I have worked hard for the things I have and will defend them to the death if need be. Let me pose this question to everyone. If someone were to invade this country and come to your home, would you rather die fighting them with guns that people think need to be illegal, or have them come into your home and just kill you with you putting up a fight. I would rather die fighting than to just lay down and let someone just take my life.

  • Bandit1

    The “War on Drugs” started nearly half a century ago. Billions of dollars have been squandered on it and it has resulted in hundreds of billions spent to incarcerate those captured in the battles. Drugs still permeate our country. I don’t know how many guns there are in America today…Many millions…The government will NEVER get them away from the bad guys. Too many around…Impossible. You would only disarm law abiding citizens. How long has hand guns been banned in New York City? I’ll bet criminals have a million today on that island!

  • Maya

    There is a middle ground folks. I do not own a gun, but I am not against people owning them. However, I don’t agree with Military guns being sold to civilians, period. People who want to own a gun for protection shouldn’t need more than one simple hand gun for that.

    And as far as the whole “gang” illegal gun thing that some of you keep mentioning, are you saying that since you believe that gang memebers have illegal weapons, it’s okay for a man to buy one legally and kill people? What the hell do gang memebers have to do with this?

    I’m not defending gang members or anyone else who aquires a gun illegally, but when a man who ISN’T a known criminal or threat, can walk into a store, purchase a gun for the specific purpose of killing a large group of innocent people, I’m sorry but the system is failing and needs to be changed.

    • ben

      I believe that happened to Japan because they thought firearms were dishonorable. Samurai culture and all.

    • Brandon

      You are terribly naive. Think about reality for a while, and do some real research before weighing in on such a major subject.

    • ConradCA

      So you don’t think that we should follow the constitution? That people should have the right to keep and bear arms? That means the weapons used by the the military because they were part of the militia which was every able bodied man at that time.

      If you think that the 2nd ammendment is out dated and needs to be changed then there is a way to change the constituition. It’s called ammending it and you should get to work.

  • BOB Lee Swagger

    if there was a war,with 1 side that had the right to bear arms. vs the idiotic side that says no we don’t want guns, outlaw them. we just want doileys and flower vaces. and powder on our asses. who do you think would win? you powder puffs can move to or stay in California. to the rest of us. buy that gun you been thinking about getting. keep adding to that stock pile of reloads. and keep shooting the guns we love. our 2nd amendment right

  • Edward Harned

    I agree with Ice-T 100%.

    • Michael

      I couldn’t agree more. Ice-T is 100% right

  • James

    Gun owners shouldn’t be punished because of this incident.I have a military gun and I like to go target practice with it all the time.So does many of other gun owners.Jason Alexander is looking at all positives and none of the negatives.Crime will go up , not down.I stopped my home invasion from a gun and if I didn’t have that gun.Well , what do you think would of happened.It doesn’t matter on the type of gun.A gun is a gun.Nine Eleven happened with a box cutter , not a gun and look how many people died from that.Guns are not the problem it’s the people that have problems.I am a proud gun owner and a supporter of the the second amendment.

    • http://theprosecutorgetawininhiscolum eric patterson

      Right on James i am with you 100%. The person who commited this crime did everything the law wanted all the guns were legally purchased and the ammo was not that excessive as the fear mongeers would have you believe. An avid target shooter could use up 6000 rounds in a short period od ligitimate target shooting. This act was commited by a person with no record and no contact with the police for any reason and did everything by the laws in the books. The difference was this person has a mental problem. This guy is very very intelligent and was in a phd program however he had underlying issues that negated his intelligence. That you cant blame on gun owners. That is a problem of recognition that society has to do a better job on.

  • BOB Lee Swagger

    a military gun is no diff than any other gun. the fully automatics we pay for a tax stamp to own. so those who say we can have guns but not military guns don’t know a thing about guns. a regular joe can own an ar15 ak47 or a barrett 50 cal. and aparantly their just guns til someone gets killed. and now they should be banned because their military guns…. give me an effin break. its too bad those people lost their lives. but a gun is a gun is a gun. don’t blame all us law abiding citizens cause 1 person did what they did

  • Brandon

    RIGHT ON Ice-T. He knows laws don’t stop people willing to break them,and being disarmed just makes you an easier victim.”Gun control” STARTED here to disarm free black Americans so they couldn’t defend themselves. Armed theater patrons could have stopped the perpetrator, unarmed ones couldn’t.

  • Ted Rose

    ohhh damn

  • Ted Rose

    In college? You might want to check out TheRealCollege and find out what REALLY happens at your campus. Just Google it and find out!

  • Steven

    For all those saying we need stricter laws, read up


  • kyle

    I’m wondering why everyone is pointing fingers at guns?When everyone of these psycho fucks are on mind altering anti depression drugs!So why don’t we take a look at the drugs that are prescribed to these psychos, and maybe the doctors,FDA who says that these drugs help people?Instead of attacking bass pro,and the gun makers!

  • http://yahoo Shawn

    It would have only taken one legal gun owner with a conceiled weapons license to stop this maniac in the theater. A lot less people would have been killed plus the killer probably would have died and less money spent on what’s going to be an unpresidented and drawn out legal battle costing the taxpayers millions. Left wingers don’t understand that criminals don’t follow the laws anyway. If guns or magazine capacities are limited, they’ll find it anyway on the streets or black market. The point is, the gun doesn’t have morals, or know the difference between right and wrong. The killer does. The car doesn’t make me a drunk driver, the spoon doesn’t make me fat, the pencil doesn’t make me misspell words.

    • Michael McCoy

      You are absolutely correct Shawn! As a career military man I firmly believe in the right to keep and bear arms, however, people need to know the difference between keeping and bearing and recognize their moral obligation should they choose to do
      either. If guns were outlawed then only outlaws would have guns!

    • Craig


    • http://yahoo john berry

      That says it all…..Thanks !

  • peter

    The root of the problem is not really the guns. It is the violent games that kid’s play and what they see in the movies and tv.

    • nmt2760

      That damned rock and roll music I tell ya. It’s the devil. Get real.

    • Look in the mirror

      Really? “Violent games that kid’s play” How about being an “actual” parent and taking an active role in your kid’s life, whatever interests they may have.
      Gun control or parental neglect??? Kids are a direct reflection of the ones who created them.

  • nmt2760

    Instead of extra tax refund checks, we should get hang gun and rifle checks. Every American should be required to own a gun and be trained to use that gun. I’m sure if everyone had a gun we wouldnt need gestapo like leo’s.

  • JC

    When they ban everything that a person could use to kill you with you will still have the thing that kills, humans.

  • Jacob

    George Washington is rolling over in his grave right now cause of all these fools against the second amendment. Trying Gun control would be the definition of stupid. The definition of stupid,for those of you who don’t know, is trying something over and over again and expecting a different result. Every where else in the the world pretty much has tried gun control and it has failed over and over again and it is stupidity to try gun control here after seeing how its worked out for the rest of the world. Also anything gun control related is completely un-American in my opinion.

  • nmt2760

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

  • Psyko

    Let me shed some perspective on this…..all you ANTI-GUNNERS: from now on you’re only allowed to drive a Geo Metro. Since “guns kill people” it can be said that “cars kill people”. We need to ban and/or control the type of cars people are allowed to drive around, since they’re so out of control and dangerous to the environment.

  • http://Yahoo.com Barbara

    I don’t have a problem with the ownership of guns, but no was needs an assault rifle unless he is police or service men. There is no war in America and these kinds of guns are not necessary.

    • nmt2760

      Really. And the police are never going to use theirs against us right? Wake up.

      • nmt2760

        Tell that to the kid in Anaheim who the cops shot in the head the other day. He didnt even have a gun on him or around him. Bet he wishes he did have an assault rifle.

    • Craig

      Tell the criminals that!!!!

    • doug brown

      it doesn’t matter if they are necessary or not. what’s at stake here is an Americans right to chose, a democracy is the freedom of choice for all citizens. one victim with a concealed carry permit and a handgun could have changed history, saved 12 lives and been a hero. all about choice…

    • Ryan

      War isn’t just defined as one country fighting another country…What would you call all the violence that goes on in the city streets between people involved in illegal activities, and those people that their jobs are dedicated to stopping those criminals and their activities? Sounds like a different kind war to me but still WAR just different reasons why we fight it. And for your reason why people shouldn’t have such powerful weapons well ummmm I’d rather be the one with a rifle instead of nothing compared to the criminal with a knife that one day/night in my house because I know the police will not show up in time to stop the criminal. I will not have people just like you with your kind of “logic” telling me how to defend my life.

  • iamnotyou

    Hillary Clinton wants to enter into a treaty with the un to take away even the most basic rights of americans.

    • joe

      you’re an idiot – but you’re right about one thing you sure the hell ain’t me!!!

  • Craig

    People have been killing each other since the beggining of time. Before guns and knives it was sticks and stones. If we get rid of guns it will be explosives or chemical attacks. For some odd reason killing is in some peoples nature. It will never end.

    • patrick

      everyone please email mayor bloomberg and tell him to get fucking real…..he has a provate security detail protecting himm at sall times. even when he is partying in bermuda…wtf? so why iss he allowed to have a gun and gun protecytion but he is lobbying fif the average jow to be disallowed from having guns? why dont foks on nyc hve a right to bear arms??

  • patrick

    absolutey abd we should ban terrorists like bill ayers and bernutine dorhn also and charles barron our nyc councilman and a black panther

  • iamnotyou

    Open Your Eyes {©¿©} The usa is being invaded by career criminals from all over the world and it would be better for them if Americans are defensless. I will keep my guns and Jason Alexander can go to Hell, and he would be welcomed there by child molesters and serial killers that have been preying on unarmed civillian Americans for a long time. It is time for a change from being defensless to being capable of protecting ourselves and others when we all know that The Police Cannot Be Everywhere.

  • Craig

    You can have my assault weapons when you pry them from my cold dead fingers!!!!!!!

    • Craig

      That sticker is on my truck by the way.

  • Brent

    If someone had a handgun of their own in that theater, that shooter wouldn’t have shot 71 people. It’s the lack of guns and constant whining about gun control that makes the world more and more unsafe. If you take away your way of self-defense, then the criminals can do whatever they want and get away with it because who can stop them. You can see what happens when no one is armed except the bad guy. 71 people get shot with 12 dead.

    • rob

      Exactly. If ANYONE there had a CHL (concealed hand gun) like most of us in Texas, then he might have gotten a few, but would have most likely met resistance within moments!

      People kill people, not guns. Men with concealed hand guns save lives!

      • Steve

        Exactly! That theater would have been full of armed people with CQB training!!

        Oh, but wait, not everybody with a weapon has had that kind of training ? In fact, very few have ?
        Then it’s simple: The perp would have got just a few, and the law abiding citizens firing insinde a dark crowded cinema would have got all the others, perhaps more.

        • Dave

          THAT’S only if We shot like u…how many holes u got in Your boots..er flip-flops more like it…

  • John M

    Jason Alexander disagrees with Ice-T. Does this mean Alexander is a racist?

    Or does that only apply to those who disagree with Obama?

    • Mikey

      thats dumb

  • Brent

    Also, what is gun control going to do if he was still able to make/obtain bombs? Would you rather be shot or blown up? I think you have a better chance of living if you’re still in one piece. I’m sorry for it being graphic, but it’s the truth. If the criminal is going to commit a crime and plan like Holmes did, he’s going to obtain whatever he wants to carry out the crime. Gee, how’s the restrictions on drugs going? Yeah, you see how well outlawing stuff works. We don’t need gun control. We need a police force who can actually solve and prevent crimes. In fact, no one wants the government to be able to do anything to prevent crime, then you flip out when the crimes happen. You can’t have it both ways.

  • george l davis

    We have the technology allow but register purchasers of extreme gun and gun clips and when something is so far out there it rings an alarm that draws the attention of authorities monitoring who could keep an eye on these individuals. Major assault weapon and ammo purchases….enough to start a small war? One individual,a 24year old college student who does’nt even go hunting. We have the technology to register and monitor without restricting. Every time John Doe buys from whatever source his number registers with the arithmetic.

    • SMOKE

      The 2nd Admendment has nothing to do with hunting. They are called Magazines, not clips. What is an extreme gun? All of the weapons he had were bought by someone who had no criminal history. They were all Legal to own in most states. How do you stop someone who has lost it mentally? Many questions, no real answers. Taking firearms from people who have done nothing wrong solves nothing.

    • Mikey

      thats dumb……do u really think our technology cant get outsmarted…..just dont sell it

    • Dave

      ? U’d trust a government(A.G.Holder/obama) that allowed 2k of guns 2 b purchased by KNOWN Drug Cartel gun runners on purpose 2 watch over that info ? THE same guns that Killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry & hundereds of others in Mexico,the same types of guns used in Colorado…I DON’T!!! Luckily,We as AMERICANS STILL have the Constitutional RIGHT TO DEFFEND OURSELVES! NO THANKS to the bloombergs & nancy pelocses that JUST DON’T GET IT!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!! FREEDOM ISN’T FREE!!!

  • Tracey G

    Has anyone stopped to think that maybe this was not a random shooting? Clearly the shooter looked like he had no clue as to what was going on. The FBI And DHS were warned In May Of Terrorists Planning To Attack Movie Theaters… seriously, the government got away with the 9/11 murders, so why not? They tested the waters with one of the most horrendous events perpetrated on the US people, so this is just a drop in the bucket, a “small event.” This is just the beginning, and it’s very dangerous here. I can only imagine what it will be like when they literally try to take our guns. This country will erupt a million times more than Mt. St. Helens did. His behavior doesn’t add up, it already reveals stark inconsistencies that question the mainstream explanation of events. For example, he opened fire on innocent people but then calmly surrendered to police without resistance. This is not consistent with the idea of “killing everyone.” IMO he was programmed to do this which is not difficult to do. Watch how this all plays out and hope that if this is a plan that it will backfire on the ones who were responsible for initiating it.

    • Mikey

      yea rite…….and the rfid chip is going to mind control the world…….he wanted to be the first Real-life Joker and become the exact one from the film with his mannerisms

  • Jay

    As we now know from the surviving witnesses the shooter did most of the damage with his shotgun and glock handguns the rifle that Jason Alexander was worrying about jammed. So how is the shotgun and glock handguns military weapons that shouldn’t be in the hands of civis?

  • Derek Baggett

    Let’s outlaw brains. Because we have the ability to think for ourselves, it remains unpredictable and potentially hazardous.

  • http://www.specializedvideos.com Scott

    To protect your rights you must protect the rights of others, especilly the ones you don’t like. People that pass laws saying they are protecting you are fascists. We liberals know that those who sacrfifice liberties for security don’t deserve either.

    • tim

      OMG Thank YOU for writing that.

      From a Conservative

      • Jenkins

        You “liberals” are the ones passing the laws that are “protecting” people. Transfat bans, soda taxes, etc. Take your drivel elsewhere “liberal”. You are party to the soft tyranny the US government has become. Praise Nancy Pelosi like a good liberal or STFU.

  • http://none mona PLATT

    we do not need anymore gun control laws, we have enough already, the problem is that we can not read peoples minds. the gun does not kill people, but the hand on the gun does.

  • Laura

    there is NO reason why a citizen needs to purchase a assult gun and a mag that holds more then 10 bullets……end of story

    • Brent

      Laura – Have you ever fired a gun even?

      • ConradCA

        If present Obama wins reelection we are likely to need assault weapons, large cap mags and lots of ammo. He is resorting to tyranny in his desperation to lie his way into office again. He decided that he doesn’t have to follow the constitution. Making recess appts. when congress is not in recess. Refusing to defend US law in court. Modifying laws of the USA. He created his Dream Act after declaring that he didn’t have that power. He invented waivers to work requirements in the welfare reform law passed by congress and signed by BJ Clinton. He has become a tyrant and we may have to fight to remove him.

    • Jenkins

      Who the hell are you to impose your stupid moral views on others? I bet you’d be the first to whine when someone said they weren’t happy that you are a lesbian.

  • Rick

    As far as Gun Ban’s and so called assault weapons, don’t we remember the Hollywood shootout? That was during the Clinton assault weapons ban and you could not and still can’t buy or own full auto weapons in California, yet the two men had both? Now how did that happen when both were illegal at the time? After speaking with people that don’t know anything about guns, when they hear the word “Assault Weapons” they assume they are full auto machine guns just not so! There are many many semi auto weapons out there, must handguns are semi auto and endless rifles as well, to ban a weapon just because it looks scary, was or is used by the military is not going to make any difference there are many others that use the same ammo or even more high powered with large capacity magazines that are not under the classification of an assault weapon. If you think about it all weapons came about do to the military from muzzle loaders to breach loaders to lever action to bolt action to semi auto and eventually machine guns? Just food for thought.

    • Jenkins

      The vast majority of those gun deaths are because of gang and drug-related violence. The media doesn’t like to talk about the street hoods who kill each other way more than James Holmes inflicted death on a single day.

      You’re a liberal goon so I don’t expect you to ever get your head out of your ass. I expect you to demand government oppression like a good progressive.

  • Steele

    What doesn’t make sense is how we kill more by gun shootings in this country. Period. If Canada has just as many guns floating around, why aren’t they as homicidal? Agree or disagree with Michael Moore’s “Bowling For Columbine” those statistics of death by gun shootings is pretty sobering. Most other modernized countries barely have over 200 per year–America averages about 10,000 (not counting suicides and accidental). Fine. Whatever. Gun control or not there is still something “wrong” with the American psyche. Here we don’t have to fix things, just buy another. Divorce is just as easy as marriage counseling. And if we disagree with you then we’ll go get our gun and shoot you–conversation, words, reasoning, agreeing to disagree is out. Or we’ll shoot you just because we’re bored, crazy, racist, have bad aim or we don’t feel like buying those shoes you’ve got on. WTF people?

    • ConradCA

      Canada doesn’t have a large class of criminals like we do. The government had destroyed their families and society through the welfare system. Now millions of people live in poverty and failure which results in a huge percentage of criminals.

  • Charles Green


  • nerod

    i have owned a gun since i was 18. i’m 57 now and i have yet to shoot anyone. i don’t even hunt anymore. but i do target shoot.i do have the ability to protect me and my family.i do not have the money for security systems and body guards.the police can’t be there when you need them.morals and how to live right begins at home. and by the way how many policemen have shot their ex-wives, ex-girl friends,and their own family members. if someone sets their mind to kill one or many ,only a miracle will stop it.

  • Bob Berry

    Ice-T is exactly right! The second amendment is only about the protection of last resort against tyranny. You can say “this will never happen here!”, but I would submit it has been in many small ways. Beginning with the Pinkerton security service during reconstruction, followed by the segregation of the federal government by Woodrow Wilson. Along with the political speech censorship laws of WWI. Followed from the 1920’s through the 1970’s, by the civil rights violations of J. Edgar Hoover. Lyndon Johnson using the illegal files of Hoover against members of congress. From Richard Nixon to Ruby Ridge, Idaho to Waco , Texas to the patriot act, our government has been closing the noose around us. But, the over 250 million firearms in private hands are the last hurdle standing in the way of tyranny in America.

    • http://Yahoo Brian

      Ice-T’s opinion and yours Bob is #1 IMO !
      The Govt would indeed dump on us more than ever before. It’s almost a dictatorship country now , take the guns away and say automatic weapons can only be use by the military and they own us !
      Take it to the bank America Our govt will raise taxes to the tune of 50% federal withholding and state taxes will go to 10%. Sales tax will become 15cents on a dollar if they know they can do it without a war.
      Uncle Sam would take 75cents of every dollar we make annually, and we would be reduced nothing if we tried to rebel, without having our own arsenal to stop them.
      Our biggest problem is not Guns it’s distraught idiots thinking that killing 20 or 30 innocent civilians is an act against the govt. W T F Holmes if you would have stepped out at the White House people would be thinking that you PEE’OED at our govt. It would not have come as a huge surprise , most of us are.
      Walking into a theater, and open fire on innocent civilians show your just a home grown terrorist. Burn in Hell you P O S.

  • Chad

    First off sorry to all of the families and victims in Colorado, however gun control is not the solution. Pretty sure Chicago has the most gun control laws in the USA and yet most areas there are not a safe place to be after dark, Who wants to take a trip to Mexico they have strict gun control yet pretty sure it is not even safe to go to the resorts there anymore. All gun control means is disarming the law abiding citizen. Pretty sure the criminals with weapons obtained illegally are not handing there guns over because it is against the law. What we need is to stop babying criminal and just go straight to punishing them. The guy that did the shootings in Colorado should not even be in jail he should be in the ground allready. Sorry to his familly but what about the families that lost someone because of him, they will be paying taxes to keep him locked up and alive somewhere because he got off on some kind of mental problem and live in a institution for 20 years and then be released because some Dr will think he has been rehabilitated and learned his lesson. Unfortunately there is allways going to be a bad apple somewhere just hope that there is a person close by with a gun to put down that victim if need be.

    • Rick

      Even if he is convicted and goes on death row he will more likely die of old age. Just how it seems to work these days?

  • Mikey

    First off times have change and we obviously have no control or care for human life. I lost 2 cousins and 2 Friends in the same year and 2 on same week and i been around guns most my life as also I have owned them illegally. Yes we do need to protect ourselves but its time we stop this 2nd amendment bullshit like thats what freedom is about, ban all guns with more than 6 bullets revolvers only for citizens. I dislike the police but for my kids and those that need to be protected they come to the rescue so they can have 10 clip glocs and thats as big as they should get. In my country everyone has assualt weapons and massacre happen everyday becuz of it so we either stop it now or we too will become that one day.

  • jerome

    nothing new to add – criminals will get weapons no matter what.
    citizens being able to defend themselves if necessary is vital and is a definite deterrent.
    I mean if you could put a sign outside your home saying there are no weapons here, would it
    be more or less likely that criminals would choose your home to break into and plunder at will.?
    Obviously less likely!
    And in all the time that citizens have tried to prevent shootings by shooting the shooter, no bystanders
    have eve been hit in the USA.
    Finally , it is great as a sport and a lot of fun- i have used various rifles and machine weapons
    fro air force days and childhood and it is great!

  • Mike

    It all comes down to this “Guns Don’t Kill People, PEOPLE Kill People” regardless if you have a gun or drive drunk and kill somebody. Nobody says “take away the alcohol”. Drinking is a privilege owning a firearm is a Right. If you try to buy a handgun or rifle the BATFE does a background check on you. Also you can not purchase a full auto weapon that the military has, unless you get a class 3 license which includes a complete background check by the FBI and BATFE.

  • http://Google Davinci

    Jason Alexander is the dumbest SOB in the world, he is even dumber than the character he played on Sienfeld, George had nmore sence than his alterego.

  • Leslie Ann Warren

    We Just Have To Pay Attention To Our Surroundings When Things Are Happening Instead Of Having A Blind Eye or Non Hearing @ Certain Times To Be Able Protect Self Better To The Alternative.. for Instance When They Notice That The Exit Door Is Being Open By A Regular Person With No Alarm Going Off & Kept Propped Open I Think Sumone Scream Everybody Run It’s A Fire or Say Anythang To Get Everyone Out Of That Theater Which Been Less Fatalities or Inguries That Night??!! Plus I Dn’t Understand Why Didn’t The Alarm Go Off When The Exit Door Got Propped Open, Can Aurora Theater Explain That 4 Me??!! Blessings In Jesus Name!!

  • leslie drake

    We are as a species an inventive tool making species, if a person believes that killing some one or a group of people is the answer to his problems , he will find a way to kill, whather that is with a baseball bat or a molotov or just simply running his car into a building or a crows of people, any number of home made chemical or incendiary devices, Ice-t is absolutely right, stricter gun control simply means that more people will get them illegally and mostly those will be criminal’s or criminal organisation’s. Until we quit killing people to solve our problems thier will be no end to the tools we create to kill with…period!.

  • Dale Miller

    Maybe its time to time to stop making excuses for the people who does this stuff and punish them. The gun didn’t fire itself just like the fork didn’t shovel that pie into your mouth.

  • jorge cortes

    well this ice-t guy is crazy ok guns doesn’t kill people , but why put that guns on people that like to kill is stupid. so the government have to take control of this guns and stop this business. so ice-t is wrong this guy consume drugs maybe and have an arsenal in his house so why we have to put attention on what he said.

    • Nic Reynolds

      Where are you from Jorge?

  • dr w

    With about $30 of chemicals purchased at home depot and a local supermarket, I could easily manufacture enough explosives to level any theatre. Just because, I can doesn’t mean I will… This nut job committed an abhorrant act… police accessing his apartment and those in this building would have been killed if he hadn’t tipped them.

    To respond to J Alexander: Military rifle uses a .223 cartridge which is far less lethal than anything I use for hunting deer, elk or bear. Whatever guns look like, all repeating semiautomatic rifles work the same way… its just a question how big a magazine you attach to weapon … bigger magazine more shots. Whereas a 223 assault rifle has an effective range of 200 yards, some hunting rifles can kill a human at 1/2 mile…. a 50 cal at over a mile.

  • Vince

    Guys who commit massacres don’t care if they are punished. They usually commit suicide or get killed by cops anyways. Its already proven that states with tougher gun control laws have fewer murders. So of course gun control will stop deaths Ice-T. If James H. didn’t get his hands on guns, yes, he may have been able to kill or injure some. But not 12 deaths and 79 total injured or whatever the number was.

    • ConradCA

      “Its already proven that states with tougher gun control laws have fewer murders”

      Are you insane? Look at the murder capitols of the country. Chicago, Detroit, Washingtion DC all have strick gun control laws and lots of murders. The real indicator is the control of the government by progressive fascists which creates poverty and angry people.

      • gene shor

        Conrad, all states have to have strict laws, otherwise it will not work. DC has some of the toughest gun control laws but what’s stopping people from buying weapons in a different state?

    • Israel White

      Yeah, right. NY, CA, DC. Strict gun laws and no real gang or murder problems, right? Criminals, like most people, dont want resistance. The easy path is preferred. Guns laws are paving the easy path for them becasuse they can give a damn about a law. They want what they want when they want it and will come to take it.

  • james

    Guns being withheld from law abiding citizens will do nothing to keep sick minded people from commiting those types of crimes,Guns can a great form entertainment, and also can bring families closer together.On the other hand they can tear families apart in the worst way,but so can drugs and alchol, gambling,and so on!!!!! the bottom line is that we as people need to start focusing on the real problem
    the sicko’s that are using the guns

    • http://WN racetracktony

      Guarenteed = NO SUCH WORD = GUARENTEE = LOOK IT UP!!!! ps. This nut got 6000 rounds off the internet !!RED FLAGS!!

  • ConradCA

    The right to keep and bear firearms is guarenteed by the constitution the same as the freedom of speach, and religion. If you abolish the 2nd ammendment without ammending the constitution then you can do the same to the rest of the constitutuin. Furthermore, remember all the people in England killed by rioters. They were denied the ability to defend themselves because of their government. When death is seconds away the police are minutes away.

    I you really wanted to kill a lot of people you wouldn’t use a firearm. You would use gasoline or natural gas in a crowed room like a theater. Are you planning on banning those items?

  • dr w

    In the UK, they tried to outlaw guns… but they are available on the black market…. so the solution was to outlaw certain types of knives…. when this didn’t work they outlawed bats…. this left all the population undefended from criminals who bought everything illegally anyway..

    Problem is they didn’t go far enough … they should have outlawed every knike, hammer and utensil…. this would have actually saved them money, because unable to cut or tenderize food, Brits would have had to knaw on everything… hence their teeth would have been better and the national health serice would save money.

    • gene shor

      the UK has about a fifth of the murders per capita that we have in the US. They are similar to us in many ways, with the same violent past, the same recession they are going through….yet they don’t kill each other as often as we do. Something is working. Or do you think it’s just cultural differences? James Holmes would still have done this no matter what, but maybe…just maybe he wouldn’t have gotten 71 people in two minutes had he not been able to so easily purchase a 100-round magazine for his AR-15.

      • hatfield

        Absolutely correct Gene.

  • Cain

    I live in Phoenix Arizona and I can promise you this would not have happened here. We Have the right to open carry our firearms and this psychotic killer would have been shot by 30 diffrent people before he got the 2nd round off.Instead of taking away guns and burning our constitution why not allow people the right to defend themselves.

    • gene shor

      So, this guy throws some kind of gas canisters into the room and you and the other 29 will all have a clear shot and composure to bring him down? And don’t forget he is dressed from head to toe in protective gear. Give me a break… The immediate response of most people (except for trained military or police) is to look for cover and try to protect themselves and their loved ones. The same exact thing could happen in Phoenix with the same exact result. And stop talking about the constitution. It was written over 200 years ago. Things have changed since then.

      • Dave

        WAKE UP!if he could see 2 kill 12&wound 58,someone could “SEE”well enough 2 put some rounds on target.Even on body armor a couple hundred foot lbs.of force would at least have knocked him off his “game”if not his feet.Then he could have been over powered & disarmed. And maybe the expense of a trial would have been saved?

        • hatfield

          Well he’s in Colorado where people can buy guns, just like he did legally. So why is it that no one in that theater shot him. It looks as if even without tighter gun laws, not a single person in that theater was able to take him on.

        • Rene

          I agree with Gene.

          The shooter was wearing a gas mask and he didn’t give a damn about who he shot. There was no need to aim. He just shot into the mass of people.
          When theres who knows how many people panicking in one room, stepping on each other to get out, do you really think that any one would be able to aim properly and only hit the shooter? Especially if there are suddenly 30 other people with a gun shooting around. Do you really believe that only the killer would get shot and no other civillians?

    • Joe

      ha ha! Not if you store lots of guns and ammo. But if you have more than 7 days of food stored, you are flagged.

  • tom fahey

    Would it not be prudent to have a system that checks and rechecks a person who in a short time has amassed such a large arsenal. There should be red flags in place.

  • Joe

    The real issues, as I see it, are this:

    1)Punishments are too lax. Where are the deterrents to stop people from wanting to do this? What kind of punishment is jail? They go to jail and get free room and board, and education? Some get jobs in which they take your credit card numbers over the phone. I have lived many years in a country where murder carries a death penalty by hanging and theft is a caning. There is very little crime, simply because that country follows through with its punishments.

    2)Changing the rights to keep and bear arms means that anything in the Constitution and its Amendments that deal with individual rights are null and void and can be changed at the governments whim. Free speech? Forget about it. The right to not offer information that may incriminate you? Gone. You will do what the government tells you to do.

    The terrorists are winning if the government strips people of their rights under the Constitution and its Amendments.

  • Israel White

    Gun laws only stop law abiding citizens (like myself) from carrying guns. Have our tightening gun laws stopped gang bangers or psychos like the Aurora Co. shooter from taking lives? These animals, just like those in the wild, prey on those with little or no ability to defend themselves.

    • gene shor

      what tightening laws? He bought 6000 rounds of ammo online for next to nothing.

  • Abel G…

    I Swear… these comments i read make me sick… some people are so ignorant and blind to the big picture… to think “Banning Guns” or making Strict Gun Control Laws would have stoped someone from killing a bunch of people. is about the most ignorant thing i ever heard…
    Has everybody forgotten 911 a few men killed thousands with a box knife and an airplane… Did the Govornment stop the sale of plane tickets and boxknifes…???? i think not… the people that planed and exicuted that masacre did not use a single Gun… people that want to kill and do stupid shit like that are going to find a way to do it no matter what…
    But to take away are consitutional rights for the act of one Crazy really messed up distured person is just STUPID… all that is going to do is take away our right to protect ourselfs not from thieves and killers but once the american people do not have the right to bare arms…then you can bet your ass all the rest of our right will be taking away soon after…!!!

    • Mike

      you’re dumb. The 2nd amendment was written when a gun fired only one bullet, and the reload process took fifteen seconds to half a minute (if you were skilled)… and these weapons were much more expensive when compared to the average persons income and costs associated with owning a firearm. Do you really think this same law, written over 2 centuries ago, should allow for people to own glocks and ak 47’s?

  • Mobeda

    Anybody that actually thinks gun control solves ‘the problem’ is an Idiot and Completely Ignorant. Laws are only observed by Law Abiding citizens. Weak minded fall right into the Governments push to outlaw ‘all guns’ from private ownership.> A GREAT Excuse to pry more into Everyones privacy portray the average citizen as being the Dangerous Factor; hahaha. Play nice/disarm the people so they can’t hurt each other; lolol.. Yes; just look at what Hitler did//// disarmed the people for their own safety and ‘then what happened’? Every single time there is a Sad Tragedy like this; your friendly government uses it to justify ‘Stricter Gun Laws’; Which have NEVER worked in a Single Country in the History of Earths’ Gun Era. Bottom line? Simple> People that cannot control their guns(cuz they are crazy)present no valid reason to Remove all guns to help Control People. REMEMBER; once they take all our guns away; we are nothing but SHEEP. The following is a list of the 3 most Dangerous kinds of People: 1 Our Government wanting to disarm us… 2 Anti guns fools that don’t understand the neccesity of Gun rights and gun ownership and 3.. Nuts like James Holmes < in that order. Why would I put the Colorado Killer last? Simple; he killed 12 and wounded about 70 people. Our Friendly Top Heavy, Heavy handed paranoid Government can selectively Kill any or all of us; once they take our guns away. No gun ever pulled its' own trigger. Raise your hand if you want to be Gun Free. Congrats; you can be first in line when they open the Homeland Security Concentration Camps that are being built.(they call them Detention Centers…………. ya right)

    • Mike

      Ice-T’s statements are just wrong. Gun control does stop deaths and it has worked. Evidence… England.

      I want ONE valid reason why any civilian should have an assault rifle. Just one… and “this is america, you can have whatever you want” is not a valid reason.

      People should not have things that they do not intend on using… (kind of off point but that is why so many citizens in this country are broke)…

      The only use for an assault rifle is to kill many things very quickly. (or to practice shooting… but then again, why practice something you’re never going to do).

      If you want to kill something, do it with a close range weapon, that way you have to mean it. The vast majority of kids sitting in living rooms playing xbox or playstation have made a trigger pulling motion tens of thousands of times this week… and that is a fact.
      The quick trigger pull is now second nature and it takes just one of those motions that has been made millions of times by any one of the millions of “introverted videogame generation kids” to kill. Obviously they know the difference between a gun and a controller… but are a few million “pretend” trigger pulls ever a good idea?

      • Evol

        Obviously, you missunderstood Ice-T’s comments. What about if someone breaks into your house while you and your family are asleep? They take all of your stuff, cut the phone cord and the electricity so you cant call the cops, put up an anti-cell phone preventer, rape your wife and daughter(s) and/or sons beat the crap out of you and leave you and your family with nothing. It could all be prevented if you had a gun to protect yourself.

        • hatfield

          I don’t think Mike is saying that people should not be able to legally buy a gun. It’s the kind of gun used in the movie theater that’s the problem. Why would someone need a gun that can fire 50 to 60 times in one minute? I know people who hunt and they don’t use a gun like that. I’ve never heard of a store owner who was held up and needed to use a gun like that to defend himself. So who is it that needs a weapon like that? My guess is that it’s only purpose is for people at a gun range and sick people who are looking to kill as many people as they can, as fast as they can before someone stops them.

      • Chicago2012

        Mike and Vince, you guys can’t be serious. I really hope you’re joking – with those comments.

      • AIG

        Sir, you are mistaken. Gun control only takes guns off those who are responsible, and who would use it to defend themselves. DO you think stricter gun controls would have made the criminal abide by it’s law? WHen has a killer ever said to him self, ” well, I can’t shoot ppl, because it’s illegal.” When has a drug dealer ever said to himself, ” well, I can’t deal out drugs, because it’s illegal” Do you get it? If a person wants to do mass murder, only his imagination stops him. Case, 9/11. A lot of people were murdered that day, and the choice of weapon was not a gun. Should we have had more stricter ” no hi-jacking planes” policies in place? use your head.

      • Mike S

        Mike, you cite England as an example of gun control being effective in stopping deaths. But the statistic that I keep seeing is that the murder rate DOUBLED in that country after guns were outlawed and confiscated by the British government.

        You ask for one valid reason why civilians should have “assault rifles” (which is a meaningless term that was made up by gun-phobic types). Here’s one reason for civilian gun ownership: Hurricane Katrina. After it hit New Orleans, the police and other authorities went AWOL for a good three days. During this period of anarchy, the only really effective thing that people had to defend themselves from criminals and gangs was their own guns. Yes, such events are rare. You may only find yourself in such a situation once in your life. But if and when you do, your gun will literally mean the difference between life and death for you and your family.

      • native to colorado

        First, gun control is absolutely neccasary, every citizen that owns a fire arm should be required to take a fire arm safety class reguardless of experiance.
        Second, an AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle by definition an assault rifle is a SELECT FIRE (burst, automatic fire)weapon that fires from 600-800 rounds per minute. An AR-15 is a Military style SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle. If your going to say that AR-15’s or any other Military style weapons should be banned, then by that logic black powder rifle/handguns, shot guns, and bolt action rifles should be banned. After the First World War bolt action rifles were the most popular rifles with sporters and hunters because they allowed quicker follow up shots and easier reloading, modern millitary style weapons are no different they are just a newer sporting rifle based off of a military model.Most shooting competitions today involve AR-14’s and M1A’s (such as 3 gun shoots, the President’s 100, etc.), just because you own a weapon of such sorts does not mean you mean I’ll will. Unfortunately gun control only works on LAW ABIDING CITIZENS criminals DO NOT follow the laws set forth by legislators. This is coming from not only a responsible gun owner, but also a former member of the Armed Forces, I’m a very strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment AND I fully support PROPER Gun-Control, I do not believed that a normal citizen needs an M-249 SAW, but I do believe that we should be able to be armed.

        “ARMED society is a POLITE society” – Thomas Jefferson

      • barry

        How do you know it is “Something you are never going to do?” What if we are “God forbid” invaded by another country? The reason the Japanese did not attack the US mainland in WWII is they knew that almost every household had guns. ANd yes, a wave of attacking eneny military is reason to have assult weapons. If you think it can’t happen here, you have been drinking the kool aid and not paying attention to your history.

  • Chris

    ICE-T is spot on. Use logic sheeple.

  • Cami

    The fact and the matter is not really the guns is the nuts ppl we have in this country 300 mil what would you expect ? It is sad what happen don’t really get it how he was able to get not 1 gun but 4 … But i have one thing to say once the gov take gun controls you can kiss urself goodbye , I’m coming from a communist country and US starts to look a lil bit like socialism give a bit and take some more

  • http://Yahoo Walk in their shoes

    Ask the family members of the victims if there should be gun control laws. People need guns to protect themselves? How do you know when to carry your gun. I don’t care how many guns I own, I am not taking them with me into the movie theater(before this anyway). Gun laws may not stop these things from happening but the right laws may slow things enough for people to have a fighting chance.

    • barry

      If any of the people in the theatre had a concealed carry permit, things would have been drastically diffrent.

  • Mobeda

    Something I forgot to mention> A Great Example of a ‘no guns’ situation. < Syria; look at the way the Military has been slapping around the people for the last 16 months. Most folks in Syria cannot have guns of any kind. And the Police and Military have been just randomly kicking in doors and killing everybody in the place. The various Officials have been blaming the thousands(THOUSANDS)of Murders on different factions; but even then; regardless; just think of how much tougher it would be for the Government of Assad to just go door to door Killing folks, it those folks Were Packing some HEAT? > Saddam had 37 Gold plated Mansions……. 37! His Favorite Hobby was Torturing and killing people when he got up in the morning. His sons went around town raping and murdering anybody they felt like messing with. Saddam paid the price but look what his people had to go through. North Korea? Russia? China? The African Countries……….. All Controlled Sheep. The United States is the ONLY Country on Earth that people die trying to sneak into. As many lame things that go on in this Country; it is Still the Very best Country on Earth. And it’s not the Government that makes it Great; it’s the People. We still have many Freedoms that most others only DREAM of and will Never have. We Pay plenty of Prices for our Freedoms, but giving up our Guns is No Answer in creating a better World. Study the History of Worldwide Countries. Gun possession works more for Most of us than it works against us. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were Masterfully Written. Incredibly Written by some of the Most intelligent men of the time. Alot of what they say/said/wrote it literally timeless. History brags about how intelligent these founding Fathers were. Yet as years have past, all of a sudden our Government wants to conveiniently TWEAK the Words of our founding Fathers for ‘their’ benefit not ours. They chip away at our Freedoms/Our Constitution/Our Future/our guns/our safety. Don’t be a Sucker. And if you are Anti Gun; you are indeed a Sucker.

  • newhitmarketing

    It’s important to remember that, there has always been a black-market for weapons, or for anything else illegal, for that matter.
    It’s the dirty side of supply and demand.
    Age old fact.

    • Common Sense

      You are absolutely right & it’s refreshing to see that most people posting on here are too… Be blessed & have a great Summer.

  • Common Sense

    Ice-T you are a smart man & you’ve earned my sincere respect for standing up for The 2nd Amendment of The U.S. Constitution.

    So if a rapper & actor knows the Constitution then why doesn’t the man in the White House & furthermore why don’t most Senators & Congressmen? What’s their excuse?

    Let’s put it this way & make it easier to understand: Did Prohibition stop people from purchasing alcohol? And furthermore was there Less Crime or More Crime during & after Prohibition; specifically because of Prohibition? Have drug laws prevented any individual from purchasing drugs? How is it that some people have the silly notion that a simple piece of paper with words on it will protect them ( cause that’s essentially what a law is?)

  • Gus

    Cars kill more people than guns, yet no-one want’s to get rid of cars. It is true that people killed others before guns came about. No matter what there is out there, any item can and will probably be used to kill. You can kill someone with a butter knife. Restricting guns only affect the blinded law abiding citizen, not the criminal. I believe it is more than a constitutional right to own guns. Guns will always be around. The perecentage of guns in the public used for killing ot crime is extremely minute. Do you really want the government and criminals to be the only ones that have guns? There will always be killing of some sort as in anything to do with people there will always be some form of corruption or misuse of any item.
    If you want to stop killing get rid of cars, cigarretts, chemical factories, ond wars. We pay our government through taxes to kill people. Wake up and smell the roses.

    • Chicago2012

      Yeah, exactly. …But something tells me that the government already knows everything you just said.

    • Starborne

      This guy is right about the Second Amendement , We have the right to BEAR ARMS loaded or unloaded . If you want to try and take our guns away .Then take our cars away also which kill more people than guns do .You know what really gets me mad is you never hear to much about all the Soldiers that loose there lives for us as Americans. And they have the right to bear arms to protect themselves and we do to .

  • Mo Dashley

    How is the right to bear arms “the last form of defense against tyranny”? Especially if “somebody,” let’s say a citizen, “wants to kill people,” namely a tyrant, “they don’t need a gun to do it.”

  • been there done that

    It is the spirit behind the weapon….sshh
    I don’t want to have a place where no one can protect themselves or their family. Then you have young hoods running the streets in the back of pickup trucks with ball bats robbing raping and pillaging and none to stop them. BUT 85 year old grandma with a shot gun in a rocker can back up that youthful power and pride!

    • http://yahoo steve

      Wish I said it so well, as you did! Thank you for the quotes of our great founding fathers!!!! I had forgotten. I think I might cry, haveing read the words of those great men!! God we are so lucky to have our great nation!! So proud to be an American!!!!

  • Common Sense

    Walk in their shoes is ANOTHER IDIOT… I don’t smoke weed but if someone else wants to so in their own home just who the Hell am I to try & tell them or force them not to? So your a mindless sheep & you believe inanimate metal objects are evil so don’t purchase one moron but don’t try & take that right away form someone else? And you’re in such great company as fellow anti-gun people such as Stalin & Hitler ( I wonder why those two didn’t want their citizens to have guns?-I think it was because they were such caring humanitarian individual’s don’t you?) “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
    Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote”. -Benjamin Franklin

    “Fireams stand next in importance of the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence”.
    -General Washington

    “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of those counties whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms”.
    -James Madison

    “No Free Man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government”.
    -Thomas Jefferson

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the Tranquility of servitude better than the Animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were
    our countrymen”.
    -Samuel Adams, speech at the
    Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little
    temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.
    -Benjamin Franklin

    “America will never be destroyed from outside.
    If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”.
    -Abraham Lincoln

    “The Constitution does not protect our guns, our guns protect the
    Constitution “! -Allen Croft

    “It is in the interest of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion”.

    “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations”. -John Madison in 1788

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have……….”.
    -Thomas Jefferson (1743 -1826)

    “In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act”.
    -George Orwell, 1984

    “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    • Rich D

      Excellent series of quotes……….Those fellows that wrote that Constitution were pretty darn smart……More so than some in power today. They instituted a series of “checks and balances” so that government by and for the people could not be mutated into “Monarchy” as they had in England. The 2nd amendment was the last piece of “insurance” that government could not enslave the population.. It truly is the amendment that all the others are built on……….Destroy the 2nd and the rest will fall soon after

  • Common Sense

    Can anyone here say U.N. Small Arms Treaty & the fact that Hillary said she’d help put it into law in the US? And let’s not forget Obama’s comment “So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”. Sounds very anti-American & anti-2nd Amendment ( anti-gun) now doesn’t it? Ron Paul for President because Romney has an anti-gun record as well as Obama does….

  • http://yahoo steve

    Ive heard these arguments all before!If the second amendment was not important to our founding fathers then it wouldnt have been the second, it wouldnt have been at all! GUNS DONT KILL, PEOPLE DO!Okay strong regs in the U.S.!?Lets take Washington D.C.! Guns are banded!And D.C. was the murder capitol of the U.S. every year of the 1980s!Gee that didnt work so well did it anti gun folks!Yes the murders were mostly black and didnt buy their guns legally and if they did they crossed into D.C. which then made them illegal!Anyway,If everyone in that theater, lets say had a loaded hanggun with them that night.The idiot would not have shown up,unless he had a death wish!We should be dicussing how we can ban personal carry permits in states like mine(maryland)!!!!!Why do we feel the need to rehash the same issues every few years!?One thing is for sure while we argue meningless things like pro life or pro choice,or an amendment that is so vital to the people of this nation(that has already been put in place by great man many years ago)We miss the issues our weak government doesnt want us to think about!And theres many now, such as minimul wage is a slave or better yet a poverty wage!Or how about our government reps do not ever get paid if they put us into a deficit!If we have a surpluss cool they get paid if not well someone did do their job and dont deserve to be paid a dime when we dont have the money!!!!Love to dicuss these issue on a blog!

  • Common Sense

    US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!

    Call your Congressmen & Senators & tell them to oppose the U.N.Small Arms Treaty… Please & thank you for your time….

  • Cutty

    I second the motion; Steve, and everyone else, that stands by the peoples right, to bare arms! GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!

    The law clearly states: You have a right to defend yourself, or someone else. You may chase down the person(s)and, up to and, include kill the person. In self defense.! I know that, for a fact.

    I’ve been there, done that!

    I got robbed. In Denver, CO. And, I chased the person down and, stabbed the person 8 times, during the scuffle. He lived though.

    The D.A.s investigator said it was self defense. And, my lawyers investigator said it was self defense. So, there you have it!

    • Johnny


      Yeah! You sing it sister! There’s no difference between having a gun and shooting someone with it, and NOT having a gun and NOT shooting someone with it. And you’d be a fool and communist to think otherwise.

    • http://yahoo Andrew

      if people did not have access to guns then the people could not kill people by the way I own two hundguns a357 mag and a 9mm semi auto. bouight legally but I don’t see the point of having an assault rifle even if I did I would not bring it out if someone broke into my home I would use my pistols. Have certain types of gun banned does not give way to all guns being banned

      • barry

        Keep living the delusion. They want to take all our guns away. What then? Knives? Baseball Bats? Lead pipes? Ropes? The list goes on and on.

        • blob

          enuff said BUD GUNS ALL THE WAY!!!! I dare you to try and take mine away i have a arsanal of guns too but im not a idiot that wants to or has EVER even thought about shoot someone that just dumb. Self defense for myself and my kids and wife and whole family.
          NRA DONT TREAD ON ME!!!!!! And i won’t on you.!.!.!.

  • Tom Tom

    When will we understand that making more laws is not the answer? There are numerous laws against drugs and where has that gotten us?

    If a criminal or wanna be criminal wants to buy a gun, he or she can do so without going through much red tape. Any new law regarding gun ownership only means that there will be a penalty to pay if one is caught breaking that law. Laws against gun ownership only means the honest law abiding citizen will be more vulnerable to victimization.

    Gun laws will only serve the outlaws…….get it?? Liberals seem to think laws are the answer or easy fix to all unpleasant events. Really people?

    • David Harlem

      Hey if assault rifles (made for killing humans) are legal then it’s time to legalize things far less deadly like marijuana.

      People will kill people but why make it easier for them?

      I don’t think guns should be outlawed but there should be controls and assault (rapid fire) weapons should not be legally available.

      • blob

        wow another idiot in the room. MY 45 caliber pistol shoots 9 rounds just as fast and accurate at the distance he was shooting, once again morron he wasn’t using an AUTOMATIC RIFLE it was a semi auto just like a 9MM or a .40 cal or a .45 cal pistol NO difference. On thing different would be clip size and there are different variations of rifles these days. Not to mention recall the (automatic) semi-automatic rifle jammed freakin idiot how do you jam a rifle wow, but he finished with SEMI AUTOMATIC PISTOLS. Quit talking you liberal f*&^s.

  • Chris

    Let’s start holding people accountable for their actions! If you go out and COMMIT A CRIME with a gun and are convicted of the crime, maybe you should be be shot in response. The guy in Aurora should have had his trial on Tuesday. If found guilty his Appeal should be today. If found guilty he should be buried tomorrow. I see no sense in keeping this guy in prison for the next 50 or 60 years. Maybe if there was some fear of punishment some of the gun violence would stop.

    • blob

      THANK YOU SOMEONE SMART ON HERE best thing i’ve read about gun control EVER. Hell they shouldn’t even have a trial for this dumbass who cares if he is clinically insain thats not the point. Point is he killed people and he deserves DEATH himself, quit waisting my tax dollars OBAMA, heres a cut for you if there is direct linking to a gun crime and there was plenty evedentally 100’s of people don’t count. SHOOT HIM THE SAME WAY HE KILLED HIS VICTIMS. Think government THINK how much since does it make to even try this guy by trail, its completely outta the question that anyone else was even halfway responsible. SHOOT HIM AND RAKE HIM UNDER THE RUG. Let these families and heroic acts of BF and Husbands be the highlight of this story. Truely a heart felt sorry for your loss every victem of his or anyone elses. We the American people love you and pray to God that you will be able to find some kind of closer.

  • Gary Dines

    You can take all the guns in the world away; and people will still find away to kill each other..me personally, i have my gun to defend all those who mean to do harm to me or my family

  • Really

    I think Mr. Ice T misses the point. More regulations may not stop people from becoming victims of future gun violence. However, the government regulates roads, with traffic signs and speed limits. They monitor and limit the amount of a specific cold medications. One possible “Shoe Bomber” has caused a nation to remove it’s shoes at the airport.
    What we need here is a common since approach, monitor gun sales, and gun paraphernalia, limit clip capacities. Make sure that individuals ordering this items are not stockpiling, or have ulterior motives. The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms, not to acquire an armory. I am all for gun ownership rights, but this subject has been hijacked and politicized, to such an extent that common sense remains absent.
    For each one of you in this forum that believe a right to bear arms is paramount, are somehow trumps public safety, it does not, or it should not.
    Furthering, I have one simple question, how can the right to bear arms discussion or just the thought of common sense regulations, be so taboo, while the Basic Fundamental Rights for voting are systematically, being more and more regulated, for strictly political gain? Where is the out rage there? Mr Ice t you may play a cop on TV but not in real life please, get your priorities strait.

    And Please tell Coco I said Hi….

    Freedom of Speech (Just watch what you say) Huh…


    • blob

      Really- Your an IDIOT yourself, ever heard give an inch take a mile, or two or three. Thats our “great nation” for you. You can’t regulate the good people just because theres a few ass holes out there than lose it and go on a killing spree. MAKE THE PENALTIES HIGHER use too in other countries if you stole something you lost a hand. You wanna steal again ha doubt it. wheres your common sense you regulate guns your only regulating legally sold guns. Anyone with money can get a black market gun from just about anywhere look around they’re there trust me. You people with your gun control thoughts. The government regulates a cars travel speed for one for income for two because your driving constantly around thousands of people everyday and you can’t possibly be 100% sure you can control it at 100MPH. A gun is not driven nor used daily. AS I ALREADY SIMPLY STATED GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE USING THE GUN KILL PEOPLE. Should we take all the gun action outta movies too simply because theres a few thousand people that can’t control themselves its not everybody elses fault. START STRINGING THE PEOPLE UP kill them the same tradgic way they killed. THINK BEFORE YOU TALK IDIOT

    • Mike

      well, you m issed the point and obviously don’t purchase many guns. There are laws in effect that you are not able to purchase more than one hand gun in a thirty day period.
      further more, if we allow the govt to regulate how many guns we own, what about cars? the people who drive them may have multiple dui’s but I don’t see them saying he has too many, anyone that is. So why just guns? why don’t you get off your lazy fingures and compare how many deaths are caused by DUI’s as opposed to guns like this.. Yep more, If we allow the govt to control what we own what would be next, I mean they already control what we read and how we hear the news.. wake up..

    • Angus McClean

      In response to Really: Common sense is certainly needed.To address your points:
      1. Gun and gun paraphenalia sales are already monitored; per federal regulation. Ask any gunshop owner. How is such monitoring supposed to help prevent the homicidally insane from acting out their psychosis?
      2.How is limiting clip capacities supposed to stop a psychopath from killing? I don’t see how that would work, do you?
      3. What relationship does stockpiling weapons and/or ammo have to do with the willing intent to do murder? Many law abiding gun enthousiasts have what you would probably label a “stockpile” and yet they aren’t out commiting randoms acts of firearm violence.
      Your arguments are what seemto be lacking in common sense. The opinions you’ve expressed reflect only an unfortunate ignorance which is easily cured through common sense and a little more research into FACTS.
      As to the last issue you brought up, there is outrage. Search it out and you’ll find it on the web. This, however was not the appropriate place to bring it up given tat this venue is dedicated to a completely different subject.

  • http://GUncontrol jose

    Im all for guns in the houshold, 1-2. This guy purchased assult Riffle, shot gun and a Glock, in 3 months, WTF, Why would any human want an Automatic Assault riffle? All these people say well Humans kill humans, and will find a way to do so, NO Shit HUmans kill humans, but would you be scared if someone came in to a Theater with a freaking bat, knife of sling shot? NO! He might stab 1 person but not kill 12, and injure 59, Think about this people. Would he even commit the crime if he could get ahold of this power weapons?

    • Dennis

      What happened was an unexplainable tragedy, but the fact is, gun control would not have stopped it or any other person motivated to do such heinous crimes.

      He did not have an automatic assault riffle. He had a semi-automatic. These aren’t the same weapons the military use. A lot of people actually use AR-15’s for hunting.

      That weapon is actually more suited for shooting long range. So a handgun with a high capacity magazine would be just as lethal in such a contained area.

      That douche bags most powerful weapon was his intelligence. Do you actually think he would have walked in with a baseball bat and started hitting people? If he didn’t have access to weapons, how hard to you think it would have been for him to learn how to make pipe bombs? If he chained the doors and tossed in toxic smoke bombs do you think we’d be arguing over bleach and ammonia control?

      What do you think is one of the scariest things to other countries that might like to invade the USA? It’s not just our military, but the fact that just the registered hunters in the US is larger than every military force combined.

      It’s easy to jump on the gun control bandwagon, but after the laws are put in place it really does take a great feat to get them removed. You’ll never realize how much you’d like to have an assault riffle until you need one.

    • blob

      And that was not an AUTOMATIC its a semi-automatic just like stated above atleast go learn something before you open you dumb mouth.

    • Rich D

      What if he had waited for the show to be over……….The crowd exiting the theater………and mowed them down with a car. Would the victims be any less dead because he chose a different weapon?????……..

    • Mikey

      What if someone in that theater had a gun to defend themselves…Ever think about that one. Also it wasnt an automatic – those are illegal buddy- it was a semi auto… So he bought a shotgun, a rifle, and a glock in the last 3 months… So were going to impose waiting periods now after buying a new gun… Unconstitutional my friend

  • Robert Berry

    I wonder now if the theater can be sued since they prohibit firearms on the property, do they now assume responsibility for what happens in case of a gunfight? They would be liable if the theater had burned down, so why not in this case?

  • Jon

    You ignorant people, the AR-15 rifle was not an automatic weapon. It had the same action as his hand gun only the rifle had a small .223 caliber whereas the Glock was .40 caliber (10mm). Both of these weapons were semi-automatic meaning only one round is fired per pull of the trigger not 600 rounds like an automatic. Granted Colorado is one of the few states that allows a 100 round magazine for the AR-15. Maybe round capacity is what we should debate.

  • John

    Taking guns from people will not stop large scale Murder and Tragedy…I believe it was a little more than a dozen guys with box cutters that managed to kill almost 4000 people on September 11,2001,not to mention the deaths after caused by that heinous act,which had no guns involved……

    • mike

      i agree with our constitutional rights. taking guns out of the hands of people by creating a law only keeps the honest people from being able to protect themselves.
      Lets be honest, it doesn’t matter if you have a box cutter or a fully auto. someone that wants to be devestating will do it with exsplosives or a vehicle or what ever their sick minds dream up. the fact is only law abiding citezens will follow the law, and we dont have problems with them. the problem is we have to be more accertive in identifing a person who is capable of such lunicy. it’s not about the guns. I happen to know many people with an out right arsenal, but they aren’t sick and demented people. they are afraid of our weak as- government and the rest of the world. what kind of nation would we be together if iran had more guns than we did and we had no governmet to fight for us?

  • BBK

    Guns have one purpose, killing. Cars and knives and may other things that can kill have multiple purposes. People should be able to have guns to protect themselves but not these rapid fire types that aren’t meant for sport, aren’t meant for defense, they’re meant for attack and murder. Draw the line at a reasonable point — yes to tunes for self defense but 100 round cartridges — no way! Make it as tough as we reasonably can for anyone to achieve mass murder.


    • Mikey

      100 round cartridges…think you mean magazines buddy.In which case you mean the 100 round Beta mag, which could technically be considered a drum. Please educate yourself before you begin speaking on subjects you clearly have no clue about.

    • Rehwr

      “Guns have one purpose, killing.”

      What’s your point? Cars still kill more people than guns ever will.

  • jeff

    I have a question. Think about how the situation would have played out if 1or 2 people in the crowd had their chl. The man wouldnt have done nearly the damage. Embrace your country .when you start changing the freedom we are here for you loose sight of the word America. The man had problems but guns are illegal in Mexico and the people who need the guns dont have them and the ones who do are gangs and drug runners who already dont care about the law. My heart goes out to the families of the loved ones but taking away another freedom will not bring them back or prevent another psycho in the future.

    • Competition Shooter

      YES!! Finally a person that gets it!! We did outlaw one type of gun from civilian hands. The FULL Auto. Done! NO More! You keep taking liberties way you will wind up like china!!! Large mags ban will not solve anything either! You ever hear of jungle loads?? I have lost relitives to guns to but I don’t blame the gun. People kill people. They can use cars, clubs,butter knives and even forks. Seriously you can kill with about any object.

  • whatever

    In response to iced teas confusion about how military arms get into gen-pub — Wake up sweetie pie —- the gubbermint paid that guy to shoot up the movie theatre, how long are americans going to sleep – your own gubbermint is screwing you so hard you cant feel your own asses.

    Newsflash iced tea – it’s time to retire – your are old, out of touch and clueless.

    • Dallas

      Did you even read the article above?