Ice-T: Gun Control Won’t Stop The Deaths

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Since last Friday, the entire nation has been in a conversation that hasn’t gone away since the Columbine tragedy: whether or not we should have stricter gun control laws. Now, more and more celebrities seem to be taking sides on the debate, regardless of personal attacks made on their character because of it.

Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) sparked a hellacious Twitter war over the weekend when he tweeted about whether or not private citizens should have access to certain types of weapons.

Now, it seems, rapper Ice-T is getting into the mix, giving his opinion on the matter by stating that a lack of guns doesn’t necessarily mean fewer deaths.

“The right to bear arms is because it’s the last form of defense against tyranny,” he said in an interview. “If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it.”

It’s clear that the nation is divided on whether or not a crackdown on gun control laws will make a difference or if they are a violation of our constitutional rights; what is unclear, however, is whether this latest tragedy will affect the decision.

Ice-T: Gun Control Won’t Stop The Deaths
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  • Dan

    Ice-T is correct. Once we have no guns, we have literally no way to fight back or protect ourselves from those with guns.

    • jackson

      that’s true, but it’s not the criminals on the street i’m worried about, it’s our govn’t. the way for a govn’t to take over a country is too disarm it’s citizens…registration leading to confiscation…i foresee alot of dead govn’t agents (and American citizens) if confiscation comes into play…it will get ugly before it get’s better :o(

  • Dan Murphy

    Maybe if there were fewer gun control laws, it’s possible that someone in that theater could have been carrying a weapon and stopped that moron from doing what he did.

    • Tom

      I cannot agree with you more. How great it could have been if they had shot hom dead before he had the opportunity?

    • A. Palacios

      You are right, look what is going on in Mexico, in 1976 former presiden Luis Echeverria (a real moron ) closed all gun shops making ilegall for any citizen to own a weapon. Now you have
      100 % criminals because everybody has one.

  • http://yahoo Buddy

    If there had been 6 or so trained citizens in the crowd w/ carry permits I doubt that little chicken #&@? would have done much damage.

  • Diane

    I honestly feel that gun control will not stop any more future killings. There are many reasons why these people crack. Pressure to succeed, relationships that sour, be unemployed, etc. Many of these people are angry and have no outlet. I am not making excuses for them, I just feel that stricker gun laws will not stop the problem. Maybe if the world was kinder and more thougthful it will be a step in the right direction. In the Colorado incident there are no winners. I feel sorry for everyone. The only good that came out of it is the few men that took the bullet for their wife or girlfriend. They will always remembered as heros.

    • Diane

      Remember an armed society is a polite society. If that guy had any clue that at least one person was armed and was capable of shooting back, he would have never chosen that spot. He is a complete coward. I just wish that if he was that unhappy with his life, he would have just gone somewhere and left a note and just kill himself. But he was very selfish and had to ruin countless lives forever, and then didn’t have the guts to kill himself. Selfish coward.

  • Greg

    Hey Jason Alexander an AR 15 is not a military weapon…..and neither is a remington 870 express or a glock handgun. its clowns like you that spew inaccurate informatoin. An AR 15 is a semi automatic CIVILIAN version of its military counterpart. IT is not FULLY AUTOMATIC or BURST. It is no more capable of firing at high rates of speed than your average semi automatic .22 that most people plink cans with. Guns don’t gill people……people kill people…and if the gun control laws weren’t so strict maybe someone in that theater would have been packing and blew his worthless butt away before anyone else got hurt. You make me sick.

    • firewife

      couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • austin

      then explain Fort Hood moron. It doesn’t matter if everyone in the theater was packing it has to do with the unexpected. The first person to shoot usually wins. Bullets don’t stop bullets. Armor does. Guns are not a last line of defense. They are an offensive weapon that is only useful in a situation where you know of a threat. Tighter gun control for non military/police would at the minimum make it far more difficult to obtain weapons. And the other argument that if someone wants to kill they can do it without guns, it would take a hell of a lot more talent and ability to kill with bare hands or a knife. Let alone a movie full of people.

    • Tony

      Ditto. Did you see the video recently of the 71 year old guy who shot two robbers in a internet cafe because he had a permit to carry?

  • Deangelo Vickers

    Well – how about some “full body-armor” control??? If buying that is not a RED flag I don’t know what is!

  • Gary

    that’s why i like snoop dog the man speaks his mind.. guns don’t kill people kill people, people can get thier hands on guns in the black market if they can’t pass a background check

  • Mark King

    I’m certain that more gun control laws would be just as effective at keeping guns off the streets as drug control laws have been effective at keeping drugs off the streets.

    • Joe

      Great point

  • Greg

    gun control just keeps the honest man and the non crazy gun owner from defending himself in the event a crazy person or a street thug opens fire….. people that wanna kill will find guns or other means to kill if they can’t get guns. get a clue ….quit drinking the liberal cool aid

  • johnr. cassaro


    • Left Coast Chuck

      From 1968 to sometime in the 90’s federal law required the purchaser of ammunition to show picture id and to sign a register that the purchaser had made the purchase. It was abandoned when law enforcement organization could not show that a single crime in the long period the law was in effect was solved as a result of the register.

      Actually, the 6,000 rounds did the shooter little good. It is my feeling that in all likelihood he expended less than 100 rounds. His use of a 100 round drum mag is probably what led to his gun jamming. Most shooters know that while they look cool, like a lot of cool looking devices, they are actually not very reliable. Drum magazines have not proved reliable in their long history going back to the 1908 Luger. They do look cool, however. Like a chromed rifle and bayonet look cool — until you are actually using them for their intended purpose, then the chrome is a big P.I.T.A. and totally useless.

  • http://yahoo calvin johnson

    Hitler disarmed his country and look what happened

  • Rick

    its not the guns….its the psycho’s behind the guns that kill people…this guy had a clean record, no history of any mental problems, no history of any kind to prevent him from owning a gun….a situation like his is impossible to prevent…if there were no guns/ better gun control, what would of prevented him from killing anyone some other way? if he had to patients to plan this heinous act for months..he had the patients to do almost anything else to kill people if there were no guns.

    • http://webpronews Nathan

      Rick, I agree with you that the nutjobs need to be controlled. Unfortunately, the only current way I know of is to impose thorough psychiatric oral and written questionnaires on those who wish to procure high-capacity, military small arms (like an AR-14, or M-1 Garand) and have the results of those exams evaluated by qualified authorities to determine if this individual has raised any flags that he has anger issues, or other signs that this person should by no means procure their chosen weapon. This would probably put civil liberties groups in an uproar–until someone close to *them*…you know what I mean.
      Additionally, I noticed a large majority of comments were directed toward gun control without broaching the fact that this violent individual was a shade-tree ‘explosives ordnance expert’ with enough in his apartment alone to kill more people than he’d tragically shot to death.

  • DJ

    If getting rid of guns wouldnt decrease deaths, then someone explain why the United States has the highest gun ownership in the world and also has the highest gun murder rate in any industrialized nation? There’s a reason why Japan has less than 30 gun deaths a year, they dont allow guns.

    • BILL


      • DJ

        not per capita, but in total private guns. Sheer Volume the US is by far the most, and also by far the most gun murders in the industrialized world, is that a coincidence?

    • Shutup

      And that reason for japan having a lower murder rate is because the culture is based on honor and respect of others and their property. That is something that lacks in the US. Hence why we need guns.

      • DJ

        Good theory, why then does every industrialized nation on earth have less gun murders than the US?

    • Roland Heights

      In fact, 90% of the time that a gun is used in a crime it’s used in connection with illegal drug trafficking and gangs. If drug and gang activity are removed from the calculus, the United States is one of the safest countries in the world. In fact, England has a complete ban on rifles and pistols and London is a far more dangerous place to be than New York City.

      Stop the drug and gang punks and illeal gun violence goes away almost entirely.

    • Grady

      America’s own “homegrown terrorist”,are turning law abiding citizens into lawbreakers. We need to protect our right to bear arms, but this country is so corrupt criminals, or mentally unstable people have no problem aquiring weapons. A war on guns would be just a ridiculus as the war on drugs was.Guns make money , and the demand will keep growing because we Americans are not willing to give up anything.It is what it is….

    • Tony

      It’s also the reason Japan decided against invading the U.S. mainland in WWII, they knew too many Americans owned guns.

    • Campbell

      Entirely different mindsets (U.S. and Japan). I lived in Japan for 5 years. Japanese handle everything discreetly, even crime. The crime is there and so are the guns, its just that situations do not have to come to such conversations in extreme violence.

    • http://americanchivalry.blogspot.com/ Beat Dandy

      if we got rid of the guns the murder rate would not change just the wepons used

  • BILL


  • Ricky Culpepper

    If you make it illegal for regular citizens to get guns then the only ones that will get them are the ones that want to kill anyway.Also if they don’t get guns they can make explosives easily.

  • Grady

    I agree that civilians don’t need to have access to semi-auto weapons. I always have. Too easy to convert. The argument always seems to come back to the Constitution. Citizens do have the right to bare arms, but to protect life & limb you don’t need a machine gun,grenades,or body armor. I am keeping my legal weapons because I AM A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. Too many people, ( even some people I know) have automatic weapons. Every one wants to be ready for the inevitable.People kill people,guns just help.

    • Diane

      I agree with Calvin. The first thing that Hitler did to the Jews during WWII was to take away their guns so they couldn’t defend themselves. Look what happened to them. They were taken to concentration camps like cattle. Then worked to death, starved to death, and burned or gassed alive.

      Be VERY afraid of the future of our country if any president pushes for any gun control. DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM!

      America needs to stay a free country.

    • Ronyn

      Except, Grady when private citizens HAVE to defend themselves against a government run amok, trampling on individual freedoms. then those citizen-militia need automatic weapons to fight government troops with automatic weapons. Ask any Syrian about it!!

    • Joe

      The law abiding citizen wont be changing the semi auto to a full auto either, so why punish them for the law breakers ?

    • Bill

      Grady, my friend, I have a number of semi-automatic weapons and if you think converting them to full-auto is easy, I invite you to attempt it. For a lark, I looked into the procedure and a proper conversion takes more equipment and skill than I have. You might get one burst off before the thing blows up and, if you get caught with it you are looking at some SERIOUS penalties courtesy of the FEDERAL laws already in place. The semi-automatic weapon is the absolute BEST choice for those of us serious about our self-defense.

  • Jerry

    Gun control works if you do it like Sinapore and not like the corrupt USA. You need it in every fifty states and not half ass like Americans do things. America is a violent and mentally ill culture so they don’t know the difference.

    • Steve

      Jerry, You seriously need help. I want to know where i can send you a one way ticket to Singapore. You can stay there and see what true corruption looks like.

  • Shaolin116

    I belive in gun control. It’s all in how you hold your gun and make sure not to jerk the trigger. Gently squeeze it so you will have a tighter grouping on your target. This way you are less likely to hit any innocent bystanders and you only kill the dumb son of a bitch that was stupid enough to mess around with you in the 1st place.

  • Andrew Gall

    I believe in gun control too, keep them out of Liberals hands!

    • Darryl Lentini

      Good comment Andrew, I agree with you 100%

  • Jake

    Anyone remember the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski ??

    He engaged in a mail bombing campaign that spanned nearly 20 years, killing three people and injuring 23 others.

    He did not use firearms.

    • DJ

      Exactly Jake, no guns, he was able to kill 3 people over a 20 year span, not kill 12 maybe more in a few minutes. THank you for proving the point.

  • RR

    “Gun Control works!”
    -Government of the People’s Republic of China
    Tiananmen Square, June 4, 1989

    “I should have worked on those Gun Control laws BEFORE the tax ones.”
    -King George III

  • carl mosconi

    Countries with gun controls are inherently safer, Google it.

    • Jan P.

      Exactly right. Whether people want to believe it or not, the unadorned facts show countries with strict gun ownership laws have only a fraction of the gun deaths we see in the United States. And if anyone believes Canadians would then be unable to defend against tyranny then they don’t know our neighbors to the north.

      • http://americanchivalry.blogspot.com/ Beat Dandy

        the amount of murders will not change, just the wepons used

    • Matt

      WRONG!!! There is a fully automatic assault rifle in the house of every able bodied man in Switzerland. They are given the guns at 18 and taught everything they need to know about the weapon. They have one of the lowest crime rates in the civilized world. Care to explain that, Carl?

      • DJ

        Matt, not only are those automatic weapons required to be locked up but they also limit the amount of ammunition given to each man. Ammo must remain sealed, unless there is a national emergency. they do this because they have a very small standing army and will fall back on citizens should a country invade. The US has WAAAAAYYYYY more guns than the Swiss ever dreamed of, and as such we have a WAAAAYYYY bigger gun murder rate, care to explain that?

      • tmobb

        People don’t want to know the truth, because it doesn’t help the cause of taking guns out of hands of innocent people.

    • Paul

      That isnt the point. The United States was founded on the premise that all men were to be free and the Constitution guarantees it. How many times have countries in europe been conquered? How many times has the US been conquered? The reason it was written into our Constitution was because our forefathers had the wisdom to not repeat the tyranny they fled from.

      Their are always pros and cons but we live in the land of freedom and liberty.

      “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
      – George Washington

    • toby

      no youre wrong. switzerlans is one of the safest and nearly every home has a fully automatic militay assault rifle. they are a gift from the government. google that!

    • Mike

      If the gov came knocking on your door to take what you have earned how would you defend yourself? Talk em down???? Those countries run the peoples lives because they cannot defend themselves.Wake up

  • Mike

    There would be fewer incidents like the movie theater massacre if everybody carried a gun. The idiot that did this wouldn’t have even thought about doing such a thing if he knew everybody else would have started shooting back. Gun control restricts what law abiding people are allowed to do with a legally obtained firearm and makes it easier for deranged sick nuts to do terrible things against defenseless people.Anybody can get a gun illegally. Deranged people can always find a way to buy a gun.

  • Jerry

    I want to see the corrupt politicians like Boehner that thinks the “Wild West” is so great not have bodyguards and allow gunowners where they work and frequent. I’ll bet you the corrput politicians won’t go for that. They are bought out by the gun lobby and could care less about peoples safety and that is why America has 100,000 shootings annually and a terrorist attack is more likely domestically then from overseas.

    • Jelaine67@yahoo.com

      Jerry, you have a valid point! However, I am one of the uneducated one when it comes to guns because they seem so deadly! As a result, I don’t go near them.

      • Mike

        Who are you going to depend on to protect you if someone threatens your family? The Police?? The Gov?? You’ll be dead and your killer will then be glorified by the same media that is blowing this out of the water. People you better wake up!!!

    • Roland Heights

      @Jerry – In fact the “wild west” was relativly peaceful, precisely because almost everybody had a gun. People like you only think it wasn’t because of Western movies.

      As for the “gun lobby” a recent Gallup Poll indicated that 75% of the American people have a “positive” or “favorable” view of the NRA. Moreover, all polls show that the American people DO NONT WANT MORE GUN CONTROL LAWS, they want enforcement of existing laws first. So the gun lobby, unlike president Obama, is simply supporting the will of the people.

      As for “terrorist” attack more likely here than oversea WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM. There has not been one terrorist attack, or anything like it, since the 9/11 attack.

    • tmobb

      Stating that countries that have stricter controls have less gun deaths is missleading, and in some cases not true. When you look at supposed countries with stronger laws, they have other ways the citzens kill each other. Maybe some havent noticed other countries that people strapping bombs to children sending them off to kill others, where evil is to be done it will also find away to suceed and only way to prevent it is allow people to defend themselves.

      It is also funny how quickly we forgot about the kid that killed an intruder in his parents home saving himself and his siblings, and this would not been possbile if the gun control people have their way.

  • Texas

    Gun laws will only control law abiding citizens. Criminals obey no laws and can acquire any type of weapon on the black market. The Colorado murderer killed 12 and wounded 58 in 2 minutes. the response time for police to arrive on scene is 3+ minutes. The only people who will save your life is yourself and other licensed carriers. So for all you gun bashers, don’t put my life in jeopardy because you are uneducated about firearms or your scared of them. Someday somebody like me will save your life because we happen to be a licensed, law abiding gun owner protecting our right to live.

    • Mike

      Amen brother!

  • Paul M

    As a former Marine that holds a concealed weapons permit I gaurantee that scumbag would not be in jail and his mommy would be weeping over his corpse.
    Government doesn’t give a crap about “innocent” people being killed, they see these incidents as fuel for their goal to disarm the citizen.
    Liberals beware: You come for my weapon and you don’t go home on your feet.

    • Mike

      Amen!!!! They can have mine the day they pry my cold dead fingers from around it!!!!

  • Derril

    Don’t forget, this moran loaded explosives all over his apartment prior to his “visit” to the theater. He threw in tear gas canisters prior to coming in the “emergency” door. He had all this planned and would have followed through if he had NO guns. He would have done it with explosive devices. I agree…it’s not the honest armed citizen who carries legally, it’s nut cases like this. They’ve been around and will continue. They need to be looked at just like we look at terrorist because that’s exactly what they are. And they don’t need a permit to load up on foreign imported black market weapons. More gun control will not keep these off the streets.

  • Alex

    The American people more than ever need their 2nd Amendment rights as the various authoritarian regimes work in tandem with the corporations to loot and pillage the American people and murder and occupy abroad while wrapping it up as patriotism.

  • rosa

    Can you buy a heat-seeking missile? No. Can you buy a military drone? No. Can you buy anthrax? No.

    Psychos and nuts can’t buy them either.

    Why should automatic military-style weapons be exempt?


    • http://webpronews james

      Its not a automatic weapon retard.

    • RR


      Automatic weapons are illegal.
      However, so are drugs and they are constantly smuggled into this country. Do you honestly think that if more guns are made illegal, that they will not become part of a larger black market? Although tragic, the amount of deaths caused at the hand of non-criminals by guns is miniscule compared to those caused by established criminals with illegal guns.

    • Roland Heights

      @Rosa — Regardless of whether the Supreme Court might ever decide that the 2nd amendment protects the right to own missiles or drones or anthrax, there can be no question that rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers ARE constitutionally protected.

      As for psychos nuts buying them: OH YES THEY CAN!! Anybody with connections to international arms dealers can get anything he/she wants,…for a price.

      No “military-style” weapons were used in the Aurora shooting. The AR-15 is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC look-alike to the military M16.

      Please educate yourself.

    • Dan Ray Wolfe

      Well Rosa, first of all you can’t buy automatic weapons without a class three federal firearms licencse, secondly, they had to be manufactured prior to 1968 (if you can find on for sale be prepaired to spend upwards of $15000.00) and third, the nut job in Colorado had a semi automatic AR-15. You should do a little research on firearms before you run your mouth.

  • Taylor

    liberal smibberal. A common person does not need to have a military machine gun. His jammed according to some forensic expert, so he should have killed even more. Regular guns for defense I am for not military stuff even if you are ex-military but now a citizen.

    • Texas

      It wasn’t a military machine gun Genius! Your just another wack job trying to make a statement about something you know nothing about!

  • Porter

    It is true about weapons of mass distruction a fully automatic weapon in the hands of a nut job is a bad thing-we do not need more laws-we need the courts to punish quickly the offenders not wait a year too hang them high-get on with it already. We need a division to assit local law in handling the laws we have, it is called profileing like it or not! they need too do it. A group performing for the safety of ordinary people a division of the FBI to monitor gun sales and ownership and nothing elsethis is what is needed. I Bow hunt and enjoy venison greatly but if game is scarce the 30/30 works fine too. For Bears 308 bolt action. For walks in the woods where sometimes too close for comfort 44 revolver Have a nice day. Pray for peace-Prepair for war.

    • Joel

      I was in the Army for 24 years. I know how to use weapons non military and military. If all you lefty liberal gun control butt wipes fear the guns, who are you going to turn to for protection after the Blue Hat jerk offs take control and abolish our Constitution. You thin Obammy is going to? just don’t come to my camp. We better prepare now it is inevitable. Stock up now and “KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY”.

  • Alabama Colt .45

    If all legal citizens are disarmed, what does that do? How is the govt. going to get all of the illegal arms confiscated? As said before, your only helping the dishonest criminal types when you strip the working mans rights from him. Blame the video games!!!

  • Edgar

    Gun control? What happened to fast and furious? Gun control my ass.

  • eva a. smith

    If you can,t hunt with less then 100 shells you need some practice or don,t need to hunt.. Adding insuklt to injury this guy in colorado pays for guns and ammo , now the victims taxxes will pay for his defense.

  • Mike

    Have you noticed that almost all of these mass murders seem to occur in GUN FREE ZONES? You see the signs up and law abiding people don’t have their guns. The killers do. They want defenseless victims. Gun free zones invite attack and advertise that there will be no opposition.

    • Rod

      I agree 100% Mike.

    • Leslie

      Agreed and fact!

  • John Dovetail

    Ice is write I got 2 pistols and a carbine you don’t need a gun to kill some one. If I where going to kill someone I wouldn’t use one of my guns they cost to much I’d use a bat cheap and easy to get rid of.

  • B

    I hate saying this but, it could be true. There is a possibility that if that guy didn’t have that rifle, what he might have used instead to hurt and kill people could have been even more devastating. Stricter gun control solves nothing AND it gives criminals the upper hand. However, I think more gun control is exactly what we’re going to get. Fewer Americans understand or embrace the Constitution with each passing generation. It’s fading away. That’s just the way it is.

  • CRIS

    the minute they take our right to own guns,,our country,will be invaded,,at this point no other country will dare invade,,they know we,, as citizens are armed,,,this colorado coward,would have never left alive,if only one armed citizen,would have been in the theater…my heart,goes out to all that suffer,because of one coward

    • Bradford

      I sooooooo agree with you, I always have a gun on me, and I have a license to have one. people who break the law do not go to the gun shop or Walmart to buy a weapon that they are going to later use to kill somebody or rob somebody. I wish I had been in that theatre, I would limited the deaths that night, but that guy would of been in a body bag. So now we are going to give him a fair trail. Tell that to that 6 year old and his family.

  • http://yahoo.com Bob P

    anyone know why this country has never been invaded?, Because our enemies know that private citizens are armed, It’s a right to bare arms, so far one thing the government has not taken away

  • Matt

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending to much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it.

    Thomas Jefferson

  • Major Fuller

    There is no such thing as “gun control laws.” That is a term politicians use for votes and actors use for publicity. Criminals have always been able to get guns, and always will. That is why they are criminals. Gun control laws prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves. I wonder how many law abiding citizens were in that theater thinking, “Crap, if only I had my weapon on me. I could stop this psycho!”

  • Dave P

    Some of the toughest gun laws in the nation are right there in the heart of Obamaland and since the first of the year there has been 250 deaths in Chicago. That is number 1 in the country. Ice-T is right and it drives the left bananas when one of them strays off the path with the truth. Without the 2nd Amendment, Progressives would take total control of the country.

    • Roland Heights

      @Dave P – Absolutely correct. The good news is that in every poll the American people DO NOT want more gun control laws. Even better, in a recent Gallup Poll 75% of Americans have a “favorable” view of the NRA. It breaks down to about 86% of convervatives and about 67% of liberals. So with so many liberals coming to the side of gun rights, we are in better shape than we think.

    • Ron Howard

      Well, I’m a Democrat and I’m not going bananas. I completely agree with Mr T (LOL). One thing people fail to realize is that regardless of political party people from either side don’t think in such black and white terms. I wish those on the extreme left and extreme right would stop putting everyone under one respective umbrella. If that were truly the case there would be nothing short of another civil war.

  • sudie

    The person holding the gun did the killing….not the gun.

  • John

    Have we forgotten the largest mass killing in this country was done with an airplane not a gun and do we try to regulate the size and type of planes we can fly in no because it was the nuts behind the controls not the plane the same goes with a gun it’s not the gun it’s the nut behind the gun

  • Ty

    If that guy had really wanted to commit a massacre and couldn’t find a gun, (which he would have eventually, legally or not) he could have just built a bomb and detonated it in the theater. Gun control isn’t the issue here.

  • Cigar Mann

    I dont have an answer like most of the intelligent people responding on this post. But it is sad that it takes something like this to spark some dialog.

  • Art Bischoff

    I own 3 handguns and a rifle. As far as I know, none of them have killed,or even injured anybody.I have a state issued Concealed Carry permit that involved class time and range time as well as an extenssive background check to get.But,according to the Laws of my State, there are places I am not allowed to carry a concealed weapon and being a law abiding citizen,I have a choice of either not carrying or not going into posted locations.
    I can live with the current restrictions but feel that if I really wanted to kill someone there is not a single article in all the gun control legislation that would prevent it. The only ones that abide by these laws are the law abiding citizens and not the criminal element or crazies.

  • Heime

    Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people. With fertilizer.
    The 9-11 hijackers only needed box cutters.
    One of Hitler’s first acts as Chancellor was ban private ownership of firearms. Ask the Jews how well that worked.

    As the great Archie Bunker replied to his daughter when she complained about people killed with guns,
    “Would you be happier if they was pushed out windows?!”

    • B

      No. He said, “Would it make you feel any betta Little Goyel if they was pushed outta windas?!”. Classic moment. And damn true!

  • Roland Heights

    Ice-T’s comments are emblematic of the way more and more liberals are thinking. In a recent Gallup Poll 75% of Americans have a “favorable” view of the “gun lobby” or the NRA. The poll indicated about 87% of supporters were conservatives of course, but roughly 67% of liberals like the NRA too.

    Jason Alexander is a dope. A military weapon was NOT used in this shooting. Moreover, if he were to look at ALL the facts as opposed to only a few, he’d see that guns are used for self-defense far more frequently than they are used for crime.

  • scooter

    why take the guns? why not take the movies away? just about every movie you see today has some kind of gun violence ans you have some idiots that believe you can really do the crap they do and get away with it. so lets take the movies out of the theaters.

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