Bing Needs Users to Break the Google Habit

The Google Habit May Be the Most Significant Factor in Its Search Dominance

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One of Bing’s Facebook fans brings up a good point about the search market. Google is simply ingrained in so many people’s online habits, Bing’s biggest challenge is to simply keep Google users from being sucked back into the Google way. 

Have you tried to use other search engines besides Google, only to find yourself coming back? Was it for the quality of results or just out of habit? Let us know

Daniel WillisHow can I adjust to bing? I like the search engine just I am in the grip of google :/ I always end up using google again.

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Bing reminded everyone this week that it is still behind in some aspects of search, when it announced personalized search results based on location and history.Google has been personalizing search results based on these factors for quite some time. The announcement doe show that Bing is improving, however. 

Meanwhile, as Google’s search quality is repeatedly called into question, one of  the biggest things it has going for it is probably the fact that it is indeed a habit for so many people, because it has simply dominated the search market for so long. 

Bing has a new weapon in this battle, however. Last year, Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7. Initital sales of the devices that run this platform weren’t too mindblowing. Now, as you may have read, Microsoft has entered a strategic partnership with Nokia, which will see its phone OS being used across Nokia devices. And guess what – Bing will also be used across these devices as the default search. 

Habits are a lot easier to break when the default is the alternative. Of course, it remains to be see just how well this partnership will pay off for Microsoft. They are, after all, competing with the likes of iOS and Android, not to mention BlackBerry and webOS.  

On an interesting sidenote, Google has been making job offers to Nokia engineers.

Do you think the Nokia deal will give Bing a significant push in search market share? Comment here.

Bing Needs Users to Break the Google Habit
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  • Guest

    i just bookmarked bing as home. eventually i never went back to google and overall my web experience is much better, prettier, easier, and less flooded with spam. after a while the habit breaks, its just not easy. you can do bing for news, images, videos, which play without going to the site, unlike google that lacks silverlight. plus maps on bing is unprecedented in quality.

    • http://www.rjdinternational.com RJD

      “plus maps on bing is unprecedented in quality” Really? How is the street view in Bing?

      • Derf

        While Street View is impressive, not all of us are of the school of thought that a multi-billion dollar company known to involve itself in politics (China & more recently Egypt) roaming the streets taking pictures of everyone’s home and workspace while “accidentally” grabbing people’s wireless signals and data is a good thing. I know, I know…put on my tin foil hat right? Their motto IS, after all, “Don’t be evil”. Just imagine what the CIA could get away with if they changed their logo to a smiley face and take line to “Huh? Us? Noooooo, we’d never do THAT”.

        • Callie

          Exactly. Nothing Google does is “accidental.”

          “Google’s “Street View” is the most intrusive piece of work I’ve ever seen. I was shocked when I accidentally accessed SV about a year ago. I conducted a small survey after absorbing this initial shock. In over 50% of the cases, I found that SV somehow managed to take pictures of people’s homes with their garages open and at least one car visible. In these cases, license plate numbers were easily determined simply by zooming in.

          There’s no reason Google would want this information except to collaborate with the U.S. government, with whom they are under contract (CIA and DoD). Having said that, I can only hope that our taxpayer dollars did not fund any part of this.

          The audacity of Google to lure us in with their formidable search & adjunct goodies, with our dependency as their goal.
          Now, after purposefully invading our privacy and hoarding our personal data – Google in all its arrogance no longer has any use for us.
          For our own good, each of us should strive to break the Google habit by seeking out ethical, less intrusive alternatives (there are many).

  • Indy

    There is an easy solution to that Google stickiness problem, but the problem is that these big companies are full of professionals with absolutely no common sense. Partnering with Lady Gaga, Cindy Lohan, Kardashian, Paris Hilton and the rest of the pantyless chicks will break that habit on a heartbeat. Those chicks pull some sick cults behind them and fans would do anything they order them to. Microsoft rather plays those stupid, hard to understand and boring commercials that need a rocket scientist to decipher what they are about. People are stupid. Treat them as such.

  • http://forum.smobot.com SMObot

    If Microsoft wants Google users to switch, facilitating transition of everything Google should be paramount. Bing has already done a great job of improving the prominence of the search box.

    As far as making the transition easy, the contact importer from other services like Gmail to Hotmail was a good start, but Microsoft can go much further.

    Presently, IE does not provide the option to import favorites from Chrome. While they are already the dominant browser, it may not hurt to have that option available. Also, if there isn’t a Windows sidebar application with a Bing search bar, last few emails, a directory of favorites, and rss, there should be.

    Tiptoeing around the other M word (monopoly), they might integrate their Bing brand into other windows OS search functions (find document, find next, etc)… maybe as part of a new and improved file indexation and search process, which presently sucks.

    Ideally, you should be able to import the entire iGoogle homepage to myMSN. I don’t know exactly how possible that is. Maybe microsoft could update the browser again to scan the iGoogle page (since they’re scanning / mining Google click stream data), and offer the equivalent alternatives/suggestions on myMSN. Looks like all the data is in the iGoogle source code.

    Then there are the more advanced Google services.


    Particularly, webmaster tools. Google won big by having a great relationship with webmasters. Matt Cutts became the office SEO know-it-all and authority on web content. Microsoft can’t say that. They just didn’t quite own the internet the way Google did; they didn’t leverage an essentially self-perpetuating ad syndication network with a great combination of webmaster tools, affiliate networks, and marketing intelligence tools.

    Microsoft would rather webmasters pay for their tools, their desktop software, and their server-side software. In the era of the cloud, that logic really only makes sense for extremely advanced, application-specific software. Who uses Microsoft Frontpage anymore?

    Youtube. Although initially not as profitable as Google may have hoped, YouTube is another retention mechanism for Google, well-poised to dominate in the era of next generation web-capable televisions…. Microsoft could leverage the X-Box network to create another YouTube.

    That’s enough advice for now.

    • http://www.innovativegiftbaskets.ca Brian

      As a website owner, I have been totally frustrated with Google Webmaster Tools and Google itself. The large Google dominance only makes it more difficult for the small business owner to seek recongnition on the web. We have been trying to increase our rankings on Google for over five years now with limited results…but SURPRISE, with Bing we are in the top 5-7 on page 1 for all of our targeted keywords. So I say….yes..PLEASE ….make the switch and BING IT !!!

  • Kain

    While reading this I just realised that sometime yesterday I changed my selected search engine in Firefox from Bing back to Google without noticing.

    It is a hard habit to break

    • Chris Crum

      They get you every time!

  • Chang

    Burn Google, burn! Die you wicked witch.

    Let the evil Microsoft be on equal ground as the wicked witch.

    • http://www.musicfordummiesonline.com arkebiz

      I seek t keep Bing out because it tyries taking over everything.

  • http://www.netscype.com Netscype Gino


    Take your site an look it up at google – 61 000 times
    Then look it up at Bing. – 3 250 times

    This is my conclusion.

    Bing is to small.

    • Karen Iuppa

      I have a MAC and for some reason I couldn’t access google anymore so I switched to BING… I wasn’t sure at first but now I LOVE it. Less choice is better for me and the home page makes me feel good!

    • http://www.lrcaldwellint.com Tony Grady

      Our thoughts exactly!

  • Guest

    If Bing wants people to break the Google habit, they need to deliver on all those promises they made while they were rolling out a search engine that wasn’t as good as the one it was replacing. Bing is not even as good as the original Ask.com from ten years ago. I’ve Binged and I’ve decided to go back to the search engine that usually managages to place the results I want on page one instead of page three. Let me Google that for you.

  • http://www.mygopherservice.com Guest

    I didn’t have a problem changing…Google was getting quirky and junky. I’m even using the phrase “Binging” or “Bing It” now. Search is more relevant.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com Steve

    Bing is a copycat and I love google habit, so I stick to google not bing :) bing force us users to add grahpics and when I look for images I only get a few and with google is unlimited images. I always have to way for the images on bing to appear and with google no images is just fast, I do have the fastest internet service in the market and bing still slow. I don’t care about images when iam not looking for them like most of the times, so I believe google is much better.

  • Laurie

    As a web designer who works with Search Engine Optimization, I would suppose Bing would be better. HOWEVER, as a consumer/searcher, I will choose Google all day long, if I want something else more relevent, I’ll go to yahoo before I BING anything. That may change over time when their search expands, if it ever does.

    Anyone who understands how search engines work, knows that Google is a search engine through and through. Bing had it right when they advertised as a decision engine (though I have no idea what they mean by it). They are not a place to do a search unless you really know what you are looking for. When you google something, you should be specific and it will narrow down the results just like Bing. The problem is usually when I google something I am looking for it to fill in the blanks for me, Bing can’t do that….SORRY BING! YOU LOSE!!!

  • http://www.onclickdata.com Guest

    Yeah well i keep trying bing but i cant find what i am looking for, when i go to google i can find it. Bing has nice photos… but thats about it so far.

  • http://www.tvbreakroom.com Katie

    I tried using Swagbucks search so I could earn gift certificates while I searched, but soon gave up. It rarely found what I was looking for, or it did, the result I wanted was several items down and I had to search for it. Took me less than a week to go back to Google.

  • http://na Guest

    Google’s share of the search market in the UK is completely distorted. A lot of users, you know the families that have a pc in the corner of the room get their broadband from various companies and most at one time came with an installation disk. That set up various options and one of them was the default search ‘Google’. In the UK one hell of a lot of people seem to think that even typing in a url needs to be entered within the search box of Google and not the address bar of the browser.

    A large amount of SEO companies (UK) seem to point at Google as the place to be, why? largely because of the above and also most people just don’t know any different. Hence over the years a lot of businesses and individuals have also been ripped off by some SEO company’s claiming to get you on page 1 of Google giving the impression that is all that matters.

    Quite frankly until that habit is broken and people have been educated that bit more, Google’s share of the search market will not dwindle. I have spent the last 17 years in web design and development and I highly rate BING for producing more relevant results than Google.

  • http://www.marlonphoto.com Marley

    For almost 10 years myself as well as others would often use the phrase “GOOGLE IT” whenever we tried to get answers to any information we could only find on the web. It was much easier than saying “MSN IT” or even “YAHOO IT” or “ASK IT”. “GOOGLE IT” just seem to roll off the tongue a lot better than the others. It was not that Google was a better search engine in the beginning it was just a little smoother the spit the name out to finish a conversation than the others.

    I’ve always loved MSN and I still think that their search results are a little more streamlined than Google. I just recently started using BING on a regular basis. Using the phrase “BING IT” or “BING MY SITE” or “BING ME”, etc. is almost as easy as saying “GOOGLE IT”. “BING IT” is actually easier than saying “GOOGLE IT”. I wonder if Microsoft came out with Bing before Google would they be the BIG Brother of search like Google is now and would we all be scrutinizing their habits and search technology as we are all doing to Google now.

    I’m a former IT pro who gave up the tech talk and the career years ago to become a professional photographer, but I still subscribed to WEBPRONEWS.com just to keep up on whats happening in the tech world. This is my first post here and I do appreciate the opportunity to voice my opinion. Maybe the search giants should take note from WEBPRONEWS and allow their users and readers to voice their opinions. Opinions are a major factor in helping to develop a business. How else would you know what the public wants. My photography site: http://www.marlonphoto.com

    Just a thought.
    What do you think?


  • http://washingtonopenmri.com Guest


    I use it – and feed it – because they have 70%+ of web searches.

    Is Bing better?

    I believe most of us agree that the “Yellow Pages” with the greatest circulation is better than a small regional publication.

    This being said, what unknown prejudice are we feeding by being loyal to Google?

    How does one define “the best” source of info?

    For now as both a searched and site owner it makes more sense to go with the majority and unless there is a compelling reason – currently unknown – how, why and should we – consider a search engine with smaller reach?


  • Guest

    I go to Google out of habit. And maybe because I like the doodles. The truth is, I DON’T WANT localized searches and some of the other “features” of Google. First of all, because of where my DSL service comes from, Google insists that it give me results for a city that is 60 miles away. Secondly, I am a global-searcher. I don’t want to know shoe stores within driving distance. I want to know where I can find a particular item and order it online. Google is making all the wrong decisions for me and I do not like software making decisions for me …

    As for the small business owner trying to make it in Google rankings: I Hear Ya’! I don’t have hundreds, let alone thousands of dollars each month to pay Google per click. Most people who don’t have websites don’t even realize that the search results aren’t the “best results” but come from a combination of things – one of which is how much the site owner paid. That’s why there’s so much junk in search results.

  • http://www.discoverlebanon.com William MATAR

    I always use Google in Search… and I will never change.. for sure not from facebook.. search is hectic in facebook… maybe using from time to time bing.com but never from fb

  • DataWest

    I am a tech and what really bugs me on new PC’s how Bing is in the OS before the consumer even gets the system or now they are making deals with software installations, the more pushy a company is the less likely I will use it. Add to that I dont roll with the Apple I followers, that is a whole other situation, IPad is not the greatest device to own, I refuse to run with the sheep.

  • http://www.fixpcfreeze.com Ramani

    Most people who are just entering into the www world is using a browser that has its default search engine set as Google. The newbies generally do not bother which search engine. But as they see more and more of Google, they start thinking that search means google.

    So bing needs to capture this default search engine in many browsers like firefox, safari etc. Some forceful behaviour initially is required from bing to get its presence felt.

  • http://www.repdomproperties.com Adrian Head

    I have tried Bing on numerous occasions, not only for normal searches, but also as a webmaster and SEO consultant for websites. I still find the the search results on Bing do not match up to the accuracy in terms of what I am searching for particularly, as someone else has already mentioned, if the search is not specific. Bing, in my opinion, still has a way to go, not that I would suggest Google is perfect either. My main complaint with Google is being directed to other smaller directories or sites with links to other sites and not to a site relevant to what I am looking for.

  • http://africatopforum.com Perfect

    I use many browsers that have bing as default search engine when I use them, most time I don’t find what I am looking for, but using google gets me there. They only way is relavance.

  • http://www.weballways.com Radha

    Time could be best solution, only quality will stay longer. I’m completely agree with INDY about “professionals (infact un-professionals with no attitude to hard work and only to sit back and relax) with absolutely no common sense, big companies”.

  • Guest

    I use both.

    Bing IMO has a nice shopping feature, Google’s got that bird’s eye view in the maps which is awesome.

    When searching for sites, I use both also.

  • http://richinwriters.com Steven Porter

    Hey can’t blame bing for trying, Every time I use bing I can’t find what i’m looking for and well honestly I don’t know. Personally I don’t like Bing Microsoft owns to much of the internet as it is. I want a new search engine by a company not related to google or Microsoft. I don’t want the internet search to be ruled by Microsoft. I want a brand new search engine company to come up and challenge Google. I’m not a huge fan of facebook but at least it has no relation to Google or Microsoft.

  • Guest

    Not that Google

  • http://www.lrcaldwellint.com Tony Grady

    When Google gives you over 4000 search results on a business and Bing gives you 100, it’s a no brainer to businesses, who to go with. Businesses want exposure. Google does that.

  • http://www.latterkursus.dk Ejvind

    When Google took over from Yahoo, Ask and the others, it was because they do what they do so darn GOOD. Bing has no chance to catch up, since they are supported by Microsoft – the company that is always making programs work slower.. As long as Google doesn’t screw up, or become too arrogant, they will stay on top.

  • http://www.gilleslavigueur.com Gilles

    Since BOTH are driven by PROFITS and BOTH say they are BUSTING THEIR … to PLEASE You and Me and all the BILLIONS OF PEOPLE out there to DELIVER TO THEM what THEY WOULD like to see, BOTH have built such enormous MACHINES that the HUMAN ASPECT, between THEM and You and Me, have gone the Hell out the Window ! ( I could have written Windows but I didn’t)

    I’ve been trying to make websites since 1998 and everytime I have what they CALL UPGRADED my software, I hope you have noticed TOO that the UPGRADES have become increasingly COMPLICATED and the ONLY ONES it seems to me who really KNOW WHAT those softwares are ALL ABOUT are those who spend their days in and days out and have been doing so by the thousands in those two companies to EARN their SALARIES to be able to justify their earnings with their young BOSSES and now not so young ones at BING. Same principle applies in all Spheres of activities and Companies.

    As for myself, among a lot of other things, when Google came out with the Adwords, I made the painfull mistake and error to click about 45 times on Ads that have been appearing within my sites to NAIVELY check if the ADS were PIRATING my own products which by now have just about all disappeared but I have kept the “Ads” in case some Humanbeeing MIGHT, accidentaly, perhaps, see what I’ve done although I tried many times to tell Google that I’m not a Frauder neither a Hacker or God Knows What, to no avail of course. Because the “ads” were relatively new and that the TEAM from inside was already SEARCHING for WRONG CLICKS like I did without having READ the small prints and conditions which I have learnt at my own costs. I got one or two messages to which I remember having tried to reply to to no avail …

    Since I was in the FIRST WAVE of Google USERS and helped, silently from my personal corner of the World, to tell everybody I know how increadibly fast and pertinent Google was, there is no shadow of a doubt that I’ve helped Google come to live even if my own little corner the world and that was also done by thousands upon thousands of guys like me and you and that has to be considered a drop in the today’s Ocean that Google has become as well as Microsoft, of course, will MOST CERTAINLY never bring me more than the 100 $ cheque I received from Google years ago …

    Despite all that, I still prefer Google to Bing a thousand times more due to the fact that Google, inspite of their OBLIGATED activities Requested by Government Agencies of all kinds, particularly since SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001, have rendered the WebLife somewhat bearable but very FAR from what it was to Navigate on the Web only eleven years ago..

    Long Live BOTH organisations for the Simple Sake of FREEDOM and what THAT WORD signifies to “NORMAL HUMANBEINGS” such as YOU and ME from North and South America, Europe and The Greatest Part of Asia, the Reasons WHY we still THINK of the words HOPE, COURAGE, DETERMINATIONS, LOYALTY, KINDNESS, HONESTY, JUSTICE and CHARITY and a few more are STILL WORTH Fighting for.

    With my Best Regards to BOTH Google AND Microsoft’s BING


  • http://asthmatherapists.com Sable

    I like Bing’s cleaner and seemingly faster access to content. And when I’m surfing it seems to work smoothly. However, I’ve been using Google for so many years I seem to find what I’m looking for by using simple words and the database seems to understand my vocabulary better. Maybe in time Bing will get to know me better….but for now, well you know how it is…

  • http://www.home.com 420BREATH

    Bing has a long ways to go if they think they will overtake Google. Microsoft needs to aggressively pursue the market like they did with the Xbox. Nobody thought that Xbox would be a real competition to Sony’s Playstation – but now they can see that they were wrong. Pump the funding into advertising and give the end user a reason to switch. Offer incentive to go to Bing. Make a deal with Facebook like American Idol did with MySpace and you will generate a new movement. Although MySpace is dead and cant be revived -Facebook has enough followers that you could change the game with just a portion of their users. CONTROL THE SOCIAL MOVEMENT AND YOU WILL LEAD THE NEW GENERATION.

  • http://jetheights.com Jet Heights

    I have to say I can’t help but coming back here “from my email though”. Google’s domination is there for all to see…the rest of them, bing inclusive had better use whatever alternatives they can. So many good points have been made…Hopefully, we would see a better competition in the near future.

  • http://www.homebiz4less.com Guest

    I won’t switch to another search engine, I have tested my searches and Google always has had the best results. More up to date results and more specific results too. I use all Goggle products and have not had any problems.Bing has never helped me when I have searched using them.

  • Dr x

    The only times I have used bing were because they had “tricked” me into installing it in the setup of another program or when I open Internet explorer which has bing as default. I have repeatedly given bing the chance to find me what I want and yet EACH time I find I have to re-search in google as bing can’t seem to find me even large well known websites from keywords.
    It’s not my habit that needs breaking, it’s bing that needs fixing.
    Until they can make it work properly why even bother promoting it? Until it works why do deals with other companies to “trick” me into installing it as my default search, frustrate me with bad results then make me delve into my settings to reinstate google.
    I fail to view bing in any other way other than nuisance software to watch out for and if Microsoft would be so kind maybe they could add it to the definition files for Microsoft security essentials so it could scan for and remove bing automatically. That would be great.

  • http://www.ekmerchandisemall.com Edward Shaw

    We have a start up business selling therapeutic floor mats (these mats are a very very good product with a 5 year ltd. warranty) we have tried to get bing to put us on their search engine for awhile now and we are still waiting.
    We tried google and we were accepted in no time at all.
    Also every time we try to use bing we get bogged down and can go nowhere, where as when we use google we arrive at the site we want very quickly with no delays.
    So bing till you can offer us quick access to the site we want with no delays or stops along the way we will stay with google.
    P.S. we are stuck on dialup (we live in the bush) so using bing just slows us down even more.

  • http://internetincomeregister.com/blog Internet Income Register

    You don’t break a good habit overnight. Google is where she is because of being 95% efficient, hard-worker and innovative. Google has been giving folks answers to their questions over the years and majority of users love it. If Bing wants to dominate she must be patient, smart and 99% efficient.
    After all Rome wasn’t built on a single day. Good LUCK Bing!

  • http://onevacationclub.com Mike

    Being top of wallet is a challenge that has faced the credit card industry for years with millions being spent trying to persuade customers that card XYZ is better than ABC, and create promotions to persuade people to reach for their XYZ card everytime they make a purchase.
    Start with the old sales adage WIFM, ( whats in it for me), and the search provider who consistenly delivers a user friendly experience with meaningful results, less spam and helps drive targetted trafic towards our sites will have us all optimising for their offering and encouraging people to search with them.


    Google is being sued by thousands of people including THE US DEPT OF JUSTICE- Bust these Russian Crooks from ruining American Families with fraud harassing search results.

  • http://www.bajubatik.org Luckman R

    Default user of mozilla is directed to Google. ..
    soo.. the best solution is might be to let


    FIREFOX.. OPERA.. SAFARI if possible…

    .TO USE BING AS Default search.
    All shall be ok.

  • http://www.porno.de Guest

    I hope everybody use Bing cause it works smarter and not ony with linkbuilding.
    Go Bing GO!

  • http://www.Shop4CarHire.com ARTiSAN

    It’s going to be difficult getting people to switch over to Bing. It’s a bit like browsers, the majority use Internet Explorer however there’s a growing number using Safari and Chrome as they’re considered better. It takes a while to change although once the transition is made there’s usually no going back. From what I’ve seen Bing seems to give better results and less spam. Friends that use Bing say they prefer it because its less cluttered and …. has great pics !! It also reminds me of the switch I made from PC to Mac, it takes an while however there’s no way I’d swap back.

    We optimise a number of sites and notice Bing seems to be better at ranking sites properly compared to Google.

    It’s about time Google had some serious competition however its going to take a while.

  • Guest

    Google has become a household term, you hear it in the movies, TV shows, etc. Have you ever heard someone say “Bing It”? Start by changing your default landing page to Bing, much better relevance.

  • http://www.jamesgosling.com James Gosling

    Face facts, Google is the number one search engine. It is simply better. I do try other search engines, and they are not as good. Google’s face pace of innovation makes it highly likely they will stay in the lead for the forseable. Bing has entered the race far too late, and is a poor product. I also highly resent the way Microsoft trys to lock you in or trick you to use their products. In the search place Microsoft has zero credibility simple as that.

  • justme

    Who’s in the mood for a good burger? I know I am. A lot of you have probably never heard of Whataburger, but they sure as heck know how to make a great burger. Their burgers put McDonald’s to shame, hands down. They are a pretty decent-sized chain, too, but they have nowhere near the market that McDonald’s does. The reason behind this is simple, but before I go further I want to ask you, in what line of business is McDonald’s? Really think about it before you continue.

    I hope you really thought hard about your answer. How many of you said the burger and/or fast-food business? What would you say if I told you that you were wrong? McDonald’s, sad to say, isn’t in the burger and/or fast-food business — it’s in the business of real estate. Think about this for a second, McDonald’s owns more real estate than the Vatican. All around the world, at most major intersections what do you find? McDonald’s, of course! Modestly speaking, about 7 – 8 times out of 10 when you are driving around and you and/or your kids want a quick bite to eat, you’ll end up at McDonald’s over Whataburger. Why is that? Well, it’s not because they make a better hamburger, but more a matter of convenience.

    Now, how does this tie into our topic of breaking the Google Habit? Simple. Real estate. Whether it’s real estate in online presence, advertisements, or even mental real estate, if the good folks behind Bing want to make some headroom, invest in more real estate; otherwise, settle for being the better hamburger.

    Bing trying to focus on the things that they “think” people want, and what they “think” they need, isn’t the only thing that is going to cut it in this game. Simply renaming their services from Microsoft this or Microsoft that isn’t going to work either. They need to try harder. For instance, be more active in, and for, the online communities. Put their name everywhere. Stop worrying about trying to be the belle of the ball. Google might be our ugly step-sister, but she sure knows how to take care of us. She’s everywhere we turn, always there to lend a helping hand, and if in need, ready with that hamburger. Meanwhile, those who are in need of that better hamburger and feel Bing is it, they know where to find them.

  • BAA

    I use google and have been for many years. The results are more relevant than bing and let’s face it what matters most is each other’s time, if I have to spend more time searching then that’s annoying. It’s likely Bing is waiting for google to have a mishap so they can quickly fill the shoes of google audience. hence why everything about their search engine is a copy of google. They use the same placement of headings, fonts, colors, login information,etc in the results…It’s really quite pathetic. They can impersonate google all they want but in the end the users will know where the most relevant results are available. Not only is Google more relevant in results they give the users tons of free tools to use that work and are intuitive as a bonus. Another reason I won’t switch to Bing.

  • http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon


    “People are stupid. Treat them as such.”

    I can’t see how your rather venemous comment really plays into the topic. Maybe I’m just stupid. ;)
    (seems better than being so jaded, though)

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Exclusive bundling contracts are exactly what landed Microsoft in antitrust Hell in the 1990s. These tactics may help you build market share, but will the legal headaches destroy the value of the market gains?

  • http://www.maxbidder.com maxbidder.com

    We use Google every day & are very satisfied ! We will try Bing . Maxbidder.com

  • http://www.coverbonanza.com/ Smowe

    Due to what I presume is less competition, I have been able to improve organic results much more quickly with Bing and Yahoo than with Google. I know that Google has long been thought of as the pre-eminent shopping engine at the expense of the other options, but that appears to be changing, at least somewhat. Thsoe of us who have made progress with Bing know that working on their results can be extremely rewarding; perhaps the disproportionate share of attention focused on Google will shift to the other end of the spectrum.

  • http://flavoursomedelights.com fd

    For me, the story of bing recycling google search results to make its own result set more relevant was enough to confirm that google results are best. Not perfect, just better than bing for the moment,

  • http://www.10cupcoffeemakers.net Mikes coffee

    The Big G need some stiff competition…I think Yahoo and bing should merge!

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