Husky No No: Video Of Dog Refusing Kennel Trip


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Have you ever looked at your pet and wished that they could tell you how they feel? Well this stubborn Husky named Blaze is not afraid to tell his owner just what he thinks.

In a hilarious viral video, we see a man informing Blaze that it's "time to go in the kennel". Blaze is having none of it. He refuses to move and can be heard making what appears to be "No" sounds. As the video rolls on, no matter how gently the man asks or insists that Blaze "loves his kennel", the dog refuses.

"Blaze, it's time to go in the kennel."


"Come on, Blaze."


"You love your kennel."


The video, which has earned a whopping seven million views in two weeks, ends before we can find out if Blaze was ever convinced to get into his kennel. If I were a gambler, I'd have placed odds on the dog talking his way out of it.

As funny as this video is, it's not the first time a human has gotten a "verbal" response out of a Husky. There was Mishka, who was video taped by her owners seemingly telling them that she loved them. The video has garnered over 88 million views, though whether or not the dog is actually communicating its affections has been a matter of debate

There was also the "Nononono" cat, whose nervous meows sounded like a refusal of some sort. A refusal to do what exactly has never been determined.

And while this frisky feline wasn't exactly speaking people language, it appeared he was trying to communicate with the dog next door—by barking at it. Even more hilarious, the cat gave up on barking when it realized that its owners were onto it.

Even if our cats and dogs can't really talk to us today, who knows? Technology is moving so fast, there may come a day when we can truly hold conversations with our pets. Imagine being a dog owner having a debate as to why Fido isn't allowed to drink water out of the toilet.

Hmm, perhaps some things are better left unsaid.

Image via John Ventresco