Hump Day Commercial – It Isn’t For Everyone

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - October 5, 2013

Geico has some pretty catchy commercials, and one of their newest includes a camel who chants “hump day” as he walks around an office. While most people find this commercial and play on words funny and entertaining, there are those who find it offensive and annoying. But what is so offensive about a camel who says “hump day?”

“Hump day” is an English language idiom for Wednesday and a reference to making it through the middle of the work week as getting “over the hump”. It is a popular phrase that has been around for years, but the recent Geico commercial seems to have refreshed everyone’s memory of the phrase. People and especially teenagers are using the term in various situations just to get a laugh. While this may seem harmless, many schools are considering banning the phrase and one already has.

Vernon Center Middle School faculty members said that kids were using the phrase for every day of the week and that it was starting to distract students in the hallways and during class. They have banned the use of the phrase and even started sending students to the principal’s office for using it. Many parents are also upset because they believe the phrase could have a sexual meaning.

The creators of the Hump Day commercial insist that it is all in fun and are happy with its success. The Martin Agency, the company who created the ad said they were looking for something that would be catchy yet surprising when they came up with the concept for the commercial.

“We were sort of focused on, let’s do something in the office, let’s do something you know that’s surprising.” “And I think I said camel, and then it just kind of went from there,” said Sean Riley, a creative director at the agency.

The Hump Day commercial is the most shared commercial of the summer and will likely become the most watched commercial of the year. So whether you like it or not, you might as well get used to it because it looks like it’s here to stay. At least for a while.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Joseph D. Smith

    I’ve heard from students who have said that the phrase, “Hump Day” runs rampant, who have had to hear it every, single, Wednesday! They sounded annoyed when they told me. It made them not even want to go to school, and that concerns me as a family member of those students.

    • Erika

      I think you should be more concerned that your family members do not want to go to school over a phrase that annoys them. Seriously? If they aren’t being bullied by the phrase ie, it being used in a sexual manner (of which you did not allude to) then you would probably be better served teaching your family members some coping skills as opposed to playing into their supposed fears or annoyance of a phrase. Get real.

    • Jeff

      Jeez, grow a pair.

    • Lisa

      Get over it. Kids will use any excuse not to go to school and you like a fool bought it!!! Both you and your whiny brats should ride the HUMP of a Camel

    • joe camel

      I think it’s hilarious. Nothing sexual about it. Get real, creeps. The only thing annoying is the effect on the people in the office. The camel is too muckingfuch! P.S. Children will seize on any excuse to not go to school. What is wrong with you?

    • Grovitorus

      Tell those students you speak of to toughen up. Life is a HELL of a lot rougher than dealing with hearing “hump day.” Seriously. Mr. Smith, I hope you are being sarcastic, because otherwise- you disgust me by your weakness in allowing your family members to get by with such fragile behavior, in such a brutal world. Please, sir, tell them to toughen up, and do your best to teach them to deal with less-than-perfect situations. They will face worse, sir… do not baby them any longer, for THEIR sakes!

  • Ray Appenzeller

    People need to get a grip with being politically correct, bothered feelings and sensitivities. You are all becoming very annoying and perhaps we should consider you as a royal pain in the butt!

  • Elise Beraru

    I think the “Hump Day” commercial is funny and harmless. I’m old enough to remember that “hump” has a sexual connotation, but I don’t hear it used that way much anymore. I think the school officials have overreacted. I remember when everyone was saying “Where’s the beef?” Like every other catch phrase from a commercial, it has a finite life and then everyone moves on to the next cute catchphrase.

  • Sarah Ellen

    Better to hear Hump Day imitations that reenacting the Herbal Essence shampoo commercials.

  • Sarah Ellen

    I’d rather hear It’s Hump Day than a reenactment of the herbal essence shampoo commercial.

  • kathy

    Sadly, while they ban the use of the term hump day, they do allow the use of the song Blurred Lines at the school dance, as well as other blatantly sexual and mysoginistic songs and the accompanying dirty dancing/twerking. Misplaced priorities. Cole Porter where are you.

  • http://yahoo Brian

    The one with old macdonald is much better and funnier

  • Lisa

    Really dude! Kids don’t want to go to school because others are expressing their right to free speech and having fun with the “hump day” phrase and you are concerned…. Get a grip. And while you are at it go ride the HUMP of a camel and take your whiny family members with you !!

  • carolyn deckler

    Sorry people but this is my favorite comercail. Normally I do not pay attention to any but this one tickles me everytime. I love the camel and his annoying ways. Teachers have had to deal with tag lines thru every era. In my day it was jackie gleasons “away we go”. every kid in the school used it and when it became an issue in the classroom or hallways we were banned from doing it indoors. We had respect for the teachers and our parents so the kids refrained from using it in school but enjoyed the joke away from school. Maybe the teachers and parents need to get that respect back and then they can handle the situation.

  • http://yahoo shawn

    Areyoufreakingkiddingme ????

  • Barbara Wright

    Commercial drives me nuts. “Guess what day it is”. How about bbq camel day?

  • Barbara Wright

    Commercial drives me nuts. “Guess what day it is”. How about bbq camel day?

  • kat

    I love the commercial It makes me laugh every time when I see it it’s not annoying it should be something to make people smile so put all the bad comments aside and enjoy a good laughing cause laughing is best better than to say something mean

  • steve

    I love these commercials. Loosen up people for crying out loud.

  • Lois Ann

    I love this commercial it is so funny. I can watch it over and over and it never gets old like me, I’m 63. Lighten up people, let others have a little fun. With all the tense situations going on now with our government we need something funny to get us out of our doldrums even if for only a few minutes. We need to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the silly things in life. We have gotten way to serious. Let’s show our kids how to laugh and have fun.

  • J.Klein

    During my professional career, when the end of the day on Wednesdays came around, we all heaved a sigh of relief knowing the weekend was nearly upon us, and we “made it over the hump”. Hence, Wednesdays were known as the Hump Day. I love this commercial… it’s silly, funny, fun, full of joy, and totally frivolous; it just isn’t feasible for a talking camel to come walking through a busy office celebrating Hump Day, and this bit of whimsy is a welcome bit of relief from the rest of the news these days.

  • garsed

    I think all of the Geico, and especially the Progressive insurance ads, are annoying as heck. Someone trying to sell me insurance by using cartoons or stupid phrases doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in me. I’m so sick of “Flo” I could puke, and pigs driving cars, talking camels and the like really don’t make me trust these businesses. If Geico and Progressive would spend a lot less money on stupid commercials and more on customer service I might be tempted to buy insurance from them. If they’re aiming at the 17-25 yr. old market only, then they’re probably doing OK. Adults want a little more from their insurance companies.

    • http://Facebook Jim Evans

      Garsed–You are what is wrong with this country. If you wouldn’t have your nose stuck so far up your ass, you might be able to see the light and how funny some of these commercials are. Get a grip for gods sake, and quit being a friggin prude. Screw You.

    • Jennifer

      I’ll agree that the Progressive commercials are annoying but I do not think the same of all Geico commercials. They may have run the caveman series a bit longer than was bearable, but I give their advertisers credit for originality. The pigs – especially the first two commercials were the best. For the record, in my experience, Geico has one of the best customer service departments I have experienced in the insurance industry in a long time.

    • tillmn

      they still allow you to TURN THE CHANNEL in this country, right?

  • http://yahoo peggy carter

    I think the humpday camel is hilarious. Cute, innocent fun. It makes me laugh outloud everytime I see it.Get a grip people. LAUGH

  • Lynn Fontaine

    I think any student that uses HUMP DAY as an excuse to NOT GO TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY is a student who will be sitting on his couch for the rest of his life whether he had heard the phrase or not. Come on, let’s grow up in this society and get some b*****, and become the PARENTS, and start telling or kids where to go!!! School, because otherwise, they will be at that dead end job, or sitting on the couch wondering why they can’t afford healthcare!?! Hump Day has been around since I started work in “Oh My Gosh” in the 60’s, and I have worked since I was 16 and am now 62. I look forward to it each week, and love the commercial. Enjoy the joke, don’t be so PC, it only gives you anxiety and ulcers!!!!!

  • Robert

    get over it

    • http://google nancy tolusciak

      For anyone who cannot appreciate the commercial for what it is than they need to “get a life”. Seems like everyone is trying to read something into everything. Just let it go and enjoy it. Is the best commercial every made!

  • Cheryl P.

    I think people should get the stick out of their butts and LAUGH!!! Really? Banning it from schools? Sexual? LOOSEN UP PEOPLE and stop reading stuff into things and LAUGH!

  • academicjock

    The reactions and looks of the cube people are the best part. The first guy’s look and the last woman’s are especially fantastic … those looks are what really crack me up.

    Regardless, the meaning of the phrase has always been and is CLEARLY meant to be in the commercial a reference to Wednesday. The junior high school needs to lighten up.

    • linnet doe

      I think the poor lady who says “It’s hump day” is the best part.

      And by the way, the camel is a bully, so if the teacher just has to have something to complain about, she can go off on that.

  • Jillinois

    Sometimes a camel is just a camel…

  • erik

    Gotta make a big deal out of anything

  • Grovitorus

    Kids are not taking this commercial in any sexual way, whatsoever. Teachers may be, but “hump day” means the middle of the week, that is all. Sure, it’s funny in a sexual way, if you think “hump” is hilarious, but that’s nothing funnier than a dog on a leg. And if you have objections over the word “hump,” then you are in for a world of trouble over all SORTS of Shakespearean double entendres, when the kids get that far…

    Kids in elementary schools think this is hilarious, too, and it is not sexual… it’s because they all can say it and do it, and EVERYONE (even kids) has seen someone who acts like the camel does… an overbearing personality. THAT is what is funny.

    Too bad some of those overbearing personalities are trying to outlaw the “humpday” bit. Good luck with that- ha.

  • margaret

    This is one of my favorite commercials- one of the only ones that I do not mute. I am nearly 60 yrs old and have seen way too much of this politically correct stuff that makes a big deal out of nothing!

    • http://Yahoo George

      Margaret you are so right on! PC has encroached from the sublime to the ridiculous in our lives. Someone, somewhere will be offended by something. Make an issue or banned and kids will really grab hold. It is an innocuous saying that has been here for years. Anyone who has never held a job and relished “getting over the hump” has missed reality.

      Try listening to pop songs and videos our kids love; try on “Lucky”, “Blurred Lines”, and “Wrecking Ball” for starters. A commercial with a camel/dromedary walking around saying “Hump Day, Yeah” is suggestive? Get a life you PC pinheads!

  • john barton

    The government is locked down, the economy is on life support, but THIS is what’s upsetting you?

    • Cindi

      NO S**#!

    • Brent

      You would almost think these diversions are on purpose. This is one of the stupidest things that could make the news. Your point is so obvious-it is like the camel in the room that nobody notices.

  • Cindi

    Detest commercials-love the camel comments. With all of the insanity in the world how is it that a handful of of tight sphinctered morons have nothing better to do? Perhaps these people have never worked a job that left them joyous when Wednesday rolled around. If the expression “hump day” is the most vile thing children say in your schools I’d be delighted to teach there!!!

  • RON

    Does anyone realize that the star of the commercial is more correctly known as a dromedary.
    (just saying)

  • Mike Long

    How ignorant for a school to react in such a manner. It’s a joke. You can make something dirty out of most anything if you so choose. Example: I screwed the board to the wall. Whoaaaaaa, that’s filthy. Yeh, right. How silly. Where do you stop once you start censorship? Stop being so anal and just laugh like the rest of us and ignore the jokes the kids are making. It’s no big deal.

  • Jeanne Elias

    The hump day commercial is my absolute favorite (and I can’t stand most commercials!) Everything about it is funny, including the camel’s voice! I laugh every time I see it, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it…. talk about making a big deal out of nothing… Lighten up and just enjoy little things in life like this Geico commercial. Kids are going to be kids, and camels will always have humps.

  • Linda

    Why do people have to take the fun out of everything and turn it into something dirty. I do not see or hear anything sexual in this commercial at all. My question is: “Who is the voice of the camel”? Am I the only one curious? Love the commercial. It is funny, refreshing, very different from the boring everyday commercials that are repeated over and over and sometimes back to back.

  • Leo M. Gates

    The only thing “dirty” is the sick and twisted mind who insists on taking something like this out of context. It is a colloquialism. Jargon. Slang. Lighten up!

  • Rch

    Wait until they get to shop class and start talking about tapping and screwing.

  • Kat

    It’s funny how they say the kids are taking the meaning for something else. Can you blame them for thinking that way, when you too are thinking that?

  • http://Facebook Jim Evans

    The ones that think it has a sexual meaning is the ones with the dirty minds. They need to get real as it is only a commercial. Don’t we just love living in the U.S. A. where they take everything to serious anymore. They need to get a life:

  • steve


    • http://yahoo Leslie


  • daniel covert

    oh I see, so schools can sit and cry about this but when it comes to some girl licking a hammer and riding nude on a weaking ball there no a out cry to have it taking off the air or even baned. I remeber years ago groups are removed off the radio cuz if you played there songs back words one would get the devil talking.
    It’s clear in the comm what is being talk about a 2 year old would know

  • Shyevette

    How stupid that kids don’t wanna go to school because of the Hump Day phrase? I would understand kids not wanting to go to school because of bullies not cause of a harmless phrase. That phrase has been around and used for so long and now people if it offensive? Give me a break people. There’s far more important things people should be focusing on..Smfh

    • Shyevette

      Typo… Meant to write * find it offensive*..

  • ClaudiusValentine

    knowing it is a harmless saying that has been used and been around for years it is being used as little kids say it with the hump sexual kind in mind and as kids dont want to go to school cause it is sexual harassment come on its kids saying it what other meaning do they know. this hump day wednesday saying is very old to the point of my grandmother from the 50’s knows this the kids of today do not know of the other meaning and will continue to say it with the hump sexual word in mind. i will say that commercial is my favorite on tv today its funny as hell but if geico keeps getting this from every teacher every school the’ll take it down saddly.

    • tillmn

      Hey…could you use a bit more punctuation?

    • http://yahoo Kit-Kat

      That might be a great comment valentine, but who could tell by your curious style of writing. No punctuation and no caps makes everything run together. This makes it hard to make sense of what you’re saying. Just sayin ‘.

    • charles nearon

      The hump day commercial is the most hilarious commercial since…. ever. Only those with dirty minds would find it offensive.h

    • charles nearon

      Hey Claudius, First, SADLY has only one D. Now, let,s see you punctuate the following:

  • Jennifer

    The more the teachers are upset by the kids using the phrases, the more they will continue to use them. Banning the phrase? Ahh, too tempting. At that age, you may as well just give me a permanent hall pass because with a ban like that, chances are I’d spend more time in the principle’s office or on the way to the principle’s office.

    • Kajun Klown

      Whoop Whoop!!

    • Brady Ball

      I take it that the Principal was not your “Pal”. :=)

  • deb

    hey what day is it????????!!!!!!!

    • Mike the Camel

      It’s Hump Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Yeah!

      • tillmn


  • Mike wright

    Really??? We have to ban this because it has a sexual meaning. Ok, let’s take the next logical step. All students named Dick are automatically suspended until they change their name, Pussycats will now be referred to as feline companions, and the word but is now permanently removed from the English language. The censoring committee is to report to the auditorium with their black magic markers to start removing it from the books…. COME ON!!! Common sense just isn’t that common anymore….

    • Anne Buteau

      Well put Mike! Geez lighten up people.

  • Mary

    My daughter starts every Wednesday morning coming downstairs saying Guess What Day It Is – it’s Hump Daaayyy!! Makes me laugh every time!
    Banning the phrase seems a little extreme. And some parents may need to get their minds out of the gutter…..

    • Tif

      Couldn’t have said it any better than that……Great job Mary..

    • Deutsch

      PC has made it OK to ban anything and everything that offends someone, somewhere, anytime. It is a sad country in which the need of the one trumps those of the many.

  • DFR

    …Because when I see a camel alking around an office yelling “Its Hump Day! Yeah!” I get sexually aroused. Whatever people. You do more harm by making a big deal out of this than letting it run its course.

  • DBB22

    I’m showing my age, but when I was in Jr High we were saying “where’s the beef?” and “Bud-Weis-ER” every 5 minutes. Its nothing new…and this just shows how being PC your whole life is worse than anything that can come from an insurance commercial.

    • Kayo

      Hey, DBB22, do you remember, back in the day, when the word “suck” was used in very dirty sexual phrases? Well, I do. Now, it’s kids, business professionals, even teachers using it when referring to something they don’t agree with or are opposed to. What goes around, comes around. Just like bell bottom jeans…when they do come around again they’re just a little different. Long live Hump Day and all those funny things we repeated until the next catchy thing came along!

  • Jim

    I wonder what everyone would be thinking if it was a TWO HUMP camel? Now that’s sexy, HA!!!

  • amos57

    Sex and food are the two best things in life. Why would humans call sex ‘dirty’ and what is wrong with dirt anyway. Potatoes are very dirty. Dirt is necessary for the survival of the species. Dirt is good.

    • Buck

      It’s dirty if it’s for the soul purpose of gratifying your lust. Sex within marriage and for the purpose of creating life is actually the highest form of pleasure in this world IMHO.

  • Kathy

    I have never taken anything sexual from the phrase “hump day” and a friend and I have a joke where we wish each other a “Happy Hump Day” every Wednesday. But that is something that is strictly between us and we don’t go shoving it in everyone else’s face. I actually like the Geico gecko commercial (and I like the State Farm commercials too) But for some odd reason, this camel commercial gets on my nerves.

  • Melinda Hills

    This school is really lucky if that’s the only thing that gets the kids giggling. Any teacher knows that there are countless landmines in stories – people being happy and ‘gay’ and the ‘bong’ of a giant bell not to mention the ‘climax’ or highpoint; – foreign langauge classes with words like ‘fart’ and ‘ass'; – english classes studying prefixes like ‘tit’. People need to grow up and get over toilet and sexual humor – like one they’re out of middle school!

  • Brent

    Go to the urban dictionary. Many, if not most words are being twisted into a sexual or otherwise obscene definition-by gutter minded people. You could arguably find a hidden connotation in almost any piece of writing. It’s hard to even talk.
    I used to have a girlfriend who’s father was named Richard but I was supposed to call him “Dick” like everybody else. I chose to avoid the word and always found ways around it but I certainly did not try to rename him or stop others. That’s just ridiculous.

  • Bill

    Well….I would do that Camel

  • john

    We had all sorts of stupid, catchy things we said back in middle school just to be part of the group. It’s harmless. Anyone who teaches kids that age should be used to it (I know – I retired after 37 years as a teacher). I say anything that helps you get through the day without harming anyone else at that age is OK by me. Just being a teenager is hard enough. This, too, shall pass.

    • Liz

      While that’s true (I’m at 26 yrs in middle/high school) if they were blurting it out during class in my classroom (and disrupting things in the process) that would be cause to get in trouble. Doing it in the halls during passing time ~ just annoying (like much of what they do can be :-) )

  • http://Yahoo Bev

    Ok, so it may be getting a little old but these schools are being stupid worrying about this commercial with a camel. Making such a fuss over a talking camel? Please! The parents should buy a T-shirt with “what Day is It? on the front and have the kids wear it to school every Wednesday. The WHOLE school. Now THAT would be funny!!

  • Carol

    My favorite, makes me laugh every time. Hey people get over it….. Laugh it is one of the best in a long time…

  • http://Yahoo George

    Looks like support for the commercial is running 10 to 1 here. Even if not one syllable were spoken the mere thought of a large camel walking around an office is hilarious. The deadpan expressions of the workers only adds on to the irony. In the jargon of the old credit card commercial this is just “priceless”.

    I hate most commercials too, but this one grabs your attention in a funny, harmless way. It has done its job and will soon fade in favor of the next catchy offering. The ad agency must be ecstatic over all this free publicity right now. Like video games they just received extra life!

    In the meantime you PC gargoyles are entitled to your free speech and iconoclastic behavior. Maybe a little release from our real problems is too much for you. Perhaps PC and similar foolishness is at the root thereof?

  • Hypocrites

    Here is what is so hypocritical about America and sex. Most of America say they are saints when it comes to sex, but behind closed doors people are doing so many freaky things. It is the biggest hypocrisy. Doubt what I say? Just look at the number of people looking at porn, doing porn, sexting, sending nude pics over email or phones, hooking up via dating sites. What people are saying they do and what they actually are doing just don’t match.

    America has a problem with sex and is repressed. Sex is not evil. Furthermore, in America I can have an abortion and literally, have a baby pulled apart — and that legal. But sex is so bad.

    Sex is bad … but pulling apart babies …. well that is ok.

    • Selective Morality

      It is called selective morality. Our drones can kill innocent men, women, and children overseas and that is considered right. But hey, when Syria attacks innocent people, well that is wrong.

      Don’t worry though. God sees through all the nonsense. When you stand before God, what are you going to say? Well, killing is right because I am an American. He is going to look at you and tell you he doesn’t care if you are an American.

  • Jay

    With all the problems they have in school and they are worried about something like this. This shows how stupid school officials are getting. It appears to me that this school is violating the students first amendment rights plus showing their own ignorance.

  • Jamie

    As a teacher, I know that all I have to do is join my students. Once the teacher starts doing it, somehow it is no longer funny.

    • linnet doe

      Now that’s a smart comment And true.

  • Marianne

    I laugh every time I see it – and laughter is a good thing!

  • Tay

    Come on people, it’s a commercial. There is nothing sexual or dirty about it. While I’m sure it gets annoying hearing it, give it a month or two and the kids will find another amusing and silly phrase to say.

  • Jeanette

    GEICO has a winner with this commercial,it is funny! It is annoying that people find it offensive or believe it has sexual connotations. Everyone chooses to put their own spin/connotation on things, that is the way it has always been and the way it will always be. If parents find it offensive, they should lock their kids in one room with no exposure to the outside world ever because that is the only way they control everything their kid(s) see and hear.

  • Well

    The funny thing is that parents actually think that by banning a geico commercial they will stop their kids from having sex. I hate to tell parents but high school kids in the year 2013 are nothing like those of the past. They are doing everything adults are doing.

    In fact, not holding them accountable for their actions and falling back on the excuse of “well they are just kids” is actually making the problem worse.

    Kids younger than High School are still pretty much kids — but High Schoolers aren’t even close.

  • Jane

    I’m 70 years young. I remember the controversy when Elvis Presley was going to be on The Ed Sullivan Show. The people objected because of the vulgarity he showed when he swiveled his hips. The network (CBS, I think) finally agreed to show him only from the waste up so as not to offend anyone. Swiveling hips was tame compared to what we see today. And as far as the “Hump Day” controversy, give it time, Geico. Tomorrow they’ll have something else to be offended by. I love your commercials.

  • Rhonda

    Wednesday has been called “hump day” for as long as I can remember and I’m 66. People have to see nasty things in every little expression or action and I’m sick of it.

    Young kids always pick up on the slightest thing and repeat it over and over. That’s just kids. Get over it people. I don’t think it is the most clever commercial I’ve ever seen and it will soon go away.

  • Len

    Ban it from schools?
    Come on get over it….its a joke.
    Nobody laughs any more.

  • Virginia Hurley

    I like the commercial and don’t see anything wrong with it. If kids repeat and repeat and repeat ANY phrase to the distraction of other students and the work at hand, then DEAL WITH IT. There are ways, you know. It should’t be banned from airing just because the kids are abusing the use of its theme.

  • Crazy

    We live in a delusional country. Everyone gives the image of being saints and we beat the drums to remove commercials because they might be “offense”, but we go home at night and do the freakiest things in our bedrooms.

    Those that are complaining are the ones doing worse things but just aren’t getting caught. Seen it a billion times.

  • Gale wyzykowski

    I was just diagnosed with cancer, and this commercial, which I saved in my favorites, gives me a laugh. I play it frequently. There’s a lot worse language flying around our schools than “hump day”.

  • carly diamond

    It just a harmless commercial. There’s nothing wrong with saying hump day it just a saying for Wednesday. So I don’t know how this ad can be offending maybe a little annoying but other then that a great ad for TV!

  • Commercial Break

    We just got the back story on this ad on our episode of Commercial Break at by Geico actor Timothy Ryan Cole.

  • Chris

    Leave it to Connecticut to ban something that is fun. Uptight Yankee fans. Enjoy your boring lives.

  • Kayo

    The word “suck” was used years ago in a sexually derogatory manner. Now it’s used by everyone… kids, business professionals, and teachers… to express disagreement or anger in a certain situation… “Well, that just sucks”!
    What goes around, comes around. The Hump Day camel will be around until the next catch phrase hits the media. Move on, haters!

  • kim

    This story has been falsified by the local new media. It began when a student jokingly stated that an assembly on Tuesday was being held to inform students that they could no longer say “hump day”. No such assembly was to take place. Another student who believed this comment went home and told his mother, who then contacted WFSB. This news station then followed a sixth grade girl and her mother home. This student was then coached as to things she might want to say. The students as well as staff have actually been having fun with this slogan. This whole story has been a misunderstanding that the news media has run away with. It makes me question the authenticity of the other news stories on this station.

  • http://none Sissy

    Oh yes, let’s ban this annoying, adorable “Hump Day” camel and produce more of those sickening Herbal Essence commercials that I hate and find offensive. I dislike most commercials, but once in a blue moon they come up with a good one. I love the Camel. It is my favorite and makes me laugh every time. I would think teachers would have more important issues to complain about than kids having fun with a funny phrase that’s been around a long, long time. I retired years ago, but I (and my co-workers) said it every “Hump Day”. Sure glad our boss didn’t have a problem with it…

  • charles nearon

    Hey Claudius, First, SADLY has only one D. Now, let,s see you punctuate the following:

  • diane

    My husband and I love the commercial. It’s funny, you don’t see or hear many things that are funny anymore. And the sexual words and insinuations in songs, that should not be allowed, are much worse than the “hump day” commercial. And I thought those records were supposed to be screened before being played.

  • Kelly

    So annoying. It was funny in the beginning, but really? It’s not that funny, it’s just really. Fucking. Annoying. The next person I hear quoting this commercial is getting strangled by me.