Human Flesh Capsules Seized in South Korea

    May 8, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Human flesh capsules crafted from dead babies sounds like the premise for a particularly grisly horror-themed motion picture. Unfortunately, this unusual story has its roots in real life, which, I’ve found, is always a touch stranger than anything you’re likely to find on the big screen.

According The Associated Press, South Korean authorities have seized thousands of tiny capsules containing the powdered flesh of dead babies that many believe can cure a wide variety of diseases. The pills were apparently manufactured in China using a process that involves chopping the small corpses into pieces and drying them out on a stove.

Although all of the capsules were confiscated by officials, no one has been charged with any crimes as the amount was considered too small to be punishable by law. Since August of last year, there have been 35 instances of people attempting to smuggle the capsules into the country. In many cases, these deranged little pills have been disguised as stamina boosters in order to slip them past customs.

Chinese authorities have launched an investigation into where the capsules were manufactured and who, exactly, was behind the process. However, despite being dedicated to finding the nefarious individuals behind this heinous crime, China’s State Food and Drug Administration and its Health Ministry has yet to comment on the situation.

Horrified? Repulsed? Disgusted? You’re not the only one. Before you leave your own thoughts in our comment section, take a moment to peruse these Twitter reactions.

#China, you’ve crossed the line. Crushed up dead babies are poisonous, not to mention just plain wrong. http://t.co/Ekub3UpU(image) 21 hours ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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THIS IS VILE AND THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW :( http://t.co/GK0mWk4k(image) 59 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

China to reinvestigate human flesh capsule claims http://t.co/Yr6Rwl7x
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  • me

    This is just plain sick, not coming anywhere from god.

  • j s

    This is disgusting and toxic what are these prople thinking!

  • kweino

    Soylent green anyone?

  • Derp

    MMMMMMMM yummy.

    • ALush

      Can I get an order of Slurm to go. Hold the dead baby though.

  • Stephanie G

    Honestly, who are the people who can do that to infant corpses? What kind of people are so dead inside they can mutilate the corpse of a infant and lay it out to dry? My stomach turns hard at the thought. Jesus I can not even imagine eating a baby. Serious, if you are not stuck like the Donners how do you even contemplate such a thing. OMG where are they getting the infants and are they really all dead when they come in? Knowing how they feel about their females I would wonder about that.

  • Anthony

    I know this stuff goes on around the world. We really can’t be that naive. The problem is this can not be stopped. But this is truly vile! How can someone have the sane concious in taking a pill made of baby flesh? Cannibals!

  • Robert Jackson

    Hey, people believe that rhinoceros horn powder is a
    “natural viagra” and will buy it. Demand is what creates supply. Nobody is walking the street hawking
    this stuff. Sometimes moronic ideas are so old and
    culturally embedded that they cannot be changed.
    Of course, the Chinese are known for recycling and using
    everything – human waste as fertilizer, the organs of
    executed “criminals” harvested and sold, etc.
    Think of it as “efficiency”, and waste avoidance – if
    viewed this way we Americans should be able to get over childish queasiness and appreciate it. And of
    course, a buck is a buck is a buck, certainly a notion
    Americans can understand and appreciate.
    The Chinese have a problem with the corpses of those
    fetuses and dead babies, and like Americans, think
    “every problem has a solution”, and if that solution
    is profitable, all the better. One just has to be
    willing to “do whatever is necessary”, and not allow
    sentiment or “nervous nellyism” to get in the way of
    practical and profitable problem solving. Who knows, if demand continues to grow there might be investment
    opportunities in “plantations” to grow and harvest babies. Could be big profits for those who get in on the ground floor.

    • Jojo

      Awesome observation buddy! I extend my virtual hand for a handshake and tip my internet hat to you sir.

    • RmE


    • Redjinx

      did you read that before you submitted it? For your sake i hope not.

  • anonymous

    People that do this sick crap just makes me sick at times like these it is justified to kill sick bastards like these I wish I was the one chopping them into pieces and putting there corpse out to dry!

  • http://webpronews Kimberly

    Welcome to the New World Order…Gee do you think God is ready to put an end to all of this?!?!?!? Sick Bastards.

  • momof2

    Does anyone still argue that there is no devil and evil power? He is certainly busy destroying God’s children.

    • sterling

      no need for gods or devils, we humans are more than capible of the foulest cureiltys with out their help.

      • Jojo

        That is the best, most intelligent ant-religious argument I’ve ever heard. Thank you for shining a light on this Medieval argument.

  • Rick


  • peace

    These pple seems really sick,but no surprise at all for me,b,caz these r the signs of d end of the world,one who z panthiest,atheist,materialistic,he can do anything,whatever in ones mind come thru.Today they did ds act,such pple can murder their own babies or infants even they can reach inside d wombs of their wives.they can murder the adults too,Such pple deserv death by hangng.

  • Jojo

    Hey bible thumpers, what if you found out dead baby flesh can cure cancer? Would you watch your nanna die because of your ass-backward beliefs? Yes you probably would. If you believe in God and all that good stuff, explain exactly what kind of sin can DEAD FLESH that is of absolutely no use be? You cave-dwelling morons are the reason we don’t have cures because you’re afraid of stem cells. Before you get all high and mighty, make sure to throw out all of your hair care products and cosmetics because ALL of these products use placental tissue. Is that not the same thing? I pray that the Mayan Prophecies are true so this superstition-infected hellhole of a planet can be recycled.

    • JoMama

      Not all hair and beauty products use placental tissue, ever heard of plant-based products? And no, placental as in placenta is delivered with a child and then usually discarded or used otherwise. Not the same thing at all! No one dies for the outcome. And stem cells can be harvested from the embilical cord blood after delivery, so why should lives be ended for the same outcome? What gives the dying “Nana” any more right to life and dignity after death than the baby who did not have a chance to be a Nana? Respecting ALL life is not the same as fear of stem cells. Have you ever held a baby, with love in your heart? How about a dead baby? I hope that before this “hellhole of a planet” ends, you may have some experiences that will change your bitter heart. You do not love a dead baby less, and it still was a life. Life deserves respect. What is so wrong with that?

  • christine lutz

    Unbelievable, just one more thing, “I can’t grasp this.” Are we still earth humans or have we been taken over by aliens from space and don’t know it?

  • peace

    @ do u know dreadfull disease known as AIDS,in which pple ds disease shouts up peak,these pple are lyk u..homosexuals and what kind of cure u do them,bible or other religions never alllows homosexuality,u pple doing ds,one who has no faith,no religion….pantheists,atheists,materialistic,s,we r made frm clay,after death we wll return there,almost all religions beliv in that,u will eat infants flesh ur body wll b just booted,strength wll come in ur body,more gays ,lesbions more AIDS,MORE FATALS…

  • Jay

    Zombie Crack !!!


    • james


  • Serenity

    If this sick stuff is on a blackmarket, there is a profit…And if there is a profit….WAKE UP !!!!!! It will never stop…..
    In my opinion, more SICK are those authorities doing nothing.
    Srry for my bad english.

  • edith Ngozi esowodehUMEJEONU

    There is no cause for alarm d pple in question are working with there head They are being Creative and Innovative ANY THING wrong With that?God gave us Head so that We can give Him rest. ‘ They are working With their Heads. they are using Dead Babies are they not? but do NOT ASK ME WHERE they got D BABIES from. be Wise e

  • Chris g

    I don’t know I think the government is up to it they got all these dead babies lyin around and it costs money and fuel to destroy them so they are making money off of it sounds fucked up to me though. Sounds like they’re dealing with a symptom and should deal with te cause of the problem of overpopulation or something powdered baby pills I mean come on remember when stem cell research wad bad?