Hugh Hefner’s Ring For Crystal Harris Is Huge

    December 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Hugh Hefner, who is famously engaged to Playmate Crystal Harris for the second time, has given her an enormous diamond to replace the one she sold after their first engagement ended.

Although it’s not as big as the one Jennifer Aniston has been flaunting, it’s certainly large and sparkly enough to turn some heads. The 26-year old posted photos of the bauble on Twitter under the caption “My beautiful ring from Hugh Hefner”.


The couple had a date set for last June, but the wedding was ultimately called off and Harris sold her ring to Christie’s Auction House…for half its worth.

  • Myra Bryant

    If Crystal Harris were “Robin Givens” [Mike Tyson’s ex whom People reflected as there “cover story” as the most hated woman over a decade ago], they would call her a “Gold-Digger.” She gets not one, but two engagement rings after she sold the first but here is the difference between the two; one woman is Black and the other White!

    • cstew

      seriously…..one day just one day stop please with the whole it’s because they were black bullsh*t. Get over it and find the real reason for your so called problems

  • Gravedigger

    The only thing she could do is “Gold Digger” as old Hefner can only dig too, it is a fair deal