Hugh Hefner and Ex-Fiance Crystal Harris are Together Again

    June 5, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris, the Playboy mogul’s ex-fiance who famously left him days before they were scheduled to tie the knot, are a couple once again. Although Hefner states that he may have dodged a bullet after Harris’ departure in 2010, the pair are officially dating. How did this particular piece of news come about, you ask? How do we know for sure that Hefner and Harris are back together? Twitter, of course! Here’s the tweet in question:

Yes @hughhefner and I are back together. Yes I am his #1 girl again. Yes we are happy. Hope that clears up any confusion! xo
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This, of course, is an entirely different song than the one Harris was singing shortly after their split. Following their break-up, Harris paid a visit to Howard Stern’s radio program, where she admitted to Sirius XM listeners across the country that sex with Hefner lasted two minutes. She later added that she wasn’t physically attracted to Hef, leading one to ponder the reasons why, exactly, the two have decided to rekindle their romance.

Harris, however, wasn’t the only one sharing stories with the media. Hefner was guilty of it, as well. The publisher went on record with Entertainment Weekly, stating, “Quite frankly, I don’t know what I was thinking about. I think my natural state is single. I’ve tried marriage twice, not successfully. These were not the happiest times of my life.”

If you find yourself pondering the reasons why the couple has reunited, then you’re not alone. Have a quick look at some Twitter reactions to the Hefner/Harris story below.

Getting back together with Crystal Harris shouldn’t be a big surprise, since I have a history of remaining close to former girlfriends.
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Hugh Hefner and his runaway bride, Crystal Harris, are back together. You can’t keep true love apart. And Crystal Harris’ true love is money
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Hugh Hefner and ex-fiancee Crystal Harris are back together. What a relief. I was starting not to believe in gold-digging.
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Hugh Hefner, 85, reconciled with his runaway bride, Crystal Harris, who is 25. Not because she’s a gold digger. More like a grave digger.
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Congratulations to Hugh Hefner on Crystal Harris running out of money
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  • http://yahoo miriam

    run hef run

  • http://yahoo john

    Hang in there Helf,,two minutes is greeeaaaatttt….

    • RAvenskeep

      at 95 (didn’t the article say Hef is 95?) 2 minutes is an eternity….

    • Higherlander

      That’s the problem, he was “hanging”!

  • Reno Conner

    I’m sure he does only last two minutes…what the he!! does she expected!?!? The man is 85 YEARS OLD!!!!

  • RAvenskeep

    Ooops, 85 – didn’t read it clearly – well, I guess at 85 he ought to last at least 2 minutes and 8 seconds. That last 8 seconds ought to be one helluva ride for Crystal….

  • http://Yahoo Nancy Gail

    I really think Hef is losing his mind–seriously! What sane man would allow a woman the opportunity to do this again and what sane 80+ years old man seriously thinks a young pretty girl really loves him and wants a future with him? He’s a fool not to have grabbed on to Holly Madison because for what ever reason she really did seem to love him. I don’t know.

    • Heather Burk

      Nancy Gail —
      I completely agree!!!!

      Shame on Heff, holly did love him!

  • Steve

    Who in this world really cares about this or even concerns themselves with it. Absolute trash….

    • Larry

      Yet, you clicked it, maybe skimmed it and then commented on it. Maybe you do a little bit.

  • Anna

    She went back to him because her career did not take off and so she needed the money. I just hope he does not make the mistake and marry her. If he does I hope there is a prenup!

  • Cyrpt Keeper

    it’s simple mathematics..85 goes into 25 only .29 times a year

  • http://n/a Rick

    She must have run out of money.

    • Julzzz

      my neenee???

  • steeve cantave

    I just love how she “revealed” that she wasn’t physically attracted to Hefner. In other news, I have confirmed that the sky is blue.

  • Rick

    Noooo,Hef – Don’t do it!!! Fool me once, shame on you ….

  • mel jenkins

    How can a 25 yr old young woman with a great future, lay down and have sex with a 85 yr old dust bunny that has to keep taking those little blue pills, just to attempt to give her a ride — only to last two minutes or less ??? mighty expensive arm candy, just to have “sex ? ” with her, and send dead semen into a real live woman. She should ask for damages for mental cruelty after going through that kind of physical abuse.

    • Jodi

      She’s a real gold digger to lay down with Heff. However she is looking for millions for that few minutes of sex.

    • John

      Mel…uh…er…aah….he owns PLAYBOY…he’s a multi millionaire if not billionaire.

      That type of money would make a chihuahua sexy.

      And as far as a great future, if it wasnt for Hefner she’d probably be working at Hooters or already “happily?” married to a lawyer in DC

  • Rose

    He is a fool.
    She has psyc. issues and wants his money.

    • http://yahoo eva

      No joke,Woodrow.

  • Roger

    I don’t care if it falls off and she dumps him again.

  • http://yahoomail earl

    consenting adults.no one should care.how he spends his money or how she spends her time.there actions tell all.

  • bonnie

    If he is that hard up for a woman, then he is a fool and they belong to each other. His dog would be more faithful. But I guess at 85, he probably feels that any woman is better than none. She kept his ring and dog I think. What is he thinking?

  • Aurora Cantu

    Crystal is just after Hef’s money. Crystal get a life.

  • http://yahoo ed

    ms crystal harris doesnt have to lok for the lost DUTCHMAN mine she found it in huey

  • http://Webpronews.com Betty Shepard

    He’s just dumb. Some young sugarbaby, if it’s not her will get his $.

  • Judy

    I don;t blame Hef…..Time is short, hell be happy. If it takes money so what? She’s 25, and he is in his 80’s. That cost, and should. Both are paying. Stay out of this, and cut the judging, and opinins.

  • kris humphries

    don’t do it hef

  • larry

    what the hell!! He knows what he wants and can afford it. She wants what he has to offer. So be it!! Everybody should just let them live their own lives.

  • Shannon

    Hef…I don’t get it. She wrecked you. I know you guys made a good team all the times I was around you, but I just wish the truth about her and everything would come out. Where are the twins when you need them?

  • paul fuller

    hey hef_in unrelated news…sure could use a jazz gig at your place…the overtime at the post office is gone!…please check us out at youtube.com (dave palla trio)…we appear mon july 23 @ 6pm bushnell park hartford ct…nat cole style trio or can add instrumentation…thanks_paul fuller 860-335-4767

  • http://yahoo linda

    why not get someone older…she is trash…you should have married holly.

    beginning to worry about your mental health

  • (c) mark clarke

    It is not about Mr. Hefner’s love life. It is about his love of life.
    Was it James Joyce who wrote, “just because you love someone, doesn’t mean that someone or something has to love you in return.” The point being love has nothing to do with returns on an investment. In my humble opinion, Mr. Hefner is a creative genius and a man with an even bigger heart. One needs to reflect on all he has given the world through his perspectives in media and his management thereof. It is a source of inspiration that Mr. Hefner will stay forever young.

    • http://Webpronews Johnny Diamond

      If by young you mean wearing a diaper you may be correct, depends?

  • http://Webpronews Johnny Diamond

    A fool and his money will soon part. I’ve heard of pimp daddy but pimp grand pappy a new one to me!Start calling her Crystal Meth because Hugh is addicted.

  • lee

    For Hef: I guess he’s Lonesome & a “total Romantic” – I hear.
    For Harris: She didn’t appreciate him the 1st time & Not sure what has changed….oh yeah, she missed the Lifestyle & His money.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/hugh-hefner-and-ex-fiance-crystal-harris-are-together-again-2012-06 shila

    Well done Hef. Enjoy it while it lasts – Life is short – make it about you – who cares what happens when u are gone – RIGHT NOW IS WHAT MATTERS. ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    He need to get back together with Holly she was the best girl he has ever had..

  • lol

    lol lol lol

  • E

    Let’s face it. Poor Hef has never been the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to love affairs. A good entreprenuer?? yes. A good businessman?? yes. Fit to be a monagamous lover?? Not in this lifetime. They deserve one another.

  • Sunflower

    After so much time away from Hef, Miss Cystal may have finally realized what a cool dude she had stepped away from. Chances are the wealth and stardom of the Famous Hef were overwelming to the blue eyed blonde.

    Call me old fashion. I believe in love – at any age. My fellow is 31 my senior. He has never made me cry in the 17 years we have known each other. Married for 10 now.

    I wish the couple the best. Life is too short to not take chances.

  • http://yahoo marina

    he has the money,she have the time. that’s all about it,common!!! she can not see her self to be with hef , she can smell those MILLIONS,HEF IS VERY SMART,GOLD DIGGER LIKE CRYSTAL,COMES AND GO,JUST LIKE THE REST ,

  • Cookie

    Dumber and Dumb! Octogenarian’s are always stupid. Like they say you get stupider with age. Stay single Hef!

  • Julzzz


  • ken

    hefner claims he has no hard feelings toward crystal, even though thats why she left hef.

    • http://yahoo connie lamberti

      dear Hef, sorry to say this to you,but l would kick her to the curb. she does not deserve you.seriously , do you really want to wonder what her true motives are???!! your better then that. sincerely,connie :)

  • http://---------------------- Sherry

    Funny!in our language(Persian) Harris means gready! So CRYSTAL GREADY needs no more explanation!

  • Linda Rhiner

    Go Hef! You are an amazing man. I just hope you don’t get burned again. I don’t believe you believe she really loves you, but obviously you don’t care so more power to you. I really hope you are happy, if not, you have plenty of money and other girls to choose from. She better treat you right this time huh? Love you Hef! Always!

  • TLM

    does anybody care what this old goat does anymore?

  • Joan

    Go for holly hef, i luv her

  • http:/Hotmail Bernie

    Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!You only have a short time please accept Christ as your saviour before it is too late. Time is running out and Jesus is soon to come