Google Panda Update Victim HubPages Posts Quality Standards in Recovery Effort

Will alert writers when they're in violation

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Google Panda Update Victim HubPages Posts Quality Standards in Recovery Effort
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We’ve covered HubPages a number of times since Google’s Panda update originally launched, as they were one of the victims that lost significant search visibility as a result. Since the update, the site has been making various adjustments to its editorial policy and certain features.

Interestingly enough, a Googler actually posted a guest post to the HubPages blog before the Panda update rolled out globally, providing tips for HubPages writers to put out better content for AdSense. Since the global roll out, HubPages announced changes like the removal of a “news capsule” feature, and tightening up its policy on affiliate links.

Now, HubPages has released an overview of its recently added standards. These include:

  • First Capsule Standards:  We no longer allow the use of Amazon, eBay, News, RSS, Comment, or Link capsules as first full-width capsules
  • Word-to-Product Ratios: For every Amazon or eBay product featured in a Hub, there must be at least 50 words of original text
  • Pixelated Images: Pixelated (grainy) images are no longer allowed on Hubs (and keep in mind, watermarked images were never permitted)
  • Affiliate Links: We no longer allow Hubs to link (directly or through redirects) to affiliate or commerce sites which are prohibited under the HubPages rules (e.g. Clickbank and sites that sell eBooks, promote dubious offers, contain a lead capture form, redirect users to unwanted websites, or contain pop-ups, pop-unders, or other features that interfere with sight navigation)
  • Over-Saturated Topics: If you publish a Hub on a topic that is overly saturated on HubPages.com (e.g. MLM, 6 pack abs, forex, acai berry, etc.), your Hub will be held to a higher editorial standard, and you will not be permitted to include links to affiliate offers (though you are still welcome to include links to trustworthy sites such as major news sites or Wikipedia)
  • Duplicated Content: While we used to allow some duplicated content (e.g. if it also existed on your blog and so long as you did not link back to the source), it is now required that all content published on HubPages be unique to the site

HubPages says it will send emails to authors letting them know which “Hubs” require revision, and they’ll have two weeks to amend them. Otherwise, they’ll be unpublished. However, they can be resubmitted for publication later and will be reviewed again.

They’ve also added automatic alerts, letting users know when they’re at risk of violating one of their guidelines.

Earlier this week, we looked at how Demand Media’s eHows is taking content quality more seriously, based on a job posting paying $17-20 per article (up from $10-15) with strict qualifications requiring a degree in business, finance, or law, and “extensive experience in business writing.”

Google Panda Update Victim HubPages Posts Quality Standards in Recovery Effort
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  • chamu

    I think Google needs to be split. They are way out of control. Google is dictating who can be and who cannot be in their index killing businesses by the truckload. They are heading towards the government’s wall and without brakes. Insidegoogle.com is on their tail.

  • Adam

    I am a little publisher and i spend 100 dollars for every article. Demand Media spends 17 to 20 dollars? Great.

  • http://autorepairsavings.blogspot.com/ Spencer

    Associated Content by YAHOO was hit real Bad for Being a Content Farm, Content Mill, and all out Junk and Spam! Good riddens AC Yahoo!

  • Macy

    I think all these companies and sites need to knock on the government’s doors. Make some noise. Google is way too abusive.

  • Compulisive Thinker

    Hub pages should just give up, no one reads that crap and everyone knows its a MFA ….

    Rand Fishkin said it YEARS ago…..If you aren’t selling a product or service, your a MFA and over time Google will get you….

    Ah….How I miss Rand and his knowledge :)

  • Darin

    Policing content is something Google should NOT do. Policing RELEVANCY IS! Lets not forget that Google is using an automated system to tell everyone else NOT to use automated systems. Google is rolling out it’s value system for us. Here comes the will of God, as Google sees it!

  • http://www.googlestrike.com GoogleStrike

    Google doesn’t care about the little guy. They just care about their bottom line. If they cared about search quality they would reward sites that worked to conform with their standards. No one has recovered from the Panda attack and no one will till we all tell Google how we feel. GO ON STRIKE
    Strike against Google!

  • Julianna

    HubPages has came along way from when they first began. As they grow they have had to make changes in order to comply with Google. Every writing website is going through the same thing, so thumbs up for HP and getting into compliance is simple. Google reminds me of AT&T someone needs to break up their monopoly.

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