How Did Everybody Miss Kmart’s Mistlefinger Ad?

By: Zach Walton - October 18, 2013

Kmart won the Internet in April with a new ad campaign that focused on one phrase, “Ship my pants.” It blew up overnight and became a viral sensation. The store did it again a month later with “Big Gas Savings.” Now it’s latest ad is out, and it unfortunately went ignored.

To advertise the start of the holiday shopping season and Kmart’s layaway program, the retailer has a new ad out called “Mistlefinger.” In it, we get a festive, yet creepy, disembodied hand performing a number of questionable actions, including, but not limited to, squirting water on a woman’s face, shaking a shake weight and wagging his finger in a suggestive way to children.

In short, it’s absolutely brilliant:

While it may not be as immediately hilarious as “Ship my pants” or “Big gas savings,” the Mistlefinger should go down in history as one of the most clever holiday shopping ads ever made. It at least deserves more than the paltry 667 views it currently has. After all, it’s almost the holidays, and what better way to share the holiday spirit than giving your loved ones the mistlefinger.

[Image: Kmart/YouTube]

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