Houston School Evacuation Monday Over Zip Gun

    January 14, 2014
    Heather Vecchioni
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Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas was evacuated Monday because police “learned of a perceived threat on campus.”

Students were escorted to an enclosed area on the school’s athletic field after a suspicious device was found in a backpack. About an hour later, officials revealed the item could be a potential explosive device. The county bomb squad and bomb technicians from the FBI secured the device and swept the school, which was ultimately cleared.

The device turned out to be a homemade zip gun: a device that is designed to propel an object and cause harm. These weapons are often constructed out of pipes and can be used to fire nails.

The student responsible for bringing in the zip gun, Thomas Scott Barfield, was taken into custody and charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. Officials also found another weapon in the trunk of Barfield’s vehicle.

A student who knows Barfield wasn’t too surprised at the findings.

“He was kinda a pyrotechnic if you know what that is,” said Josh Rubin, a senior at the school, in an interview. “He liked to make things with fire and all that. He is honestly a nice person if you just talk to him, but he would be a person I would expect would do something like this.”

Students were dismissed at 1:30 pm and were allowed to be picked up by a parent or walk home. Bus transportation was also offered. Students who had their vehicle keys with them were able to leave. Those who had to go back into school to retrieve keys or other possessions were not able to do so immediately.

Classes were to resume as usual on Tuesday.

About 3,800 students attend Seven Lakes High School. Katy is around 25 miles west of Houston.

Image via Seven Lakes High School website

  • My God

    My God, when I was in school, this would be a non-event. We are paranoid in this nation. Ever since 9/11, we have become afraid of our shadows. The funny thing is the overwhelming evidence is showing 9/11 was not caused by terrorists. I have been on a panel that peer reviewed information from architects, scholars, pilots, and firefighters for 9/11 truth and all the evidence those groups bring forth is absolutely sound. They are not quacks or crazy people. They are smart, experienced, educated, and very professional individuals. The only problem is that none of the major networks will speak with them or publish their findings. Don’t get me wrong — the reporters want to cover these things but the editors and higher management won’t allow them. It is always someone at the very top telling people to not ever cover these events. All the reporters talk about this. They know there is a cover up.

    It is going to be terrible one day when someone like Snowden leaks definite proof that 9/11 was an inside job. Think of the millions of innocent men, women, and children who died and who are dying because of that day. Go overseas and look at all the birth defects that have been caused by America using weapons such as depleted Uranium. In fact, I think that is why they want Snowden so badly. He has over a million documents. This is a CIA number. He may not even fully realize what he has yet because he literally has not got to it yet.

    • J. T.

      Anyone with an IQ above 20 knows that nothing makes sense about 9/11. I have been in a building fire that was a lot worse than what was in building 7. It burned for hours. That building wasn’t close to falling. Not even close. In fact, the same company that built the towers built the one I was in. Office fires do not cause buildings to collapse. It is that simple.

      There are so many fake things about that day and afterward. Like the 4 different fake Bin Laden photos. He was getting young and younger by the day. That is until we “killed” him and dumped him in the ocean?

      • nancy

        Paranoid reaction? A student brought a gun to school. He’s in custody not yet bonded out on a felony charge. That’s what the article reports but your OMG get over it reaction followed by 9/11 babble? You’re not even on task much less sane.

        • @Nancy

          It is constant over-reaction. A zip gun is not the same as a real gun and it was probably just some kid experimenting with things.

          But go ahead, be afraid of everything and everyone and every little incident. That is what they want. For you to be so afraid, that you give up everything.

        • @Nancy

          You would have been one of those people who burned witches. Panic about everything. Heck, half the “terror” incidents are fake. I have friends who live near Sandy Hook – hell most people up there know it is fake as hell. But the 17 hours of nothing the police released should have told you that. Then again, I guess you believe constantly being told something happens and never being shown it —- means a person is being honest.