Houston Cop a Little Too Taser Happy?

    April 2, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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Marty Anthony badge #5328419 of the Houston, TX Police Department was visibly stressed and angered after two black men were recording the outside of a Wal-Mart that he was guarding. According to the footage the men were not trying to record the cop but were trying to show how many carts were left outside of their carousels in the parking lot.

Once Anthony realized that he was caught on camera he asked the two men for their ID. The man operating the recorder on his phone said “I don’t have to show anyone ID sir.”

At this point it appears that Anthony grabs at the phone and says “Yeah, you gotta show ID.”

The man operating the phone felt threatened and said, “You’re grabbing me? Are you serious? Calm down! Are you serious, you are about to tase me?

Then his friend touched the cop lightly with his fingertips and was pushed away with moderate force. The companion said “Don’t tase me sir” repeatedly.

The man with the camera is clearly frightened and says “We’re leaving” but it is already too late.The cop said, “You are not going anywhere,” grabbed the phone, and this is when the video goes black but the audio continues to run. Anthony continues dialogue with the two men and says that he was already hurt that day and is basically fed up. He decided to call a back-up unit.

Was Anthony just taking his problems out on these two men? Was he suffering from some sort of PTSD after being hurt earlier in the day that might have compromised his ability to be an effective officer of the law? Did the two men provoke a thinly spread and overworked cop?

According to the YouTube post from the person who put up this video the men were hand-cuffed but released. It appears that it was posted by one of the men in the video because the post changed from third person to first. The individual went on to claim that they lied to the police about erasing the footage, that they were bribed and threatened by the police that they needed to erase the footage or go to jail, and added that Anthony works part-time as a security officer at Walmart after his shift with Houston PD ends.

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  • Concerned Houstonian

    Houston Police Officers wear a light blue uniform shirt and navy blue pants. As you can see, the officer in this video is NOT a Houston Police Department officer. The city of Houston is so large that many business and large events are staffed by officers from other agencies in and around Texas to work them on an off-duty capacity from their sponsoring agencies (its an extra job for the officers). As sworn Texas peace officers…its not uncommon to find a small town or school district police officer working a business or venue in the city of Houston.

    No one has even mentioned the fact that the officer could have asked for ID to identify their age for a curfew violation.

    I do not condone his actions but he did have a right to ask for ID in my opinion.

    • http://www.copblock.org/ J

      Marty Anthony badge #5328419 of the Houston, TX Police Department .

      He was working a second job…As security..

      • Rey

        You only need to have an ID on you when you’re driving, legally. So no they did NOT need to show an ID.

    • APS221

      As others have mentioned, it appears he is not wearing a Houston Police uniform. Some have noticed the patches on his sleeves are red. It looks like the patches are from Jersey Village, Eagle Lake, or Kenefick. Before you reply, I know he has been identified as “Marty Anthony badge #5328419 of the Houston, TX Police.” However, the differences in uniform, patch, and badge are pretty clear.

    • another concerned Houstonian

      Where are your papers sir??

  • HasThisWorldGoneCrazy

    Really? If a crazy security guard asked to see my ID (and I hadn’t done anything wrong or suspicious), I would tell him to kiss my fat white @ss. This guy truly needs to be taken off of any PD he is current working on.

  • Johnny

    What is this, Nazi Germany where people need to be ready to show their “papers” whenever asked for them, or be sent to jail? What’s next, a little old lady leaves her purse at home and get’s tazed because she doesn’t have ID?

    America, you’re f**kin’ up. Fix it.

  • http://bannination.com Carl Worth

    If people would stop being so black, these incidents wouldn’t happen

    • Jefferson

      Such a troll

  • Nike

    This cop is completely out of line and hopefully his superiors deal with him properly. These boys never harmed him.

  • Lacey

    Why does it have to be two BLACK men, and not a WHITE COP? If you’re going to mention the color of one you need to mention the color of all. You make it sound as if his irritation was ok BECAUSE they were black! I don’t think that is socially responsible of you as a writer.