Hottest Supermodel on Earth is Kate Upton, According to Vogue

    May 10, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Kate Upton has graced the cover of many magazines, and but Until this month, however, she had not yet had her face (and body) on the cover of Vogue. This month, Upton can finally claim that honor.

Vogue announced this week that an interview with Upton is the cover story for the June issue of Vogue, titled “How Kate Upton Became the Hottest Supermodel on Earth.” The publication announced the cover story through posts on its various social media channels:


Killer curves, of course, but our June cover star Kate Upton has much more: old-fashioned ambition, digital-age savvy, and personality to burn. Click here to read the June cover story on Vogue.com: http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/the-kate-effect-kate-uptons-first-vogue-cover/ Photographed by Mario Testino

The 20-year-old supermodel told Vogue that she’s learned to live with the media’s constant speculation and debate about her body. She goes on to once again debunk the rumors that have been swirling in the tabloids about her love life. Upton also mentions that she would like to act, saying, “I’m American – more is more!”

A short behind-the-scenes look at Upton’s classy photo shoot has been posted by Vogue:

  • anon

    Looks pretty average … just bc a mag says so doesn’t make it so..

    • Keith Nicholson

      Although I am normally not partial to blondes, this woman looks great. She is much better than average, but to each his own.

  • Nomad77

    Just another magazine trying to sell copies. They make these delusional statements to create controversy and which get them free publicity.

  • SamuraiCowboy

    Why would she given that title when she has big fake tata’s? They are far too perfect to be natural. They are synetrical and of of equal size. I do not know of one single woman who has breasts that are of equal size.

    • Her guy

      SHE is all natural friend, I know

  • Cecil B Demented

    Kate Upton? Okay. THE Hottest supermodel on earth is Valerie Cormier, of Raymond, New Hampshire! Check out some pics and vids of her, and I think you’ll agree! And, a VERY CLOSE second is Wendy Fiore of Chicago! If these two don’t get you hot…you’re probably Elton John!

  • david williams

    bull shiiiiit there is a lot of women hotter than she is,my wife is one of them.

    • Pablo

      I sure would like to vukk your wife!

  • Pablo

    I wanna see her ahzsshole!!! AND I WANNA SEE IT NOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  • Bob78

    One thing I’ll say for these Upton shoots, they sure make the photoshop guys earn their keep!

    What a joke!