Hotmail Replaced With Outlook.com: Smart Brand Decision?

    February 21, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Earlier this week, Microsoft launched Outlook.com to all users. This is a webmail offering that launched in in preview last year, but now all Hotmail users are being transitioned to the new experience.

We took a closer look at the new offering here. David Law, the director of product management had to say about the transition from Hotmail:

The upgrade is seamless and instant for people who use Hotmail. Everything from their @hotmail.com email address, password, messages, folders, contacts, rules, vacation replies, etc. will stay the same, with no disruption in service. When upgraded, they’ll also get all the benefits from the redesigned Outlook.com experience–a fresh and intuitive user interface, lots of new features and better performance. And we won’t ever make you switch your email address to an @outlook.com address if you don’t want to.

We expect all people using Hotmail to be upgraded by this summer. And for those that are excited to get the new benefits of the Outlook.com experience, there’s no need to wait. You can upgrade today by simply signing in at Outlook.com and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reactions to Microsoft’s move have been mixed – far more mixed than reactions to the new Yahoo homepage.

Some have wondered what the branding change will mean for Microsoft’s webmail user base.

A representative from brand insights provider Kontera tells WebProNews, “Heading into the month, Outlook is trending 22.63% higher than Gmail. Additionally, Gmail is trending 69.85% higher than Hotmail, which further validates Microsoft’s choice in choosing to focus their branding efforts on Outlook instead of rebranding Hotmail. And since their new campaign started, trending for Outlook has gone up 10.26% while Gmail went up 2.31%.”

Do you like the new experience better than Hotmail?

  • http://Quito Grace gamez

    Soy una persona muy amable

  • mi.balti

    WTF… I cant attach files with my new outlook format of Hotmail.. Improve it and tell me how to get the older one.. that one was most reliable one…

  • Wil K.

    With the new Outlook format I am unable to see or email most of my contacts. Unable to add stories to email. Unable attach Smiley’s. This new email program is just too confusing and completely to difficult for the average person to understand. What do you have to say!

    • Lyn Morris

      Why change something that is not broke, i am of the older generation and even though i have worked with different packages on computers in my work life, by the upgrade on just the look of the outlook page it looks complicated ok for the youngsters as it is part of there lives, all the technology now is going too far, keep things within reach of all ages and grades of peoples education.By what i have just read this will cause a lot of people to stear away and go back to old fashion phone calls for comunication.
      You do not have to try and look clever with all these features people just want simple comunication not fancy things that most people really will not use maybe at first but it will die down. Then will you try to be clever again and put more fancy attachments. Yes you may say silly old codger (if you know what that word means)but i can assure you i am not and properly saying what most people think but do not like to say because they are scared they would be put down for being old or not that well educated. Well i think i have had my say thankyou for giving me the chance to make my feelings known.By the way i am a woman and some of us do talk sense.
      Regards Lyn Morris

  • DMT


  • Sarah

    Well, I’ve just pulled half my hair out and am so frustrated I feel like bawling. Microsoft just can’t get anything right. Many people don’t use facebook and/or twitter and just want to stay with what they are used to – a nice simple email program. Why does everything in life have to change – it’s usually always for the worse. When are Microsoft going to bring out a program that is user friendly easy to understand with easy instructions and that works?. We’re not all 22yo computer nerds.

  • http://jerileigh.myitworks.com jls

    The new hotmail/outlook is not user friendly at all. there are formatting limitations and if one is used to using outlook for anything else, there is confusion because the hotmail outlook differs greatly from the traditional outlook. I want my old hotmail back.

  • wish

    I upgrade to the new outlook and now can not access my emails at all.

  • TJ

    Bring it back…

  • Denis

    As much as I’m sure we all appreciate free email I have never been so furious as much as i am now!!!!!!

    I am so upset that i just want to delete my account.
    I’m the type who NEVER Comments or gives FEEDBACK on anything on the net.
    Nup, I dont care im going to delete it.

    For those people who like the new look, good for you:)
    For those of you who have been suckered into changing to new Outlook, I say grab all your contacts information and lets go else where as Hotmail has been turned to S#1t

    BTW Microsoft, Windows 8 makes me want to throw up!

    “God help us when they change everything to make things so simplified and so steamlined and so “even a Baby can use it” interface.
    It will be the time for us to fear the most.

    Im out of here. Bye…

  • lawrence fairey

    Not happy with Outlook. lumps all emails of one subject together, then deletes all emails on that subject, instead of individual ones. Also doesn’t seem to have a facility for printing off emails,prints what is shown on the page,and misses the right hand side of the email. Seems a backward step, was much happier with previous format but don’t seem to be able to get back.

  • David

    You can’t simply print an email page.
    You can’t simply scroll through your email contacts when forwarding.
    You have to search around to find “forward” unlike hotmail.
    I can no longer open jpeg attachments.
    BUT I don’t know why I am wasting my time writing this because MICROcrap never fedback when you feedback.

  • http://msn.com Yaima

    I upgraded my account and I can’t bring it back to the old look. I hate it!! I can’t even receive emails with attachments! WTF

  • Tessa

    I agree with the frustrated ‘converts’ to Outlook. I like the type face and fresh look but why change where the ‘forward’ link is located. It was convenient and frequently used. It took me half an hour to find it’s new location and it is less convenient. Why do the letters I send end up in my inbox? I have a ‘Sent’ box for those. Why clutter up my ‘In Box’ with a confusing number of emails, some of which I cannot even tell who sent the original note. I am forced to open up notes from myself to find a particular sender. It was so much clearer before.This is really not a good move and I am very tempted to move to gmail.

    • Murielle

      Yes, I agree with you I totally dislike Outlook never liked nor
      ever will – is there anyways of getting back to Hotmail or do we no longer have an option?

  • bigwank

    can no longer get my faxes, they used to come in a pdf file, now that its outlook I CANT DOWNLOAD THEM they are a png file WTF?

    In my book im “trending” towards DUMPING OUTLOOK cuz hotmail used to work!

  • http://amigareviews.leveluphost.com Tim Janssen

    At the time of writing (06 March 2013) saving any attachment in Outlook.com indeed does not work. I have tried it in the four major browsers, on three different machines (Vista, Windows 7 & Ubuntu) cleaned all cache, re-installed Silverlight, rebooted machines, and temporarily turned off virusscanners. All to no avail.

    I find it remarkable that Outlook.com users are having this issue despite it was already logged in September 2012 with Microsoft (see http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/mail-email/i-cannot-download-open-save-or-save-as-attachments/cb1f1d8e-6524-47c2-8f0c-1ed895cee05a?msgId=49db5c0d-c24b-48cc-8fe9-92522bc4232b).

    How many more times let we Microsoft c**k up their ‘improvements’?

    • oceanshieldwolf

      Remarkable. To have used Hotmail without problems for 10+ years, then to be forced into an unwanted “upgrade” to something called Outlook I have heard of but always avoided. Now my email is Outlook. I cannot send attachments. I CANNOT SEND ATTACHMENTS!

      How in any way is this an improvement? The point is not whether or not I am tech-savvy, and thus able to negotiate the “new” mail system I have inherited (read: been forced into) – the very important point is last week I could send attachments. Now, I cannot. I should not have to DO anything to continue using my mail as I have for years.

      This is not any kind of improvement. This is a disaster personally for me with pending student assignments and paid freelance work reliant on BEING ABLE TO SEND ATTACHMENTS. I must look for a new email. WHERE I CAN SEND ATTACHMENTS.

  • rah


  • rah

    HATE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Tricia356

    WTF? They forgot to provide a means for printing out an email, and so what are we supposed to do? DUH!

  • Snort

    This forced transfer from Hotmail to Outlook is a nightmare. Screen locks up. Original messages aren’t attached to replies. No way to tweak it from iPad. Why replace something that worked with garbage?

  • Snort

    This forced transfer from Hotmail to Outlook is a nightmare. Screen locks up. Original messages aren’t attached to replies. No way to tweak it from iPad. Bring Hotmail back.

  • oceanshieldwolf

    David Law, director of product management (for Outlook?) says: “The upgrade is seamless and instant for people who use Hotmail. Everything from their @hotmail.com email address, password, messages, folders, contacts, rules, vacation replies, etc. will stay the same, with no disruption in service.”

    “Seamless”. “No disruption of service”.

    Blatantly untrue. As you can see from my reply to Tim Janssen’s comment below, I can NO LONGER ATTACH FILES to my emails. This is potentially a disaster in my student and professional life, both for student assignments and paid freelance writing submissions. I CANNOT ATTACH ANY FILES.

    I shouldn’t have to DO anything different to navigate my “seamless” email. Currently I have a MAJOR disruption of service”. Please ask Mr David Law what he has to say about the major problem I am having with this fantastic “seamless” upgrade that causes “no disruption of service”. It is causing a major disruption of service in my life. I look for a new email service…

    • Gillian

      I thought it was just me when I can’t attach anything and when I try to forward emails that had attachments they have disappeared!

  • Kathy

    This is no upgrade. I did I did not ask for it, and I do not want it. I can see important emails in my inbox, but cannot access them. Nor can I send emails.


    How can I get my good old hotmail account back? I used it no problem
    for many years, and now I cannot even access or send emails. It’s
    almost worse than having no account at all since I’m receiving things
    I can’t read, but know they’re there.

    Is there anyone to contact or anythign to be done about this? And

  • Lynn Smith

    I do not like the new Outlook. I have tried to persevere with it but it is a nightmare. I have linked 3 hotmail accounts to my personal hotmail account. I have to format the content of the text in the 2nd major hotmail account everytime I type an email, I cannot put in an automatic signature, it takes forever for the email to “send”. The print option is inconveniently hidden as are some of the other options, which were in full view in hotmail. I do not like the side bar info. The unread emails are not clearly identifiable.

    This is a nightmare for me.

  • steve

    love it ,

    maybe the bugs have been sorted out that got the other commentators mad….. i think it is so much quicker, and easier to use…. great move microsoft

    • frustrated

      Please ignore step 4.

      Yours Truly

  • frustrated

    what an utter piece of piece of crappy looking email tool – it’s sh*te and total nonsense.

    i’ve worked out a way to get your hotmail back, but for now i guess it’s only temporary resolution until you’re reverted back to OutCrap

    follow my instructions:

    1. create a new hotmail address account – try and make it similar to your original email address you don’t forge it – i was able to add just one number after the first letter in my original email address. I would also use the same password you use for your original hotmail account.

    2. after you’ve created your new email address, login to your original hotmail account, that’s if you’re not logged in already.

    3. when you’re logged into your new account, click on Options, which is situated far right of your screen, just underneath your name and profile. then click ‘More Options’ and a new screen will open.

    4. Then click on the small gear cog icon, far right of your screen at the top. then click on ‘More email settings’ and new screen will open.

    5. Underneath the header ‘Managing your account’ look for a header called ‘Eail forwarding’

    6. Then select ‘Forward your emails to another email account’ and enter your new email address, that you created earlier, into the box that says ‘Where do you want your messages to be sent?’

    7. Finally, tick the option that says ‘Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Outlook inbox.; then click the Save button and your done and set to go!

    What you have done here is instructed your emails in you original email account to be forwarded to your new email account. so you can use your old wonderful hotmail again. mind you i don’t know how long for, that is why i said it’s just temporary measure.
    The only thing is that you will have to copy all your contacts if you need the, into your new hotmai account, but at least you have the joy of using the hotmail again. by the way, there is an option to link email accounts which will enable you to switch between different email accounts. just google it and put youtube on the end an there should be someone who’s done a video on this. Also, just a reminder, don’t be fooled again when you see one of the popup screens, that you’ll probably see again at some point, asking you to update to outlook. Don’t get caught out again.
    But you never know, microsoft might be forced to revert us all back to hotmail because a complete shambles like evethying else they touch.

    Right, now for my rant:

    crappy outlook is a pile of sh1*e microsoft again hiding everything trying to be super clever, but yet again look like super plonkas! hot mail is a nice simple tool unaffected by microCrap. why is it when they get thier hands on something they fook it up? am not the moaning type, but msCrap messed my whole day up, and am sure did thousands of others. i was doing great that morning emailing an dealing with suppliers with a smile on my face because it was Friday! then suddenly, my day came to frustrating halt. i could open file attachments, the OutCrap was crashing, features that were once there seemed to have disappeared down a black hole or they’ve been hidden into obscurity so much that it just fooks up your woking day because microPlonka’s who work at microCrap corp think we’re all einstein or super nerds which we’re not. what kind of people are microsoft employing and cloning? i think they’ve fooked up major style replacing a wonderful email tool called hotmail that’s been around for years, and nothing at all wrong with it, and now it’s ludicrous that hotmail is being replaced for a piece of crap that nobody wants – it’s for office use not domestic or home use. the screen and controls are horrible. again microsh*t fooking up everything they touch. apple are worth a hundred of microsoft – everything apple makea is a joy and so easy to use. apple technology i take my hat off to you – they have got it right and microsoft need to learn from these apple guys. i think i’ll go and buy myself an apple at the weekend. God bless you all.

    Yours Truly

    • frustrated

      Please ignore step 4

      i’m half asleep as i write this. it’s late am out of here!

      Yours Truly :)

  • julian jessop

    This is an absolutely classic example of “better means worse”. It’s a real own goal, like the famous fiasco that was cherry flavoured Coca Cola. Innovate by all means, but if it ain’t bust don’t fix it.

    My main gripe: attaching Word files, which used to be virtually instantaneous with Hotmail, now takes minutes. I’m sure I can eventually work round this – empty the cache or something – but the fact was I never needed to do this with hotmail. Any other theoretical advantages of Outlook are outweighed by this and other irritations.

    After 10 years with hotmail, seriously thinking of moving across to gmail.

    • Gina

      I started using msn almost twenty years ago and had no complaints until I briefly shared my husband’s AOL account. When I went back to hotmail, I found it to be grossly inferior to AOL in so many ways, so when we were given a choice to “upgrade” to Outlook, I tried it, hoping to see an improvement, but I didn’t find it to be any better so I switched back. Therein lies my problem. It’s the principle of the thing. I like freedom of choice and when freedom of choice is replaced by mandatory, I don’t take well to it. Never give people a taste of freedom, then yank it right out from under them. I’m making the break right now.

  • mike

    This change is not for the users convenience. Obviously it suits some other purpose and is being ‘sold’ as an upgrade.
    The insult is they think we’ll swallow it!
    gmail seems the better way now.

  • Nancy

    Outlook is far worse than hotmail ever was!. The design of it is nauseating. It froze right in the middle of a reply i was writing. I will now be going back to using Yahoo mail instead of this hot mess called Outlook!

  • moonbeamracer

    It’s called ..ARROGANCE by Microsoft … they just don’t care anymore about their old customers, and are going to shove what some marketing team has created down our throats like it or not; Microsoft forgets what “conservative” really means ..and it’s not political. After a consumer learns & feels comfortable with a product.. he doesn’t want to change, he’s happy with what he has, and where he is with the product.
    I use both hotmail & gmail .. both have/had merits …. I’m used to the formats and use them for different purposes … Hotmail was my backbone, for everything important, gmail .. personal.
    The arrogance of Microsoft in this case is amazing; the largest, most important software company in the world, couldn’t/wouldn’t develop software/programs to allow their current lifetime users the ability to keep the existing format?
    Like Bing … your gonna jamb it down our throats and make us consume it! Why don’t you learn to compete with your product not compel the consumer to “eat it” or move?
    Explorer is a good example .. a second class browser that when forced to compete with better products changed .. now I understand that the current explorer is top rate ..
    As someone that has been a Microsoft fan since their inception, I have over the last five years began to lose faith .. in their integrity and this just adds fuel to my increasing mistrust

    What happened to this great company?

    Outlook sucks! Management needs to correct this debacle … before it runs the majority of their loyal following away!

  • YY

    I just logged in to my Hotmail, which I have for over 10 years, and I was unpleasantly surprised to see a complete new interface had taken over my Hotmail without my wish or consent. There was not even a warning!!!

    I was very happy with my Hotmail. I had alternative email accounts with Yahoo, Gmail, etc and I didn’t use them. I preferred Hotmail as I was very comfortable with it. I committed to it despite competition it had.
    I have been traveling and living between different countries and states and heavily relying on my web-based email service, Hotmail, and in years, I have saved and accumulated many important legal, medical, personal correspondence, files and emails in my Hotmail folders.

    Now I have to re-establish everything with a new email address and have to figure out how to transfer and save tons and tons of important emails and info in my saved Hotmail folders, which will be a nightmare of a process, not to mention that it will take great deal of time.
    Thanks Microsoft!!! You just made my life more difficult!!!!

    I don’t like Outlook. I don’t want to change. I am too busy and on-the-go all the time to try to get used to a new interface.
    I also don’t like Outlook being forced on me with no regard to my choices, my comfort and my concern for all my folders with important info and documents.
    If this forced change is permanent and I am not given an option to reverse it, I will most definitely drop my 10 plus-year-old Hotmail account and start using Google or Yahoo.
    This is by far the dumbest thing Microsoft is doing. Is this how you reward my long-time loyalty???
    I am very pissed off, annoyed and disappointed.
    Way to lose whatever left of your online email clients!!!
    Did I mention I don’t like things being forced on me???

  • michael

    This is not some sort of marketing exercise for me its a problem with lost functionality. I need to be able to copy my sent list of attached files accurately and discreetly into my emails. I have also paid for hotmail plus for many years. Since the mandatory upgrade to outlook the functionality of hotmail plus to do this with a cut sweep and paste has been lost and my emails now look like a mess.

    Microsoft does not appear to understand my concerns and has given a bogus number for me to call 1800002587 which does not work in this country.

    If I can not get a sensible answer to this solution I will be obliged to ditch microsoft plus, and or look for other users similarly inconvenienced to see how they feel about it and perhaps look for a collective remedy or migrate to Gmail..

    Also my facebook image showed up in my business emails.. Does Microsoft really want to de market their products by playing games with our privacy?

    Its also so slow… you used to be able to keep composing your message as it uploaded now your screen goes dead and you have to sit there….

    So with the bungled upgrade they are crying poor too… Too many people inconvenienced… Get real Microsoft….

  • YY


    I just sent myself an email from Outlook to test what you said about your FB image showing up on your emails and yes, it did the same for me, too, and that’s just not acceptable.
    I went into Settings to see if I could re-configure that and I found out that I could only do that from the other end. Outlook won’t let me change anything as I please with Outlook. I have to go to Facebook, Twitter, etc to restrict my Privacy Settings on my social media accounts.
    What if I don’t want to? What if I want to use what social media offers to me to the fullest or not, as I please, as a complete separate entity than my email? Social media is social media! Email is email! Two separate concepts!!!!
    Why am I being forced to make a change with my Social Media accounts just to avoid something forced on me by Microsoft and Outlook? It’s abusive! It’s bullshit! Is it even legal?????
    I don’t know what kind of game Microsoft is playing, but it sure looks like the intention is more than just an email interface upgrade.
    It all seems to me like Microsoft is victimizing loyal clients to use as pawns for some sick marketing battle by playing them against social media companies, etc while they sit back and watch ‘innocently’ forcing the cause and responsibility on others, while, in fact, it’s Microsoft itself doing the provoking and assuming that we are all ‘stupid’!!!

    I am very concerned about all my folders with significant amount of important correspondence, documents, info, etc. for over 10 years.
    I don’t even know how to safeguard them at this point. It’s a lot of work and I’m not even sure if all my data is in tact.
    I really feel abused and seriously inconvenienced by this process at this point.
    I am willing to partake in any action taken by similar ‘victims’ for a solution or for a collective ‘remedy.’

    One really pissed off loyal Hotmail client!


  • Nancy

    Day 3 of Outlook mail from hell!!….I too do not like things forced upon me. This Outlook mail sucks in so many ways!….everyday it freezes on me when I am in the middle of a reply and today I wanted to forward a mail and there is no forward feature..WTF??. I realize Hotmail had its problems but it was 1000 times better than this Outlook fiasco!!

  • Mike

    The new interface design of Outlook.com is awful. The font colour is too pale and difficult to read. The site colours are typical of ‘facebook’ minimalism and completely bland. The hotmail design was much better and actually had some personality, why fix something that didn’t need fixing?? I’ve had a hotmail account for 12 years and always preferred this over other providers. I’d be tempted to switch to Gmail but that is much worse so I guess I’m stuck with this….maybe time to use my Apple Mail application.

  • sophie

    I DONT WANT BLOODY OUTLOOK IT IS SO RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!! I will switch to something else! why is this happening?!

  • Henry Byrd

    As usual, Microsoft are ignoring all complaints about this new system.
    I have visited the MS website and checked all the remedies they suggest. Everthing is totally up to date but Outlook is still performing extremely poorly on W7 with SP1. It is slow, often it will not start at all. Attachments refuse to load. The “now you see it now you don’t” menu does not always appear. If I check a box to remove an entry there is a delay B4 it actually happens, sometimes the box will uncheck itself – need I go on! I will persevere but will certaily consider changing to another mail provider if this goes on too long.