Horowitz Bar Mitzvah a Viral Sensation


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Last year, Sam Horowitz became a man. This year, he became a viral sensation.

Horowitz had his bar mitzvah last November at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas, and this kid knows how to enter a room.

The idea for his flashy entrance came after seeing the Cheetah Girls in concert when he was seven years old. Six years later, he didn't let his mom forget. His mother, Angela Horowitz, said, “He said right then, ‘I wanna do that at my bar mitzvah.’ And he held me to it.”

Once the idea was decided upon, it came time to plan and implement. The production company in charge required a stunt man to accompany Sam inside the descending chandelier. All the dancers were local, and some were even Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders.

Choreographed dancing was something a bit new to Sam, but he knew he had to put in the work to get the right result. He told Good Morning America Live!, “It was so much work. I had to practice every weekend for three hours for a month, and when the show actually got close we had to start adding extra rehearsals with the dancers and the chandelier so everything fell into place. It took a lot of practice.”

The performance wasn't the only thing that had Sam proclaiming it was the best day of his life, saying, “The party really was special, but the party is just a celebration. It’s really about the service, and it took two years to prepare for that. It’s a really big milestone in my life and it meant a lot to me, so I’m happy people are enjoying it.”

Sam obviously has his eyes on being a part of the entertainment industry. His mother said, “Sam wants to be famous in the entertainment industry. He loves to sing and dance. He’s a really passionate kid.” He has already been in some commercials and has an agent.

It's clear he enjoys being in front of the screen. He even made a video invitation for his bar mitzvah set to "Call Me, Maybe."