Hope Solo Married Boyfriend 1 Day After Assault Arrest

    November 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Olympic soccer darling Hope Solo has been in the news this week after an alleged fight with her fiance, Jerramy Stevens, left her with a lacerated and bloody elbow and Stevens with a night in jail.

The details are odd and a little sketchy; the couple were hosting a pre-wedding party when an argument escalated and ended up involving eight people, at least one of whom was taken to the hospital. When police responded to a domestic disturbance call, they found Stevens laying on the floor between the bed and the wall in an upstairs bedroom; he told them he’d fallen asleep and hadn’t heard the fight, but the blood on his shirt told a different story. He was arrested on charges of fourth-degree assault, but was released the next day after a judge ruled there was no evidence to connect him to the assault, considering so many people were involved.

Stevens told officers the argument began when he and Solo couldn’t agree on where they would live after the wedding, and many thought the nuptials would be called off in light of the violence, but the couple ended up marrying on Tuesday in a small, private ceremony. Solo has had no comment on what happened.

Some may remember that Solo’s memoir, released earlier this year, has at least two stories of alleged physical abuse from different people featured: the slaps she says she suffered at the hands of Maks, her “Dancing With The Stars” coach, and a shove from her former coach Greg Ryan.

  • Dakota Derringer

    Can’t think of a better match: A total DOUCHEBAG marries a total SCUMBAG — Let’s just pray they don’t have kids….

    • AJ

      WHAK HIS BALLS HONEY!then sling them clear across the house!

  • Justin

    Hope is nothing but trash. Why would you marry an ugly loser like this…She is just as bad as him now.

  • whocares

    Love is blind folks. we don’t know the extent of their relationship…if they were planning to get married, then things musta been really good up to the point of the fight. why throw that away over 1 incident? I commend them on going through with their wedding plans. This just shows the love they have for each other. Whereas most people are getting divorce over silly little disagreements and silly one night flings, it’s good to see a couple like Hope and Jerramy entering the wonderful union of marriage, inspite of this little altercation. I wish them nothing but the best. I think that they will last a very long time.