Hope Solo: Drug Test Gets Her Official USDA Warning

    July 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Hope Solo has received an official warning from the USDA regarding the results of a drug test, although she will still be allowed to compete on the Olympic team.

Solo tested positive for a substance called Canrenone, a diuretic which was in prescribed medication and which Solo took unknowingly. However, because she immediately began working with the USDA after the test, she has been given a warning only and still intends to play for the U.S. national team, where she is a goalkeeper.

Solo issued a statement about the test and the reprimand:

“I took a medication prescribed by my personal doctor for pre-menstrual purposes that I did not know contained a diuretic,” Solo said in a statement. “Once informed of this fact, I immediately cooperated with USADA and shared with them everything they needed to properly conclude that I made an honest mistake, and that the medication did not enhance my performance in any way. As someone who believes in clean sport, I am glad to have worked with USADA to resolve this matter and I look forward to representing my country at the 2012 Olympic Games in London,” she said.

Solo has been the goal keeper for the U.S. team for six years and is considered one of the best in the world.

  • http://Everestmatross.com Everest

    “is considered one of the best in the world.”

    – No, no, no! She IS the best in the world.

    But good article.

  • http://Yahoo Miles

    Hope Solo is now been warned by the USDA about her drug she used
    called canrenone.What I do not understand is why she still a member
    of the olympic team.Is wrong for me to say that she has cheated to
    make herself better for the sake of the olympic team?I my opinion
    I am right.Throw her off the team now and put in a goalkeeper who
    cares about the team instead of herself.

  • Rob Lovett

    throw her off the team for what??and how is she selfish ??For taking something for pre menstrual condition??are you serious because i feel like you are joking.In no way did she cheat to”make herself better’Miles you are an idiot and have no clue what you are talking about.The drug in question was an”INGEDIENT”to a medication she was prescribed by her doctor you moron.Whaere are you from because it cant be Land of the free and home of the brave.God i wish people would think before posting MORONIC comments!!!

    • Pete S

      Uh … diuretics are used by athletes to flush the system of drugs they don’t want the testers to catch. So what better way to do it than use a plausible drug to dispose of the implausible one.

      A prescription written by “a doctor?” Which doctor. The lawyer’s statement doesn’t say. Doctors are in cahoots with athletes all the time. There is no way in hell athletes at this level don’t check and know which drugs contain what, and which drugs are on the prohibited list and which are not. I call BS.

  • Rob Lovett

    OH and Miles please comment back and explain yourself or be a coward and hide which is it???

  • Lezlie

    Did you read the article Miles? She’s still on the team because she went to the USADA as soon as she found out the substance was in a prescribed pms medicine. The USADA felt she made an HONEST mistake. Are we so jaded that we can’t believe someone might actually be telling the truth?

    • andrew

      Dont get ruffled up by Miles, Lezlie. He’s not the first mean, ignorant and unforgiving individual I come across. He should be the one thrown out of the Team. The Human Being Team that is 😉

    • dhm

      Are you naive? OF COURSE her lawyer didn’t waste a second and went straight to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to negotiate a deal. That doesn’t make her plausible excuse true.

    • http://Yahoo! Miles

      Read what said to Rob.And then find the it a yahoo website
      on Hope Solo drug test.It says that was a banned substance
      to begin with.Do know what the would banned means?It means
      you do not use it.Who jaded now?I think it you lezile.

  • dhm

    Dudes get PMS?

  • dhm

    It’s funny to me that the goof who wrote this doesn’t know the difference between the USDA and the USADA.

    • Pete S

      Apparently Amanda Crum thinks the United States Department of Agriculture has some jurisdiction over Hope Solo’s athletic career. I guess it’s possible, in most countries she would be mistaken for a farm animal.

  • http://Yahoo! Miles

    Calling me a coward and a idiot.That’s so wrong.Rob.Here’s a question for you.Do you make it a habit to call people cowards and
    idiots when other people have and opinion you do not agree with in
    robbie’s way of thinking?If you do you very shallow in your thinking.Rob.Here’s something you need to do.Go to Yahoo! webpage and click on Hope Solo’s drug test.It says in the article this is
    a banned substance.Rob.Do you understand the word BANNED?It means
    you did not use it.Now that I have made my statement.I wonder now
    who the real coward and idiot is. Oh believe,that you Rob.

  • Tony Friesen

    I dislike how athletes can cheat, and use the stupid card as a defense. True athletes know what they put in their body at ALL TIMES. True athletes make sure their DOCTORS know they get tested … What this proves is that you can cheat because you can claim ignorance with a plausable excuse. There are 1000’s of women athletes who need similar medications … are they testing positive? No. Ignorance isn’t an excuse, Hope Solo cheated … plain and simple.