HootSuite Launches a New Integrated Collaboration Tool

By: Sean Patterson - September 26, 2012

HootSuite, a social media management platform used by companies to coordinate their social marketing across multiple social network platforms, today announced the launch of what it is calling HootSuite Conversations. The feature is an integrated real-time collaboration tool for user of HootSuite.

The beta version of conversations is now available through the HootSuite website. The tool allows users to manage groups of HootSuite users within their business or organization. Users can collaborate within groups, push out tweets and updates, organize conversations, and group leaders can share pre-approved messages for individual group members to push out to their social networks.

“Conversations is built on top of HootSuite Teams which helps visualize the organizational structure of work groups in your business,” said Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO. “Our goal with Conversations is to increase efficiency between teams or departments and ultimately improve ROI. Now, true social collaboration can happen around campaigns or trending topics that impact business immediately.”

HootSuite states that Conversations is meant to enable company-wide messaging, while filtering conversations for a particular group’s needs. For example, a marketing team can collaborate a specific campaign, while a sales team discusses strategy – all without stepping on each others’ toes.

Earlier this month HootSuite acquired a competitor social media marketing platform, Seesmic. Throughout this year, HootSuite has been adding support for a wide variety of social media platforms, including Yammer, Instagram, and SlideShare.

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  • http://hootsuite.com Matt Foulger

    Thanks for sharing the news about Conversations, Sean. At the HootSuite nest, we’re pretty excited to see what people can do with Conversations. We’re listening to feedback at @HootWatch

    If anybody has questions about Conversations, check out our blog.
    We’ve also got a support forum specifically for Conversations.

    -Matt from HootSuite