Honorable Dairy Queen Employee Does the Right Thing

    September 18, 2013
    Mike Fossum
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After a visually impaired man dropped a twenty dollar bill on the floor at a Minnesota Diary Queen, employee Joey Prusak called out the woman who’d picked it up and put it in her purse. Prusak is being praised online for his good deed, and the Daily mail has nominated him for the “Nice Guy hall of Fame.”

The woman who grabbed the bill denied the whole thing, and Prusak asked her to leave the premises. Another customer saw the whole thing and emailed the manager, which made its rounds on Reddit. Prusak explained, “the lady behind him just picked it up and put it in her purse – As if no one saw it.”

Here’s a copy of the email:

The 19-year-old Prusak, who’d been working at the Hopkins Dairy Queen for 5 years, knew the visually impaired patron – “He’s a regular and he always pays with a debit card. He doesn’t use a wallet, so when he pulled out his card, the cash fell to the ground.” When the woman grabbed the money, Prusak confronted her – “I said, ‘Ma’am, can you please return the gentleman’s money?'”

The woman made a scene, and then left with the money. So Prusak gave the man a twenty from his own wallet. When the manager got the email about the matter, he wasn’t even aware of the incident. When said manager questioned Prusak, then teen explained that “It felt like the right thing to do.”

For more good deed documentation, check out this compilation video of Russian dashboard cameras, capturing various good Samaritans in action.

Images courtesy of Reddit and Joey Prusak.

  • http://yahoo ethan

    Little old ladies can get people killed. A few days ago, a young black man who was in a horrific car accident went to the nearest home and knocked on the door asking for help. He was bleeding and hurt. He just wanted her to call for help. The LITTLE OLD LADY! The LITTLE OLD LADY looked out her door and called 911. She said: There is a deviant looking BLACK man scaring me and trying to break in. A few minutes later 3 cruisers came to the house and the young black injured man turned and started to limp toward them for medical help.Instead he got shot 9 times by one white cop who lives in fear because of bigotry racism and hatred.
    That little old lady will probably lose everything she owns in a civil suit. the cop who emptied his Glock 9MM semi automatic assault weapon will now go to jail and really live in fear. And that’s the way it is in this once good country.

    • candy

      It wasn’t a little old lady, it was a young mother of a young son, her husband was working nights. The man (she didnt say black man or anything racist) came to her door beating on it and screaming. She was terrified. He should have stopped when the police said to. 12 shots was overkill, but I don’t blame the woman or the police doing their job of protecting.

      • http://yahoo ethan

        Candy! Stop drinking the cool aid. Get help now. Quit trying to justify an unjustifiable situation.

  • Suzy Farkus

    What a beautiful kid.

    Many people assume that all teens are rude, lazy and obnoxious. While that may true of a select few, if you spend even a few minutes in their company you will find that most are caring, bright, creative, sweet kids. Sometimes in groups they might be a tad overwhelming, but the never-ending commotion that seems to follow them everywhere is actually a good thing. It shows are excited about life and all its possibilities.

    I remember once as a retail manager calling out an arrogant, inconsiderate woman when she tried to slide on in ahead of the sweet handicapped lady(couldn’t walk/stand w/o crutches),who was there long before her, patiently waiting her turn at the register. I could see the steam coming out of her ears, her face crimson as I silently rang her up. Lord help us if she was mad at ME for not letting her cut in line!

    Most Americans are good, decent, hard-working people, but it’s easy to forget that when only the bad apples make the news. Why aren’t there more stories in the press like this one?

  • Jeanette Eaton

    If he were my son, I would be extremely proud of him because he did the right thing without having been told to do so. I applaud his parents who raised him to be such an honest person. The blind man was a regular customer…..I wonder about the lady. I wonder if anyone in the room knew her? Whomever she was, I hope she feels really good about the incident, knowing that her dastardly deed is now known about all over the world. I certainly would not want to be in her shoes. Even if no one in the store actually knew her, they know what she looked like, so if they should happen to see her at a grocery store, the bank, or even church…well, like I said, I would hate to be in her shoes. My Dad used to tell us that we might as well not choose to do anything wrong,because, as he would quote the Bible, ‘”BE SURE AND KNOW YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT”!!!!! Whether she keeps the money or spends it, she won’t get much pleasure about it. As for the young man, I read a story once about a young gentleman who was working at a store and did something similar and returned some money to a customer. This young man became known as “Honest Abe”. He went on in life to be one of the greatest presidents of our country. I am not saying that the presidency is in this young man’s future, and he may not have the word “Honest” preceding his name, but everyone will know that that is what he is.