Honeymoon Prostitution Arrest: Sting Nabs 92 In Florida

    May 15, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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A prostitution sting in Florida busted a whopping 92 people over a period of four days, Orlando authorities say.

The sting was set up at a local hotel and ultimately captured 39 prostitutes and 12 pimps; among those arrested were a youth minister and a man who was in Florida for his honeymoon.

21-year old Mohammed Ahmed was a newlywed who was apparently trying to arrange for a prostitute to come and service him along with his wife; unfortunately for him, he wound up involved in the massive undercover operation.

Authorities say that prostitution busts are often connected to other crimes and that solicitation is just as illegal when it’s done online, as it mostly was in this case.

“The negative social costs of prostitution hurt families, children, and communities, including the spreading of infectious diseases,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “The nexus between prostitution and other crime, such as illegal drugs, violence against women, and human trafficking, is a real problem.”

No word yet on whether the newlywed’s bride had prior knowledge of his plans or not.

FOX 35 News Orlando

  • http://NA Legalize it

    Looks like people like to pay for sex. So let them! Out of lives Government!

    • fred

      No, most of the problem with violence against women is that men are subject to women’s rules when it comes to sex. Women have freedom to pursue whatever they want whenever they want, however they want. If they want a baby, but don’t want to put up with the hassles of a relationship, they can get it.

      Men, on the other hand, if they don’t want to put up with the hassles of a relationship, aren’t allowed to pursue sex if they wish. That’s what creates anger, resentment and guys who don’t have filters against violence, turn it outward.

      It’s not right. People should be allowed to pursue pleasures in life, and if someone is willing to give sex for money, what’s the problem?

      If it’s legalized, you can make it much safer for the men and for the women involved, because it won’t have to be secretive and under cover, etc…

      • Chris

        Well said. However, we live in a Christian based Bible thumping society that litigates the Christian perception of morality. Christ used to hang with Mary Magdalene and Im sure he did more then clean her soul. That said, modern historians are constantly rewriting history to make the relationship look pure. I guess its not relevant because I doubt she charged the almighty. Its not the sex, its the money the government cant regulate. Its disgusting to hear a cop talk about how he is doing this for OUR own good. He is a brainwashed puppet. Life looks good at the Mustang Ranch for everyone involved? Depending on where your physically standing within the US, it can be a right or a felony? Only in the US.

        • Ringtail

          Chris, you can try to justify prostitution all you want, but please leave Jesus Christ out of it. He did not have sex with Mary Magdalene. That is a lie from the pit of hell. Jesus lived a sinless life which is why He was a suitable substitute for all of us when He died on the cross for our sins. He died for the sins of every person, including you. He even died for your sin of falsely accusing Him of fornication. That is how much He loves you, Chris. Just think about that…

          • Chris

            How do you know what Jesus did with his dick?

          • Chris

            BTW, Did Jesus bury the dinosaur bones in his free time? LOL Tell the invisible man in the sky to say ho to the tooth fairy.

          • Henry

            He/she was the Jesus dick patrol back in the day haha. just funny how so certain you make it sound who jesus was having sex with or not. brainwahed.

          • jeff

            Why is it that people always attack Christians for their beliefs? America criminalizes everything in order to keep the criminal justice business going. The article did make other points besides just paying for sex. I think it is one thing if a person decides for themselves, ” I will sell my body,” but the article stated that there are some who don’t decide this for themselves and are forced into it. So along with being vulgar, you guys are oversimplefying prostitution.

          • elaine

            amen to that ringtail amen

  • Janet

    The cops should do this a lot more often. I think they care more about people running red lights than they do about teenagers being pimped out. I’ve lived around Orange Blossom Trail, and I see the girls out there. One time I noticed one walking with her pimp. I could see by their body language and facial expressions that their relationship was a less than friendly one. But if the girl is not screaming for help, what can one do? But I just knew deep down in my heart, that things were not well for her and that she was in a scary situation. But I guess putting up cameras for the red light runners is more profitable than saving misled, mistreated, and scared teens.

    • daveb

      Its a crime to force any young person into this life , but why is not enough said about going after the pimps ???
      These dudes are some of the most disgraceful monsters on earth forcing women to do this.. why as a society are we allowing them to get away? Why are the POLICE not going after them???

      • daveb

        Target the PIMPS!!!!!!!!
        Make them Pay!!!!!!

      • KFed

        they are everyday, why, you are commenting on evidence of it. did you know that?

    • KFed

      you just don’t know do you?

    • Steve

      Like you, I am concerned about people being coerced by traffickers. But the best way to deal with that is to bring prostitution into the open by legalizing it, and registering the prostitutes. The customers could be registered too. Prostitutes could be required to take lie detector tests to see if they are giving money to another adult.

      That way the police could concentrate their limited resources on genuine violence against women and leave consenting adults alone.

  • Bobby B

    Nothing wrong with prostitution if it was legal. No need for pimps then.

  • KillaCam

    You end up paying for sex one way or another. Plus you don’t pay a prostitute for sex you pay them to leave.

    • Chris

      Way to steal a line from Sheen.

  • http://yahoo.com nakila brooks

    if women like to sale they goods then let them if you figure this out in the near future only two things is tax free coodie cat, weed,fish dinner, chicken dinner,ghost,and yard sale. so to me if they had a crew of ladies here in virginia pimped out on the street they be rich as hell by the end of the week so hey buddy let me get 2 asian chicks and shot of vodka and am good to go

  • dave

    its really no big deal

  • DP757

    Ignorant SOB’s posting here. All of you stating that it should be legal and that it’s no big deal… they obviously want it, blah blah blah clearly don’t know the first thing about modern human trafficking. There are very, very few women who get into prostitution without being coerced into it. Learn a bit about the sex industry and human trafficking and then come back and tell me how it’s ok.

    What if it was your daughter or sister coerced into it… would you still be so ignorant about it? Don’t think it could happen to someone you know, read “The Slave Across the Street”.

    Your comments disgust me.

    • Chris

      Actually, your the idiot. The propaganda that always works on the morons is, “the children…the children what about the children”. To feed into the hysteria of retards like you, the police would have released the number of minors caught in the sting. Lets see….hmmmmm. Its a F’ING zero! Its so easy to play with little brains like yours and make you think the way they want you to think. Do you know what the difference between prostitution and porn is? FILMING IT YOU F’ING MORON! I guess your going to state you have never watched and enjoyed porn? You either have and your a TOTAL hypocrite or your a brain dead liar. Consenting adults should be able to perform ANY sex act they want together without the MOTHER F’ING government wasting resources on them. How many robberies, assaults, and other violent crimes occurred in Orlando while these cops PLAYED? Show me a victim when both consent. No one here supports exploitation of children but, 99% of these people are adults making money DOING WHAT THEY WANT. Elliot’s little call girl made more in a month then you do in a year. Isn’t that what really upsets you? If you bother to read up on child abduction in America and you can think for yourself, you will quickly realize the two issues have almost NOTHING to do with each other. The resources WASTED in this case should have been allocated to surfing the net looking for REAL sexual predators. Just like the TV broadcast. They actually target and effectively catch those men actively looking to victimize a child.

      • KFed

        so you’re saying is if a person consents to killing you that you wouldn’t have a problem with it?

        • KFed

          didn’t judd say they arrested a man for cyber crimes? watch the telecast again

    • Jared

      Ignorant indeed. If it was legal, it would be regulated. Girls would need to get licensed, screened, and STD tested. During the screening it would be a logical step to require them to answer questions such as “are you being coerced”. Of course, there would still be unlicensed girls coerced, but they would be much easier to spot and help as they would be unlicensed and so would stick out like a sore thumb instead of blending in with all the others. It would be much safer for everyone involved. And put the pimps out of business. And add to the tax coffers instead of draining them. Ignorant people like you and outdated religious “morality” are the only reason it’s not legal. You are helping the pimps coerce these girls by resisting logic. You disgust me

      • Chris

        It is legal in this country. Its a place called Nevada which is something the morons here posting about tend to forget. The business is thriving and you have NEVER heard of a violent crime coming out of the Mustang ranch. In addition, in a minor was found working there….by inspectors who drop in on the industry….the owner of the ranch would die in prison. They follow the state regulations…not a single disease ever reported.

        • Randy

          That’s because its a regulated industry in Nevada you dipsh*t. Street prostition is still illegal, so you are either dumb and don’t know what you’re talking about, which most likely the cause, or you just ignore pieces of information. You’re bitter little man Chris.

    • KFed

      like judd said, the stupid ignorant people say, im not from here, why cant I do it. and its simple. its just like if I come to kill you and I say im not from here so why can’t I kill you?

    • Steve

      I have known many prostitutes. I knew several when they made the decision to get into the life. I lived with one for over seven years (and no, I did not take her money). I have never known one who was coerced into it.

      I don’t want to see anyone coerced into prostitution, regardless of who they are. If my adult daughter or sister made the decision to go into it, that would be none of my business. Your question reeks of a macho attitude of male ownership of women.

  • Easy-E

    I miss NBC’s Chris Hanson ‘To Catch A Predator’ series… “Hi. Why don’t you have a seat. Why are you here?”

  • http://------------------- george teisan

    Legalize it,deal with it.It has been around forever,why ignore it.It will not go away.Tax it control it,like any other business.

  • Mary

    It is not safe for a person to buy prostitutes especially if they are in a committed relationship. If anybody chose to sleep with prostitutes or loose women than that is their business, but they are not being fair to the other person in the relationship or to themselves. When men or women chose to sleep with women who are loose they open themselves to being exposed to STD’s. Some people think that condoms and oral sex is safe. Condoms are not 100% safe and oral sex isn’t safe either. Condom can break and you can contract oral STD’s. People need to think before they do things. I total agree with it being against the law to buy prostitutes.
    If you desire to have a woman that will submit herself to you, and willing to fulfill your sexual desires, I suggest you treat her like a queen. You would be surprise what you will unleash. God created Eve for Adam because he was lonely. God gave Adam one woman not two or more. Couples can be creative and have fun in the bed room.

    • Chris

      Were you there we god “GAVE” Adam one nameless women? Take your religion and shove it up your ass. We started this country to get away from religious nuts like you. Your free to live your life anyway you wish. Keep your f’ing nose out of the business of others.

      • Lila

        What are you doing, Chris, if not being in someone else’s business? And why so hateful? Oh, nevermind, I already know why you’re so hateful.

        Oh, and BTW…When you’re calling someone else an idiot, you should at least use the correct form of “you’re.” Makes you look really stupid otherwise. Asssssshole

    • Steve

      I am not in a committed relationship, so that does not apply to me.

      As far as disease goes, there has never been a case of AIDS in the legal brothels of Nevada, where condoms are required by law. People who like to rant against prostitution tend to ignore the Nevada brothels because they are an obvious example of legal prostitution working well.

      You are romanticizing relationships. Many relationships end in bitterness and mutual dislike. Sometimes they end in violence, something that simply does not happen in legal brothels.

  • http://webpro/news Heather

    Please explain to me how there is any difference between making adult films (which you are paid for) and prostitution (which you are paid for)? Why is one legal and the other isn’t??? They are doing the same thing so make it legal already.

    • Lunatic Fringe

      the difference heather is that one involves fornication and the other involves fornication.

  • Lunatic Fringe

    this is ridiculous. it’s tough enough these days to find a quality whore when you need one and now there’s 39 less to choose from.

    • KFed

      guess you’ve been to the ranch, that one looked like a well fed heffer.

  • Alejandro

    What amazes me is that I read a lot of comments stating that prostitution is fine, that women (and I guess men as well) have the right to “sell their goods” and no one is getting hurt. What about breaking families, spreading diseases, destroying their own lives, rise in crimes, drugs and alcohol abuse, etc.
    On the other hands, a great majority is aggressively opposed to same sex people to get married and form a monogamous relationship, stating that that is not moral.
    So, prostitution with all its effects is much more accepted that a monogamous same sex marriage, just because “it is immoral” and that God does not approve it. We are seriously messed up in this world!

    Now, if you give me thumbs down because you disagree with this statement, that means you are okay with prostitution. Are you okay finding your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend hiring a prostitute? If you find that okay, then you have serious moral issues!

    • Steve

      Your stereotyped image is wrong, Alejandro. I am in favor of legal gay marriage and legal prostitution.

      I had a womanfriend (a “girl” is a child) who was a prostitute, and I was fine with it.

  • Dolly

    What is WRONG in Polk county, is this the pervert & prostitute capital of the state?

    • KFed

      Chris says its in Nevada too.

      • KFed

        at least Lunatic Fringe will go back

  • dan

    It’s only connected to other crimes because it’s illegal. If it was legal, then they wouldn’t be able to make the bogus connection.

    • KFed

      Well, it could. but it will end up being what BK is ding to MCd’s.that would be more harmful to humans than to a food product. but as you can see, some, maybe not. But remember I coined the phrase here and now, Portable whore,K sara sara ,much grass!

    • Steve

      You are so right, dan. All the bad things about prostitution are caused by its being illegal.

  • http://webpronews Anti-pimp

    Chris, you are a PIMP, I bet You can Pimp your Hole Family.