Honey Boo Boo Made Of Trash Sweeps Web

    November 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Honey Boo Boo, a.k.a. Alana Thompson, has taken the world by storm with her TLC reality show, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. Her family has become the topic of fascinated conversation since the show premiered, charming audiences with their unabashed Southern ways (see: Redneck Games) and compassion for gay rights, which to many seem contradictory.

But the family has also become a source of amusement and mockery for some, who deem the Thompsons “trashy” and unfit for television. Perhaps because they’re doing exactly what they signed up to do–document their lives, warts and all–some critics are turned off. But one artist has taken this commentary to the next level by creating a portrait of Alana using only trash which is inspired by the show: coupons, butter, Red Bull, tiaras, and dolls. The piece weighs over 25 pounds and has taken over the web in just a few short days, making the rounds on social networking sites.

The mosaic was done by artist Jason Mecier.


  • rob

    that is pretty insulting. let’s not forget that this is a child.

  • Diane Perrine

    Individuals can do whatever they want on television because we have the freedom to turn it on or turn it off. No reason to get uptight. There are much bigger issues to focus your time and emotions on.

  • Rose

    Honey Boo Boo, can you spell EXPLOITATION?

    • AHW

      I doubt HBB will ever learn to spell or read or think….

  • Betty

    I agree; this is a child who has a loving family and I really see nothing wrong with them. They are clean and average americans.

    Has anyone see the Swamp folks or American hoggers? Or even 18 kids and counting? To me that is unacceptable…..There are other shows that have really unclean…as in not bathed…..that is on that no one is yapping about….I guess all this chatter is making BooBoo money, so be it…..
    The only reason I came to this site is to say, I support BB……and watch the show….
    You go HBB and June and Family….

  • c

    the child is the victim of bad parental choices. it’s a big issue already on how parents expose their child to public media. can’t make money? put your kid on tv. no time to read a book to your kid? hand over the iphone.
    please reconsider your actions before you sacrifice your kids.

    the artist also has the freedom to express his emotions. no reason to get uptight on that.

  • Todd C

    I think it’s great. Not to insult the child, but the reality industry at a whole. We really need to do something about this. Entertainment at the expense of others is not funny

  • jo mama

    Honey BooBoo made of trash. Didn’t we already know this????

    • Cheyenne

      look you peole need to get a life ok these people are doing what they were payed nto to and making fun of a child so stupid and people like you need to grow up and stop calling people trash cause to be honest you are putting youself down so grow up.


    I seriously doubt that anybody watches this family and gets that warm, fuzzy feeling like you do when you watch reruns of the Beaver. The whole principal of the show is to exploit this child who doesnt stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of succeding in life if all she has to depend on are the ethics and morals (or lack thereof) displayed by her family. It’s a shame this is supported and encouraged by the public.

    • Kaykay8582

      Totally agree!

    • phil herup

      not enough empty ky tubes to make an ass that fat

  • TDC

    Why hasn’t anyone made a Kim Kardashian like this? Used KY jelly tubes and condoms could be part of the trash used.

  • MsJackie

    Honey Boo boo is a child. Let’s not add to problem she has by talking about the obvious. Parents are not perfect, but she has an opportunity for a good life, let keep it positive. I like the picture, I don’t think it is trash, I think it is cute, like honey boo boo.

    • AHW

      The only opportunity this kid will have for a good life is if Child Services rescues her from those disgusting excuses for parents.

  • C9

    Ugh, the things that they pass off as ‘entertainment’ these days. We’ve truly reached the bottom of the barrel.

  • Genia

    Honey Boo Boo trash never. Exploitation I dont think so. No matter what goes on their lives they are still a loving and caring family. People are making too much out of this family and I do say family, everyone does not live in a million dollar home and drive expensive cars and throw money around. They are a family unit with struggles, but they are together. She is a adorable little girl and is very much loved. Who would not want better for their family. We are hoping for another season.

    • Highsociety

      This is a low class white trash family

    • AHW

      I suppose you’ve already nominated child-abuser Kate Gosselin for parent of the decade? People who pimp out their kids shouldn’t be permitted to keep those kids. Genia, you need treatment, now.

  • Ignorant Butt

    This is a child, how so mature of you all to bully her! – She didn’t choose her parents and life style! You all need some serious home training if you think this is funny!

  • phil herup

    tv is such crap these days

  • http://www.candysticklane.com Renee

    Art wise this rocks! it looks just like her :)

  • http://facebook ella

    this show is a little of everyone in this world only they r on TV and we at home but we all the same shit!!!!!!

    • Amy

      Speak for yourself when you say, “We all the same s***.”

  • Pat

    You must not have anything to do with your time to watch this show. Read a book, wath the news, learn something. This is one disgusting show. even channel flipping I spent to much time there. the sooner it goes the better for everyone including “Honey Boo Boo.”

  • Sarah

    Are rude comments all you people have to make? Who cares if you don’t like the show, or what her and her family stand for. Respect the art.

  • AHW

    White trash begets ugly white trash brat, which in turn begets trashy “art.” In the end, trash + trash = trash. What’s next, the Kashtrashians rendered in old Botox containers, with silicone implants, used condoms, discarded STD med containers? I suppose paint on velvet Elvis portraits will be attracting million dollar bids at Sotheby’s, too.

  • Lisa

    WOW…why do most of you think you are so much better than this family?

  • Carolinagirl0929

    I love the show! I even named my dog Honey Boo Boo.

    To the rest …ya’ll think ya’ll a pack of crackers and all that but you ain’t got nothing on Honey Boo Boo child!

    • Sienna Jones

      I love Honey Boo Boo im 12 and I still love it! :) My grandma isn’t so fond of it but I LOVE IT! Rednecks r just like us in some ways! No need to be mean. Let them be some people love it!

    • Sienna Jones

      I love Honey Boo Boo im 12 and I still love it! :) My grandma isn’t so fond of it but I LOVE IT! Rednecks r just like us in some ways! No need to be mean. Let them be some people love it!

  • Joe Holmes

    the picture is just like the show-TOTAL TRASH. Actually,I don’t blame her. I blame the parents for exploiting this child. THEYare the real TRASH.

    • bethomas


  • melanie

    The word “trash” would have been replaced with “reclaimed items” if it were anyone else. While the picture is quite striking and artistic, the underlying insinuation is not tasteful. It’s not okay to refer to a child as “trash”, which is what is happening.

  • deedee

    I tried not to like the show, but I found myself tunning in every chance I got and began watching the re-runs as well. I love Honey boo boo; her family, and the creative Honey boo boo art as well : )

  • bethomas

    How appropriate!

  • Mary

    Why in the world would you make a picture such as this with a child making a vulgar sign? What is it that makes the family trashy to those who think so? Because they laugh at bodily functions, etc? Because they enjoy simple things for entertainment, perhaps different than what you or I would think is fun? You have to REALIZE, it is a SHOW. Exaggerated. You have to have the intelligence to realize that it ISN’T REAL. But to talk of someone else the way some of you have indicate to me that you DON’T HAVE THE MANNERS OR COUTH THAT YOU ARE CLAIMING THAT THEY DON’T HAVE. Strange to me.

    • Joe

      What vulgar sign? She is making the peace sign. TWO fingers.

  • http://alanaisok!!!! evangeline berutti

    I agree those people liked “ALANA” as a HONEY BOO BOO she is very little girl and sophisticated little angel.I admired her as a honey boo boo, who are you :GUY’S are you working right now?…..or you people who under ‘welfare’ don’t just a negative comment’s Alana is OK!!!! she’s working and make money in the future. people who’s not working and seat they’re ass!!!!!! in their home nothing to do but nothing with them self eat and sleep tha’t’s why the’y get fat. don’t just judged them what th’re doing it’s their business and you guy’s shut-up let them do their business…..ALANA don’t lisen to them they just jeoulos wht you guy’s doing… I’am your number one fan “ALANA” I liked your personality a lot….

    • http://yahoo brian

      Sweet Jesus, go back to school and get your GED. Your vocabulary and punctuation is f’ing horrible. No wonder you like her so much. lmfao

      • http://yahoo brian

        “are” not “is”

  • el capitan

    you go girl uh huh!!!!

  • me

    trailer trash

    • Jill

      You people who talk badly about this CHILD should be ashamed of yourselves. Its really a sad world that we live in, when adults can feel ok about making fun of a kid. She is simply a product of her environment. Mabey the REAL trash is those of you who have not been taught NOT to make fun of people who are different or cant hep their situation.

  • Jen

    You betta redneckognize! A dolla makes me wanna holla!

  • lisa

    why should we blame the little girl for the way her parents exploit her. they give all southern rednecks a bad name. to me it seems like the mom is pushing her into being the way she is, and she is the only one i see trying to make an effort to support this family

  • Steph

    I think it’s cruel for the artist to ridicule this child. She’s only a little girl and has no control over what her family or her agents are doing to her.

  • http://topfitnesssecret.com/ Joseph Wilson

    I don’t get it!

  • http://yahoo josh

    thats just mean to that to a little girl

  • nikki

    I think its sick that the mother lets her child go on television and act like that. She should be ashamed of herself and should really try to set a better example for her children.

    • nikki

      I mean shes embarrassing herself in front of the entire world. Her mother knows better.

  • http://yahoo corilyn

    let them be!!! i think they are funny warts and all and just think they get paid for it!! LOL!!!!

  • swilcox04

    It only seems appropriate that someone would use trash to create a portrait of Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo. The whole family is nothing but white trash. This child has been exploited by a fat mother who wants to live her life vicariously through her daughter. I have seen some talk shows with Alana and her mother as guests, and the girl is rude, obnoxious, shallow and bratty. She is in for a very rude awakening when she gets older and tries to enter some of the pageants that are currently out there if she remains as obese as she is now. Her application will be refused with her weight being the main reason for rejection. Shame on her mother for setting her child up for future failure,and a myriad of health problems. Her actions should be considered a form of child abuse.

  • ships58

    This is a child you are all talking about. The artist should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Sharon Mangum

    I think there are alot of cruel smallminded people in the world. There are many cultures in this world that do things differently than others. This family is doing the best they can with what they have and having fun with life and each other. They seem to be happy with very little and personally I think all the haters should take some lessons from them. Good manners also includes not deliberately insulting people.

  • http://yahoo.com Tina Goodson

    hey, don’t tell me you wouldn’t take some fame and money if offered. Don’t like her? Do what I do. DON’T WATCH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!