Home Depot Latest Subject of 'When Corporate Tweeting Goes Really Really Bad'

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The Home Depot has been forced to issue a public apology after an unbelievably stupid tweet was sent out from their official account.

Home Depot has since deleted the tweet, but it will live on forever thanks to quick Twitter users and their screenshot function:

Yikes. Sure, it could have been an honest mistake - but dude. Seriously. Dude.

Someone got fired...

Get it together, Home Depot. I mean, is this the kind of thing you came up with to do battle with rival Lowe's, who is absolutely killing it on the social media front lately?

As you can see, whoever is running the account now has spent their whole day individually apologizing to pissed off Twitter users.

And thus concludes another episode of When Corporate Tweeting Goes Really Really Bad.

Image via Imfromraleigh, Twitter

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