Hoda Kotb Rumored to Replace Ann Curry on Today

    June 27, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Hoda Kotb is apparently one of the frontrunners for the soon-to-be-available hosting gig over at the TODAY show, according to the Daily Mail. Kotb, who is known for consuming copious amount of wine during her fourth-hour segment with Kathie Lee Gifford, was reportedly placed on standby should Ann Curry not show up for work. Word around NBC is that Savannah Guthrie is also being groomed for the position, which is expected to open up within the next few weeks.

For those of you who are late to the proverbial party, here’s what’s happening: Apparently NBC is none too pleased about the fact that “Good Morning America” has trumped them in the ratings. A lot of fingers within the industry are pointing straight to Ann Curry, who took over the position following Meredith Vieira’s departure last year. The network has begun negotiations with Curry, who will most likely be shuffled off to a place at the company where her strengths as a serious journalist can be properly utilized. This, of course, is all speculation.

To make matters worse, Matt Lauer isn’t too fond of Curry, either. TMZ reported last week that Lauer demanded a new co-host following his decision to stick with TODAY for a few more years. The tension between the two hosts may explain why the hosts rarely appear together on the program anymore. Despite everything that’s happening behind-the-scenes, Curry has remained pleasant and personable on the show, a testament to her professionalism.

Although Linda Stasi at the New York Post seems to think Kotb would be a perfect fit — she even referred to Kotb as the “female Matt Lauer” — some feel that she may not be serious enough for the show’s opening hour. Since the vast majority of viewers aren’t aware of her journalistic background, folks have simply come to associate her with the goofy antics and alcohol-infused shenanigans which comprise the majority of the fourth hour. This may ultimately prevent her from smoothly transitioning into position.

As a fan of Ann Curry, I really do hate to see her leave. Of course, I’ll be the first to admit that some of her interviews aren’t the most polished I’ve ever seen, and her awkwardness does, at times, make for some uncomfortable viewing. Still, I’ve always enjoyed her contributions to the show, and I sincerely hope that NBC can find a place for Curry at TODAY following her replacement. Her presence, I think, would be sorely missed.

  • charlotte williams

    THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sasha

    Please let it be Hoda, not Savannah Guthrie. !

  • Helen

    Hoda has it all. Grab her before someone else does.

    • Dee

      I like Hoda and would like her to stay w/NBC, so I worry that if Hoda takes the job, NBC and Matt Lauer will also blame her if the ratings continue to fall and ultimately she will also be fired. The problem with Today is the programming, not Ann Curry, so I say let Savannah take the job because I’m not “attached” to Savannah and I can take her or leave her…

  • http://yahoo.com Sally

    Hoda would be a magnificent co-anchor. I remember when she was the evening news anchor in my hometown – just great. Sharp and intelligent, good journalist, poised, congenial, and a knock-out sense-of-humor. Has all the ingredients – hope she gets it. Best of luck to Ann – wonderful person, great field reporter, but maybe not the best coanchor.

  • Randi

    She turns me off. I saw her freak out over a stupid magic trick that a magician was doing. Get real! She acted like it was the work of the devil. I don’t like her at all. That being said, I don’t watch anything that she is on and really don’t care what job she gets. I still don’t think she is intelligent though.

  • Esmmeralda

    No more vine on the show for Hodaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://webpronews judith

    does this mean that stupid kathy lee is gone?? Lord I hope so. can’t stand her. Thats why i quit watching the show.

    • sue

      here here

  • jean Kavanaugh

    Let someone else take her. She is the biggest idiot and does not come across as believable. If Today shows thinks their ratings are low, if she is hired they will become even lower.

  • Marie

    Let Matt Lauer go – he’s stuck on himself – keep Ann Curry – she’s great

  • wstapels1@yahoo.com

    Not a big fan of Ann’s, but to replace her with Hoda would be a joke. She is a clown and really cannot be taken seriously. First and foremost, they are supposed to be a news show. Hoda does not fit. I think the ratings dip is due to Matt Lauer being a little tiresome to watch. He comes off as a snob and I always get the feeling he does not like being there. (They should have dumped him when his contract was up) And what about that 5 minutes they do daily with the so called “Professionals”? Other than the doctor, that part is 3 people all talking over one another and not hearing what any of them are really saying. The Today Show has gone down hill.

    • sue

      i cannot agree more

  • Pauline allard

    ann sounds like shes whippering when she does her interviews. i wish she would speak up and make her self sound serious. i have only watched it a couple times since meredith left and just can’t hack ann curry and that little whisper voice.

  • Donna

    The reason I went to GMA was because when Meredith left, it was Ann Curry. Matt and Meredith were great together. Hoda would be good too I think. Just please,please, no Cathy Lee! Ugh!

  • patricia kelley

    Let her go! She cannot even feign any sort of empathy when interviewing people with a sad and unfortunate happening. I quit watching Matt Lauer because of his pompousness.

  • sue

    another big mistake by nbc! The few times i turned on the today show with hoda and kathy lee (another mistake) all they were doing was drinking wine! hope nbc owns a vineyard! hods has no personality for morning tv!

  • http://yahoo Carlotta

    I’ve seen Hoda on other assignments for some years now including Dateline, and it’s only when she’s with Kathy Lee that she’s goofy, gabby, and giddy. She’s other wise been a very serious, and competent professional. Ann Curry is a gentlewoman, that contrasts the over-confident seeming Matt Lauer. And maybe that’s not good. But I don’t think Ann is responsible for the ratings. Today has become over-all crappy, and Good Morning America isn’t all that superior. N.B.C. should just revamp.

  • tabatha

    May be I’ll just stop watching the “Today Show” altogether.
    I can’t believe they are considering letting Ann Curry go.
    It’s time for Matt Lauer to retire anyway. He’s been with NBC so long
    that he’s spoiled.

    I don’t believe Ann Curry is the reason the rating has fallen. If they have fallen.

    I guess my opinion doesn’t matter anyway.

  • lolaJ

    Drop Matt. NBC goofed up when it renewed Lauer’s multi-million $ contract. Today show’s failing. Matt’s shoe-polished bald head is a joke.
    keep Ann..more class than silly sexy Hoda who is even submissive to KathyLee.not a news leader. & wazzup NBC; w/all that wine drinking? I pic GMA !!

  • Therese

    If they remove Ann Curry, I’ll be another one that jumps to GMA. I think Matt may be another reason others have already moved over to GMA.

  • Luisa Aviles

    I love Ann(w/o Matt) and Hoda(w/o KL)and no Today Show!!! How about Dateline something more grownup!!!

  • Deb

    I like the today show….We watch it at work everyday……But , what gets me…. And alot of people have said…..These people are beening pd….millions. For haveing alot of fun….and Matt , i like him , but a rich snob…like a few others, not all……and alot of people won’t watch it…..we pay them….

    • Sophie

      I so respect Ann Curry and have always enjoyed her interviews. She is kind, which a lot of journalists lack. I do not appreciate all the liquor on Hoda and KL’s program so I don’t know if Hoda would be that good on the news show. Without Ann Curry I think I will be switching to Good Morning America too.

  • Sally

    I once thought Hoda was a good professional journalist. After too much exposure to Kathy Lee, she is now just another too silly, too blond, too gabby hostess. I like Ann Curry, but I’ll continue to watch “Good Morning America”!

  • http://webpronews.com Cindy

    Before these rumors even started I told my husband that Matt Lauer has a thing for that Savannah Guthrie. I said if they fire Ann Curry and hire Savannah instead of that gorgeous Natalie Morales, then I’ll know I’m right. I’ve been married 35 years and I know a thing when I see it.

  • http://Yahoo Mary Utrup

    What is being done to Ann Curry is beyond unforgivable. Now that it has become “news” that her time on Today is all but done, watching the
    show is beyond painful. While I have no paticular “grudge” against Meredith Vierra, Ann Curry should have “naturally” gotten the co-host job when Katie Couric left. I hope someone will forewarn Hoda that there will be no wine swilling in the “new job”, if indeed she gets it. 12 million is a downpayment to Ann Curry for the public embarassment she is currently being put through.

  • eileen

    I don’t believe Today’s ratings fell because of Ann Curry. I swithed to GMA a couple years ago and actually started watching Today sometimes because of Ann Curry. I agree that Today needs to look at its programing.

  • http://yahoo Sue Whelan

    I like Ann Curry but never did feel the right connection between her, Matt and Al the way I did with Meredith. I wish she would be able to return for a couple of days a week as her interviews were tough and always seemed to get to the core of the subject. At times she even seemed to irritate the person being interviewed, which I loved. I am totally not a fan of Miss Guthrie and hope she is not the selection. I would take Natalie or Hoda over Savannah. If Hoda got the job, where would that leave the 4th hour – hopefully GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deanna Hansen

    I think Matt is the most over-rated anchor on TV period. As usual a woman has to be the scapegoat.

    I think Samanths should be the last choice. Give us the humor and professionalism of Hoda, the beauty of Natalie, and promote Ann Curry to a network executive position. She is not the reason for failing ratings, arrogant Matt is. I can’t stand him.

  • Donna

    I like Ann Curry as she is a breath of fresh air for the Today Show. Personally, I think that Matt Lauer is the problem. He is SO BORING and probably so overpaid for what he does or doesn’t do. Matt has never gotten along with any of the women who have been hired. What else is new. Hoda Kotb will have to change her image a little bit. She has become kinda of “goofy” as she has hung out more and more with Kathie Lee. I have always watched GMA. Tried the Today Show every once in awhile but really can’t stand Matt Lauer!

  • steve ehrlich

    The Today Show can never recapture the greatness of the 50s and 60s with Dave Garroway, Jack Lescoulie, Frank Blair and Betty Furness, Hugh Downs, Frank McGee, Jane Pauley and Barbara Walters. That was amazing television.

  • kate

    I say get rid of Matt and let two intelligent women, Ann and Hoda run the show. Ann Curry is AMAZING with her personality and journalistic commitment. She’s a big part of why I still watch. Hoda, well, she’s also an amazing. intelligent woman who has been forced to “dumb down” in order to keep her job.I think Ann & Hoda would be amazing together.Two brillant women. Kathi Lee? Well, I like her a whole lot more since Cody & Cassidy have become toilet trained but I really think she’s holding Hoda back professionally. Matt Lauer is the problem here, not the women. He’s VERY boring and too into himself.

  • Al R

    Ann is the most boring person I have ever seen. She has a very bad mean streak so I stayed out of her way. She also needs a major makeover which would make her look better than the just woke up look. Smarts is not enough on TV. Let her do radio.

  • denise maachalek

    Ann Curry is a class act….she is not the problem. How sad women fall victim to male chauvenism in the workplace. Worked in banking for years and saw the same crap happen over and over. Ann Curry be strong through the humiliation you will come out better on the other side.

  • Leslie

    I will miss Ann, too. She is an excellentreporter and much better than the usual morning shenanigans. If Hoda is such a lush, why are they even thinking about hiring her? She probably can’t even crawl out of bed that early! Matt Lauer is a light-weight and perfect for the early morning silliness.

  • carol lavanway

    I would rather see Matt go than Ann, she is sooo much better than Meredith (ugh) !!!!

  • http://webpronews/life carol lavanway

    I would rather see Matt replaced than Ann, she is soooo much better than Meredith (ugh) !!!

  • MissCharlieChan

    LOVE Hoda Kotb. Savannah is cool, but Hoda is the best replacement for the magic that Meredith took with her when she left.

    People seem to forget that Hoda was excellent covering hard news for YEARS on NBC (national and in local markets) prior to chilling with Kathy Lee on their funny little “wino show.” 😀

    I’ve stopped watching “Today” since Ann took over for Meredith. I like Savannah, but she can’t bring me back as a faithful viewer. The show needs the Hoda who can authentically deliver the smart, silly, serious and spicy at just the right time and amount like Meredith.

  • sue

    Are they serious ???????????
    She is horrible. The Today show sucks. I’m sure Ann Curry will end up in a better position on a REAL news program.

  • Vicki

    No way will I watch the Today Show with Hoda. No freakin way!!
    Ann was not the problem. It’s all these shows that NBC are trying to sell us on and I’m also getting tired of hearing from 7am on about “Our EXCLUSIVE Interview with ……” coming up in the next half hour.

  • Ann

    I’m absolutely disgusted that Ann Curry is being let go in this manner. I love her honestly, respect, and sincerity. Meredith Viera was repulsive & I was extremely happy when Ann took her spot. Good luck to you Ann and very sad to know I won’t be seeing you every morning!

  • Terry

    – Ann
    NBC created an equation they must live with! I prefer this:

    And do not even consider those two clowns Hoda & Kathie Lee

  • Joan Humphries

    I shall sorely miss Ann Curry. She did her job so well. Ann was always very professional. And, some of the dare devil acts she performed are not to be forgotten. I do not feel that Hoda should be the replacement; rather Samantha. Bye, Ann,from one Oregon Duck to another.

  • Lenore

    Ann Curry had too much class for the Today show. They are all a bunch of self promoters of which Katie Couric was one of the worst. How Matt Lauer has stayed around is baffling to me. Lightweight is being kind in describing him. Sad example of what is now morning news programing. Ratings over substance.

  • leeann

    I like Ann Curry, she is a high class lady, don’t really like Matt,what’s so special about him? . about Hoda,I’m agree with lots of peoples saying she is not serious for the job, my office call Kathy and Hoda are the gossip girl!

  • Germantown

    Ann.Love you.Will miss you.Will be happy for you.One door may be closing but another door will be opening for you.I will no longer be watching 4 news channel. Will miss you.

  • http://yahoo michelle


  • http://yahoo eastside

    To me, Ann Curry was magnetic……when I watched the show I did so because of her. Now I see no reason to watch it without her. Matt Lauer has the appeal of a sponge…..absolutely NO personality. How he has kept his position is way to far beyond me. Anyway,I am thru watching.

  • Rockville.MD

    Love you Ann Curry. I will miss your bright smile on the today show. The company lost a lovely women. You had to much class for that repeated show every hour channel 4 news repeat the same old stuff over and over and over again. I will start back watching channel 9 news. They all have class on 9 news and foxs news have class. Not 4 news as of today.You are the WINNER I hope that another channel will offer you a new job!!!

  • duane

    Here’s my two cents. Hoda Kotb should NOT replace Ann Curry on the “Today” show. Rather, she should stay right where she is on said program’s fourth hour. She and Kathie Lee Gifford make a genuinely attractive and appealing pair of hosts on that show, and together they make it such fun to watch. Surely NBC News has plenty of other candidates that can fill Ann Curry’s shoes and thus they don’t need to break up the most stylish and charming female hosting duo that has EVER been seen on daytime TV. NBC News, I beg you: Don’t break up an intensely winning daytime combination!

  • NormCBS

    Hota Kotb is one of the worst choices to replace Ann Curry. Amy Robach would have been perfect, but NBC is so dense that they let her get away to ABC. I can’t stand Kotb and I’m sure millions share my view.

  • Cee

    Hoda gives me the creeps! And, saying she is a female Matt Lauer is NOT a compliment! He is a smarmy as a cheap suit! They should have gotten rid of him! I quit watching when he became the host.

  • giglo

    Matt is a fixture while Ms Curry semms to show some lively hood, NBC once again drop the ball. They suck!!!

  • Erin Abadie

    I think that is a big insult, who wants a lush telling them the news, there has to be someone better, oh wait why not can Lauer and keep Ann.

  • TheBride

    They need someone with a real sense of humor! Neither Lauer or Curry have that, and Roker is way too cheesy. I’m for change.

  • Alicat

    I think Ann Curry is great! Her sensitive and humble nature is obvious and can not be faked. Shame on the “BigWigs” that made this mistake.I liked the variety of personality types, everyone brought something a little different to the format. I like Matt, but if he had anything to do with this, he’s so full of himself behind the scene, that I’ve lost my stomach for the show.I don’t care who they put in her place.

  • l p henley

    i would rather see Matt L. go than Ann. She is a very classie lady with great character. The so called big (little) wigs needs to look at the real reasons why their rating are failing. ANSWER MATT L.

  • Wilhelmina Smith

    I did not care for Ann, but I do now, because Samantha is not anything to look at, she needs a new hairdo and some dental work done, maybe that will help her speak better. I just cannot watch the Today’s show, since she has been on.

  • john bicknell

    Reading all these responses it seems evident that NBC needs a change. Maybe they need a whole new cast and a whole new format? Maybe viewers would return.

  • wiisad

    Hey, don’t hate on Hoda. She’s fine, funny and I would have loved to have been in that closet with her. I like Ann and I think it stinks the way they are treating her but Hoda is a good replacement. She didn’t ask to replace Ann. That’s my two cents worth. I’m out.