HIV Cure ‘Within Months,’ Say Danish Researchers

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Last week, those hoping to find a cure for HIV were disappointed by the failure of a U.S. clinical trial for an HIV vaccine. This week, the hope that a cure can be found may have been renewed.

According to a report from The Telegraph, Danish researchers believe they are close to an affordable cure for the HIV virus.

Doctors at Aarhus University Hospital are now conducting clinical trials of a technique that proved successful in the lab earlier this year. The technique involves removing the HIV virus from cell DNA, allowing the body’s immune system to attack it.

Dr. Ole S√łgaard, a member of the research team, is so confident in the prospect of a cure that he told The Telegraph he is “almost certain” their technique will be successful in releasing the “resevoirs” of HIV found in DNA. However, he also cautioned that getting a patient’s immune system to attack the exposed virus could be a challenge.

For now, the clinical trial only has 15 patients. It will be expanded if any of the patients is found to be cured of HIV.

HIV Cure ‘Within Months,’ Say Danish Researchers
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  • Jack Handy

    There’s not money in a cure, only life long drugs. That’s why it won’t come from the US.

    • Just me

      Deep thoughts…..

    • Jacob The Jeweler

      @Jack Handy, you are so right and you would hope that people would begin to see and understand this!!!

  • Alma

    Now this is the type of news that need to be reported. I hope and pray they find a cure! Great article.

    • brian

      Alma, youre a dolt. John has it 100% correct.

  • John K. Smith

    I would like to know about this here and how soon will it be out for the public to use to take care of it, even if they have H.I.V.??? Please contacted me as soon as possilb and do you any thing in the Rochester, NY. area as well.

    • Just me

      Really John? Maybe you have HIV because your IQ is so low.

      • Joe NC

        ‘Just Me’. Really? you have no idea why or how this guy has this medical condition. or do you?

        • Just me

          If you could understand what that guy was talking about, you should get an award.

          • marcus

            dont be a dick

          • London

            @JustMe. The low IQ is clearly sat with you for insulting someone trying to get help and advice.

    • Kb

      Thts what we want to hear we are tired of this pandemic great work guys .god bless you all

  • elizabeth armad

    I pray to God that it should be possible for the men to succeed in their research.God does miracles,he sent those researchers to come a cure the world.

    • Just me

      Great insight! It was god that did it! God (a belief) sent humans to earth to combat HIV, a disease that he (a belief) created in the first place. Genius of the day comment.

      • Chris

        You are an idiot. This virus was not here when God created the Earth and all life forms. The virus was started by animals and spread by man’s immoral activity (drug use and indiscriminate sex). These are facts. Look them up. God gave us free will and the ability to do good and bad.

        God also blessed the scientists with the intellect to cure the disease.

        God gave us the gift of life and a paradise to live in.

        Man chose by his actions to turn this paradise into the world we live in today.

        • Just me

          “when god created earth”…god is a belief….nuff said…..

          • Chris

            I think even you would agree that these scientists in this article are highly intellegent.

            Would it not make sense that the power responsible for their gifts is even more powerful and intellgent than these men? Or.. Did that happen by accident?

            What is it accident or intelligent design?

          • Just me

            “What is it accident or intelligent design?”

            How do you explain the low test scores among hispanic and black students? Accident or design?

            Intelligence is partly inherited from your parents. The other part is based on your own efforts. Intelligence is not strictly inate, you still have to learn. Divine intervention plays no part in our success unless you “believe” it does.

        • Redangel

          Hate to tell you but an animal did NOT give it to humans. I know for a fact that scientists in the US invented this disease to use as warfare and population control. I know personally one of the scientists that worked on it. It was taken to Africa and tested on animals then given to a remote village under the guise of being a flue shot. Once the US realized how quickly it spread, they concocted this story that most people, including you obviously, have heard. No country wants to be known as the one that killed so many people in such a cruel way. It is also immoral and unethical for scientists to potentially purposely inflict harm on a test subject, hence the need for the made up story of the ape infecting humans. Think about it, the world has been around for a long time and so have animals, this disease didn’t magically appear in one animal one day and some sicko contract it from that animal and start such a massive worldwide epidemic. Also, what caused it to spread if the village was in a remote part of Africa, surely it would have only spread to those having sexual contact with the man after he contracted it from the Ape….how silly is that? Why do people believe everything they are told and insist on spreading falsehoods before thinking for themselves and researching said information…ugh?

      • CCS

        my question is why do you feel the need to comment every time someone talks about God? and who will you be helping if u made someone else believe that there is no God?

        • Just me

          This article fails to praise god for the possibility of a cure. The readers minds have been poisoined by religion to “believe” god intervened.

    • lawrence

      I would pray to the lord for the succed of the researchers. God. Bless all off you. May all the HIV patience in the world will be cured with the drug.

  • Ivor Serumola

    I believe 1 day God will help you guys to find permanent cure of this Disease…Working hard pays.

    • Just me

      God sure does work in mysterious ways doesn’t he?

  • brian

    JustMe is a bigger dolt than Alma. Enough said.

    • Just me

      Good one Brian. Go back to your cave.

  • Randi

    An international medical group out of Europe has been trying to get this technology into FL, the Tampa Bay area, BUT our wonderful medical system and Obamacare has been so uncooperative and difficult for them to work here that they PULLED it out of the US!!

  • Katdun

    Great news.may God sole leader in all this research.a word of caution though is that we still need to disist from immoral behaviour

    • j

      this advancement in medicine is not thanks to your god. or any other ‘gods’
      the scientists and people with HIV working toward a cure are the ones we should thank.

      • Just me

        Finally someone that gets it.

    • saurabh

      wtf immoral behaviour. Dude I am a medical doc and i am always in a threat in coming in accidental contact with retrovirus,it would be blessing.Once needle infected with HIV got touch to my fingers,
      thank god it doesn’t pricked my fingers.

    • Redangel

      Let me explain something to you about immoral behavior…..A friend of mine was infected from her boyfriend that she was engaged to. He had the virus for over 5 years and lied to her about it, telling her he had cancer. Now she is infected and a single mother of 4 children, he left her for a younger model. She did nothing wrong to deserve what she got so before you go passing judgement on anyone know all the facts. HIV doesn’t always come from immoral acts. I’m sure no one in the medical field would enjoy being told they should abstain from immoral behavior since that’s what gave them the virus. Uneducated and uninformed people like you are the reason people do not seek help, they are afraid of what people might think about them!

    • BenBot

      Immoral behavior? This coming from an illiterate that cannot spell behavior, decist, or use proper grammar. Tell that to infants and virgins infected with the virus. HIV has no rhyme or reason.

  • Jason

    Sounds like a premature ‘victory lap’ by the researchers.
    Let’s wait and see how their clinical trial goes. Hopefully this is the cure they think it is.

  • http://yahoo Michael

    God must be real, otherwise your mad at nothing.

    • lawrence


  • JFK

    I’m offended, I am HIV positive since 89, I did not contract it using drugs, or indiscriminate sex, I was 13 and was given a blood transfusion during an appendectomy. “God, or doctors are not to blame. However the virus originated I hope one day soon I can be cured, have children, and live a peaceful normal life.

  • roger

    ha ha how long this government will tell lie like this..
    better die than believing this fools

  • laura

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    being alive today if it wasn’t for his help and i am so happy to let the
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    • sri

      hi laura
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  • Mike z

    I’m afraid you got it a little confused. The cancelled trial was for a preventative vaccine. Meaning it wouldn’t have cured anything anyway.

  • mapMD

    “just me”, when u asked to explain the low scores among blacks and hispanics, were u referring to tests given in the USA? Because intelligence can be measured in many ways. In latin countries, caucasians score lower, however; they are not considered dum or stupid because it’s understood that they are at a disadvantage. You have to consider many factors, i.e….. economic status, environmental surroundings, culture and educational backgrounds, among many more. Taking into consideration that the wealthiest man alive is and lives in Mexico, i can’t help myself wonder if he is the most intelligent since he had the “brains” to multiply his wealth and surpass Bill Gates? I came to the US dirt poor and although i don’t consider myself extremely intelligent but intelligent enough, to put myself thru medical school while working nights and raising a family and now earning 1.5 million annually, i still don’t believe that your beliefs and comments are correct and approprite otherwise so many people wouldn’t be so upset at you. You have the freedom to express yourself, lets see if you can do it without insulting anyone, it only makes you look and sound like and idiot!

  • Cecilio

    vera, what a fu… bullshit you are trying to sell to the people giving fals hopes? Probably beeing part of the scam yourself trying to suck money out of desperate people. Due to people like you this world is in such a bad shape, money is indeed the beginning of all evil….and REDANGEL, compliments, at least there are some people thinking and adding 1+1 instead of believing this propaganda of the goverment which we call THE NEWS…lets hope there really will be found a cure soon, even if the Pharmaceutical industry will do EVERYTHING to never let it out on the market, no drug that cures makes as much money as drugs that barely keep alive…unfortnately….

  • Wmwm

    How soon are the results of HIV/AIDS trials from danish going to come out? They say only few monthes, how many few monthes?

  • jahmascof

    I hve a dream two weeks ago and da dream come from God in’da book of John 5 vs 1 up to vs 9 I wake up after dream den I read my bible where da dream show me it say{the healing at the pool}after 3 days I rcve sms from Elite Society from Jamaica I realise my dream and kno now its tym to praise God for Dr he gve us to save all mankind living with HIV + and our fiture kidz live free

  • lugzsoo

    only i can heal myself no man in the sky or a went to be dr. how as a cure me, hiv as me i don’t have it think what you may. hiv is like cancer and someone some where make it to get the populion down . god or no god you find out when i die people judge you nomatter what . and where did the other 15 bibles come for only 1 that was foot high . idc what you think it like toes everboby as 10 or more less .lol

  • anonymous

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