Hitler Protected Jewish Vet During World War II

    July 6, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Hitler protected a Jewish Vet during World War II, one historian recently discovered. In order to prevent the World War I veteran from falling prey to the genocide sweeping across the landscape, Hitler wrote a letter which effectively spared the man’s life. According to Susanne Mauss, the German dictator protected Ernst Hess, who was a judge at the time, because the two had served together in the military.

Sadly, members of Hess’ family did not share his fate. His sister was one of the millions of individuals who were savagely murdered at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the war. Hitler’s sympathy for his former commanding officer apparently only stretched so far.

“It was a wonderful chance find,” Mauss explained to The Associated Press in a recent interview. “There had always been rumors but this was the first written reference to a protection by Hitler.” The letter was signed and date by a member of the SS on August 19th, 1940.

Although Hitler’s order of protection prevented Hess from succumbing to the same fate as countless others during his reign of terror, he wasn’t completely removed from harm’s way. During the war, he was sent to a forced labor camp, where he stayed from 1943 until the end of the war in 1945.

Thomas Weber, a Nazi-era expert at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, feels that the order may have come from Hitler’s aide, Fritz Wiedemann, who was known to have been sympathetic to the plights of World War I veterans. However, he did say that Hitler himself was known to fond of these veterans, so the letter may very well have been written by his hand.

Although Hess was offered the chance to return to his previous position as a judge following the war, he declined the offer to do so. Instead, he opted to work for the federal railways. He passed away in 1983.

  • Larry N Appel

    he was an ass hole and who cares what he did don’t make a hero out of that bastard. never forget ……..

  • IKnow Better

    Yeah, and those nasty godforesaken Poles were making Kielbasa out of jews by the millions. Wasn’t Sophies Choice enuff of an orgasm for these crazy Jews? How many attempts to masochize themselves at others’ expense will it take. Nut cases. Masochists.

    • Harvey Lain

      Try really, really hard to make some sense and then try again.

    • ganso

      wow are you retarded or did you have something stuck in your throat before you wrote that

    • keith

      People like you really make me sad. It’s a shame it really is I hope one day you come to your senses

  • http://www.dregstudios.com Brandt Hardin

    Hitler was just a misunderstood artist. Rejection is the most brutal of human conditions and young Adolf underwent the metamorphosis into the monster of our historical lore by his rejection from art school. See him his happiest and read all about it at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2010/02/happy-little-hitler.html

    • http://Webpronews miriam

      Tell this crap to those who were not alive during WW 2.He was a murder,a brute and hated the Jewish people.
      I was wondering when our history would began to change? Now I know.

    • neil schulman

      Hitler and all the Nazis were cowards.Look at Germany now-a 10th rate nation

      • Ray

        Study history. Hitler was actually a hero in WWI, having won the Iron Cross; he was no coward. WWII is different,however, since he did bite a cyanide capsule and put a bullet in his mouth when he hid in his bunker rather than fight the soviets like so many millions of german soldiers did. As far as the Nazis are concerned, they were hardly cowards. The average German Wehrmacht soldier was not a member of the Nazi party, but all SS men were. And most SS men NEVER worked in any concentration camp, they were reknowned and feared by the allies because of their fanatical dedication,courage,and expertise as soldiers on the battlefield. And cowards can’t take over a multitude of countries and be winning the war for the first 3 years. Germany a 10th rate nation? For years they were the worlds largest exporter, and are the 4th largest economy in the world, after the USA, China, and Japan. And a “10th rate” nation can’t have a reputation for good engineering. 80 million people in Germany, and they produce BMW’s,VW’s,Mercedes,Porsche,and Audi, while the USA with nearly 5 times as many people only has 3 auto companies. Wise up.

        • jim

          Audi and VW are the same company.

  • Rick

    Even psycopathic killers can care for certain others where there is a connection or relationship. But that doesn’t excuse or even mitigate their crimes against others. Mafioso may help their friends, but they still killed others for no other reason than personal gain or perceived insult.

    • http://aidsvillagechina.blog.sohu.com Gary J Minter

      I agree with you. Even the worst monsters can sometimes show mercy, compassion, even love…perhaps it is some twisting or perversion of their feelings that causes them to do such horrible deeds, like serial killers and child molesters who have perverted sexual cravings, or are impotent and can only fulfill their sexual desires by killing rather than f*cking….

  • Gerry Major

    Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the father of lies

  • Valencia

    Hitler committed genocide against a specific race. Jews! So, now he was a humanitarian.! The man was a murderer, plain and simple. This the stupidest article.


    Certainly some jews died in poland’s concentration camps. There happened a terrible typhus and typhoid fever epidemy, whose transmitter, the rat flea, was fighted with zyklon B. There was also a total collapse of food supply due to allied bombing. But there were also a lot of jewish births and also christian people died and christian children were born, which was meticulously registered in diaries kept by the bolchevists until recently, when they were released to the public. What by sure never happened is that somebody died in a gas chamber. That happens only in the US and nowhere else in time and space

    • Cliff

      You are sadly mistaken sir. You need to take a little trip over to Germany and checkout the camps and chambers for yourself. It happened.

    • Richard

      You are not only ignorant, but an anti-semite as well. You clearly have a hatred in your heart that can only be repaired if you take the time to learn about the Holocaust and accept the undisputed fact that 6 million Jews were exterminated by the Third Reich (most of whioh,despite your assertion to the contrary, were slaughtered in the dozens of concentration camps established throughout eastern Europe. You sir, are a pathetic fool.

    • ganso

      and you also need to learn how to write in english you ignorant idiot

      • V

        You must mean, English. English is spelled with a capital E !

    • Beatle

      Wow!.A person like you is the reason why the world must continue to be reminded on some regular basis. And, you are an anti-semite.

  • neil schulman

    Never again-yeah read it loud and clear

    • http://yahoo.com The Real Holocost people

      I agree that Hitler was a monster. However, concider the genocide against the Native American people; the Atom Bomb at Hiroshima; the enslavement of the people of Afrika. What about Idi Amin? China?Nobody talks about those people and the perpetrators don’t have to pay.To this day, Germany has no peace treaty with Israel and has to pay millions every year to that state. Other coutries don’t have to pay for the misdeeds, especially about 70 years later and it will continue in all Eternity. Why? The Israeli Secrete Police is modeled, of all things, after the German SS. Makes one wonder.Thinker

      neil schulman
      July 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm
      Reply Never again-yeah read it loud and clear.

      As long as America is willing to allow you people to manipulate this gov. and am willing to send our own soilders into harms way!
      I agree that Hitler was a monster. However,The Israeli Secrete Police is modeled, of all things, after the German SS. Makes one wonder.Thinker
      Fact or fiction: (The main reason that America Has Young American soilders dying in the middle East Daily Basicly is because of our willingness to protect that little Israeli outpost of mischIsraele if makers!)NON OF THIS HAD TO HAPPEN HAD AMERICA AND Yes Israel NOT WALKED OUT OF THE ARAB LEAGUE OF MEETINGS. YES; You have the Bomb; But it will not be enough to save you should America Decide to leave your side because of your total arrogance; Meaning when we speak you defy our warnings! Because of our allegance, We pay for it with the brunt hate against the American people. I ask you here and now; are you truely friend or foe? Orthordoc Jews will not fight in our ranks yet they want the rights of american citizens. We who spill our American Blood on foriegn soil again and again for you the self proclaimed choosen people. This is crap! The only holocost that is still being suffered by anyone in this so-called allegiance is the African American Blackman; We have yet to been compensated for wrong doings against us; our childern have the life expectency of 30 yr. and still being abused in thing so-called land of equality and oppertunity! Not hate but food for thought.

    • Pave.

      You’re being insensitive but first and foremost an idiot.

  • thinker

    I agree that Hitler was a monster. However, concider the genocide against the Native American people; the Atom Bomb at Hiroshima; the enslavement of the people of Afrika. What about Idi Amin? China?Nobody talks about those people and the perpetrators don’t have to pay.To this day, Germany has no peace treaty with Israel and has to pay millions every year to that state. Other coutries don’t have to pay for the misdeeds, especially about 70 years later and it will continue in all Eternity. Why? The Israeli Secrete Police is modeled, of all things, after the German SS. Makes one wonder.Thinker

  • luis martin

    Please, a lot of people died in the Nazi Concentration Camps who are NOT JEWS. One example of this are homosexuals and Gypsy people,plus a lot of common people from different nationalities. An none of these groups are yelling that they are the ONLY victims like the Jews do around the world.Frankly, I’m really tired to hear this claim repeated every day by the Jewish Media without mentioning other groups who suffered the same fate. Thank you

    • Emily

      THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS. Right before school this year ended for me we had a World War II unit and I seemed to be the only one who was ticked off that nobody cared about the 5 MILLION NON-JEWS who died in concentration camps. That is almost the same amount as Jews who died.

      Every time I ranted about this, people somehow twisted it around and made it sound like I didn’t give a crap about anybody that died, although I have no clue what is wrong for being upset that these other people didn’t get recognition.

      • linda

        i am with you the humans of this world have very much killed whome they wish to conquer and i ask why are they we better i am not

      • Pave.

        Jews don’t say they’re the only ones who suffered in the war. Why don’t you take a look at “Worse Than War,” a PBS documentary that’s free on YouTube. Daniel Goldberg is the one who wrote a book of the same title, and he narrates the whole show. It chronicles the major genocides in modern history, from the Armenians in Turkey To the Jews during WWII and the genoicde against The Tootsies in Africa.

      • Harry Potter

        I am sad that everyone died because they were human beings. No one deserved to be killed or wiped out because people are special and different. I don’t believe in the bullshit excuse that eugenic movement said about killing people who are inferior to others…

        And I remember that about 11 million to 17 million were the victims in the Holocaust. And lots more of people who died in WWII.

    • linda

      and what percent were jews yes others died and i am sorry for them as well but far more jews were the target. it is all so sad and we need to learn from it not repeat it

  • Markus

    20 million people perished during the Stalin’s reign of terror and
    Jews were the most actively involved group in this process of building communism in the USSR.

    • mac lane


    • john

      Read a history of the Soviet Union, for God’s sake. Lots of Russians, very few Jews. Stalin’s evil brutality was all his own, and he was no Jew.

    • Harry Potter

      Antisemitism is still hard core. You are proof of that.

      You sir are assuming that Jews were active in the reign of terror. Not. I think that the Jews who wanted communism for a better life than what they had.

      Stop assuming that Jews were active. You are a bigot and an antisemitic person.

  • nick

    iam sick and tired of jews acting like we owe them something it was over 60 something years ago get over it if that was the case we owe hndaicapps and gays and every other hitler killed somehing news flash it wasn’t america it was the germans whine to them ont us

    • Harry Potter

      Antisemitism is still hard core. You are proof of that.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRpYS8x-KQ0 Sneha

    Hitler also protected some other Jews; most notable was Otto Warburg- the cancer researcher who was able to turn cancer cells back into healthy cells, and vice versa. (His young protege invented the Krebs Cycle). Also protected were the two women who took care of his mother, who was dying of cancer.

  • DG

    Isn’t amazing how many people of hate come out on these boards. Hitler was a awful man. It was historic what he did. That’s all that matters. Are Jews still upset about it? You bet your a@@ they are. Hopefully the haters in here do not become anymore than just spewers of garbage on a board rather than a person of power.

    • mac lane

      DG. “hate” comes out on this issue because the Holocaust is brought up over and over again. EVERY group of people on the planet has been enslaved/persecuted.
      The other portion of what you call “hate” is that the “holocaust” contains alot o mythology. Look up the actual numbers dead according to the Red Cross at the time, the ACTUAL number the “death camps” posted at the locations, the typhus epidemic, the actual testimony of Holocaust survivors (every Jew is a survivor…how are there so many survivors from “systematic death camps?) of camp plays and the camp orchestra, look up the information on the Red Cross actually having posts on each “death camp”, look up the transfer agreement between Hitler and the Nazis, look how the Zionists claimed “six million jews are dying” in the great purge and in WW1″. (according to their religion, 6 million have to die to inherit Israel). No doubt Germany was fed up with the Jews “nation within a nation” routine and couldnt care less about their well being, but the Holocaust is a very complex subject.

      • john

        Nothing complex about the Holocaust. Not only Jews but Slavs, Roma, gays, blacks, the handicapped, all slaughtered wholesale. The death camps were not more efficient simply because murder and disposal of people by the millions is a massive undertaking. Don’t give me this “mythology” BS. The photographs, the testimony, the documents, the countless people who lost some or nearly all of their families–this was genocide on an unprecedented scale, period, and we must NEVER, EVER forget that.

      • elliot

        mac lane you are an idiot.

      • Harry Potter

        How is this a lie? Who made this up?

    • http://Yahoo carl lebkowsky/german

      Hitler was perhaps highly smart to the point of being insane along with other phycoic problems we will never know he’s bezr reason For what he had in his sick mind

  • http://aidsvillagechina.blog.sohu.com Gary J Minter

    Sometimes even the worst “monsters” can show mercy, compassion, even love…perhaps a twisting or perversion of their feelings, their deep emotions causes them to do such horrible deeds, like serial killers and child molesters who have perverted sexual cravings, or who are partially impotent and can only fulfill their sexual desires by killing rather than f*cking…or perhaps f*cking then killing to silence their victims (e.g. John Wayne Gacey, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, the Boston Strangler…etc.)

    Sometimes they kill then f*ck then eat: Jeffery Dahmer, Ed Gein (the Wisconsin man who inspired “Psycho”), and that bizarre recent case of a Canadian male porn actor who murdered and then had sex with and ate perts of his male lover…

    Someone who is actually cold-hearted, merciless, passionless would not bother to rape or torture or kill: it simply is not worth the bother. But a frustrated romantic, an artist, an idealist like Adolf Hitler let his dreams of a “greater Germany” overpower his common sense and basic decency.

    Hitler was a dreamer and a politician. He had dreams of power and glory and wanted to be loved by the people of “greater Germany” (Hitler was Austrian, not German). Many German people were also very anti-Semitic in those days, blaming Jews for losing the war and for making too much money as bankers, pawn shop owners, insurance agents, and retail merchants at the expense of ordinary Germans, who were very jealous of the Jews’ money during the Great Depression, when many people were truly starving and homeless in Germany.

    Hitler was a masterful politician who had great sensitivity to the mood of the masses, like the white Southern politicians in the USA who used the fear and hatred of “Negroes” among Southerners to get elected and keep their political power.

    George Wallace of Alabama was the most recent such racist populists in the USA. Wallace was doing very well in the primaries of even Northern states before he was shot and crippled by Arthur Bremer while giving a speech at a Maryland shopping mall in 1972. If Wallace had not been severely wounded, he could have been a real threat to both Richard Nixon’s re-election and to the Democratic party.

    Politicians like Hitler and Wallace use racial hatred and fear to get votes. They may or may not have personal hatred of those they publicly attack (Jews, Negroes), but they are clever orators and know how to tap into the fears, jealousies, and resentments of the common people….

  • mac lane

    Hitler saved Jewish Vet? uh…..not only is the “systematic genocide of the Jews” completely made up, this article doesnt even mention the Haavara. This was the deal AH had with the Zionists to transfer Jews to Palestine.

    • Baker Allen

      Obama uses this tactic as do all his race baiters. They use the prejudice line to keep all the Blacks voting Democratic.

      • bee

        I think the Line that started started Blacks voting Dem. started in the 60’s

        Your an Idiot!

        • You’re, not your.

          The person calling everyone an idiot has grammar errors. It’s Y O U ‘ R E not Y O U R!


    • elliot

      You’re another idiot.

  • http://Webpronews hasibebe

    I am german and a viking, Hitler killed the disabled, retarded, mentally ill and sick, and I cannot fathom what monster does this to his own people, he sterilized children because allegedly they were poor when they were from large families. He was a coward and sent courageous officers and family men like Count Von Staffenberg who went back to the war after losing his eye and body parts, Hans Von Herwarth learnt about the mass executions in 1942 when an officer who personally witnessed them reported them to him!He and Staffenberg and others agreed that it confirmed that:
    “Hitler was a devil of a person and he said they must get rid of him”
    Staffenberg was in a hospital in Munich a year later when he met up with Von Herwarth and said “well, I have to recover, I have something to do” Von Herwerth said there was a burning holy fire in him, while the great officers and soldiers and navy were not aware, when they found out they were incensed, of course the freaks, perverts were all SS and also just people who were greedy to take everything, and to get that they made a deal with the devil, unfortunately none of them died, or served that long in prison, Dr. Mengele lived a long life, and as far as the Japanese go, my uncles served in WW2, all 9 of them so the Nipons were merciless and almost make the nazi’s look tame, they had kamakazi pilots willing to die for their emperor, their God, they tortured the Americans, Australians, British and Chinese and we have blood plasma because of their version of Dr. Mengele who used live soldiers to experiment and became a billionaire in Japan, was never prosecuted, yes many good Japenese died, but that was because just like Hitler the Emperor refused to give up, so we had no choice, and my neighbor was horrified by the clean-up, but I am horrified by the treatment of POW’s by the japanese, a 17 year old boy was covered in shit and put in a cage to be exhibited to the town folk like he was in the circus, how he came back with a mind, I don’t know and neither the germans, poles, or japanese that did these things ever said they were sorry, and they also tortured and killed civilions,children and women as well as raping them and marching them like they did in the battle of Batton march, I have heard a man cry about that march, and these people were dutch, english, german and Australian women and kids who were not allowed out, then told they could prostitute themselves to Japanese officers for food and decent treatment, most refused, and the unlucky few were bombed, both these wars were started by the Hitler and the Emperor, for greed and power and Japan lied and attacked Pearl Harbor, so study your history you SHIESTE, and good germans like the university students, the Scholls and other were murdered for protesting as well as the german people killed by the Hitler youth when the Allies were invading and they were losing, they killed good village men for nothing! Hitler borrowed the concept of killing the Jews from the Turks who killed the Christian Armenians, their own people, and the first modern Genocide, he said no one cared about the Armenians, he needed a scapegoat, to rally the people who were financially bankrupt, after the Kaiser, plus his dad was a sadist and we know how that affected little Adolph, suffocated by Mommy, beat down by daddy=sociopath and he was scared to death of women, but raped his cousin, had sexual sociopathic make-up, she committed suicide. Plus we had camps with germans a mere 30 minutes away and they had more privilages than black soldiers, so don’t bash the people who fought against these monsters. I live in the U.S and I watch the corrupt acting like the nazi’s.

    • John Sanchez

      You are so right and now we have the artrocites committed by today’s socialist like obama on the unborn babies!

      • bee

        Your right, its all Obama’s fault. Abortions only started happening in this country 4 years ago!
        Your an Idiot!

      • Jeb

        Since Roe V. Wade, there have been 5 Republican presidents, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Bush. None of them did ANYTHING about abortion.

  • Jeffrey Krantz

    This is not compassion. This animal killed or caused the death of millions and the fact that he did not kill this veteran in a concentration camp but sent him to be worked to death in a work camp does not mitigate the atrocity. Although it DOES confirm for all the haters and deniers that Jews were to be killed by hitler and that the animal that he was knew about it, his higher ups knew about it, and that there WAS a Holocaust of the Jewish People.

  • http://n/a raafat,abou-ikdeh

    i do think it a very good time on this earth to stop unearthing good or bad about all of us and keep it for the good lord my name is raafat and i witnessed the good and the bad about a lot of good leader around the world as long as all parties are happy and no and no and no blood will shed for that we must keep our self working for peace and peace so please this good country finding me i will bring peace in my country syria and nobody ever never will even shead a drop of i wish to keep on writing this word b…..so my friend around my free world please please speak out and we came as wealthy and black and white and all and all form of peaceful religion on this earth.

  • M

    My European Great Grandfathers were both WWI vets who fought on the same side as Hitler in the Austro-Hungarian army and neither got a pardon. Both died at Auschwitz.

    Interesting story, but don’t get it twisted, the Nazis killed tens (hundreds?) of thousands that served in trenches with them twenty years earlier. Hitler *might* have spared one because he personally knew him.

  • Christopher Cruz

    First a record collection containing the works of Jewish and Communist classical composers, now this.

  • http://Yahoo Emil Lawrence

    Adolf Hitler:

    Yes, Hitler may have been Jewish, himself. His mother may have become pregnant by a Jewish Doctor. Hitler destroyed all the evidence of his past, everything but the DNA of his relatives. The problem here is this: What is one’s definition of Jewish: Is it a religion or a race? This is the puzzle that the Jewish population finds themselves in, thousands of years later.

  • http://Yahoo Emil Lawrence

    Adolf and Mao:

    Yes, Hitler created a war that killed millions of people. This European disaster was horrible; WWII was the same as WWI, when it came down to senseless annihilation. But, what about Mao? He, alone, may have been responsible for killing 100 million people. Today, we worship him. We trade with his Chinese Communist Party. We, also let millions of Chinese Communists immigrate to California, we let them buy citizenships, and take thousands of jobs from Caucasians that were born and living here, and more. Yes, this is okay, because we now promote diversity, everywhers, day and night, which means anyone but the Caucasion male. And, in San Francisco, we have a Mayor that spends more time in China than any mayor in America…but that is okay. He only made 105 trips to China this year.

    In Korea and Viet Nam we essentially fought the Chinese military industrial establishment, and lost. Because, we did not want to win. To win these wars, we had to kill too many of them with our own losses. General Winfield Scott did not want to the Civil War either, he could not stomach his troops being killed; he avoided battles. So, Lincoln brought in another General, that could lose five thousand soldiers in a battle and still go to the next one. And, Mao kicked out all the Caucasians in China, in 1947. Then, there are the Japanese…And, at one time I worked for an ex-Kamikazi pilot…

    • jessica

      Emil, please do not let your blind hate cloud your judgement. You make us Americans sound like racist idiots… Everyone is capable of killing. Every country has killed. I hope you learned in grade school that we killed people , too. Yes, Mao and Adolf were dictators. What they did was horrible. But that was the past. China isn’t still Mao dictated. China isn’t even that Communist anymore, because it is not completely closed off to the public. And if there are secrets kept, what country doesn’t have a government with secrets to keep? The citizens of China are not all mini Mao ZeDongs, ready to ruin your life as you imagine.. Just because one person committed a crime like that, does that mean the whole country is rotten, and not allowed a chance to immigrate to the United States, a place that highlights freedom and liberty? So why do you say Chinese people don’t deserve to immigrate to california? Why do you say we take up space and job opportunities? Everything is earned, not blamed on people you don’t even know.

  • Pete

    Forced into believing the great lie about the Holocaust. Somehow over 5 million Jews rose from the dead and survivied. There should be manadatory reading of the Russian Revolution in schools in this country and see how Jews were responsible for the death of over 60 million Gentiles.

    • Clinton

      you’re an idiot pete

    • Robert

      Pete, you are a complete turd

    • Harry Potter

      I think you’re an idiot sir. How is this a lie? Who made this up?

  • Stephan

    There is so much money to be made in the spoils of war. Unfortunately, the truth is the first victim and lack of research and repeating false statements compounds the problem. I read an article in an American newspaper published in 1925 that stated the major concern for Europe was that Germany was suffering through a huge depression and that they had been screwed by investment bankers, mainly from New York. Their money, the Mark as well as Rubles from Russia, were trash. Let’s not repeat it by allowing tyrants to cause more wars through bankrupting countries or offering bad loans. Vote to get the Dollar printers out of office and get America back in the employment business. Before repeating fiction, do your research.
    Hitler’s Grandfather was Frankenburger. Hitler’s family name was Schickelgruber. He was born in Austria and became a German citizen through his military service. The biggest lies were built around hatred of races, even though that meant self-hatred. Ethnicity was not a science then and clearing people out of sectors was a cruel and deadly practice that no one would be foolish enough to do today. He was a mouthpiece for a political party and a tyrant that could not follow Democratic processes, but found it convenient to get things done through murder and strong armed mob style tactics. His only physical kill was upon himself. People cannot see this same pattern of tactics unfolding in front of them today. Germans saw hope and change in the ’30s. Today there are a few resource rich countries like the USA, Russia, India, China and Brazil. All have tyrant leaders and we can only hope to vote one of those leaders out later this year.

    • Pete

      Aren’t Americans themselves racist and not tollerent? Being different, has always been the american problem. Since the Americas are build up of Europeans that wanted to be different. The so called civilized and God fearing Europeans, who just couldn’t hack in Europe. And then there were slaves and chinese workers and what not. On and on we can go. Greedy Europeans who took what they could from the, so called uncivilized Indian tribes. Lied to them and made false promisses. And who lost? The Indian tribes. The souix, aropaho, crow, blackfoot, cherokee and so on. The Dutch where masters in earning money from selling slaves. And if they where sick or there was a problem with them. Throw them overboard on chains. Still alive. Humans are still in the middel of stupidity and greedy. Where are the gangs of NYC? The hispanics the chinks the black panther the whitey the othodocs. I lived in NYC in the 60s. And I have seen it. Learned to say the pledge of aleagence and still had a green card. Now my best friends where, what they now call, afro americans. Well, I traveld with a friend in a subway to school. And we use to have fun, talking to each other. Like this. He’d say to me, “white cracker and are you for the clan again?”, and I would say,”No nigger. If you all keep on. Might just have to whip you till learn your place.” Now that was a thing that you heard in the southern parts of the states at the time. There was still segragation. Whitey schools and schools for none whites. Now. Is a white ass. And don’t tell me that there isn’t any real fairness anywhere in the world. Including the Americas. Just get rid of all weapons and all weapon factories around the world. And Just have exceptence of the differences of people. Does it matter if they dress defferently or are naked? We are all born to die sooner or later. So make the best of it. Even if it’s a rotten life. What happend has happend. And people still haven’t learnd that life is just for living, like the birds and the mice and the worms and the trees and the flowers. They come and go. It’s only people that think they are better. They have more inginuity and a body that allows them to do more things. But when nature takes life and destroys all in it’s path. Humans aren’t spared.

      So, stop looking for excuses. And wasting time and resources on hating and killing each other. Certainly if you want to put a colony on Mars.

  • http://SemitesareincontroloftheUS. Markus

    Semites are in control of the US. Columbia University’s Go Ask Alice column reported that in the past fifty years, roughly 56 percent of American male infants have been circumcised.

  • GLK

    Antihumanism is alive and well. Liberals argue that human population growth invariably leads to famine and poverty even though this is plainly at odds with the historical evidence which shows global living standards rising with population growth.

    One example of many,

    “In 1965, when war with Pakistan threw India’s economy into disarray, causing harvest failure and loss of revenue India was short twenty million tons of grain and lacked money to buy replacement stock on the world market. She was left with no choice but to go to the United States, hat in hand, to beg for food aid.

    Indira Gandhi arrived in Washington in late March and met first with Secretary of State Dean Rusk, who handed her a memo requiring “a massive effort to control population growth” as a condition for food aid. Then, on March 28, 1966, she met privately with the president. Two days later, President Johnson sent a message to Congress requesting food aid for India, noting with approval: “The Indian government believes that there can be no effective solution of the Indian food problem that does not include population control.”

    In accordance with the agreement, sterilization and IUD-insertion quotas were set for each Indian state, and then within each state for each local administrative district. Every hospital in the country had a large portion of its facilities commandeered for sterilization and IUD-insertion activities. (The IUDs, which were provided to the Indian government by the Population Council, were non-sterile. In Maharashtra province, 58 percent of women surveyed who received them experienced pain, 24 percent severe pain, and 43 percent severe and excessive bleeding.) But hospitals alone did not have the capacity to meet the quotas, so hundreds of sterilization camps were set up in rural areas, manned and operated by paramedical personnel who had as little as two days of training. Minimum quotas were set for the state-salaried camp medics — they had to perform 150 vasectomies or 300 IUD insertions per month each, or their pay would be docked. Private practitioners were also recruited to assist, with pay via piecework: 10 rupees per vasectomy and 5 rupees per IUD insertion.”

    From, The Population Control Holocaust
    By, Robert Zubrin

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    Genocide is not excusable.