Here’s How Your Brand Can Get More Out Of Google+

By: Chris Crum - January 1, 2013

Google recently posted a webinar to YouTube to help brands make more of their Google+ experiences. Here’s the video description:

We’ve seen many brands engage with Google+ users, in fact, brands created over 1 million pages in just a few months. Google+ is a fresh canvas for building and strengthening your digital brand and ties into all the marketing you already do with Google. From launching a new product using Google+ pages to engaging with your community of enthusiasts over Hangouts, join us for a look at ways your company can build its brand using social.

Google+ is showing no signs of slowing growth. The company recently announced that the social destination already has 135 million active users. Since then, Google has only continued to integrate Google+ more into its products, and launched new features for Google+ itself.

Here’s why Guy Kawasaki thinks you should be using Google+.

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  • Yukem

    I realize that Google+ could be easy way to introduce the brands. Thanks for share it.

  • Steve Kent

    I’d love to see some current figures for Google+ members by country, all I ever seem to hear are worldwide, yet in all the circles I move in mostly in the UK, hardly anyone is using it and almost none use it with any regularity.

  • Scott Kindred | SafeHouse Web

    Today I saw a stat that claimed websites that have a +1 button on them received 3.5 times more traffic than sites that do not have the +1 button. As a standalone statistic, there seems to be a lot of room left for interpretation but I have no doubt that the Google-created playground (Google+) is where all the “cool kids” on the block will be hanging out.

  • Asiaplus Voyages Vietnam

    Google+ and copyright