Here’s Another Possibility For Yahoo’s New Homepage

    November 9, 2012
    Chris Crum
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We recently looked at a new Yahoo homepage that was reported to be in the process of a slow roll-out, but we haven’t seen much more about it over the past month or so. The design was somewhat different, but it did keep a lot of the same elements of the current homepage.

Now, All Things D is sharing a new, different Yahoo homepage design, and says it will be launching widely within the next couple months. This is a much more drastic change, and appears to cater more to the modern tablet design. Take a look:

New Yahoo Homepage

According to All Things D reporter Kara Swisher, the interface encourages users to “reach out and touch, scroll and swoosh,” as indicated by the side-swiping arrows in the design.

The design would be in line with the company’s recent emphasis on mobile (particularly since CEO Marissa Mayer took over).

Swisher has an additional screenshot, which looks similar, but does not have the prominent “Trending Now” box. Presumably this is after some side swiping.

Here’s a look at the current Yahoo homepage, in case you want to compare:

Yahoo Homepage

As you can see, the big ad spot has been pushed out of view in the new design. It will be interesting to see what Yahoo does on that front, considering how many visitors that page gets. Here’s the realtime counter to give you an idea (it’s a lot).

What do you think of the design? Better than the current one or not so much?

image via All Things D

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    Yahoo has to do a lot more than cosmetic changes.

    It must get rid of the dumb $299 fee for listings. It needs to become more business friendly.

  • Valerie

    Woke up to the ‘new’ homepage. I HATE it!! How DARE they assume they can choose which stories I would read. Good luck finding anything. Looking for a new homepage with easily accessible news. Yahoo, you just lost me.

    • Rod C.

      EXACTLY. I don’t want them choosing which stories I read. This new look is total crap. This is better than the new YAHOO. http://att.yahoo.com/

  • jim bennett

    I like the old homepage just do away with all the adds

  • Meh

    This is BS. How do I change it back. This new layout is CRAP!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    hatehatehate – this presented itself on my work computer and disappeared all my favorites. I use Yahoo as a homepage with my favorites so I can get to work tools no matter what machine I am on. Hello? How do I get them back?

  • Eileen

    I don’t like the new home page. It appeared yesterday. I want to change it back to the old version. Why do you always change the page without asking first. There are way to many ads. Please post – how change it back ASAP.

  • paulNalabama

    Homepage was changed yesterday without notice OR EXPLANATION. I wrote a “feedback” but no answer yet. Today I searched “yahoo homepage” and found this site. If yahoo is “most visited” this type service does not bode well for staying #1. ~~~~~~ Unlike previous commenters I rather like the new homepage in some ways. I NEVER liked having to scroll sideways through forty to eighty main captions, each with three related stories. Having the list all of the same format with an added bit of text is, I find, helpful. The “select category” feature helps some. But there is no ordering, and related stories may be at both top and bottom of the list. There is no selection for time frame. There is no set-up for options or favorites. Everytime I look at the new homepage, I waste time re-reading headings I have already seen. Just the categories have a huge number of stories, and getting “all stories” page to load takes “forever.” Even Wikipedia does a much better job: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Current_events . Why was such a half-finished page rolled out? Why is there no link from the homepage to a Yahoo! comments page, like this one I found at http://www.webpronews.com/heres-another-possibility-for-yahoos-new-homepage-2012-11 ?

  • DaneM

    Must be the worst change they have ever made, I have a hard time maintaining a cell phone hookup out here and I’m stuck with dialup. This new page takes way to long to load, bad format, way to much teaser new clips, to add to the bloated adds, good by Yahoo.

    RIP 1995/2012

  • Dave

    I can’t stand the new homepage. I’ve been trying to find a way to change it back. Chrome and Firefox have changed to the new homepage. Internet Explorer hasn’t as of yet (or at least my version of it). I’m sure the new homepage works well for those who have a tablet or ipad. But for those of us with the dinosaur laptop, it doesn’t work well. I don’t have a touch screen. The thing I liked about Yahoo was the ability to get many “headlines” quickly and at one glance. This requires me to scroll down and makes me less likely to read the story. Does Yahoo offer a way to switch it back?

  • Rod C.

    hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT. hate it. HATE IT.

  • callid

    HATE! The big, chunky photos at the top of the screen are stupid and the odd shapes often cause the photos to be warped. While I appreciate a blurb of text for each, the stories are all mixed up and DUPLICATED in the never-ending list of stories. My favorite are all gone, defeating the purposes of having them in the first place. The links to the stories do not work and the LINKS TO THE HELP, FEEDBACK, ETC. do not work.

    This feels like a sloppy beta test that I cannot get out of. Very, VERY poor planning and implentation on the part of Yahoo.

  • Bob

    Hate the new webpage.

    • http://favorites richard

      where can i acess my favorites that were on the left side on the bottom left. this seems to have disappered.

  • http://yahoo.com Miguel Gonzalez

    This new layout sucks!!!

  • gordo

    The new home page sucks..Wearing out my mouse roller wheel trying to scroll the subject matter…
    Sometimes new stuff change is worst than the old stuff we had..
    Why didn’t they post a poll for the viewers to vote..?

  • NB

    The new homepage sucks. I can’t find what i want anymore…. yahoo’s service has been going down the drain at the user interface level for some time now.

    They killed their news video page a while back. Most revisions of the mailbox tend to be extremely annoyin… guess it was inevitable that they would do it to the homepage too.
    If i didnt have so much information kept inthe mailbox i’d probably drop yahoo and stick with gmail.

    However i’ve noticed that many corporations are ditching graphics and interface design architects, or are hiring ones that are worth crap….

    For example Both CNN and hulu went from an easy to navigate hlepful interface to one thats a headache to use and are very unhelpful. probably trying to be artsy at the cost of all efficiacy >.<.

    Guess big companies like to do the lemming thing… go yahoo… maybe yahoo can make a bigger crater than the rest on the ground at the bottom of the cliff.

  • John

    Absolutely horrible…after years of using yahoo as my homepage I will look around for another alternative…one that does not force feed me a list of articles that I have no interest in.
    Also, where is the Favorites list where one could add links to their most accessed sites?
    Who are the bozos who designed this?

  • Danon

    The new homepage is a jumbled mess. I used to have everything so neatly organized with the news widgets and now it just shows stories it thinks I want to read.. which I don’t! Is there a way to switch back?

  • mzkerosene@yahoo.com

    I hate it! I thought I did something to change my view, and I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to fix it. Silly me. I’m going to have to find a new home page.

    • Emilee

      I cannot stand it either!!!! It’s hard to look at and I liked how it was very simple and categorized so you could find everything. I do believe I’m done with Yahoo! as my homepage. I also spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to make it go back. Bad idea Yahoo!!!!!

  • Physics Bob

    I agree, the new Yahoo Homepage format is terrible. The images of the current stories are “too large”; are these designed for the visually challenged? The huge scroll down list of stories is annoying, in that it takes too much interaction to see what is trending, and content is continually added as you are scrolling down the list. Additionally, it seems as though the news items are no longer grouped (i.e. world news, local news, sports, science, etc.). If this is the new CEOs web design concept she needs to take a course in human factors and user interface design and layout. If this does not improve, I will be changing my homepage to another content provider. Yahoo software designers, please change the homepage back to the previous format, or provide users with a choice of the legacy or new layout!!!

  • Lynn

    I do NOT like the new Yahoo home page..I do like the random news stories being listed…I want to be able to customize..Local new, National news etc…MY CHOICE…if they chose to keep it this way…time to change to another….

  • Lynn

    Yahoo really messed up, any chance they will change back ?
    Anyone have any suggestions on new Home page ?

  • Greg

    This Sucks!!! Too much going on here…….

  • Ness

    I hate the new 2012 Yahoo homepage! Particularly the way the ‘news’ is listed – now I have to scroll through all of them (which takes too much time) rather than be able to have a quick look at headlines – local, national, global, etc. This sucks! Why don’t they give us the OPTION of changing or keeping it the same?! It’s all about money, I’m sure. Jerks. Really DO NOT find the new homepage more user friendly – in fact, I think it’s the opposite…..frustrating!!

  • Michael

    I hate this new yahoo home page either give me the option of the old home page or I’m through with Yahoo..

  • http://Yahoo Jerry Smith

    This new layout is totally unacceptable. It does not appears on my computor on the visitor screens but has changed on the owners screen. How and why??? I am ready to switch now!!

  • Brian

    I am totally turned off by the new yahoo homepage format. The old one was much easier to use to find what I wanted and to view a summary of all the news I needed to see. Now I have to scroll, scroll, scroll and if and when I do find a story to click on, the list goes back to the top when I click the back arrow – forcing me to scroll through the list again to find where I left off. I use IE, and when I try to click on a story, the box with the story goes blank as soon as I put my mouse pointer on it. I submitted feedback to the Yahoos yesterday but have not heard back from anyone. In short, the “new” Yahoo sucks.

  • Scott

    hate hate HATE the new homepage–scrolls in the same idiotic manner as Facebook, which drives me so bats that hmm, guess what? I am cutting Yahoo.com out of my ‘must see’ webpages. Can’t you flaming geniuses come up with two yahoo webpages, one that looks good on mobile, and just keep the classic alone?

  • http://yahoomail Diane

    Yep….the new page is terrible… there was no warning . suddenly the link had gone, my favorites have gone, I hate it !

  • orsay