Here’s an Epic Song Full of Inane Celebrity Tweets

By: Josh Wolford - April 23, 2013

Sometimes, 140 characters can be used to express something important, thought-provoking, or otherwise newsworthy. And sometimes not, as evidenced by the bulk of the musings coming from a handful of celebrities’ Twitter accounts.

YouTuber Shane Dawson penned this epic tribute to the more inane aspects of Twitter – you know, the parts of the service that aren’t breaking news and providing insightful commentary on world events. It kind of sounds like a certain Rihanna song, and it’s pretty great. Check it out:

If you’re looking for a less-musical but equally-awesome teardown of dumb celebrity tweets, check out Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation reading tweets from young female celebrities.

Keep doin what you’re doin, celebs.

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