Here’s A Picture Of ‘House Of Cards’ Season 3 Being Written

By: Chris Crum - February 18, 2014

Wow, it feels like an eternity since Netflix released House of Cards: Season 2. Now we’re presumably looking at another year before we get to see the next chapters, but rest assured, they’re working on it.

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that the show would be back for at least a third season.

Showrunner Beau Willimon revealed about a half hour later that they started writing the third season a month ago.

On Monday, Willimon tweeted a photo of the writing team working on it:

The second season (especially the first episode), which was released on Friday, has been a hot “water cooler” topic for sure. Eli Roth, producer of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove (which also has a second season due out in the near future) sent some praise Willimon’s way:

Image via Twitter

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  • Guest

    What a waste of time watching the show was. Especially in the last couple of episodes, but even throughout the series, I find the character development to be poor in some crucial ways, and so is a significant part of the plot development. I will list a few such problems that come to mind:

    1) After the threesome of Francis, Claire, and Edward Meechum, the next morning Francis and Claire act as if nothing unusual happened, and Meechum is simply back continuing his job. No significant glances or words are exchanged.

    2) The investigation of the foreign money influencing government initially looks at the entire administration (Walker, Underwood, etc). Suddenly the whole thing is dropped and Francis is President, even though they have some evidence against Francis (via Stamper). Yes it is possible that the investigation would have stopped when the president resigned, but there would have been SOME kind of attempt to acknowledge the cessation.

    3) Claire seems to have a conscience and cries for a couple of minutes after visiting the rape victim on lithium (I forgot her name), and after the First Lady praises Claire which makes it worse. It seems in the next scene she is back to bullying and threatening, as if that moment of insight never happened.

    4) The “hacker” who helped Lucas and later was in trouble — would he not have filed papers to be delivered to all the newspapers and authorities if he disappeared, due to the dangerous nature of his work? Yet when the agent asks him whether he told anyone anything, the hacker simply says “No”, that he is the only one who knows about the successful entry into AT&T (and other) servers.

    5) I simply question a fundamental assumption of the series — that every single person in government would be happy to betray their president. That includes the secretary of state, the majority whip (Jackie), and others. Yes, the series tries to explain why this was done by each individual, but is not clear why each person would end up doing things “just short of treason”. If even one of them sided with the president, Francis would have been toast.

    Not saying anyone has to agree with the above, and other weak points that I won’t mention, but my sense of the show after watching it is that too much was crammed together, especially in Season 2 and especially in the last couple of episodes, and the integrity of the plot suffers seriously. That is my reaction to the show. I will probably just watch the last episode when Season 3 comes out; it will save me a lot of wasted time.

  • Underwood_2016

    “Well that’s just like, your opinion, man.”