Here’s A Look At The ‘Project Loon’ Pilot Test

    June 17, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google announced its latest “moonshot” with Project Loon. Google is launching balloons into the air to provide Internet connectivity to more people. You can read more about the initiative and the technology behind it here, but the company is beginning with a pilot test in New Zealand.

From the look of it, the concept is already working. Google shared this video about the pilot test today, where a tester is able to connect to the Internet as a result of the project:

That’s a promising first step.

Google said it launched 30 balloons last week, with 50 users in the initial pilot program. When the company is ready to expand on the project, it will look for partners along the same latitude as New Zealand.

  • Isagani Mercado

    It’s a remarkable accomplishment from Google.

    It maybe is very promising for Internet users especially those in the remote areas. But: *Since it will be using the space (sky) will it not be a plane nuisance and eventually accidents may happen especially in the night sky if the baloon is not lighted. How long will it stay up? Will it deplete or run down? Will it not become a space debri?

    Just curious guys.

  • http://foresight-of-hindsight.blogspot.com Peter Yates

    ~~ “..same latitude as New Zealand.” ~~
    That would be only the most south-eastern parts of Australia (mainly Victoria and Tasmania), and the southern parts of Chile and Argentina. The rest of the Earth’s surface at those latitudes is covered by the far south of the Pacific and Atlantic, and the start of the vast Southern Ocean.
    ~~ @Isagani Mercado ~~ .. I have heard that the balloons will be at a higher altitude than the planes.