Heidi Klum Talks Kids In The Kitchen


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While some models focus on the things they don't eat, Heidi Klum says that she loves food and loves cooking. In fact, she claims that when she cooks the whole family gets involved, including the kids.

“[My kids] cook everything with me. They barbecue with me, they chop with me. The little one washes,” the “Project Runway” host told Us Weekly during an event Thursday for the charity organization God’s Love We Deliver. “Everyone has their part to do, because I think it’s important they see how food is made, how a dish is made. A lot of younger people nowadays don’t know how to cook. No one taught them. So I think it’s important to teach that to them.”

Heidi has four children by her ex-husband Seal, and claims that each one of them is different and that she had to use different discipline methods on them all.

“My son Henry carved his name into the dining room table,” the 41-year-old model told Us. “I said, ‘What’s your favorite sports car?’ He said, ‘A Ferrari.’ So I said, ‘Well, imagine you had a Ferrari and I took a knife and wrote Heidi all over the hood.’ I’m like, ‘Think of all the pieces of furniture in the house as little Ferraris, OK?’ He got it.”

She also said that her kids are quick to catch onto things and that one of the most important lessons she has taught them and one that they are the most interested in, is being generous to the less fortunate. She explained that she taught all of her children to donate toys they no longer play with and clothes that no longer fit, to various charity organizations. She was even surprised to see how excited her kids were to help others.

“I’ve been helping for the last 10 years, because I think what they do is important,” Klum told Us.

What do you think of Klum's parenting style?