Heidi Klum Stood Up At Karaoke Benefit Event

    March 18, 2012
    Zach Walton
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UNICEF, a global charity organization, held a karaoke event with celebrities to raise money for a school in Africa. At the event, Heidi Klum, model and TV personality, was set to sing “My Girl” with Smokey Robinson. He never showed up and the event took a turn for the awesome.

The New York Post is reporting that Klum came out and told the audience the news: “Smokey stood me up. He was supposed to sing ‘My Girl’ with me. Will anybody else sing with me?” While I’m sure many people would love the chance to sing a duet with Klum, there were other plans in motion. The host of the event suggested everybody join together in a rendition of the Village People’s YMCA.

The celebrities joining Klum included Tom Hanks, Wayne Brady, Rita Wilson, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever. Klum tweeted pictures of the event showing herself and other celebrities in Village People attire. I especially like the picture with Officer Wayne Brady.

The event was a success with UNICEF raising $400,000 for the new school in Africa. Maybe part of the curriculum can be learning how to do the YMCA since the picture Klum posted of her and others doing the dance is way off. We can’t have children being raised not knowing how to do the YMCA. Unfortunately, The Village People YouTube account has disabled embedding of their videos so go check it out if you need a refresher. It’s a great way to waste a few minutes.

[Lead image: Heidi Klum’s Twitpic]

  • http://yahoo Bill

    I think Heidi is nucking futs.

  • http://webpronews Jerome

    Great job Heidi! Shame on you Smoke.

  • A.J. Peace

    Heidi Klum is such an amazing woman. She was such a good sport about Smokey not showing up and had an amazing time during the event to raise a great deal of money for a noble cause. No matter what goes on in her personal life, she’s always thinking of ways to help others. Keep up the great work, Heidi, you have many supporters.

  • liugliu

    I think it’s called a PR stunt.

    • Nunya Biz

      Yeah sure, a PR stunt which made millions of dollars. Most just call that a charity.

      • http://Yahoo Punkin

        Nunya, I think you are a negative-thinking person who probably always thinks of worse of a person’s intentions, instead of giving them earned credit for their actions, or at least the benefit of the doubt. I’m wondering…if that benefit function and the money it had raised had been for a Latino benefit, would your opinion been vastly different. Do I detect sour grapes, perhaps. In any case, I say shame on you.

        • Angela

          That Nunya person wasn’t being negative. They were replying to the previous poster calling it a PR stunt. Please read before you write whole essays making an ass out of yourself.

          • Wasif

            You are all wimpy pussies

  • John Sanders

    It is amazing how many people hate someone like Heidi Klum simply because she is beautiful!

  • Truth Hurts

    Perhaps, Smokey actually spoke with Seal and found the “real”
    deal with Heidi and didn’t find it appropriate to be used a Stooge.

  • Jane Vincent

    I think she seems like a good person and a strong woman — she seems less Hollywood than many. It certainly is a good cause, too.

  • Bigge Junke

    Smokey – this chick loves black dudes. She invited you to get laid fool – you missed a shot at a super model!

    • AUDREY

      Hey dude, why you have to be so damn racist? You jealous? Wish you were black? Wish you saw something else in the mirror? Wonder why you’re such a loser? Ever wonder why you will Never be anything? Wonder why you’re going straight to hell?

  • A R Y

    Wayne Brady can sing better than all of them together.


  • TheBride

    Smokey’s old. He deserves a break–he’s way more talented than any celebrity model. Heidi did ok, she’s cool that way.

  • A R Y

    yawn it was great. we had so much fun. going to bed now. love you unicef!!!!!!

  • http://logofolks.com Scott

    meanie Smokey

  • Ray

    Really. Smokey? You stood up that hottie? Some guys just don’t get it.

  • cal

    Years ago Smokey was the emcee at the Boston Marathon post race banquet.. He shows up, because it was to hawk his line of crappy MSG laden products he called natural, signed 3 autographs, that were photocopies in the lobby, by his assistant and left. Super loser.

  • Jerk Face

    I watch women with low self esteem on the Jerry Springer and the Maury TV shows. They have children with black men and wind up beaten and on welfare. None of these black men pay for their children and we pay them to have more illegitimate babies.
    The only difference is Heidi has money.
    The mixed relationship is still whacked out

    • DADA

      You mean white Women with low self esteem end up being with black men and end having children and being beaten? :) What a theory!! It is worth being added in the Mein Kampft….. :)

      • AUDREY

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        You should hit the comedy scene dude!!!!!!!!! OR DROP DEAD!

    • AUDREY

      JerkFace is the perfect name for you! You are sooo insignificant in this world. You don’t count for anything. I’m really wasting my time and energy on you. Please drink a cup of Drano on me and die a quiet death so as not to interrupt anybody else. Thanx!

  • Warren Bufftern

    I always liked Hedi. What I’d like to see most is for her to drop to her knees and suck my big hard white dick.

    • AUDREY

      Say, WarrenButtFace or whatever, you WISH you had something to use for sex. You white boys just HATE that beautiful Heidi saw beyond color but still didn’t pick you!!!!! Its sooo damn funny to everybody else that YOU got crapped on!!! GO HEIDI GIRL!!!!

  • http://None Gerald Hicks

    Heidi is another Hollywood loser!!!


    gERALD HICKS, YOU’RE UP!!!!So, Heidi is a loser because she didn’t find you? STAY LOST HEIDI!!! Keep being a loser Heidi! This deranged individual is out there to get you!!! He has miserable, dickless, white-boy syndrome. Look out!!!!

    • bgk

      Audrey, chill out. When you comment negatively to every person on this blog with inappropriate comments, you bring yourself down to their level.