Hawking: Earth Doomed, Humans Must Explore Space

    April 12, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Stephen Hawking made a career out of investigating and explaining the cosmos to the layman. Now the renowned physicist is telling us that we need to get off the planet and (relatively) fast.

The AP reports that Hawking was recently touring the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where research on steam cells is being conducted. At the event, the physicist said that humans won’t survie another 1,000 years on Earth unless we escape “beyond our fragile planet.”

Noted scientists have taken the same stance, though not as extreme, over the years arguing that humanity as a species should explore the cosmos not only to preserve the species, but for economic purposes as well.

Here’s Bill Nye arguing that we should be exploring space for economic benefit:

Here’s Michio Kaku talking about the chances of mankind destroying itself in the next 1,000 years:

  • Jesse Fell

    Do Prof. Hawkins and other scientists have any particular place in mind where the human race might go after it has trashed planet Earth? Mars? A frigid parking lot with almost no atmosphere. Venus? Don’t wear lead boots — they will melt. And what if we do find a place to go, how many of us will be included in the “we”? How are we going to ferry billions of people to safety? Or will it be the rich and influential few who alone survive? Would they deserve to survive after turning their backs on the doomed masses? And if the lucky remnant reaches safety without having reformed the planet trashing habits that doomed to Earth, won’t it begin again on its new home — instituting a cosmic Mad Hatter’s Tea Party — when you’ve made a mess where you are, just move down the table!

    • Steve Wilson Opmeer

      Got It! sounds like “TWEC The World Exo Center” needs to start kick in very sooner than late, Happy Birthday Folks! Have a real cool one or two Mr. Hawking! :>)

    • nubwaxer

      i think we will shoot our spores into space toward planets most likely to support life. cyborgs will combine the eggs and sperm to produce as many test tube babies as possible and raise them as nannies while also synthesizing food from the habitat on the new world. either that or the human race will merely be human consciousness in a cybernetic body that can be awakened after the millennium it would take to travel to any sort of habitable planet.

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  • CrazedLeper

    Keep listening to these unhinged men and you will be doomed.

  • wimvanderweerd

    Poor mr Hawking…once a leading scientist.